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“All the news that fits”
Art Walk 2017
By Gretchen Wessels
The Pelican Cove Art Club is sponsoring their sixth Art Walk, a
self-guided walking tour of several homes belonging to Pelican Cove
artists and art collectors. This has become one of the most anticipated
events of the season. Save the date, Friday afternoon on February
24. The houses are open from 1 to 4 p.m. followed by a reception at
Wilbanks from 4 to 5 p.m. Guides for the tour will be given out on
the lawn in front of Wilbanks between 1 and 2:30 p.m. We ask for a
donation of $4. Artwork will be available for sale at several locations.
There is one house on the second oor - please do not attempt the
stairs unless you feel condent. We expect to have several golf carts
roaming among the houses. Flag one down if you feel in need of a lift.
Special Events
February 3
Coffee Program
7 p.m. – Pavilion
PCU Immigration
7:30 p.m. – Harbor Club
February 5 & 19
Movie Night
7 p.m. – Pavilion
February 6
Website Orientation
4 p.m. – Harbor Club
February 6 & 27
Cultural Event
8 p.m. – Pavilion
February 10
Cinema Club
7:30 p.m. – Pavilion
February 12
Photo Club Exhibit
3 p.m. – Harbor Club
February 13
Folk Music Concert
7:30 p.m. – Harbor Club
February 14
Writers Present
4 p.m. – Harbor Club
February 15
Kayak/Canoe Club
4 p.m. – Harbor Club
Photo Club Presentation
7 p.m. – Pavilion
February 16
Coffee Program
9:30 a.m. – Pavilion
February 18
Annual Meeting
10 a.m. – Pavilion
Annual Picnic – Follows
Annual Meeting
Noon – outside Wilbanks
February 18
Pelican Programs
8 p.m. – Pavilion
February 21
Photo Club Presentation
7 p.m. – Harbor Club
Stan Hendricks Jazz
7:30 p.m. – Pavilion
February 23
Coffee Program
9:30 a.m. – Pavilion
February 24
Ballroom & Ethnic Dancing
5:30 p.m. – Pavilion
February 25
Folk Music Singalong
7:30 p.m. – Harbor Club
February 26
Social Club
5:30 p.m. – Pavilion
February 28
PCU Immigration
7:30 p.m. – Harbor Club
Annual Meeting
Saturday, February 18
10 a.m. in Pelican Pavilion
Don’t Forget! Your BLUE Proxy form is due
in the PC Office prior to the Annual Meeting.
Annual Picnic
The Annual Picnic will follow the Annual Meeting
outside The Wilbanks. Tickets MUST be purchased
in advance at the PC Office by Tuesday, February 14
for $9 per person. The menu includes: a choice of a
pulled chicken sandwich or a sliced brisket sandwich
or a black bean vegetarian burger, plus penne pasta
salad, cole slaw, vegetarian smoked beans, fresh fruit,
cookies, brownies and beverages.
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Board President
... Gary Gulden
Board Liaison ...... Lisa Yellin
Cartoonist ........... Jean Gomoll
Letters to the Editor: The Pelican Cove News will consider publishing letters to the Editor. When requested by the Editor or President, an Editorial Review Board composed of
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condense letters to save space, while preserving the essential substance. Letters must be signed and must not defame or malign individuals or groups. Letters that contain errors
of fact will be returned to authors for correction, after which they will be considered for publication.
The Pelican Cove News is published
periodically by the Board of Directors
of the Pelican Cove Condominium
Association, primarily to keep
association members informed on
matters bearing on their use and
enjoyment of their Pelican Cove
Members of the association are invited
to suggest items for publication.
Deadline for advertising is the 20th
of each month. The Pelican Cove
News is published monthly except
for the summer when it is published
bimonthly. The address for the
News is:
Pelican Cove News
1615 Pelican Point Drive
Sarasota, FL 34231-6721
(941) 966-5674
Editorial and
Advertising email:
PC Office email:
Concerns Over Speeding and Stop Signs Voiced at Board Meeting*
Following the conclusion of the formal agenda of the January board meeting, board
members and residents expressed concern over recent near-miss incidents involving
excessive speed or disregard/absence of stop signs. This is a serious safety concern for
which every one of us shares a responsibility. Management will conduct a review to
identify those intersections where visibility problems or ambiguity over right of way
may affect safety, and take independent action or, if deemed necessary, consult with the
Board about placing additional signage or taking other corrective action.
In the meanwhile all residents are reminded:
That our roads are very narrow and winding
That pedestrians are walking along the road day and night
That walkers should make every effort to use the paths along the roads
where available, walk single le facing trafc, and otherwise not obstruct
the roadways
To observe the 15 mph maximum speed limit (dammit!)
To slow down in constricted spots
To STOP (dammit!) and look carefully at each signed intersection
That we all often have important places to be or things to do in a hurry, but
that NOTHING is more important than our responsibility to look out for
the safety of ourselves and each other on our roadways.
*Byline withheld to protect the identity of our president and from criticism over his
choice of language!
To the Editor:
Today is the day the straw broke the camel’s back.
One generally expects to go to the pool for reading, relaxation or rest. Imagine the
joy of being surrounded by three cell phone conversations, as well as a fourth receiving
calls, albeit short ones. We do not need to hear all the tales of gloom and doom, medical
catastrophes, marital problems, and much ado about nothing.
Felice Perlmutter, BA179
Art Club Clothesline Sale
By Louise Titchener
Artists and art fans will be happy to learn that the fourth annual Art Club Clothesline
Sale is scheduled for Saturday, February 11, noon to 3 p.m. Art Club artists with original
work to sell should bring their acrylic and oil paintings, drawings, prints, watercolors,
collages, photographs, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and other crafts to the Wilbanks
lawn. Setup will be 11 a.m. to noon. Contact Chickie Wachter at
President’s Post
By Gary Gulden
Dear Neighbors,
You will be pleased to know that our
Association came through the year in robust
nancial health. The care and skills of our
management – together with a few expense
categories unexpectedly coming in below
budget – have brought us to a year-end rmly
in the black.
I can also report that for 2017, there will be
a great deal of continuity in the composition
of your Board of Directors. As of the January
ling deadline for those intending to run for
board positions, there were four candidates for
four open positions, thus no election will be
required. Three of the four are returning directors from this year’s board; the fourth
is Martin Fried, the extremely capable chair of our Finance Committee, who will
be a strong addition.
Let me alert you that the next few months of the coming year will present
us with an unusual array of important ndings and recommendations from two
major planning activities, both aimed at preserving and strengthening our physical
infrastructure for the future: the Climate Adaptation study and the Planning
Committee’s Long Range Plan. The ndings from the vulnerability assessment
phase of the Climate Adaptation Study and the Planning Committee’s report
are just arriving, and the action recommendations from the Climate Adaptation
Study are due in the late spring. As a result, there will be quite a number of
potential actions of very signicant consequence for Pelican Cove’s future for
our community to contemplate and decide upon before the summer. I urge you
to pay close attention as these reports emerge and to participate actively in all
opportunities for your involvement in their consideration.
This is my last “Post” as your president. I look forward to serving the
additional year as a board member that term limits permit, but with a capable
successor at the helm. When my predecessor, Murray Sherry, told me I’d have
fun serving in this role, I raised my eyebrows. But two years on, I can say he was
absolutely right! This has been an unusual privilege, and I am deeply grateful
for the condence you have shown in me and even more so for the support
and encouragement you have provided along the way. I’ve also appreciated
your consideration in respecting my personal time. Those gifts, coupled with
the extraordinary skills of our superb management team and staff, wise and
collaborative board members and committees, and hundreds of generous and
talented volunteers, have made this job a genuine pleasure. My sincere thanks to
you all.
Gary Gulden
Board of Directors/
Committee Meetings
BOD/Committee meetings scheduled for
the month of February. Check Channel
195, the PC website or the Office for
any changes.
Annual Member Meeting
Saturday, February 18 – 10 a.m.
Pelican Pavilion
Board Workshop
Tuesday, February 7 – 9:30 a.m.
Harbor Club
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, February 14 – 9:30 a.m.
Harbor Club
Bay & Water Environmental Committee
Thursday, February 9 – 9:30 a.m.
Wilbanks Ivy Room
Buildings & Facilities Committee
Friday, February 3 – 9 a.m.
Wilbanks Conference Room
Communications Committee
Monday, February 6 – 9:30 a.m.
Wilbanks Conference Room
Cultural Events Committee
Thursday, February 2 – 3 p.m.
Thursday, February 23 – 3 p.m.
Wilbanks Ivy Room
Finance Committee
Wednesday, February 15 – 1 p.m.
Wilbanks Conference Room
Grounds Committee
Wednesday, February 8 – 9 a.m.
Wilbanks Conference Room
Harbor Committee
Wednesday, February 1 – 9 a.m.
Wilbanks Conference Room
Planning Committee
Thursday, February 9 – 9:30 a.m.
Wilbanks Conference Room
Rules Committee
Monday, February 13 – 9:30 a.m.
Wilbanks Conference Room
PC Office Closed
Monday, February 20
in observance of Presidents’ Day
Board Business
At its January 17 meeting, the Board took action on the
following four items:
Authorizing the 2016 matching contribution for the staffs
401-K plan
Our matching program for the staff members’ 401-K is a
very important benet, and management strongly encourages
all employees to participate in the 401-K when they become
eligible at the end of their rst year of service. Each year,
by contract agreement, the Board provides a resolution
authorizing the annual distribution of matching funds to
be made by the outsourcing rm that administers our staff
members’ compensation and benets.
Approving the purchase of a new vacuum sweeper truck
Our present vacuum sweeper truck is over 17 years old
and in need of replacement. The economics of providing
this service ourselves remain favorable, and it’s also to our
continuing benet to be able to clean our roadways at a
moment’s notice, if needed. Sufcient funds have already
been set aside in our reserves to pay for this purchase.
Joining the Science and Environmental Council of
Southwest Florida
This action was proposed by our Bay & Water
Environmental Committee. Members of this council include
Mote Marine, Sarasota Bay Watch, the Sarasota Bay Estuary
Committee Doings
Bay & Water Environmental Committee – January 12
The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. with a
quorum. The chair, Ewa Hammer, stated that she has
received an invitation from the Science and Environment
Council for Pelican Cove Association to join its membership,
and has submitted a resolution to BOD requesting approval.
She asked Judith Kazen to represent her at the next meeting.
The committee will wait to hear both reports from the
Climate Adaptation Study before deciding on new business.
Rewriting certain paragraphs of the Charter was discussed,
and nal review was tabled to the February meeting.
Building & Facilities Committee – January 6
Of concern to the Board: AFE for new safety doors
put on hold until the next meeting pending consideration
of a proposal to retrot existing doors with panic bars to
accomplish the purpose and save money.
Sewer pipe updates: Doug reported pipes recently cleaned
and videos taken indicate pipes are better than originally
thought. Inspections showed minor root intrusion, one very
small crack (hard to tell if it is a crack) and less deterioration
than expected. It was decided to have additional non-problem
pipes inspected by camera to compare to problem areas and
present the results at the next meeting. There is money in the
General Fund to do all sewer pipes, if deemed necessary, after
All Unit Owners
Call for Committee Membership
Governance at Pelican Cove begins with its committees. They do the groundwork for everything that happens in the
Cove. Our committees need new members. All unit owners are invited to submit an application to become a member
of one of Pelican Cove’s committees:
Bay & Water Environmental Cultural Events Harbor
Building & Facilities Finance Planning
Communications Grounds Rules
Please visit our website [] for complete descriptions of each
committee’s scope and structure. If interested in becoming a member, complete the form below and return it to the
PC ofce.
Name ____________________________________________________________________ Unit # _______________
Email _______________________________________________________________ Phone ____________________
Committee ____________________________________________________ Months in residence in PC __________
Brief description of relevant experience/interests:
continued on page 12 continued on page 12
Manager’s Report
By Jack Stevens, General Manager
We are one month into 2017
and the activities at Pelican
Cove are in full swing. This
year we altered the time and
location of many activities
in order to enhance the
maintenance of our property
and provide larger forums
for high-demand events.
There have been some
challenges associated with
these changes, but we are
working through them and
I appreciate the cooperation of everyone involved. The good
news is that we are seeing record attendance for some of our
more popular daytime events and our crews are proactively
working on enhancements to the property during a time in
which they previously would have been unable to do so.
We continued with structural repairs in the Brookhouse
neighborhood, completed the replacement of roughly 80’ of
the boardwalk between 1519 and 1525 Pelican Point Drive,
rebuilt and painted garbage enclosures in the Brookhouse
neighborhood, painted the fascia in the Glenhouse
neighborhood, installed a new heater at the Wilbanks pool,
and are painting the stucco walls on the Bayhouse buildings.
Although the calendar says it is winter, we live in paradise
and chose not to participate this year. It is apparent that our
botanical forest does not care what the calendar says either, as it
grew through the month of January as if nothing had changed.
With this continued growth, our grounds crew continues the
trimming, edging, raking and planting of the property with no
real slowdown.
Our new automated gate access control system is installed
and most of the stickers required to use the lane have been
issued. The right lane of our entry will be switched to
automated access only in the coming days. If you are an owner
or annual renter and have not picked up your radio frequency
sticker, please do so right away so that you can use this lane.
Finally, we have a very knowledgeable and diverse staff,
many of whom are constantly striving to improve their skills
in order to perform better. Business Manager Sarah Metcalf,
continues to increase her knowledge in association management
and obtained the Certied Florida Community Association
Manager designation from the Florida Community Association
Professionals in late December. I am very fortunate to have
Sarah on my staff and we as a community benet every day
from her knowledge and hard work.
How to Get Rid of the Blaahs
By Colleen Gibson
Sitting around feeling lazy, a little puffy and generally
blaaah? Some residents have overcome that by being pro-
active, as they call it. That’s where Water Aerobics comes in
and here’s what some of our participants are saying:
Erlinda Rejino – “I began using water exercise about 30
years ago to recover from knee surgery. It has served me well,
and at PC it is great fun to share it with friends …the laughing
makes it even more aerobic!”
Stuart Kantor – “Being the poster child for arthritis, the
exercise in warm water makes me feel better and, I know, is
good for me.”
Monica Ince –“I’ve been a Water Aerobics addict for
several years; almost since it started here at PC. I nd it very
satisfying for my body and mind and enjoy sharing laughter
with the friends I’ve made there.”
Elca Branman –“At ninety I’m able to keep up since I’ve
been doing it with the PC group for years. So glad I started
when I did. Water Aerobics is like laughing your way to
staying t!”
Laura Shulman –“It’s a great way to exercise while
having fun and laughing at our class clown.” (Name omitted).
Stanley Beberman –“After completing surgery and
physical therapy I was advised to use the swimming pool.
While at the pool, I watched the Water Aerobics exercises and
thought it would help, so I joined the group. Let me tell you it
is FUN and really helped my legs and lower body. And I enjoy
the group as well. You all should join, you will not regret it!”
Lezley Prokop –“Whoever heard of pain-free exercise?
However, in the heated pool at the Pavilion your body is
soothed and you’re put through your paces by one of our top-
notch Water Aerobics instructors. You’ll be amazed at how
exible, rm and t you can become in a very short time. All
exercises are done to music and who can resist an all-out twist
when Chubby Checkers tells us to ‘twist again’? Guys and
gals, are you tempted?”
Kathy Mitchell –“Imagine my surprise, as a new resident,
to nd the perfect opportunity to safely do 60 minutes of Water
Aerobics, the ideal exercise, with a wonderful group of fellow
residents twice a week in the Pavilion pool. It’s a win-win for
me and I encourage others to join the worthwhile fun.”
We all work at our own pace, knowing we’re getting better
at it every week, as well as stronger, thinner and perhaps
happier about ourselves. How about trying us out!!
$5 a session; meets Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30 to
4:30 p.m. at the Pavilion pool.
Cultural Events Programs for February
By Joel Leonard
There are two wonderful programs slated for February
sponsored by the Cultural Events Committee. On Monday,
February 6 Grigorios Zamparas, pianist, will return to the
Pavilion stage, this time with two of his University of Tampa
colleagues: Barbara Prescott, autist and Theodore De Corso,
clarinetist. Pelican Covers will remember the outstanding
playing of Mr. Zamparas during his numerous previous
visits. He has received critical acclaim for his versatility as
recitalist, orchestra soloist and chamber musician in countries
throughout the world. Domestically, he has given recitals
at series in Miami and Sarasota, and last summer he was
installed as resident pianist at the prestigious Newport Music
Festival. Dr. Zamparas is an Associate Professor of Music
and head of the piano program at The University of Tampa, in
Tampa, FL.
Barbara Prescott is also making a return visit to Pelican
Cove. She is the previous principal ute of the Chicago
Civic Orchestra and is an acclaimed area soloist, ensemblist,
chamber music coach and teacher. She teaches at the Pinellas
County Center for the Arts, St. Petersburg College and the
University of Tampa in addition to Eckerd.
Theodore DeCorso served as department head and taught
for 25 years at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and has
performed in concerts in major forums throughout the world.
He is music director of the Suncoast Symphony Orchestra,
the Clearwater Community Band and the Blaine (WA) Jazz
Festival, and maintains a private studio in Dunedin, FL. We
are indeed delighted to have this trio perform for us at our
third Pelican Cove concert.
On Monday, February 27, The Lee Trio will make their
debut here in Pelican Cove. The three sisters will be
performing classical music on cello, piano and violin.
Since their critically acclaimed London debut in 2002, the
Trio’s “rich palette of one colours” has inspired and moved
Wit, Whim & Whimsy Sculpture Show
By Sandy Barton
Don’t miss Doug Barton’s Whimsical Sculpture show
at the Harbor Club on Saturday and Sunday, March 3 and 4,
from noon to 4 p.m.
He has visualized witticisms, phrases and idioms using
papier mache, stone, metal and found objects that will make
you scratch your head, smile, and then chuckle.
There will be more than 30 untitled pieces on exhibit. The
fun begins when you try to gure out what the correct title
is for each piece. The titles will be covered until you have a
chance to guess. You’ll then be able to uncover the answer
and see if your title is better than mine! It is at this point that
you’ll probably wonder, “What’s wrong with Doug’s mind!”
Don’t miss this unique, fun and interactive experience!
Come and stretch your imagination . . . as Doug has stretched
his. You’ll be glad you did.
audiences worldwide, establishing the dynamic ensemble of
sisters – Lisa, violin, Angela, cello, and Elinda, piano – as
one of the premier chamber ensembles on the international
stage. Their resumes include performances on four continents
and international awards by the score. Their training includes
the Julliard School, the Curtis Institute, Yale, Harvard, the
Guildhall school of Music and Drama (London) and the
Hochshule für Music and Theatre (Germany).
Originally from San Francisco, they now live in different
parts of the country but are still committed to their musical
goals of performance, education and outreach, including
playing and teaching for at-risk and underprivileged children.
In their concert at Pelican Cove, they will be taking on one of
their interests of performing works of living composers, by
presenting a world premiere of a trio recently completed by
Jerry Bilik, our resident composer. The Lee Trio was brought
to our attention by artist-musician Sol Schwartz, a popular
Pelican Cove resident. Although Sol passed away 14 months
ago, Angela will be playing on his very ne cello.
Don’t miss these two trios during February. As usual,
tickets will be distributed during the early afternoon the day
of the concert in the Pavilion lobby and after 7 p.m., for an
8 p.m. performance.
The Lee Trio
Observe all traffic regulations, red and green
lights, one-way streets, stop signs, etc.
Keep to the right and ride in a straight line.
Always ride in single file.
Boaters Flip the Lights Fantastic
By John Titchener
Many thanks to Jerry Clancy and his Old Lamp Lighters
who both put up (on December 9), and took down (January
9), hundreds of yards of Christmas tree lights on the harbor
boardwalk, the pagoda and the gazebo, complete with
Christmas tree. The next time you walk the harbor estimate
the number of individual lights – and then think about the
number of staples used (since removed) to hold them in place.
Many hands made lights work.
The lights and decorated boats ashed into view
precisely at 6 p.m. on Friday, December 16. Judges for the
Pelican Cove Yacht Club awarded rst place in the lighting
competition to “Sea Hawk,” Susan Jewett and Chan
Sweetser, second place to “Water Color,” Caryl Halle-
Cantor and Stuart Cantor, and third to “Lundi,” John
Titchener. They received much appreciated gift certicates
from West Marine.
Yacht Club members then retired to the Harbor Club for
their annual meeting and pizza party, at which the pizza was
delicious; and John Titchener was elected commodore for
2017. The January rendezvous took place Thursday, January
19 at the Boatyard Bar & Grill on Stickney Point Road. The
next rendezvous is scheduled for Friday, February 17 in the
Harbor Club at 5 p.m.
Pelican Cove University
By Dennis Wachter
On Tuesday, January 3, Pelican Cove University
inaugurated its 2017 season with the annual EXPO, a
program in which the members of this years faculty made
brief, but compelling, introductory presentations regarding
their respective courses. The EXPO was attended by more
than two hundred eager and enthusiastic PC residents and
seasonal renters. Classes began promptly the following
day, and have continued successfully since with abundantly
positive reviews.
Three courses will be making their 2017 debut this month
(February). They are Robert Cassway’s The History of
Modern Architecture (continued), beginning February 3 at 1:30
p.m.; George Brawerman’s Good Genes-Bad Genes: Relation
of Gene Defects to Disease, beginning Tuesday, February 21,
at 3:30 p.m.; and George Lindenfeld’s Emotional Trauma:
Genesis and Remediation, beginning Wednesday, February 22
at 3:30 p.m. All three meet in the Pavilion.
Please remember that there is a one-time fee of $10 to be
paid on-site at the rst class attended, which will apply to any
or all further classes attended throughout the season – with
access to 19 courses and nearly 180 hours of instruction.
Run, Don’t Walk, To Pelican Programs
By Felice Perlmutter and Libby Ross
Rhonda Liss, a Pelican Cove resident and professional
singer of both opera and cabaret, will present a
special cabaret program on Saturday night of Presidents’
weekend, February 18, in the Pavilion, 8 p.m. Rhonda has
performed internationally and in the U.S. to the delight of
many audiences. Accompanied by award-winning musical
director and pianist Alan Jay Corey, she will make you feel
good, as she romps through Broadway with special emphasis
on Sondheim, everybody’s favorite. You, of course, will have
a chance to sing as well.
Since this is Presidents’ weekend and you may want to
bring some of your guests, we will be distributing tickets at
the Pavilion between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to assure seats.
For the many lovers of movies in Pelican Cove, Del
Jacobs, the lm maven at our Cinema Club for 22 years, has
organized a special program on Wednesday, March 1 at the
Pavilion, 8 p.m. With his deep melodious voice and love
of movies, he produces insights effortlessly. There is no one
that Pelican Covers trust more to give us the low-down on the
inside picture of movie-making. Pelican Programs is proud
to present Del Jacobs in a behind the scenes look at exactly
how these sausages are made. He will be joined by lm
professionals Victor Simpkins and Tony Lenzo. Here is your
chance to learn how lms are produced, how the money is
raised, how the forces are assembled, and how movie-making
has adjusted to the new technology. Don’t miss it!
Your wonderful response to our programs is most
PC Resident Rhonda Liss
Folk Music Club Activities in February
By Joel Leonard
Folk Music had a good start this year with a well-attended
special concert by Bill & Kate Isles, Duluth, MN, residents
who winter in this area and can be heard at Oscar Scherer
State Park until April. The audience reaction was so favorable
that we will probably invite them again. For February, we will
have two quite different kinds of community singalongs,
both FREE.
The rst, an evening of Yiddish songs (a “szingalong”)
will take place Monday, February 13, in the Harbor
Club, starting at 7:30 p.m. Song booklets will be
distributed, including English pronunciation (transliteration)
and translation. The event will be led by several musicians
and singers. Please come “szing” with us. For more
information please contact Fradle Freidenreich, fradlef@
Our more traditional singalong will be on Saturday,
February 25, in the Harbor Club at 7:30 p.m. Please note
that this is a Saturday, not our usual day. The singalong is
about the joy of singing, not about talent. All are welcome.
Song books, leaders and the Pelican Cove String Band will
be provided. For information about the Folk Music Club,
please contact Joel Leonard, (941) 882-3093 or email: joel-
The Days of the Art Show Are Here
By Joan Sable
The time has come to plan what pieces you are going to
enter in the 2017 Annual Art Show on March 11, 12 and 13.
Registration forms for your artwork are now available in
the ofce ready for the artists to collect and complete. Please
read carefully, follow all the instructions and return them to
the ofce no later than Friday, February 17. Entries will not
be accepted after the 17th, due to the enormous amount of
work involved in designing, getting everyone’s names and
information in the art catalogs and printing.
Every person working on the Art Show’s many
committees is meeting to ensure that each and every step of
this show goes off without a hitch, from the initial party, the
intake of work, the busy Art Show weekend and the artists’
nale party. Then there’s the food, owers, wine, servers and
publicity. Each and every area of this event is being analyzed
for perfection. We hope all artists and residents are as excited
as we, the committee.
See you all very soon. For questions, contact Beryl Ruff,
PC Writers Reminders
Writers Present - Tuesday, February 14, 4 p.m. in
the Harbor Club – “Learning Math with Kayla,” Vicki
Meyer, author.
Writers Corner continues on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. –
Wilbanks conference room - 2nd oor.
Writers Critique – cancelled for the season.
We mourn the passing of
Name Unit On Date
Lenore Bickerman HA117 October 2016
Anita Blum GL317 December 23
Ruth Landow BA245 December 23
Nancy Lewis BR101 December 15
Audree Menken GR144 January 10
Martin Vogelfanger BA288 January 7
Cinda Toale – January 10
We extend our sincerest sympathy
to their family and friends.
By Earl Kaplan
Two movie nights this month: Sunday,
February 5 and Sunday, February 19 at 7
p.m. at the Pelican Pavilion. Watch for more information on
Channel 195 or the PC website,
Movie Nights are open to all residents and are sponsored by
the PC Social Club.
Annual Grounds Tour
By Sam Alaimo
The annual tour of the PC grounds will be on Tuesday,
February 14, Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February
16. Registration for the tours will take place at the Pavilion
pool gazebo on Tuesday, February 7 from 10 a.m. to 10:45
a.m. Space is limited to 25 people per tour. Please note: These
tours ll up fast!
Please meet in front of Wilbanks at 10:15 a.m. on the
morning of your tour. Each tour begins at 10:30 a.m. and will
last to about noon. Expect to do some walking.
The tours will be led by Mike O’Byrne, manager of the
PC grounds.
Stan Hendricks Jazz Concert Series
By Bobby Barnhardt
For the second concert of the season meet Terry Myers,
who “is undoubtedly one of the best all-around reed players
in the country today.” So said Buddy Morrow, former
leader of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and one of the great
musicians and band leaders who was there for the early stages
of the “Big Band Era.” “His versatility and expertise on the
clarinet and saxophone are a treat to the ears.”
An Iowa native, Terry was a member of the US Marine
Corps Reserves for ve years. After college, where he
majored in music and education, Terry honed his musical
talent and soon developed a successful career in Nashville
Art Club Reception for Kris Parins
By Louise Titchener
The Pelican Cove Art Club will
sponsor an exhibit for Kris Parins at
the Wilbanks on Friday, February 17.
The club plans a reception from 5-7
p.m. to honor the achievements of this
ne artist and Pelican Cove resident.
Please mark your calendars.
Ms. Parins’ paintings have
been exhibited internationally,
featured on the covers of American
Artist Watercolor and Watercolor
Artist magazines, and several editions of Splash: The Best of
Watercolor. She has earned signature status in the American
Watercolor Society (AWS) National Watercolor Society
(NWS) and Transparent Watercolor Society of America
(TWSA), among others.
and New York City. When Terry decided to move to Florida,
he quickly became one of the most in-demand musicians
in the state. He was a band leader at Disney World’s Epcot
Center for four years and, for a time, led the band at Rosie
O’Grady’s, which was part of the popular Church Street
Station entertainment complex in downtown Orlando.
In 1992, Terry was invited to form and lead a “Tribute to
Benny Goodman” orchestra, which performed successfully
for many years at such attractions as Busch Gardens in
Florida and Virginia, Cypress Gardens and Silver Springs, as
well as most of the major concert halls in Florida and across
the country. Now featured as conductor/performer with the
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Terry is an exceedingly charming
host who puts the audience at ease and then wows them with
his musical presentation.
With Terry will be Ron Texiera on Piano; Bassist, Al
Dodds; Drummer, Reinhart Winkler, and featured vocalist,
Simone Kopmajer.
Austrian-born Kopmajer, has toured Europe, Asia and
spends a couple of weeks annually in the U.S. Currently
touring and performing at Heidi’s Jazz Club in Cocoa Beach,
this fresh, young, singer is dynamite! For those interested in
excellent jazz vocals, rooted in the past while leaning toward
the future, Simone does not disappoint.
For an evening of great jazz entertainment, come meet
Terry Myers and Simone Kopmajer, Tuesday, February 21,
at 7:30 p.m. in the Pavilion. A $5 donation will be requested
at the door. Auditorium doors will open at 7 p.m.
“Jailbirds” watercolor
Artwork for Sale at the Art Show
By Beryl Ruff
Visitors to the 2017 ART SHOW wishing to purchase a
piece should contact the artist directly. Lists of artists’
telephone numbers and email addresses will be available
to discuss purchases. After an agreement has been reached
between the artist and the buyer, it is then the artist’s
responsibility to obtain a red dot (from one of the Art Show
greeters in each building) and to place it next to the work to
indicate that the work has been sold.
Tennis Club
By Beth Duggan
The cold doesn’t stop the hardy. We started at 47 degrees.
There were eight brave men and eight brave women. Thank
you Vicky for making us a great lunch. We did have fun
and we warmed up our game. Remember to sign up for next
month’s Tennis Social on the second Monday of the month. It
should be warmer then.
The next gathering was our tennis party at the end of the
month. Photos to follow. The party was a huge success. We
are such a large group with everyone wanting to play tennis
in the morning and then on to our great classes throughout the
day. We had to expand the Round Robin to both courts. Over
16 people join in and every day is great tennis in paradise,
Pelican Cove.
Anyone interested in volunteering to keep the website
updated, please contact Beth Duggan at (941) 350-6111.
Front Left to Right: Carl Zaffiro, Sandy Rafalo, Lorraine Brouillet,
Beth Duggan, Will Sahlein. Back: Ben Kaplan, Frank Baroni, Joe Reid.
Coffee Program – Best Breakfast
Deal Around
By Janet Hasselbring
Donations: Where else can you get coffee,
goodies and a great program for $2? At the PC Coffee
Programs of course. We do not pay our speakers; however,
after expenses, your donations support the nonprots
represented by the speakers. PC speakers designate a PC
fund in lieu of remuneration. Thanks for your support. We’re
looking out for you!
The programs: Friday, February 3 – “Impressions of Iran,”
Ruth Brandwein, speaker. 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, January 26 – “The First Candidate from
Chappaqua,” John Adler, speaker. Think the past election
was rough? In 1872, cartoonist Thomas Nast harpooned
Horace Greeley, when the hapless editor – also from
Chappaqua – lost to President Grant. John Adler, a 35 year
PC resident and Nast authority and biographer, will take
you through the origins, issues, and politics of a campaign
unparalleled for pictorial vitriol. 9:30 a.m. coffee; 10 a.m.
Looking ahead
Thursday, March 16 – “The State of the Environment at
Pelican Cove,” James Beever, speaker.
Tuesday, March 21 – Pelican Cove Follies – an evening of
entertainment by PC residents, under the direction of Joanne
Wednesday, March 22 – “Selah Freedom Revisited,”
an evening of caring for the victims of sex trafcking in
Sarasota, planned by Cheryl Rudin.
Thursday, March 23 – “The Amish in Sarasota,” Dennis
Bontrager, speaker, who will present the history of the
Mennonites from the time of the Reformation. He’ll talk
about the Amish, how they started in the late 1600’s and their
beliefs, and how the two cultures/religions differ. Who are
the Mennonites in Sarasota? Dennis will share their ministry
today, in Sarasota and around the world, from the Bahia Vista
Mennonite Church.
All coffee programs are held at the Pavilion.
Ask that Question! Get that Tip!
Website Orientation
Monday, February 6
4 p.m. Harbor Club
Bring your device and follow along
Meet Your Neighbor:
Len Sable
By Donna Anderson
Len Sable can be a
man of few words. He
asks, “Why?” It is his rst
comment. Yet everyone has a
story. These are some of his.
Throughout the years,
Len has focused on
professionalism, creative
solutions and purposeful
living. He has an impressive
background in broadcasting,
serving high-volume markets nation-wide. In 1968, he served
as vice president and director of KCBQ, San Diego. The
studio, featured in Life magazine in 1958, would be home to
one of the nation’s pioneering Top 40 stations for the next
11 years. Before coming to KCBQ, Len worked as head of
midwestern operations in Chicago for Meeker Radio Inc. He
left San Diego to become general manager of WJBK, Detroit.
In fact, Len might have been to radio promotion what
Cal Worthington and his ‘dog’ Spot were to automobile
ads. Television had become ubiquitous. Sponsors feared
radio would die. “It created this vacuum, so I stepped in.”
Len managed big stations and consulted with more, nding
promotion to be fun and creative. Cases in point: an Easter Egg
Hunt at the San Diego Zoo and a halftime show for the San
Diego Chargers. There he produced a go-cart race, with carts
made by Mattel from plumbing xtures. “We had a toilet, a
bathtub, a shower, and we raced!” Len saddled up in a rodeo
for a Wichita station. Along the way, he earned the handles
Leapin’ Len, Tel Aviv Tex, and The Wandering Jew, among
others. He invited the cast from Star Trek to plug a station,
having them to his home for cocktails afterward. He knew this:
promotion works. Len’s ideas and efforts took one station from
the bottom of the ratings to number one within a year.
Len continued his career “until I got tired,” he says. “I
actually retired when, as far as I was concerned, the creative
side of broadcasting was compromised. We ended up with what
we called Suits. It was all bottom line, all money, so the whole
thing has changed. They took all the fun out of it for me.”
Life gave Len another arena to affect, however. Working
with two organizations, VOSH International (Volunteer
Optometric Services to Humanity) and I Care International,
Len and his wife Joan have served together on 17 missions to
South America, delivering used prescription glasses to people
who have none. Dr. Philip Ortiz, O.D. broached an invitation
to them at a cocktail party. Dr. Ortiz, at the time an associate
of Joan’s brother and now a close Sable family friend, asked
them to join him. Joan owned an optical shop and Len often
stopped in on his way home from the station to give her a
hand with problem frames. He was technically savvy. The
missions became a natural t.
The trips last about 10 days, one town per tour. Volunteers
set up in gymnasiums, churches, abandoned buildings, any
available space where they can arrange stacks of the 10,000
to 12,000 pairs of glasses they have collected and brought
with them. Townspeople walk miles, sometimes days, to get
free testing and tting. “The best way to describe it is, it’s like
a Mash group, like the TV show, Mash. That’s the intensity.
We start early in the morning and work straight through.”
When they go to bed at night, people are still lined up as far
as the eye can see.
Joan adds, “When you take somebody who hasn’t, who
can’t see, an old man, and you put a pair of old, aluminum
glasses with rhinestones on it, and he can see, he couldn’t
care less what he looks like.” For the rst time, mothers
clearly behold their children. Teens, who have been
ostracized because they are legally blind, scan their world.
Cottage industries prosper when people no longer work as if
by braille. Len says, “People would ask, ‘Why do you do it?’
And my answer, my stock answer was, ‘If you have to ask,
you’ll never understand.’ Because we get more out of it than
they do.”
Len and Joan have been married over 60 years. They were
set up through a friend of Len’s who was Joan’s rst cousin.
Len says, “I took her out and I stole her. That’s it.” Some
years ago, when Len’s health begin to fail, Chicago winters
became too difcult. They found Pelican Cove through an ad
in Craigslist, and rented their rst place sight unseen. They
now reside in their third condo, and are year-round residents.
Len was a member of the Photography Club. He continues
to enjoy PCU classes. And, emphatically, eating is one of his
greatest pleasures. “If it’s food, it’s food!” The Sables are
members of the season’s monthly Culinary Club, and Len
goes out with pals twice a week. One large group breakfasts
every Saturday morning, sometimes numbering 16 men. He
is also a ROMEO, one of P.C.’s Really Old Men Eating Out.
They lunch each Thursday. For Len, Pelican Cove offers
a good life. “They’ve got just about everything here. They
really do.”
*Dr. Ortiz may visit the Sables this month. For those
interested in learning more about the VOSH and I Care
missions, watch for further information.
Len Sable
Pet walkers should refrain from walking in proximity
of the rear decks or lanais of other residents.
However, unit owners may walk their pets over the
grass to and from the rear of their own units.
Board Business from page 4
Committee Doings from page 4
Program, and many other regional environmentally-oriented
organizations. The council members’ collaboration on
projects of mutual interest, sharing of information and access
to knowledge of potential funding sources is judged to be
benecial to Pelican Cove.
Modication to the Planning Committee Charter relative
to the delivery of the Annual Report
When the Planning Committee’s charter was originally
drawn it did not contemplate the various electronic means
by which annual reports can now be delivered. The existing
requirement that the report be sent by regular mail to all
owners was updated with language specifying delivery by
electronic means, and availability of printed copies at
the ofce.
As always the minutes of the Board’s meetings, and the
detailed bases and provisions of all resolutions are available
on the association’s website, or for inspection at the ofce.
these further videos are done. Board to consider this after B
& F has further discussions at next meeting and will make
recommendation accordingly.
Request for garbage enclosure at Bldg. 1531 denied due to
opposition from neighbors, according to Doug. He has names
of those opposed, if needed.
LED Lighting proposals: additional estimate coming next
month. Motion to get some sample lighting for front entry
to PC so all can see, and then at next meeting B&F will see
if there is any negative feedback before proceeding with
proposals for LED. Motion passed 5-1.
Window coverings for Pavilion: Gathering additional info
and proposals to try to present at next B&F meeting. It was
suggested that we consider eliminating draperies, adding
acoustical panels and using power roller shades for light block.
The exit doors are another factor, which is being considered
at the same time. If all comes together in time for next B&F
meeting proposals for all will be discussed at that meeting.
Communications Committee – January 9
Communications Committee will host a Renters Welcome
on January 12; approximately 60 invitations were delivered;
emphasis on the importance of renters working with their
landlord and/or property manager on needs/issues regarding
their condo will be emphasized.
Members suggested ve locations for the four new
weather proof bulletin boards. Linda will send these
recommendations on to the ofce to determine where they
can be installed.
Harbor Committee – January 4
The chair called the meeting to order at 9 a.m. The chair
recognized Frank Anderson for all of his contributions to
the Harbor Committee and to Pelican Cove. Frank recently
resigned from the Harbor Committee for medical reasons.
The ofce will contact the owner of a kayak with a storage
number on it that is sitting in a carport, verify that it is in
violation, and remind the owner about the violation. Lastly,
there is still space for an additional non-boater on the
committee. Please pass along any candidate to Dee.
Leslie Walter reports that there are 34 boat slips available,
with three open kayak racks, 12 kayakers waiting for racks,
and 10 waiting to relocate. Leslie also reports that of the four
work orders associated with the harbor placed in December,
two remain active.
John Glasscock, as the past Commodore of the PCYC,
no longer represents the Yacht Club at the meetings. The new
Commodore, John Titchener, will now be representing the
PCYC on the Harbor Committee.
Jeff Fernald, Harbor Master, reports that the copper
ladders leading from the docks to the water have been adjusted.
The owner of the boat in slip number three will be asked to
clean off the mold on the boat and the boat equipment.
The chair handed out drafts of the amended charter and the
amended Rules We Boat By. The rules and charter need to
say the same thing. Committee members were instructed to
review and bring to next meeting for discussion and approval.
The chair asked for volunteers to attend and man a table at
the Planning Committee Open Forum on Thursday, January 5.
Reports from sub-committee on the challenges facing the
harbor were tabled until a future meeting.
Planning Committee – January 3
Purpose of the meeting was to nalize the format of the
Community Forum on the Long Range Plan scheduled for
January 5.
The Committee agreed on a format of using discussion
leaders and recorders; a plan was devised to recruit additional
discussion leaders and recorders. The plan assumed
attendance as high as 200.
Kate & Bill Isles
Acoustic Folk Duo at Harbor Club
Friday, January 13 at 7:30 p.m.
By Joel Leonard
Bill & Kate Isles are an acoustic singer/songwriter duo
based in Duluth, Minnesota. Using a wide variety of musical
styles, their performances carry audiences through a broad
landscape of experiences from metaphorical worlds to
small-town family stories and zany comedy. Consummate
performers, they are known for their catchy melodies
and memorable songs, many of them original. They tour
nationally, presenting their profound songs for audiences
large and small, from house concerts to festival stages
and everything in between. Words like “Mesmerizing”
“Transcendent”, and even “Hysterical” are common
descriptions from audience reviews, and audience members
feel that they are listening to stories of their own lives, told
by two of their best friends. They have toured nationally as a
duo, full-time, since early 2007, performing 100-150 shows
per year. CDs will be available.
The Folk Music Club has invited this professional duo to
Pelican Cove and we are requesting donations at the door. The
next community singalong will take place on Sunday, January
29 at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is invited; song books are available
and the Pelican Cove String Band will be there to lead.
replacement-value coverage for our buildings and carports
with deductibles of $2,500 per occurrence, 3% per year for
hurricane damage to our buildings, and 3% per occurrence for
wind/hail damage to our carports.
As always the minutes of the Board’s meetings, and the
detailed bases and provisions of all resolutions are available
on the association’s website, or for inspection at the ofce.
Board Approves Electronic from page 1
APRIL 2015
April 2015
APRIL 2015 15
Kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Flooring (laminate, hardwood & tile),
painting, drywall repair, texturing. Finish carpentry (doors, crown molding
and base boards). Kitchen and bath cabinet installation and building.
Call AJ at 941-323-6614 or email:
CARL’S Appliance Repair. 25+ years experience. Most Major brands.
Licensed and insured. Sears factory-trained, Kenmore, G.E., Whirlpool,
L.G. Samsung, Amana, Maytag, etc. Serving Pelican Cove for over 20
years! Call Carl at 941-780-3689 with your appliance questions. website: or email: repaircarls@yahoo.
Bob Kellar, 941-966-1310. Full unit paint jobs. Carpentry, minor electrical
and plumbing, window cleaning, wallpaper removal, “rodent proong”
kitchen cabinets and any misc. repairs. 11 year Cove resident. Ref.
available. 941-966-1310.
Is your house in capable hands while you are away? With over 22 years
of experience, I go the extra mile to put your mind at ease. Many clients
in PC; References available. Contact Kathy at 941-915-3063 or email:
Snow Birds love our climate-controlled smaller locker sizes for seasonal
supplies, decorations and more. Senior Discounts. No Admin. Fees.
One year price guarantee and budget friendly. Come see the difference!
Budget Self Storage 4029 Bee Ridge Road 941-927-2919.
Certied Nurse’s Assistant or companion. I do all personal care, doctor’s
visits, medications, shopping, cooking, light cleaning. References avail-
able. My name is Maribel Abraham. Please call 941-518-6438.
Specializing in water heaters, garbage disposals, toilets, faucets. Repair
& remodeling. Licensed & insured Master Plumber (CFC1428654). For-
mer member of your maintenance staff. Your plumber at the Cove since
2010. MPC Plumbing, LLC, Mike Cummings, 941-536-5269.
24 Hour Emergency water removal; Free mold inspections – MRSR247;
all carpet, upholstery and tile/grout cleaning needs. Serving PC for over
30 years. 941-922-1615.
Shower & Bathtub walls, cleaned, regrouted, caulked, sealed; monthly
maintenance available. Free Estimates 941- 377-2940; John-Sarasota
resident since 1974.
Second-oor, very bright, end unit with spectacular view of Little Saraso-
ta Bay. All rooms have water view. Contact: Michelle Sparks at 203-249-
5032 or
BAYHOUSE Two bedroom/2 bath. Bayfront 2
oor unit overlooking
Pelican Cove rookeries and Little Sarasota Bay. Updated kitchen with
opened up walls, laminate oors, vaulted ceilings and large sliding
glassed lanai. 1,368 sq.ft. $319,900. Call Joe or Missy Cleary 941-
3BR/2.5B plus den. Direct bayfront unit with spectacular direct views of
Little Sarasota Bay...Huge kitchen, clerestory windows, balcony. Only
four of these units ever made. 2,396 sq. ft. $549,000. Call Joe or Missy
Cleary 941-650-8485
BEST LOCATION across from Pavilion; 3 Bedroom END unit; 1548 sq.ft.
Private entrance; 2
oor; View of tropical yard/oaks; Updated kitchen,
Maple cabinets, granite counters, stainless steel appliances; Cathedral
ceilings; Skylight; A/C 2011/UV system 2014; Wood laminate oors;
Freshly painted; $259,000; Call Annette Kirshner, Exit King Realty, 941-
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Benet with a Buyers Broker
28 years as a Pelican Cove Resident
50 Years Real Estate Experience
Courtesy tours of Pelican Cove provided
Call 1-941-320-2370
Tom Warmbold 941-321-8672 cell
24 hour emergency service
Meet Your Neighbor from page 11
for myself than to compromise any of that for somebody else.
I think I’m worth it.” She can see Sarasota as a permanent
home, but thinks about Ireland and Asheville, NC, too. “I
can’t live somewhere that I feel like I have to edit everything
I am, so somewhere there’s a lot of earth and progressive,
open-minded people.” For Rebecca, Rose’s poem’s last line
supports her happiness: “And the sun and the moon shone
on the art of producing, while other panelists weigh in on
contemporary challenges for the lm producer in the digital
age. It is the lm producer who plays an essential role in
securing nancing and making sure that the money dedicated
to a cinematic production is well-spent.
PC resident
Jeremy Yudkin, professor of music and
co-director of the Center for Beethoven Research at Boston
University, returns to the stage on Tuesday, March 14, 8 p.m.
in the Pavilion, to entertain us with a close-up look at The
Beatles who have been called the most iconic music group
of modern times. Pelican Covers will remember his exciting
presentation last year on Beethoven.
And the nal Pelican Program of the season features The
Odyssey Theatre, famous for its 10-minute plays. This is a
local group of playwrights who work within the constraints
of a 10 minute production. It is competitive and those plays
which are presented have been judged for quality by a
jury. Join us on Tuesday, March 28, at the Pavilion, 8 p.m.
This group was most enthusiastically received two years ago
with their presentation of several original plays.
Doors Open at 7:30 p.m. No Tickets Required.
Note: Due to the re regulations, doors will be
closed when seats are lled. $5 contribution for
the entire season of Pelican Programs.
Pelican Programs Rings from page 7
Kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Flooring (laminate, hardwood
& tile), painting, drywall repair, texturing. Finish carpentry (doors,
crown molding and base boards). Kitchen and bath cabinet
installation and building. Call AJ at (941) 323-6614 or
Bob Kellar, (941) 966-1310. Full unit paint jobs. Carpentry, minor
electrical and plumbing, window cleaning, wallpaper removal,
faucets, disposals and any misc. repairs. 13 year Cove resident.
Ref. available. Call (941) 966-1310 or
Gracie Horst, Companion/Caregiver. Providing the care and
assistance in all aspects of your daily life with attention to detail.
Starting your day dressing, cooking, shopping and transportation.
A Personal Concierge. Call (941) 586-1222 or Email:
Do you need helping hands for a loved one? I can also do light
housekeeping and meals, errands, organizing closets, trips to
appointments? Much more. Great References. Eileen Johnson
(941) 780-2086.
Is your house in capable hands while you are away? With over 24
years of experience, I go the extra mile to put your mind at ease.
Many clients in PC; References available. Contact Kathy at
(941) 915-3063 or email:
Specializing in water heaters, garbage disposals, toilets & faucets.
Repairs & remodeling. Licensed & insured Master Plumber
(CFC1428654). Former member of your maintenance staff.
Your plumber at the Cove since 2010. MPC Plumbing, LLC,
Mike Cummings, (941) 536-5269.
To view free web videos of Pelican Cove activities (Art Shows, etc.),
landscape, inexpensive restaurants - Google: justin spring soulspeak
studio. For more info: or call
(941) 306-1119.
Shower & Bathtub walls, cleaned, regrouted, caulked, sealed;
monthly maintenance available. Free Estimates (941) 377-2940;
John-Sarasota resident since 1974.
I bring the salon to your home. I do haircuts, color applications,
manicures, pedicures and facials. Reference: Tidewell Hospice –
more available. Contact Nikki Mayer at (941) 313-4695.
BAYHOUSE Two bedroom/2 bath upstairs unit completely updated
and renovated to capture full bay views. New kitchen with granite
& travertine floors, updated baths, A/C, electric panel and more.
Sliding glass enclosed lanai. $449,900
Call Joe Cleary 941-650-8485.
BAYHOUSE Three bedroom/2 bath upstairs bayfront unit with
clerestory windows for lots of natural light. Beautiful living room
built-in and glass enclosed patio. Located on a private dead end
street and is very quiet. $389,900
Call Joe Cleary 941-650-8485.
2 bedroom / 2 bath. Ideal location. Close to Harbor Club with
amenities. Turnkey, fully furnished. 2nd floor, great natural light.
Cathedral ceiling and clerestory windows. Glassed in lanai
overlooking gardens. Inside washer/dryer; extra attic storage and
outside closet. $265,000 Contact Ellen Flowers (516) 318-7868.
Paid Classified Advertising helps to defray the cost of your community newsletter. The presence of an advertisement on these pages does not
constitute an official endorsement of any product or service provider.
*Hello Neighbor*
DeLuca Realty located in the same plaza as Pub-
lix & Target. We give you the best location & ex-
posure handling the sale / rental of your pr oper-
Please visit properties that are for sale or
visit properties that are for rent
4 Sale 1629 Treehouse TR109 3 bed 3 bath.
Located Next to Wilbanks and signature pool.
FOR Sale: 1601 Bayhouse Point BA101. First floor end
unit. 3 bedroom 3 bath. Bay View. Amazing kitchen master
bath totally updated. Newer sliding doors. Available immedi-
RENTAL / ANNUAL or SEASONAL 2nd floor (1 bedroom / 1
bath) Renovated and newly furnished. Rarely available. Steps
FOR SALE: 1620 Boathouse Cir GR207 Second Floor 2
bed 2 bath. Cathedral ceilings. Close to Wilbanks $265,000
***RENTAL: 1515 Pelican Point BA283 Full bay view second floor 3 bed
2 bath, owner wants annual tenant or a winter rental, cathedral ceilings
drenched in sunlight with million dollar view, call for price & pictures
For Sale 1520 Pelican Point BA151 First floor 1 bed 1 bath. Patio
off the master bedroom and patio off the lanai with full bay view.
Bonus to this sale: 33’ Choy Lee sailboat, call for price!
kitchen and appliances, freshly painted, new electrical panel
and HVAC system, easy to show and move in ready. $280,800
For Rent: ANNUAL 1606 Brookhouse Ct. 2 BED 2 BATH
4 SALE 1629 Pelican Cove BA236 Located next to Wilbanks
and just afew steps to the Pavilion, 3 bed 2 bath. Fantastic
View. Condo will be sold furnished. Easy to show $349,800.00
2018 SEASON: 1526 Pelican Point BA243 2nd floor, Chair
lift a to Wilbanks pool. 2 bed 2 bath. Bay view.
For Sale: 1518 Pelican Point BA249. Second floor end unit full bay
view, 2 bedroom 2 bathrooms. Updated ever ything!!! Fir st class
renovationsCondo is drenched in sunlightEasy to show call
for more information
2017 Currently 10 condos 4 sale & 6 condos pending to close 0 have
sold year to date. POSTED 1-20-17 Per mls 30 units sold 2017
DeLuca Realty your Pelican Cove Expert!!!
Anthony DeLuca
FOR RENT-Seasonal 1 Bed / 1 bath First floor Seasonal
2018 rental. Updated w/ brand new furnishings. Call now
APRIL 2015
APRIL 2015 13
*Hello Neighbor*
DeLuca Realty located in the same plaza as
Publix & Target. We give you the best location &
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Please visit properties that are for sale or visit properties that are for rent
4 Sale– 1629 Treehouse TR109 3 bed 3 bath.
Located Next to Wilbanks & just steps away
FOR Sale: 1601 Bayhouse Point BA101. First end unit. 3
bedroom 3 bath. Bay View. Amazing kitchen master bath
totally updated. Newer sliding doors. SOLD $529,000.00
RENTAL / ANNUAL GL 445 (1 bedroom / 1 bath) Renovated
and newly furnished. Rarely available. Steps to pool. Ready
FOR SALE: 1620 Boathouse Cir GR207 Second Floor 2 bed
2 bath. Cathedral ceilings, close to Wilbanks and Harbor
***RENTAL: 1511 Pelican Point Full bay view second floor 2 bed 2 bath
furnished, owner wants annual lease, cathedral ceilings drenched in sun-
light with million dollar view, call for price and pictures.
***Winter rental for 2018 Season. Owner wants 4 months. 3
bedroom 2 bath with great bay view. 2nd floor renovated and new
furnishings. 1615 Bayhouse Ct . Call for price and pictures!!!
kitchen and appliances, freshly painted, new electrical panel
and HVAC system, easy to show and move in ready. $275,000
For Sale: 788 Sarabay Road. Unit 20 Osprey FL. 2 bedroom 2
bathroom, boat slips bay view, close to pool. Easy to show.
New tile floor, I car garage, Listed at $325,000.00
4 SALE 1611 Clower Creek HA236 END UNIT Ex-
panded large oversized 3 bed 2 bath, over looks yacht
basin, huge deck off the kitchen family room, Call ME!
Siesta Key Rental for this season 2 bed 2 bath Gulf of Mexico
view, updated steps to pool and Siesta Village, Call Now!!!
For Sale: 1518 Pelican Point BA249. Second floor end unit full
bay view, 2 bedroom 2 bathrooms. Updated everything!!! First
class renovations… Condo is drenched in sunlight… Easy to show
call for pictures or your private tour! Next to Wilbanks
2016 Currently 9 properties for sale & 2 condo’s pending to close 27
have sold year to date. POSTED 12-21-16 PER MLS
DeLuca Realty your Pelican Cove Expert!!!
Anthony DeLuca
FOR RENT/ANNUAL 1 Bed / 1 bath 2nd floor Furnished.
Seasonal 2017 rental. Next to Glenhouse pool.
You can find the Market Value
of your home for FREE at
* Go to for terms and conditions
“We’ll sell your condo in 90 days
or we don’t take a commission!*
Bob & Colleen Gibson
Sales Associates, Realtors
Bob & Colleen Gibson
Sales Associates, Realtors
Bob & Colleen Gibson
Condos are selling FAST in Pelican Cove.
We need your listing!
Pelican Cove Residents
Find the Market Value of
your home for
Judy Limekiller
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
941.374.4802 direct
Come to visit my office at
8181 S. Tamiami Trail (right near Hobby Lobby)
*Resident Realtor & Pelican Cove Owner
for the past 19 years*
Delivering all of your Real Estate Needs. Delivering the Results.
1503 Clower Creek #259 List Price: $425,000
For Sale: One Bedroom Ground floor on the bay
available...please call for details
1503 Clower Creek #259 List Price: $425,000
15JANUARY 2017
APRIL 2015
When An Accident or Illness
Brings You Down, We Help You Up
We’ll help you gain the strength, mobility and
independence you want so you can return to the
activities you enjoy! Our skilled nursing and therapy sta
provides services for:
Friendly sta, homey atmosphere, beautiful setting.
Cardiopulmonary care
Wound care
Dysphasia Management
Orthopedic recovery
Stroke rehabilitation
ical conditions
Call or visit today!
3280 Lake Pointe Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34231
*Hello Neighbor*
DeLuca Realty located in the same plaza as
Publix & Target. We give you the best location &
exposure handling the sale / rental of your property.
Please visit properties that are for sale or visit properties that are for rent
FOR RENT 2016 SEASON 1615 Bayhouse Court BA215 Second floor 3
bedroom 2 bath. Full bay view. Condo currently renovated. Call Now
RENTAL offseason 1621 Boathouse Cir HA221 second floor 2
bedroom 2 bath Harbor View, lots of natural light...furnished
Rental Annual Furnished 1603 Bayhouse Point Dr BA210 Bay
view 2 story unit. Three bedroom three bath Furnished. Available
May 2015. Perfect setting easy to show!!! Call today!!!
1531 Clower Creek HA245
Second floor
3 bed 3 bath. 1 of 12 floor plans
4 SALE 1520 Pelican Point BA154 First floor 2 bed 2
bath. Full Bay View. NEXT TO WILBANKS HOUSE.
For Sale: 1709 Pelican Cove RD GL345. *First Floor End Unit*
One bedroom One Bath next to Glenhouse pool and steps to Pavil-
lion. ***ASKING*** at $129,800.00
4 sale 209 Lychee Rd Nokomis Florida 34275. This is a resi-
dential home on a canal with boat lift plus pool & outdoor
kitchen, 3 bed 2 bath split plan, built in 1997 updated every-
thing. This is what u want in your FL home! Asking $629800
For Sale 1520 Pelican Point Dr BA155 First floor 1 bed 1 bath
furnished bay view, condo rented for the season asking $235K
FOR RENT * Annual *1709 Pelican Cove GL445 One bed One bath
for rent furnished $1375.00. Use the back entrance to fall in the Glen-
house Pool. Great location ready mid April. CALL NOW!
Thinking of buying! CALL ME for tour of the different floor plans
Pelican Cove has to offer…I will find your location & floor plan.
FOR RENT *ANNUAL LEASE ONLY* This April 1st 2015,
1680 Brookhouse Cir BR208. Second floor end unit TURNKEY
Furnished. Updated one bedroom one bath. Across form Brook-
house pool. ***Easy to show call me today***
2015 Currently 3 Properties for sale & 8 condos pending to close
and 7 have sold year to date... POSTED 3-20-15... times r a changing
DeLuca Realty your Pelican Cove Expert!!!
Anthony DeLuca
788 Sarabay Rd Unit 20 Villa / Condo Located in Osprey, 2 bed 2 bath
vaulted ceilings with one car garage...view of fountain and intracoastal,
boats slips available, community pool and tennis court $295.000.00
The Springs
at Lake Pointe Woods
Skilled Nursing
Therapy (Physical, Occupational & Speech)
Short & Long Term Care
Come as a patient leave as a friend!
3280 Lake Pointe Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34231
You can find the Market Value
of your home for FREE at
* Go to for terms and conditions
“We’ll sell your condo in 90 days
or we don’t take a commission!*
Bob & Colleen Gibson
Sales Associates, Realtors
1620 Boathouse Circle GR#203
Bob & Colleen Gibson
Sales Associates, Realtors
Bob & Colleen Gibson
Judy Limekiller
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
941.374.4802 direct
Come to visit my office at
8181 S. Tamiami Trail (right near Hobby Lobby)
*Resident Realtor & Pelican Cove Owner
for the past 19 years*
Delivering all of your Real Estate Needs. Delivering the Results.
1503 Clower Creek #259 List Price: $425,000
For Sale: One Bedroom Ground floor on the bay
available...please call for details
ART CLUB: Classes, workshops, lectures and lms. Annual
Membership. Info: Joan Libby Hawk (941) 218-6452.
ART STUDIO: Wilbanks Art Studio by key. Membership $10
yearly. Info: Phyllis Camesano (716) 352-6163.
BALLROOM & ETHNIC DANCE: Instruction on ballroom and
ethnic dancing. Info: Vicky Geskos (617) 721-3443.
BIKE GROUP: Meets Nov-Apr. Organized bike rides outside
of Pelican Cove. Info: Bernie Lofchie (781) 925-4722 or
CINEMA CLUB: Meets monthly, Nov–Apr, Friday, 7:30 p.m.
Pavilion, Info: Pat Klugherz (941) 918-0532.
COFFEE PROGRAM: Meets monthly, Dec–Mar, Thursday,
9:30 a.m. Info: Janet Hasselbring (616) 402-0961.
CULINARY CLUB: Meets for Thematic Dinners. Dec–Apr.
First Saturday each month. Info: Helene Crawford (941)
DUPLICATE BRIDGE: Meets Jan–Mar; Wednesday, 7 p.m.,
Harbor Club. Info: Arline Neufeld at
EXERCISE TO GO: Meets Jan–Mar, Monday and
Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., Info: Rita Breen (941) 966-1485.
FIBER ARTS GROUP: Meets at 1:30 p.m., 1st and 3rd
Monday each month at Wilbanks. Nov–Apr. Info: Erlinda
Rejino (518) 728-5129.
FISHING CLUB: Meets monthly. Info: George Lindenfeld
(828) 335-1300.
FOLK MUSIC CLUB: Meets monthly, Dec–Mar, Harbor Club.
Info: Joel Leonard (941) 882-3093.
GET FIT: Meets every Wednesday at Harbor Club,
10:45 a.m. Info: Leanne Platfoot (239) 481-1311.
JAZZ GROUP: Meets Jan-Mar, Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Pavilion,
Info: Bobby Barnhart (941) 966-1352.
KAYAK/CANOE CLUB: Organized outings on the water.
Info: Terry McCormick (518) 339-2893.
LADIES’ WATER EXERCISE: Meets every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday, 10 a.m., Pavilion Pool. Info: Sony
Krajcovic (941) 966-8535.
LIBRARY: Pelican Pavilion – Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.,
Books, tapes, DVDs, games, puzzles; for use by all residents.
LINE DANCE: Meets Oct–Apr, Thursday, 3:00 p.m. Pavilion;
Info: Judy Rabkin (941) 451-8238.
NEIGHBOR TO NEIGHBOR: Need help? Info: Janet
Hemond (941) 966-3553.
OPEN POKER: Meets Jan-Mar, Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Harbor
Club. Info: Janet Hemond (941) 966-3553.
PARTY BRIDGE: Meets every Tuesday, 7 p.m., Wilbanks.
Info: Warren Lappin (941) 266-5513 or John Titchener
(941) 894-7912.
PELICAN COVE UNIVERSITY: Classes held at various
recreational facilities. Info: Ben and Elizabeth Forsyth
(941) 244-8331.
PELICAN PROGRAMS: Meets monthly, Jan–Mar. Info: Felice
Perlmutter (941) 966-5880 or Libby Ross (845) 245-8330.
PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB: Meets Jan–Mar, Friday, 9:30 a.m.,
Harbor Club (Members Only Labs meet Thursday, 3:15 p.m.
Wilbanks) Info: Susan Smith (941) 966-5797.
PING PONG: Meets Dec–Mar in Pavilion. Info: Penny Rubin
(518) 466-4445.
POETRY GROUP: Meets Dec–May, every two weeks. Info:
Barbara Keller (317) 691-3585 or Peter Bergas
(941) 966-3245.
SCULPTURE CLUB: Coordinator: Doug Barton
(941) 918-4773.
SOCIAL CLUB: Membership open to all residents. $15 per
person per year. Info: Beth Duggan: (941) 350-6111.
TAI CHI: Meets Jan–Mar, Wednesday, 1 p.m., Harbor Club.
Info: Jane Freund (412) 877-5181.
TAP DANCING: Meets Jan–Mar, Thursday, 2 p.m., Pavilion.
Info: Dixie Mahan (941) 918-4437.
TENNIS CLUB: Meets Dec-Apr. Info: Beth Duggan
(941) 350-6111.
WATER AEROBICS CLASSES: For men and women,
Monday and Thursday, 4 p.m., Pavilion Pool. Info: Colleen
Gibson (941) 961-9088.
WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP: Meets Jan–Mar, Tuesday,
9 a.m., Wilbanks. Info: Barbara Jost (941) 966-7544.
WRITERS GROUP: Discussions and readings from
published authors of Pelican Cove. Info: Janet Hasselbring
(616) 402-0961.
WOODWORKING: Daily 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. by key. $15 yearly
+ $25 initiation fee. Pres. Jeff Fernald: (941) 966-8824;
V.P. Ed Yellin: (941) 966-0168.
YACHT CLUB: Scheduled rendezvous. $20 annually, plus
$10 initiation fee. Info: John Titchener (941) 894-7912.
YOGA: Meets Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. Chair Yoga
meets Tuesdays and Fridays. 9:30 a.m., both in the Harbor
Club. Info: Lore Kaplan at (413) 441-2947 or Caryl Halle-
Cantor (216) 403-4497.
1615 Pelican Point Drive
Sarasota, Florida 34231
First Class Presort
U.S. Postage
Manasota, FL
Permit 133