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Perf-O Grip Safety Grating

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11800.711.4939www.directmetals.comPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONPerf-O Grip™ is a one-piece metalplank-type grating manufactured by a cold forming process in the shape of a channel. The web of the channel is the walking surface and has large, debossed holes surrounded by smaller embossed traction buttons.MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONSGrating shall be “Perf-O Grip™ Channel,” manufactured from (see “Selections” right) and complete with a (1-1/2", 2", 3") side channel depth.FEATURES & BENEFITS 1. Embossed traction buttons provide superior slip resistance in all directions and in all weather conditions. 2. Large debossed holes provide maximum drainage of debris and allow up to 50% free air opening, depending on channel width. 3. Self-cleaning due to resilience of walking surface. 4. One-piece metal construction. 5. Lightweight design provides a high strength-to-weight ratio. 6. Long life span and requires little maintenance. 7. Simple and economical installation, as planks are self-framing. 8. Adaptable to cost effective custom fabrication. 9. Can be easily formed in standard channel or custom shapes.NOTE:1. Tolerance on A, B & C dimensions is ± 1/8"2. Hole pattern shown on diagram is even. Widths indicated with ** have a staggered hole pattern.3. Outside traction buttons on all widths except 18" & 24" widthPerf-O Grip™ ChannelSELECTIONS• ASTM-A-526, G-90 (Z-275) Pregalvanized 13 or 11 gauge steel• ASTM-A-569, HRP&O 13 or 11 gauge steel• 5052H32 Aluminum .125” thick (up to 18” width)• Type 316L 2B Stainless Steel 14 gauge (up to 12” width)• Type 304 2B Stainless Steel 16 gauge (up to 12” width) Channel Return Hole to Width Flange Channel Edge “A” “B” “C” **5" 7/8" 1-21/32" 7" 7/8" 1-13/16" 10" 7/8" 1-5/8" **12" 7/8" 1-25/32" **18" 7/8" 1-13/32" 24" 7/8" 1-7/8" **30" 7/8" 2-11/32"SAFETY GRATING