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Video Diary 



By: Jon Groff and Leland Mersky


Leland Mersky  

          If I were Mr. Frank, I would not return to the hiding place where my family and I spent 25 months hiding because it would bring back too many bad memories since my entire family had died. After working hard to make a plan of hiding from the Nazis, then to see that plan go to no avail as your family is killed is too much to bare. To go back to the place where it all started would be no benefit but just to terrorize me even more of my failure. I would very much rather try and carry on to start a new life rather than groping for something that is not there. That is why I would not come back to the hiding place that my family and I spent 25 months in.



Anne Frank`s Grave





Leland Mersky

       Anne would be one of the hardest people to get along with in hiding because she is very active, lively, teasing, and a lot of the people in hiding find her annoying. I say this because the entire Van Daan family is always disagreeing and arguing with her with how she behaves. Also, Mr. Dussel always complained about Anne always tossing and turning in her sleep which kept him up all night with no sleep. Anne also argues with her parents about how she behaves like when she was arguing with her mother about having to be like Margot. That is why Anne is the hardest person to get along with in hiding.


Young Anne Frank


Leland Mersky

        If I was in hiding for as long as they were, I would miss a lot of things that I had at home. The most important thing is my family if they weren’t there with me hiding because they are always there to support me no matter what. If I didnt't have my family, I would be lost in life with no guidance or advice. This would be like walking in the dark without any light source or any sense of direction.Also, I would miss being able to play sports and talk to my school friends. My video games and my phone would also be missed because those are items I’m used to using in my everyday life. Those are the things I would miss if I were in hiding for as long as they were.



Jon Groff

       I believe that some people may not need friends to be happy. Some people in our world just don't like anybody, so for them to be truly happy they would be all by themselves and live just as happy a life as a person with friends. I don't agree with Peter when he says this about himself because he likes having people around him. A great example is his cat. When he lost his cat in the story, he was completely devastated. Also in this story we see how happy he is when Anne becomes his friend. He just said that he didnt need friends, so he wouldnt be embarrased infront of Anne.  Although some people may not need friends to be happy, Peter does need his friends to be happy.



Jon Groff

       If I had been living with a family that I trusted for two years I would be very angry to find that one of them is disobeying my trust. This happens in the story when Mr. Van Daan steals a loaf of bread that was meant to be for everybody.To most people this would not have been a very big deal , but in this situation , after conserving food for two years, this would make me very angry. I would be furious to find that the people I offered my home to took my trust for granted. Also at the same time Mr. Van Daan is much larger than the rest and needs to eat more food. In the end I would just ask him not to do it again and forgive him for his actions.


       Jon Groff

If my family was Jewish during World War 2, I believe that we would have reacted the same way that the Franks did. Instead of of trying to fight the inevitable we would have packed our things and said our goodbyes like the Franks did. Another thing that we would have done like the Franks did is reflect upon all the great times we had together as a family.My family is smart enough to know that we might not be able to see one another after we were taken to concentration camps by the Gestapo, so remebering all the good times we had togther would be very important.  Mr. Frank does this in the story when he says “for the last two years we had lived in fear.Now we can live in hope.” Last of all my family and I would just hope and pray that we will all be ok.




      Leland Mersky, Final Choice

      The quote that Anne Frank writes, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” shows many things about Anne’s character. One thing this quote shows about her character is that Anne had a great attitude towards life and people at the end of her diary. Also, this tells the reader that she has a strong will and heart to think in that way even after what all the Nazis have been doing to the Jewish people. This quote is important to her character and memory because it represents the person she was and how she felt at the time in WWII. She will be remembered as the Jewish girl who never let go of hope and always kept her head high. That is why this quote tells something about Anne’s personality and why it is important to her character and memory.


Anne Frank`s Famous quote


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