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Oxyganna Saves The Cloud Kingdom


by: Ariadne Teran

Saving the Cloud Kingdom

By: Ariadne Teran,

Oxyganna lives in the sky, in The Cloud kingdom. She is a worrier with the powers of oxygen, she is as fast as how oxygen molecules move around and can turn invisible since oxygen is colorless.


One day the Queen asked Oxyganna, “go to the land of hydro, and ask him to combine our troop to create water for the flowers and plants down in the earth, so they can continue to create oxygen for our people”.


Oxyganna began the journey to the Castle of Hydro.


Once in the gates of the Castle, she is asked a riddle in order to pass thru the gates.

“Give me food and I will live, give me water I will die, who am I?’’ asked a guard of the gate.

Oxyganna being fast not only in body but in mind she quickly answers,

“You are fire”.

“You may pass,” said the guard.


Oxyganna made her way to the throne of king hydro, as she opens her mouth to speak the king states, “before you can address me or ask me for anything ,you must show me you are worthy to speak to me.”

A guard says “you must defeat one of my men to show you are worthy”.

So they made their way to the battlefield to battle.


In the battlefield, Oxyganna sees a worrier like her that has abilities of hydrogen ,when hydrogen and oxygen mix it creates water, washing away the opponent that is touched first.


As the warrior approaches her, she was able to overpower his attacks, she used her speed and invincibility to touch him with a flick of a move.  


King Hydro was more that impress and said, “I will allow you to ask me for anything since you were able to defeat my soldier, but you must teach some of my men to battle like you”.


Oxyganna finally spoke, “ Dear King, I come from the Kingdom of the clouds ,orders from the queen. She asked me to tell you if your troops and her’s can unite to create water for earth”


The king started laughing and said, “ you should have said that in the first place ,we are old friends with the cloud kingdom, of course, we can help”.

So, Oxyganna made her way back to the cloud kingdom with many troops of the Hydro castles, to help the Queen.


Once they make their way there, they began creating water for the flowers and plants to make oxygen for the people of her home.


After they were done she goes with them back to the kingdom of Hydro to teach his men to battle using their powers, and complete her mission.


The end.