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Nijaayla Patrick(Jay)

Ms. Armstrong

Due: 11/30/17 (best day)

English II


    The Samoan culture has many customs and traditions. Samoan males having the traditional tattoo is a custom of Samoan culture; Samoan males receive their traditional tattoo within the ages of 14-18. Samoans have two calescent meals per day, including an umu, an afternoon meal prepared by men. Samoan families invites visitors into their home, feed them, and give them water. A Samoan Chief’s pillow is made of wood to uphold the belief that it helps their strength and their height while they’re sleeping. Since the Samoan culture has many unique traditions, their traditions are important to their culture (“Samoa-The Heart of Polynesia”).


   The Samoan culture is full of splendid and unique foods that makes them special. An umu is prepared with hot stones and is also made by men to cook for feasts. Samoa has various plantations in which bananas, vegetables, and tropical fruits are grown; fruits are picked the following day the dishes are prepared. Various types of fish are captured each forenoon and catered for supper. Their food is known for the use of coconuts, milk and cream. Kava is a drink consisting of a grounded pepper plant and freshwater; it has calming elements. Niu is also a drink made of unripened coconut milk. When cooking, there are no oils used. Banana leaves and newly-made coconut cream covered fish flowed upon meat are roasted and fruits and vegetables are inserted into the spaces within the tender meat. There’s also octopus soaking in coconuts, cream. Since Samoa has special foods that every country doesn’t have, their food is unique and important to their culture (“Cuisine and Food of Samoa”)(“Samoa Food & Drinks”).


   The language of Samoa is very

unique and unlike others. The

legitimate dialect for Samoa

is Samoan, and also English, in

both the Western and American 

Samoa. It’s spoken in daily life.

In the Samoan language, there 

are no inflections. In Samoan, 

there are few sounds that 

differentiate between words, 

many of vowels, and few consonants. In Samoan, there aren’t any changes in the language, but there is a great alteration between the dialect used to speak to chiefs or other important figures. The subject of the sentence is at the beginning of a sentence. The order for a sentence is: verb, subject, object. Since Samoan is the language of Samoa and it’s different than other world languages, their language is important to their culture (Thompson).


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