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research report about snapping turtles

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Imagain that you are a fish swimming through a pond an....BAM you get stuck by the bone crushing jaws of the snapping turtle you try to swimm away but the snapping turtle dose not backdown read on to learn more about the 2 different typs of snapping turtles and what they eat and a lot more.

 Amazing Snapping Turtles



these are some featchers on the common snapping turtle

The common snapping turtle is a larg fresh water turtle and one of the other two snapping turtles. snapping turtles are noc-turnule and spend most of there time underwater that means that they are aquadic turtles, that dose not mean they breath water like fish, it means that they bairly come up on to land and bask on the sun.Also they stay at the bottom of creeks lakes and rivers. there dark skin and mossy shell helps them blend in with there environment so they dont get eaten by predators like humans and why they are so endangered is beause of..... HUMANS!!!!! . humans are the #1 thret to scommon snapping turtles

Common snapping turtles

Common Snapping turtles

The Alligator snapping turtle is a larg freashwater turtle the alligator snapping turtle is given its name because its extreamly powerfull jaws and long spring like neck aswell its distinked ridges on its carapice/shell  and the skin like the alligator. the scientific name for the alligator snapping turtle is macrochelys temminckii. there diet is carnavors and the group name is bale dole and they live between 20-70 years. They whey up to 100 pounds and some people say that there is a 425 pound alligator snapping turtle but thats a myth.

Alligator Snapping Turtle

this is coyote peterson he caught a 100 pound alligator snapping turtle!!!

Snapping turtles have a large diet of plants, incects, spidors, worms, frogs, small baby turtles, birds, crayfish, and small mamals

This is a baby snapping turtle eating a gold fish  

There Diet

Hatching takes between 80-90 days. But the hatching days depend on the temperature and other inviermental condishions . When the young hatch they dig out of the nest in convenyenty

Hatching Facts

There Habitat

Snapping turtles are almost underwater. they inhabit almost permanent or semipermanent body of water including marshes ,creeks,swamps, bogs ,pools ,lakes and rivers.snapping turtles can live in freash water mixed with salt water that is called brakishwater