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PASS Survey 2015-16

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PASS Survey
SCHOOL YEAR 2015 - 2016
What is PASS?
The success of young people’s educational experience is heavily determined by the
attitudes that they bring to their learning, their sense of aspiration and the feelings
they have about their place in the broader social context of the school. The PASS
diagnostic is a powerful, multi-factorial measure of students’ attitudes to school,
learning and success. Its robust nature enables the data it yields to be used as a
means of establishing baselines and to support effective planning, implementation
and evaluation of interventions at individual, group and whole school levels.
PASS Survey at Cansfield
During the period of October 12th 16th 2015 students at Cansfield completed a
whole school survey where valuable feedback was gathered as to students’
perceptions of their school experience.
In total 903 students completed the survey and listed are the ‘headline’ results. As a
school we will be using the student feedback to ensure we respond effectively to any
concerns/issues raised. We are proud to receive such positive feedback but remain
focused on improving all experiences and outcomes for students at Cansfield.