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Oona Casalegno
Packaging Passionist
IDEA: Concept design of sales packages including
structures, materials and artworks especially for
export net sales. The work included also concept idea
of nectar package, retail package, single shipping unit
and pallet calculation plans.
BENEFITS: Design was contributed supporting
consumer study results from UK to fulfill the local
needs and wants. Digital printing possibilities can
support the idea of building a community of butterfly
lovers. On demand supply minimizes warehousing and
is adjustable for changes in sales.
METHOD: Tight collaboration with a start up company,
mock up maker and supplier. Sharing connections and
bringing people together to build new futures. Strong
consultancy approach helping a start up company
towards a successful breakthrough. Free lance work.
OUTCOME: A fresh and distinct packaging for a unique
prize winning product and start up. Noticed
worldwide. Mass production started in 2017
Packaging exhibited in several events in Finland and
Belightful butterfly oasis
PACKAGING CONCEPT for butterfly feeder
Packaging Passionist
Fiskars Sensei knives
IDEA: Redesign two packaging sizes for an existing
knife series. The carton packaging should fit for
various retail environments.
BENEFITS: The structure is more premium without
increasing the prize. The structure enables efficient
logistics as the hanging flap can be folded.
METHOD: Re-challenging the brief. Cut & glue
sampling, hand made and industrial mock ups. Using
external to make the final drawings.
OUTCOME: Redesigned packaging that can be used in
two different ways. Hanging flap hidden inside during
transportation and if in more premium retail
environment. The packaging can be also placed
hanging in the peaks if a retailer wants so. Designed in
2016-2017 and omåplemented for mass production.
Packaging Passionist
IDEA: Create a packaging concept for wrapped
chocolates for year-round casual gift giving situations.
The package is expected to delight and surprise,
convey quality but be casual enough for modest
BENEFITS: Boost gifting culture in Finland
METHOD: Tight collaboration with a cross functional
student team. Collaboration with Fazer confectionary
packaging team. My task was structural design and
consulting the artworks in the student team.
Challenging the thinking and processes how to pack
chocolates in Fazer packing line.
OUTCOME: A unique one-piece structure utilizing
double-sided printing and an unorthodox telescopic
opening mechanism. When pulling upwards the top
slides open like a camera shutter and previously
hidden graphic patterns are revealed on the sides of
the package.
Packaging exhibited in PACK-AGE gala in Espoo in
2015. Available at
Student Team: Petriina Piuhola, Heli Juuti, Oona
Casalegno, Rodrigo Prieto Padila, Anu Penttinen and
Janika Haataja
Karl Fazer
Packaging Passionist
Arabia plates 140year anniversary
IDEA: Design a gift packaging for 8 different plates that
promote the anniversary year of making ceramic
plates in Arabia factory in Finland. Inspiration of the
packaging came from Japanese origami. Using Finnish
packaging supplier and material.
BENEFITS: Attract consumers to buy a collection
where all plates are different and buy products made
in Arabia factory. Informing consumers about the
story of women in Arabia factory.
METHOD: Studying origami paper folding and
industrial origami possibilities. Cut & glue sampling,
hand made and industrial mock ups. Tight
collaboration with supplier and Arabia factory.
OUTCOME: A unique structural industrial origami
packaging set. The package was a success and sold out
in the first few weeks. Arabia increased the sales plans
of the products as well as the packaging significantly.
Published in PyrollPlus1-2013 magazine and in
Exhibited in Fiskars Home showroom in 2013.
Packaging Passionist
Angry Birds sleeve
IDEA: New packaging idea that would show as much
mug prints as possible but have plenty of space for
story telling and brand needs. Very tight time schedule
and big volumes.
BENEFITS: Less packaging materials than in a box.
Better product visibility in the shops, product as a
hero. Piling possibility in stores. Support and
protection in the transportation package.
METHOD: Cut & glue sampling, industrial mock ups.
Close collaboration with mock up maker, internal
Licenced business team, supplier and packing factory.
OUTCOME: New idea for packing mugs. Design
protection filed. Released and exhibited widely in
2013 for example in Stockman department shop
window and Fiskars Home showroom. Implemented
for mass production in 2013.
Packaging Passionist
Arabia memories collection
2 wooden boxes
IDEA: Design a gift packaging for a variable collection
of ceramic items that promote the history of
craftsmanship in Arabia Factory, Helsinki.
BENEFITS: Package becomes also an item to keep.
METHOD: Studying techniques for making wooden
boxes economically. 3D designs with Solidworks 2013.
Testing different stain and stamp colours and marking
methods. Tight collaboration with box and stamp
supplier and Arabia factory.
OUTCOME: 2 sizes of pine boxes made in Finland with
woodchip filling. Challenging prize target of the boxes
Exhibited in Stockman Argos hall in Helsinki 7.5.-26.5
2013 and in Iittala Outlet shop in Helsinki.
Packaging Passionist
B2B packages
IDEA: Design collection of 6 packaging structures for
variable products. To support Fiskars Home B2B and
brands increasing the sales.
BENEFITS: Able to pack all the best sellers in generic
packages that can be tailored with inside fillings to the
products in question.
METHOD: Cut & glue sampling, fitting tests, industrial
mock ups. Tight collaboration with a supplier and
global B2B team.
OUTCOME: A collection to a real need that
remarkably helps B2B increasing the sales. Published
in Fiskars Home B2B magazine since 2011.
Packaging Passionist
Campaign package
PACKAGING for Arabia and Hackman
IDEA: Design campaign packaging structure for
internal corporation co-branding need.
BENEFITS: Two piece low cost packaging structure,
with Hackman Moomin spoon and Arabia Moomin
mug equally as heroes presented inside the box.
METHOD: Cut & glue sampling, industrial mock ups.
OUTCOME: Limited edition for 2012, packaging in
important role during the marketing campaign.
Packaging was widely published in Finnish media
among the products. The structure was used also in
similar campaigns later.
Packaging Passionist
Retail store packages
IDEA: Design a new collection of package structures
to be sold in Iittala stores.
BENEFITS: One piece packaging structure, easier and
faster to pack, better structural design and material
usage than before.
METHOD: Cut & glue sampling, industrial mock ups.
OUTCOME: Mass produced since 2010 replacing the
old packages. Shown in Iittala Store shop windows e.g.
In Kamppi in 2010. Seasonal artworks was designed
and selected by the brand. The lid was redesigned in
2012 to cut the costs.
Packaging Passionist
Vitriini Package
IDEA: Redesign old Vitriini package structures and
BENEFITS: Less packaging parts and materials, easier
and faster to pack, better structural design and
material usage. Better product visibility in the shops.
METHOD: Cut & glue sampling, industrial mock ups.
Close collaboration with the suppliers.
OUTCOME: Mass produced since the beginning of
2011. Remarkable cost savings compared to the old
package without harming the previous look and feel.
Fine tuned in 2012 do to supplier and material change.
Packaging Passionist
Marketing material
(Espoonlahti Greens)
IDEA: Design a general leaflet about local Greens for
2010 onwards and other give away and info leaflets
including campaign leaflets for a candidate of
parliament elections in 2011
BENEFITS: Low cost leaflets and print outs that could
be printed in press or copy machine
METHOD: Voluntary work using Photoshop and
OUTCOME: Different kind of artworks ready for
Packaging Passionist
Smart Package
IDEA: Global collection of scalable sizes with the same
opening experience. Phone as a hero.
BENEFITS: More style to mass market packaging.
Emotional consumer attraction and surprise. One
material only: corrugated board. Smaller packages
and efficient logistics.
METHOD: Cut & glue sampling, industrial mock ups
and test runs at packaging suppliers and at Nokia
factories. Global pallet calculations.
OUTCOME: Globally mass produced as a main
packaging concept for lifestyle products in Nokia 2008-
TEAM: Mika Mattila (E-series) & Oona Casalegno
PUBLISHED: Story in Design week magazine
2.10.2008, Box matches, by Paul Gander.
Packaging Passionist
Premium Package
IDEA: Facelift of old Nokia Premium package.
BENEFITS: Remarkable cost reduction do to material
use and logistics. Continuing old Premium packaging
look and feel. Focus on design DNA, polished
structural details and functionality.
METHOD: Cut & glue sampling, industrial mock ups
and test runs at packaging suppliers and at Nokia
factories. Pallet calculations.
TEAM: Collaboration with multidisciplinary internal
clients and suppliers. Inner part technical drawing and
modelling (CATIA) with Juhani Laiho.
OUTCOME: New premium packaging with CD folder,
carton sleeve and PS inner parts. Concept piloted in
South Korea. Mass produced as a main packaging
concept for premium products in 2007-2008
Packaging Passionist
Metal box
IDEA: Rigid box for limited amount of mass production
for Nokia 7380.
BENEFITS: High tier package standing out from Coco
L’Amour collection with relatively low cost. First time
using steel sales package in Nokia.
METHOD: Tight collaboration with packaging
suppliers. Paper pulp inner part designed using CATIA.
Sketching, cut and glue sampling, industrial mock ups
and test runs at suppliers and at Nokia factory. Pallet
calculations and plan.
TEAM: Collaboration with multidisciplinary internal
clients and suppliers. Inner part design using CATIA.
OUTCOME: New type of packaging for Nokia. Concept
piloted and produced for European markets as limited
edition only (100 000pcs).
PUBLISHED: Naisen muoto exhibition in Helsinki
Design Forum 22.2. -30.4.2006 as part of Nokia Coco
L’Amour collection.
Packaging Passionist
IDEA: Using compostable bio plastic material as inner
part instead of common plastic or paper pulp. Nokia
7610 as a pilot.
BENEFITS: First time ever on the market with
compostable mobile phone package inner part.
METHOD: Collaboration with scientists, internal clients
and suppliers. Industrial mock ups and test runs at
suppliers and at Nokia factories and test laboratory.
TEAM: Collaboration with multidisciplinary internal
clients and suppliers. Inner part design using
OUTCOME: New material idea of packaging. Not
designing waste but disappearance. Concept piloted
for European and African markets. Used in mass
production for several Nokia products in 2004.
PUBLISHED: Nokia Quality Award ceremony with
compliments from Jorma Ollila.
Packaging Passionist
La Luna
IDEA: Designing light by playing with the forms of the
lamp. Final thesis for Häme Polytechnic 2001-2002.
BENEFITS: Using ceiling and wall reflection to bring
softer light to a room or public space. Modernizing a
traditional plaster wall lamp used commonly in Italy.
METHOD: Scetching by hand, getting inspired of car
designers’ scetching techniques by working with them.
Collaborating with Beestudio. Drawings and 3D files
using Autocad.
OUTCOME: Prototype made by Ergo Model (Italy) by
using glass fibre, marble powder and plaster. Not
known if the lamp is in prodction.
Packaging Passionist
Display packages
IDEA: A collection of foldable display packages for
Pandora Design cutleries.
BENEFITS: Cheap, glueless, environmentally friendly
packaging that is easy to assemble.
METHOD: Cut and glue hand made mock up samples.
OUTCOME: Three displays for mass production.
TEAM: Ana Oliveira & Oona Casalegno
PUBLISHED: Maison & Object exhibition 11.1.
15.1.2002, Paris
Packaging Passionist
IDEA: Glass object with a closing.
BENEFITS: Collection of three vases. With additional
nozzle, the vases could be used for wine, water, olive
oil etc.
METHOD: Sketching by hand, 3D design using
Autocad. Plaster tool made by using sculpture
techniques. Wood model made by Keijo Mursu. Vases
hand blown by Juha Valkonen, closings hand blown by
OUTCOME: small collection of glass objects made
during ”World of Glass” intensive glass blowing studies
(10ECTS) at Nuutajärvi glass school 2001.
Packaging Passionist
IDEA: Graphic design and needed printed materials for
Stockhom Furniture Fair and Lighting expo for
Detecma group.
BENEFITS: Consistent look at the expo stand.
METHOD: Design of all printed materials using
Photoshop and Freehand.
TEAM: Oona Casalegno as design lead, Taru Latva-
Pukkila & Tiina Ehrukainen as supportive team.
OUTCOME: Printed brochures, business cards, info
leaflets and T-shirts.
PUBLISHED: Stockholm Furniture fair and Lighting 7.2.
Packaging Passionist
Musta Kivi
IDEA: To make a sculptural object for everyday use at
home. To be used for example for grating parmesan
cheese, hammering a stake or holding a door open
BENEFITS: Affordable art for all.
METHOD: Sketching by hand by studying the
ergonomics and measures of arms and the body.
Technical drawings using Autocad.
OUTCOME: Several pieces produced in marble at Pier
Carlo Craviolatti’s hand craft studio in Turin, Italy.
PUBLISHED: 1st prize in Designing Craft Europe
contest in stone category.
1999-2002 Exhibition tour in Turin, Clermont l’Hérault,
Barcelona, Helsinki and Alessandria.
Packaging Passionist