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Paint the city

by Lauren Davis


Art is beautiful, and people don't appreciate it. Paint the city is an idea, one that everyone can enjoy. It's fun, beautiful and creative. When art is involved people bring out their creative side. And it's one thing everyone has in common. Everyone can do it, it's everywhere in the painting from a blind person to the finest drawing. Art is universal, world wide, no matter the media, no matter what it's for, no matter its quality art is art and art is beautiful. Everyone is an artist. With the money we would raise we would use it to build the buildings, the businesses, keep people off the streets, and keep scientific research up to date. we could do endless things with the money we would raise. We could raise this money by having an entrance fee or a certain amount to paint. We could advertise for this idea we have by making post cards, and I also belive that someone would pay for their art/paint company to be advertised.





 While alot of other companies want to present their ideas to the world only one will be approved. with this project many people would come world wide, move in, visit, and when they do there will be more people to buy more stuff, to visit springfield. that would then benefit the building companies because they would need to make more houses which could then be spent on buying objects, people could buy cars, food, and nessesities for their life. in return that money would go to the owners and workers of those stores. that would get money to everyone and get it circulating around. with more houses and buildings, springfield would grow in size as well as population.  My concern is that the cost would be large, for all the paint and people would rush to come here to make their mark then people would stop coming because the art would just kinda crowd and trash springfield.  I would like everyone to be able to do their own art but people would abuse their privileges and over do it or make it inappropriate. to avoid that there would be a person where people could paint and be supervised. now the streets would still be painted and every one has the chance. the art would be bright and inviting and hopefully not very dark. artists everywhere would be invited to paint for free. when there is alot of attractions and activities that are family friendly to go to this could be a holiday attraction. there could be summer art programs and after school programs. if this were to happen springfield could become the art capital of america. when there is a project like this there would be donations. we could take donations of art, paint, and money. anything that would bring us closer to our goal. We would keep springfield green and have plants and trees that are not cut down. in a way  we are keeping springfeild green and open to everyone.  When People go somewhere they most likely want to do something fun or interactive. When People think of art they think of possibility and ideas along with an opportunity to do something that may benefit you later. there are countless things you can do by just picking up a brush.