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OT/PT Sensory Labs & Pediatric Therapy by ABL Catalog

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E M O T I O N A LS E N S O R Y 2 0 2 3OT/PT/SENSORYA C T I O N B A S E D L E A R N I N GR2.0Changing the futurefor children byimproving their health,wellness, andeducation, throughmovement!P U R P O S E F U LS P E C I A L I Z E DA D A P T I V E

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PROVIDE STUDENTSAN ADVANTAGE TOLEARN! Creating Optimal LearningEnvironments through purposefulmovement and specialized sensoryexperiences. Sensory input is the stimuli that isperceived by our senses like smell, sight,touch, taste, and hearing. Anything weperceive using these senses can be calledsensory input.

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CardiovascularFitnessRhythmBody inSpaceBalanceMotorSkillsMindfulness,Self ManagementProblemSolvingCoordinationCrossLateralizationTactileLearningPhysicalFitnessVisualDevelopment

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Big Bounce Ball Swing “This swing is perfect for my clients who craveproprioceptive stimulation. This is one of theirfavorite activities during therapy.” Stimulates the cerebral cortex, thepart of the brain that helps us focus!Strengthens the core and helpswith the development of balanceHelps with sensory integration:how the brain organizes andinterprets informationSensory integration provides afoundation for later, morecomplex learning & behaviorIncreases spatial awarenessSwinging movement helps perceptualskills, while also functioning as acalming activityVESTIBULARVESTIBULAR &&PROPRIOCEPTIVEPROPRIOCEPTIVESTIMULATIONSTIMULATION FLEXION &FLEXION &EXTENSIONEXTENSION OT-11-Sarah M. OTR/L, Nashville, TNMinimum of 8 foot ceiling required to suspend., Safety Snap Included Specs: 22in W x 60in H (Resting Height), Work Load: 200lbs. Safety Mat Required, Sold Separately

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Blue Sit N SwingMinimum of 8 foot ceiling required to suspend. Work Load: 300lbs. Maintain a clear distance of 6' from walls and other obstaclesSpecs: 9ft Diameter, 36in L x 70in H (Resting Height)Bilateral IntegrationPostural ControlBalance AdjustmentsRhythmic calming andOrganizing InputCore StrengtheningSpatial AwarenessSuspended swing includes bolster& trapeze bar that allowstherapists to address a variety oftherapeutic needs including:“This is our 'go-to' swing“This is our 'go-to' swingwhen we want to work onwhen we want to work oncore strengthening &core strengthening &postural controlpostural control- a must have!”- a must have!” -Stephen R. MS, OTR/L Medford, OROT-12

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Flexi-Bolster Therapy Swing “One of my favorite things about this swingis that it accommodates a wide range ofclients- I can offer them gentle pushing oractive orbiting on the swing. We use it forhours nearly everyday with our clients”. -Michelle C. COTA, Atlanta, GA Balance AdjustmentsPostural ControlRhythmic Calming andOrganizing InputSpatialAwarenessThe Flexi-Bolster Swing provides both vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation for your clients. Treat a variety of needs by varying from gentle rocking and pushing to a more active rotation.Minimum of 8 foot ceiling required to suspend. Specs: 35in W x 55in H (Resting Height) Work Load: 300lbs. Safety Mat Required, Sold SeparatelyOT-9

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Specs: 6' Diameter x 81"HWeight Limit: 350lbsProprioceptive Jump Island“My clients don’t want to leave therapyafter playing on Jump Island. The joy itbrings to them makes my job worthwhile.” -Rochelle A. COTA, Miami, FL Relieves anxiety andreleases energy in apositive wayIncreased awarenessof how movementimpacts the body'ssurroundingsProvides a platform for children to learn bycombining intellectual development withfun activitiesSupports self-regulation. Itcan be calming or alertingdepending on the needs of thenervous system.Proprioceptive input to the spine and lowerbody joints supports calming, organizing,and regulatingHelps the lymphatic systemwith circulation and drainageIncreases SpatialAwarenessOT-82

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“This has transformed myclassroom- I wish I wouldhave had this 10 years agowhen I first started, studentsneed an outlet for fidgeting!” ABL BoomerboardQuiet Spring ActionQuiet Spring ActionNoise-freeNoise-free Slip ResistantSlip Resistant PortablePortable Supports up to 250lbsSupports up to 250lbsAges K-AdultAges K-AdultIdeal for restlessness, anxiety, fidgeters,and easily distracted studentsHundreds of activities can beperformed at this station!Noise-free design won't impedethe learning processFor use in the classroom,library, home, and more!Teachers and students alikewill benefit from this self-regulation pieceOT-52-Betsy R, 3rd Grade Special Ed Des Moines , IA

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Adaptive Super Cycle“This has been a huge help forme. As a therapist, it is soimportant to give my clientsproper ergonomics. It is easy toscoot their wheelchair up to theUBE and set them up for oursessions."-Ben W. OTR/L Upper Body Ergometer allows forcontrolled upper body movementAdjustable tension: Increasethe tension to accomodate avariety of therapeutic needsAdjustable height: Fitsstandard pediatricwheelchair width and height. Height is adjustable toaccomodate a variety ofusers.OT-70

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Tandem Elliptical BikeTandem Elliptical BikeFully adjustable tension control comes standard. Comes with abductor wedge, & dual foot cups withadjustable straps and pedals. Computer displays calories, speed, distance and pulse. Offersincreased stability and comfort for therapist and the client. Built for high-traffic facilities. Availablewith your facilities custom logo. The unit has lower support handles as well as the upright handles. The unit has a knee separator made of UMHW plastic that keeps the knees from knocking on eachother (this is optional and can be easily removed for other patients with a simple pop pin)The tandem elliptical offers the therapist and client a unique way to work togetherwhile focusing on quality of movements, strengthening of anti-gravity musclesand safe positioning. Used for clients with cerebral palsy, neurological conditions,muscular dystrophy, traumatic brain injury, and motor development delays. 605Weight Limit 250lbs

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SS-101Super Small Upright BikeThe SS101 is designed for pediatric facilities and focuses onlower extremity strengthening, cardiorespiratory enduranceand gross motorfunction. This stationary, fully recumbentbike is designed for rehabilitation of clients with cerebralpalsy, neurological conditions, and those who have difficultywith motor control. The fully recumbent bike allows theclient to begin cycling with minimal resistance. Inseam isbetween 16”-17” at the lowest setting and 24” to 25” at thefurthest setting.Computer monitors time,distance, heart ratePulse monitors allowtherapist to monitor heartrateWide, padded seat andfull back supportUser friendly seatadjustment glides to fitthe inseam of clientUser Weight Limit 250lbs*Optional Add Ons: (Pictured Left)Foot Cup with dual adjustable straps,Adjustable Seatbelt (Pictured Right)forward tilt wheelsfor portabilityAdjustableSeatBuilt in HeartRate SensorsPowerAdapter**

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“My clients are huge fans of this giant green bean. We haveit set up in our sensory room and my kids run to this station.” -Alexander C. Milwaukee, WI.Sensory Green BeanChildren can get in the pod themselves, applyingdeep, even pressure to many areas of the body forsensory input. Some children like to gently rockside- to-side for a cocooning-calm. Can also be usedas a reading pod, or rocking partner activity. CalmingSpatial BoundariesSupports Self-RegulationOT-61

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Specs: 46"L x 26"W x 24"HWeighs 18lbsAccomodates the needto rock in a soothing,repetitive motionSensory Banana Rocker”Our school therapist toldme about this rocker and ithas made a huge differenceas a calming station. I useinside in my classroom!” PositioningMild vestibular inputCalming station providessecurity and safetyGentle sensorystimulationThese soft, contoured rocking chairs offergentle sensory stimulation in a comfortableposition. An ideal positioning product for thosewho only need mild vestibular input.OT-20Michael R. 5th grade teacher Denver, CO

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Sensory Light WallSensory Light WallTurn Learning into a CalmingSensory Task!Practice HandwritingSkills on a Vertical PlaneGross and Fine Motor SkillsCoordinationPerfect for Motivating Studentsw/ Cognitive ChallengesStudents can practice spelling, tripod grasp of the pen and more, all while in adarkened, calming sensory room or corner. For students who need a modulatedsensory environment, this sensory panel provides a means for handwriting or drawingin a dark calming sensory room. The panel may be positioned either horizontally orvertically. The pen light is activated by a button on the end opposite the light.OT-30

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Fine Motor Kit“This Kit has been a huge helpfor my kiddos that struggle withfine motor skills. It is easy tostore and there are over 9stations included so you aresure to find an activity that fitsevery need within yourclassroom!” -Barbara L. OTR/LRockville, MD The Fine Motor SkillsClassroom Power Packincludes over 9 unique itemsto enhance fine motor skillswithin the classroom.Fine motor skills involve therefined use of the smallermuscles of the wrist, hand,fingers and thumb. Thesetypes of movements help usto write, zip, button, hold,grasp, pinch, bring food toour mouths and much more. 878

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Tactile Stepping PathwayAids in theDevelopment ofBalanceProvides Tactile InputHelps to IncreaseCoordination *Pictured withsensory skippingstones (soldseparately)This 3 piece set is designed to aid in thedevelopment of balance, movementcoordination and tactile perception. 503

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5pc Set Includes:3 Lily Pads1 Curvy Bridge1 Straight BridgeLily Bridge SetThe arrangement ofvarious activities helpschildren to cultivatespatial concepts andimprove their actionplanning & problem-solving abilities.Anti-slip material forsafety. Pads and bridgescome with various texturessuch as petals, ripples &sparkles. The Lily Bridge set is designedto enhance physicalcoordination, dexterity andbalance. The water lilies arestackable and can be easilytaken apart for storage. 524

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Green Rocking Turtle ShellSpecs: 30" x 30" x 32"Accomodates the need to keepmoving while listening, playing,studying, etcOffers a soothing and repetitivemotionProvides security and sets acalm tonePromotes social interactionand teamworkThe Green Rocking Turtle Shelloffers vestibular input whilesimultaneously promoting grossmotor coordination through play. 507

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Sensory SpaceshipThe sensory spaceshipprovides a calming sensoryexperience within theclassroom or sensoryroom. Includes retractableclosure to help with self-regulation. Pivoting baseglides in circular motionfor added input.Offers a soothing and repetitivemotionProvides security and sets a calmtoneGreat for behavioral interventionsand sensory- seekersKC-528

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Pediatric Equipment521 Sensory Skipping Stones 836 Assessment Steps 821 Whaler Sensory Board841 Helicopter Spin OT-22 Contouring Calming Chair SS156 Sensory Pod870 Handheld Eye TrackerOT91 Imagination Fun ShapesVMS864 Sensory Seat Cushions

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807 Veggie and Neuroconnector Set KC7 Bean Bag Chair 837 Triangle Climbing Set847 Ele-Fun Eye Tracker 522 Over The Hills Climber 800 Tactile Balance Domes550 Animal Nesting Balance Path801 ABL Pathways Surfboard843 Crawl Through Tunnel844 Padded Scooter Board 549 Tactile Petal Steps 842 Monkey See Eye Tracker

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ABL SensoryMove PackSensory packages are designed with the individual needs of students in mind,and act as an enhancement to the existing Action Based Learning Lab. Packagesare customized, and are geared toward specific developmental stages based onage and skills . All Action Based Learning Lab packages focus on the 12foundations of Learning Readiness, with a stronger emphasis on sensoryintegration - how the brain organizes and interprets information. Sensoryintegration provides a foundation for later, more complex learning & behavior.Action Based Learning Sensory Labs (1)Swing Frame (2) Swings (2) Roll and Crawl Mats (1) Banana Rocker (1) Green Bean Sensory Chair (2) ABL Wall Mounts (2) Active Learning Mats (1)Boomerboard (1)Monkey See Bean Bag Toss (1)Ele-Eel-Fun Ring Toss (1)Balance board (1)Soft Jumbo Tactile Blocks

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