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Geography is the field of study of physical features of the earth, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution and population of resources, land use, and industries. Our world is broken up into seven big regions based off of the placement and politics of the different continents. There is only one location wherein two of the large regions occupy the same continent. This continent is the center-most one with regions Pervinche and Concord. The other big regions are PB&J, La Cloche, Tripolar, Hruska, and Florin. The bodies of water are broken up as follows: west of Hruska is The Pond, west of Florin is Humperdink Ocean, West of Pervinche is the Vale Ocean, South of Concord is Pecus Ocean, in the gulf of Concord and Pervinche is the Concordian Sea, southwest of La Cloche is Reina Mer, and south of PB+J is the FAB Ocean. Pervinche is broken into the Reina Mer, and south of PB+J is the FAB Ocean.

Since the continents found their current locations after the splitting of the Earth’s one original land mass, smaller regions have formed. Many of these regions came about based on climate differences and cultural differences. However, later on, political regimes have changed the boundaries of some of the smaller regions as well. The way our world has developed state boundaries is quite similar to the way that boundaries have developed in the real world. In the real world, first, regions were separated primarily by geographic boundaries i.e. bodies of water and mountains. Then after this geographic formation of boundaries, different religions and cultures began to further create and form boundaries that developed into political boundaries. This specifically is much the same as the way boundaries have developed in PB+J. For reference, below is a description of which regions lie within each continent.



  • Ice Cream Sandwich

  • South BLT


  • West Coast

  • Northern Lands

  • Wild Lands

  • Dry Lands

  • Wet Lands

  • Far Point

  • Coast Coast


  • Central Florin

  • Desert

  • Klain

  • West Florin

  • Old Florin


  • L’Noca

  • Viribena

  • Koiler

  • Lafayette


  • Flacord

  • Farlord

  • Norcord

La Cloche:

  • Cloux

  • Avec

  • Bete

  • Mayenne

  • Dax


  • North Desert

  • West Marshes

  • Far Arctic

  • Central Plairs

  • Southern Coast

  • Eastern Jungles