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Time to optimize your web presence

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Hey so you are planning to start a blog as 2017
commences? Or got a dead one and you want to
revive it? Pretty awesome plan there! With everything
being digitized, your business and personal brand
need online presence nowadays, more than ever. We
will be looking at some of the things you have to know
before you start a blog.
In my recent post, I emphasized on the need of having
your own website as one of the Tips to Successful
Online Promotion.
Why do you need a blog?
Everyone is a seller. We are all selling something to
someone at any particular point in time. We are
always bargaining our prices through. This explains
further why you need to be where your sellers are.
Internet receives billions of visits every hour and if you
are crafty enough, you can use this platform to reach
out to them. It could that free book you want
downloads from, a blog post that you want people to
read or sometimes you simply need their time.
There is much I can highlight on this, but am writing an
explicit blog on The Need of Online Presence, and so if
you are not following this site yet, be sure to click the
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corner. I will also be writing more on Things you have
to know before you start a blog.
Four Things You Have to Know
Before You Start a Blog in 2017
Now let us get to the serious section of the article. Gabriel Dinda has always been so keen to ask the question,
what do you need most as a writer? This is not quite far from what we trying to answer, what do you need most
as a blogger?
To start us with is definitely what your aim is.
1. Short and Long term goals.
What do you want to achieve given a certain period of time, and how is that relatively important when it comes
to your own personal branding. As a blogger, start with an end in mind. Have the big picture. If you are using a
free sub-domain like blog post or WordPress, maybe your short-term goal is to buy your own domain within the
next six months or 1 year.
2. No One Really Grows Alone
I spend time reading other people’s blogs, commenting and sharing. You almost said that right again! The Only
way to get what you want in life is to help a couple of others get what they want in life. Lately I have been
reading blogs like Career Path by The Writers Guild, The Blog Tyrant etc. You will have to promote other
people’s contents if you want yours to be promoted.
3. Value is the Key.
That’s what people are willing to exchange it for their precious time. Choose your niche and gain expertise on it.
It could be fashion, design, relationships, finances, news and entertainment, poetry etc. Do not always be quick
to publish posts, but pose to ask yourself, is it gonna add value? What problem are you aiming to solve and
how? Every post you write should have an aim… like do you wish to inform, inspire, challenge, trigger some
emotions, entertain?
4. Start with Free Blog, But Do Not Last With Them.
Probably you are using or rather planning to use Blogger or WordPress Like Me here, or even Tumbr, or
Medium. Though they might sound easier, they are not always kosher.