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By Mike Daddazio and Bhagat Sembhi





Act 1 Scene 1 



1. I would handle these situations by sticking up for my family and do what's right. I would try to fight for my privilages and my father’s business. I wouldn't let the government or anyone tell my family and me what to do. I wouldn't think it would be right to have my father’s job be taken away and for all my recreational activites and places to be taken away, like my bike, the movies, and automobiles. I would fight for the right to be able to go a Dutch school. I would do what’s best to bring happiness to me and my family.

Mike Daddazio






This is a picture representing restrictions the Franks and Van Daan dealt with.


Act 1 Scene 2 


1. I would not be able to be a protector like Miep or Mr. Kraler because I would do anything to support my family. I also would not take the risk of helping a Jewish family because that could have serious consequences and that would take me from my family. I would not do anything that would put me in danger during that time period because the Nazis were very good at identifying the Jewish. This is not a sensible risk, therefore I would not be able to  protect a Jewish family. Protecting a Jewish family during World War 2 and being caught was like a civilian running out and onto the battlefield.


Bhagat Sembhi


This picture describes the protection and security I would do to support my family and loved ones.


 Act 1 Scene 3


2. I think Anne Frank would be the easiest to get along with because she stays calm mostly throughout this scene and most considerate out of all the people in the hiding spot. She takes the responsiblility and doesnt try to use a scapegoat, she deals with the consequences. An example of Anne being considerate would be when Peter couldn't feed his cat and Anne offered to feed him for Peter. She offered to help out Peter and she tried to do the good thing. Also, when Anne spilled the milk on Mr. Van Daan’s fur coat, Anne was responsible and said sorry to him and was calm about it. Anne didn't try to blame it on anyone else, she faced the consequences. Also, when Mr. Kraler invited Dussel to stay with them, unlike everyone else, Anne was calm about it. She didn't overreact like everyone else.


Mike Daddazio


This picture candemonstrate getting along with eachother. In this case, Anne would be the easiest to get along with.



This pitcure demonstrates how Anne stayed calm and collected throughout the first part of Act 2.


 Act 2 Scene 1

Earlier in the play, Anne was more chilled back and mildly knew about the situation everyone in the hiding place was in. In Scene 1 of Act 2, there is a change in Anne. On page 843 she is arguing with the members of the hiding place and she realized how important the situation became. She states, “What’s the good of that? What's the good of thinking of misery when you’re already miserable? That’s stupid!” This shows how Anne is rebelling and how she speculates a lot of the choices everyone is making. She has matured and is mad about the situation.


Bhagat Sembhi


This is a picture of a guy stealing because in the story, Mr. Van Daan stole bread out of the limited amount of food the families originally had.



Act 2 Scene 3


1. Mr. Frank says “We don’t need the Nazis to destroy us. We’re destroying ourselves.” This means that the families aren't getting along and many problems and issues are occurring. I agree with this quote. One of the issues and problems they are dealing with is trust. In the story, Mr. Van Daan is stealing the limited amount of food that the families had. Everyone thinks if he gets let back in, he will do it again. Eventually, the families believe Mr. Van Daan and he is let back into the hiding spot.


Mike Daddazio


This picture demonstrates how I would stay calm if my family and I had to hide for 25 months.

Act 2 Scene 4



If the Gestapo caught my family and I after 25 months of hiding, we would be calm as well. We would not try to fight anyone because we would know that we are deeply outnumbered and we tried our best. There would be nothing else to do at that moment except for praying that a miracle would occur. There is not getting out of a situation like that. You just have to accept it. That is why my family and I would keep calm if the Gestapo were coming to take us out of hiding.


Bhagat Sembhi

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