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Human Rights Violations in Bangladesh

  • Torture used in Bangladesh regardless of Gov't
  • Carried out by army, police, and armed groups associated with political parties
  • Torture methods include hitting with metal rods, hot water, pushing needles under nails, crushing fingers with pliers, rape, and mental torture
  • Targets are often poor, uneducated, religious activists, or political opponents


  • Bloggers, journalists, and others showing feelings not in line with the governments are suppressed in Bangladesh
  • Come under attack by extremist groups, police, and military
  • Attacks include enforced dissappearances, killings, and arbitrary arrests
  • Offenses include writing bad of government officials, policies, or showing radical political beliefs

Freedom of expression

  • Police stop religious groups from holding religious conventions
  • Reports of attacks on members of minority groups
  • Recently, the country has been moving towards less discrimination