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Reese Howell


        In 2006 Doctor Thomas S. Kaplan founded Panthera and today serves as head chairman of the board. Dr. Kaplan originally started the relief fund due the overal population decline in big cats over the past 100 years due to hunting and habitat destruction. Dr. Kaplan has stated that big cats occupy over 33% of the world's terrestrial surface and need to be saved. Dr. Kaplan also shares an emotional attachment to these cats and has stated that he feels it's his duty to protect these beautiful creatures 


         According to Panthera their mission is to "to ensure a future for wild cats and the vast landscapes on which they depend." Panthera wants to ensure the protection of threatened cats across the planet and also ensure the sustainablity of their enviroment and sources of food. Panthera looks to partner with local commuintes to large governments and even citizens to help these animals. Panthera stands above other organizations, due to it being the onle agency solely devoted to wild cats.

           Panthera primarily focuses on big game cats to ensure all of thier survivals, however some species get more attention that others due to different titles given to the cats or animals in general that are in the greatest dangers. From Endangered to near threatened all cats still receive care to ensure their survival. The tiger is the primary focus of Panthera due to it being endangered and on the edge of extinction. Tigers are becoming more and more rare these days and Pantera has made it their goal to save these animals. Panthera also works to save the enviroments of these animals to ensure their future survival.


           In recent years Pantherea has become the leading organization on the conservation of large cats and has become very successful in their actions and research. The organization has been featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, and even had a segment on 60 Minutes. With Panthera's actions many previously endangered species have been taken out of this category due to a rise in population and this is only the beginning for Panthera due to this year only being it's 10th year in existence. Panthera and big cats seem to have a promising future ahead of them do to people taking interest and helping fund the saving of these animals.