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At the end of the scene, Anne mentions several restrictions that were placed upon the jewish people. She said that jews had to give up their businesses and ways of transportation. Anne also said jews could not go to school or other places such as the movies. Jews also had to wear yellow stars, so that everyone knew who they were. If I was put in a position like this, I would follow these very harsh rules. Even though I think they are unfair, I would obey the orders. Iwould do this, so I would not get arrested or sent to a concentration camp.


Act 1 Scene 1 Quesion 1

 Hiding Place For the Frank's, the Van Daan's and Mr. Dussell

At the end of the scene, Anne mentioned what she would like to do again. If I were hiding like, Anne I would want to do things again as well. The first thing I would like to do is be outside playing basketball. Everyday after school I am outside playing basketball and it feels right with the nice breeze, the sound when you make a shot, but I would miss that if I was in hiding. Another thing I would miss would be my friends. Even Though spending time with family is good, 25 months straight and no friends, that’s hard to do. The last thing I would miss the most would be the food. God would I die for a nice Longhorn Steak right now if I am a year in hiding. All these things I would miss dearly especially the fact of moving around when I want to move around.

Act 1 Scene IV #1 

Kids having fun outside. This is one of the things Anne wished to have back .

My favorite holiday to celebrate with my family is Christmas. If we were in hiding like the Franks, we would celebrate differently. We would not have a big holiday meal, but we would still be thankful for everything he have. Our family would also not get as many gifts, but if we were in hiding that wouldn't be every important because we would get be happy to be alive. My family would also not be able to go to church. Instead of going to church we would say some prayers as a family. That is how my family would celebrate Christmas if we were in hiding like the Franks.   

Act 1 Scene 5 Question 2 

Frank's celebrated Hanukkah with the Van Daans and Mr. Dussel with a Menorah. 

Act II Scene 1 Question 1

Anne used to have an immature outburst that would disturb the Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel. Anne makes a quick turn and changes. She doesn’t act immature and she started acting like a mature young adult. She changes by looking back at her past in hiding. she realizes how annoying she was, and how much she argued with everyone.  Anne argued with adults the most, especially her mother. Everybody who is hiding with her will be more than happy to hear that Anne is a mature young adult who will respect all.

Picture of Anne Frank

Mr. Frank said that they were destroying themselves. This statement was 100% true. All they did was argue about this and that. They should really have just been thankful, thankful for being alive. I mean think about it, they have been hiding safe and healthy for over a year and they are arguing when they could be in a concentration camp starving to death. Also I thought Mr. Frank did a great job bringing them back to reality by saying the good in life and being thankful for being alive. In a crisis like they are in, they shouldn’t be arguing, they should be thankful for life.

Act II Scene 3 Question 1

Picture of the Frank Family 

When the phone rang and rang, but Mr. Frank did not answer, I think he made the right choice. Even though there was a possibility it was Miep trying to warn them about something, it wasnt worth the risk. Dussel said “it’s a signal” and wanted to answer the phone, but Mr. Frank stopped him. If Mr. Frank answered the phone, and it was not Miep it would have given up their hiding spot. The Gestapo agents would then come and get them. Once that happens they would probably be sent to a concentration camp to die. Because of these possibilities, I would not pick up the phone.

Act II Scene IV Question 1

Picture of Anne Frank's hiding place bedroom.

 Anne said “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” This shows a lot about Anne. It shows that Anne is very mature for being able to notice all of the good things going on in an evil time. Anne looks past the Nazis and Hitler, and looks more at people like Miep who risked their lives to help others. This quote is very important for the memory of Anne Frank and her character. This is because it shows her ability to holds back the negative thoughts of the experience, and notice the good in the world. most adults can't even do this, so it is incredible a young girl could. That is why the quote is very important to Anne’s character and memory.    




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