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Founded 1989 by PACC Egypt company and group of engineers decided to go for business leaving behind there governmental career. PACC engineering is the name given to the new born baby their first walk trial was a big risk where they succeeded magniffically where the market realized that the new baby is strong enough to run and achieve the goals of the new company.

The new company succeeded in installing, erecting and deliver a huge industrial control system for the Egyptian Petro Chemical Company in 1989.  
Honestly and Proudly Speaking this system still functioning in full shape till now Thanks to our service team where generations handed over this project to each other without missing a bit of information but as a well they created the integrity of a great experience in house.

Needless to say that  EPC is a flag ship company in the market of Petro Chemicals Industries.


1991 the Company acquired a group of engineers and technicians talented in fixing printed circuit boards (PCB) which was at that time the main problem of any modern industrial control line and caused a lot of stoppages leading to a great loss  for the investors.
This team succeeded in producing handmade double layer (PCBs) in case of not being able to fix them.
Company went for the most sophisticated troubleshooting equipment where the property of success reached about 70% As well primitive (PCB) manufacturing lines has been introduced to the market to cover the 30% left.

Company decided to sell the equipment and they know how to their clients where ever

it is required and needed.
hanks to our partners in success :


ABI (U.K)Polar (U.K)Farnell (U.K)








  • Education&Vocation labs A dedicated team has been established on 1992 stated to be active on 1993 supported by big names in the field as:

    Philips T&M  ( Holand )

    Boxford   (U.K)

    Am.Pro  (U.S.A)

    Unilab (U.S.A)

    Fluke  ( T&A )

    Mobica  ( Lab Furniture )

    Our target was to :Establishing Labs for undergraduates and post graduates studies in different  universities as Cairo / Mansoura / Asuit >

    Taking responsibility in Mubark-Kohl project for enhancing the technical education in Egypt between 1992-1999 by supplying Vocational Training labs all over Egypt to the secondary technical Schools Participating in the Project.  

    Supplying Vocational training labs to the armed forces.

    our partners:-

    Polar instruments    (UK)             Test Equipment, Hardware, and Software






Based on our experience in the automatic control engineering field our engineers succeeded in developing the integrated security smart solutions. Where we put all the security element like CCTV cameras, access control elements, fire alarm sensors, video motion detection and outdoor securities ( fiber optic cables, sensitive mesh and ETC.. )

Under one supervising control adds to that the intelligent behavior of every utility in the site according to pre-adjusted scenarios which took the whole system to be a smartone

Guitubruk  ( germany )   CCTV&control elements

Remsdak    ( UK )            Access control

Enterprise Control Systems  (UK)   Microwave video equipments

Ademco      (UK)              Security and Fire Alarms

 Some of our projects:-

National security preunises   

The National medical centre      

Seventeen national Museums       

Sharm El – shikh city ( through Wimax system )

Port-said city ( through Wimax system )

Nagaa Hamady water store 




1998 is a well known date for a communication industry where during this year the buildup of the communication industry&community started. 
Pacc Engineering started as one of the market pioneers introducing innovative solutions based on fiber optic transmission and access solutions.
s well we introduced microwave links carrying data and voice simultaneously to cover the remote and urban areas.



In this year pacc introduced a unique financial and technical solution which has been accepted in 2001 where we installed 452,000 lines to the working lines in Telecom Egypt.

In Two years, Pacc became a hero from zero by adding 6% of the total number of working lines in Telecom Egypt. Thanks to the decision makers in the ministry who overcame the long waiting queues and increasing the revenue of Telecom Egypt by 15% by end of 2003, as well we do appreciate the support of our UK partners Telespec Company.



  • PACC Established a new branch named speakatel to be dedicated for speech to data and data to speech conversion using pattern recognition technology.
    PACC Established a daughter company named united telecommunication
    (unitel ) to be its arm for IT technology.





we had been awarded by a contract worth of 67 Million Egyptian pounds to build and erect the new directory assistance of Telecom Egypt  (140) where we served 12,000,000 working land lineswith a reserve of another 6,000,000.
he company accomplished this project in less than 12 Month acting as system integrator of Ericsson (Sweden) , BTS (Denmark)  and Oracle and till now the system functioning with ZERO downtime.

This project considered the largest call center in Egypt so far (1000 seat)  in three different locations working under a sophisticated overflow program.





  • PACC decided to enlarge its scope of work to include the civil work for the networking and as a result we participated in the tenders of the network infrastructure of telecom Egypt and from that data, we are one of the main players in this field where we have many contracts for maintaining and extending of the copper line network and fiber optic networks.




  • As a market leader in 2011 we started our work in the market in the FTTH projects

  • a head of all the others by two years, add to that we introduced the blown fiber technique to our experience portfolio in many of urban residential compounds and business complex. 

  • Now we are proud of ourselves being one of the top players participating in the new fiber backbone network in our beloved Egypt. 



Renewable Energy is our new adventure yet to be a story …