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If You Give a Kid an iPhone

If you give a kid an iphone, they will want to play games

if they want to play games, you will smile and agree



If you smile and agree,

they will scream in excitement


If they scream in excitemnt, then they will jump around

if they jump around, then they will drop the iphone

if they drop the phone, then the screen will shatter

If the screen shatters, then you will get mad and yell 

If you get mad and yell, then they will begin to cry

If they begin to cry, then you will feel bad and appologize

If you feel bad and apologize, then they will hug you  

if they hug you, then they will ask to go get it fixed

If they ask to get it fixed, then you will drive to the verizon store

If you drive to the verizon store, then you will ask the worker to repair the iphone

if you ask the worker to repair the phone, then he will give to back the phone after he is done

if the worker gives you the fixed iphone, then you will think about what happens....

If You Give a Kid an iPhone