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Sign Up Now! Limited Number of Trips Available!

Price: Seniors and Veterans: $50, Children(2-12): $60, Adults: $75 (per day; per person)

Trip Length: Trips available from one to five days

Call: 303-849-2184 for more booking info

Join Us! The Trip of a Lifetime!

-2050 Air Tubing-


"It was worth every penny I spent. My whole family loved it!" -Shelly

"This was such an amazing and thrilling experience. I would definitely love to do it again!" -Mark

"The staff was so welcoming and everything was explained so well! This was better than any amusement park out there!" -Mary

What You Journey Will Consist Of:
1. Many slides, tunnels, and other thrilling attractions. Everything will be done on a tube, and a tour guide will always be present.

2. If you are planning a multi-day trip, an extra $100 fee will be charged daily for housing and food along the way.

3. A longer trip will take you more in-depth and more attractions will be seen along the way.

4. One of our suits must be worn at all times to avoid anything getting tangled from the constant blow of air

5. Our constant flow of air throughout the park will carry you through all of your attractions, and make the experience much more enjoyable.

How to Book a Trip:

1. Decide how long you would like your trip to be

2. Decide how many people are coming on your trip

3. Decide the date you would like to take your trip

4. Finally, call us or visit online at to make your trip official

A Message From the Founders: Our main goal is your enjoyment of the trip and that no one is harmed during this process. Please listen to the important presentation before you begin your journey, or your risk of injury becomes much higher. As the founders of this new technology, we also ask that you keep everything as clean as possible and refrain from bringing any outside items into our park. Enjoy your trip with us!


- Denver, Colorado

-Las Vegas, Nevada

-Phoneix, Arizona

-San Fransico, California

-New Orleans, Louisiana



 What exactly is air tubing?

Air tubing, in a nutshell, is basically a combination of water rafting and an amusement park. Many different attractions are available, but a constant flow of air is what is keeping you up. At times, this air can be violent, creating the thrill factor of many of out rides.

Is this trip family friendly?

Yes, overall this trip is good for children over the age of 5 just so they can follow directions. Babies can be brought, but it is not recommended.

How safe is this trip?

So long as you follow all of the directions and listen to your tour guide, this trip is safe. Your tour guide is there to help!

What are the benefits of a longer trip?

The longer the trip, the more attractions you will get to see within each section. If you only select our day trip, you will visit each section, but not in as much depth as you would during a longer trip.