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Anne Frank Electronic diary

BY aiden hazlett and anurag rao 

Act 1

By: Aiden Hazlett

The Nuremberg Laws

Dear Bobby,


At the end of scene 1, Anne mentioned several restrictions that were placed upon the Jewish people. If I was a Jewish person back during that time period I would not handle these things very well. I would probably try to fight back and do the things I was not supposed to do. If I was my age now back in that time I would probably not do anything though. I would most likely be to scared to fight back with the Nazi’s and just face the fact that they would overrule anything I say. That is why I would not follow the restrictions.

Dear Bobby,


I would not be a protector like Miep and Mr. Kraler because I would be to scared that the Germans would figure out that I was helping someone hide. The risks would overwhelm me and I would not be able to keep cool when Germans come to search for them. Also I would not be smart enough to keep getting food and finding new books for the people hiding to read. Another reason that I would never be able to become a protector is that I would never like to see the pain and the suffering that the Jews would go through just sitting in hiding. I would probably turn in the Jews that I kept in hiding because I would be to afraid that the Nazi’s would find them and make me stay in the concentration camps with them

Miep Gies

Dear Bobby,

My family would celebrate holidays by doing it silently like the Franks but we would have a little bit of celebration. We would make gifts for each other and we would try to make the best of what we have. Also we would ask our protector to get us more food than usual so we could have a bigger dinner. We would also just have family time and not have everyone stay in their rooms. That is how my family would celebrate holidays.

Hanakkah Manora

Act 2

By: Anurag Rao

Dear Bobby,


Earlier in the play, Anne’s outbursts and arguments focused on trivial matters. In this scene, there is a change in her. Anne now sees the world through the eyes of a grownup than a child. She is beginning to understand what the real problems they are having now, like being able to stay in hiding. In the text, Anne says,”We are trying to hold onto some kind of ideals… when everything...ideals,hopes...everything, are being destroyed!” In the text, she is expressing the hardships the children are facing in the attic, and is saying that the children’s problems are almost the same as the adults’ problems. This is how Anne has changed and matured throughout the play.


Anne Frank

Dear Bobby,


Many are shocked to learn that Mr. Van Daan has been stealing food. If someone like this did this to me, I would be very angry at the person who did this. I would be angry because this person is stealing my food when I have welcomed this person in to my home. I would handle this situation by first yelling at him, and then throwing this person out of my house. Yelling at the person would release my anger at him, and throwing the person out of my house would make sure that this would never would happen again. This is what I would do if someone stole from me.

The loaf of bread that Mr. Van Daan stole

Dear Bobby,


At one point in the scene, the telephone rings and rings yet Mr. Frank refuses to pick it up.  I think Mr. Frank made the right decision by not picking up the phone. There could have been many risks to picking up the phone, because someone could find out that they are in hiding. I know this because in the text, Mr. Frank says,” No. I’ve told you, no. I’ll do nothing that might let anyone know that we’re in the building.” This states that Mr. Frank does not want to let anyone know where they are.  I would make the same decision because it would not be worth to take risks at this moment. If I would take this risk, there would be a high possibility that I would be found. This is why Mr. Frank did not pick up the phone.


The telephone that was ringing

Daer Bobby,


The last quote that Mr. Frank reads from the diary is,” In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” This shows that Anne has a very optimistic and positive character. She is a very forgiving and understanding person to anyone, no matter how harsh they are. This quote is important to Anne’s character and memory because it shows how she was different than everyone else in this time period. Everyone else was pessimistic about the situation during this time period, and Anne was optimistic in this situation. This is how the quote is important to Anne’s character and memory.

Final choice

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