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    The Adventure

   of Max the Dog

Max is a dog who love's to take trips.

He was very friendly and loved to

explore the neighborhood with his


Max took a walk down the street to visit his

best friend Lola.


Max and Lola went swimming together in her pool.

Max and Lola were very hungry so they decided to get lunch at their favorite

spot, Pizza Paradise.

After having a delicious lunch they wanted to visit the Zoo. At the Zoo, Max and Lola saw monkeys, elephants, zebras, and lions. Max and Lola wanted to visit their friend James after the Zoo.

James, Lola and Max watched their

favorite movie together. It was called Finding Nemo.  Whille watching the movie

they ate ice cream sundaes.

After watching Finding Nemo together, it was time to go home. Max, Lola, and James had a very fun day and they couldn't wait to do it again!





                   THE END