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Old World Connecticut Tan, Old World Vermont Gray, Flagging, Square/Recs, Building Stone, Full Bed Veneer, Wall Stone

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OWC has worked vigorously through the snowy 2014-2015 winter to continue to expand our offerings for 2015. We are introducing OWC Ct. Tan Dimensional Stone.

OWC Connecticut Tan stone is quarried and brought to the OWC facilities where we palletize and distribute it to our ever growing network of dealers who desire high quality, reasonably priced stone. OWC Connecticut tan makes a beautiful wallstone, full bed veneer, flagging stone, and it's a New England product. Purchasing this material supports fellow New Englanders. 

OWC Vermont Gray stone is another beautiful dimensional stone palletized at our facility in Swansea, Ma. Also available as wall stone, full bed veneer, and flagging. Pallets of OWC dimensional stone weigh about 2500# each.