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Power Half an Hour: PLAINFIELD HEAD
By: Idania Mercado
HOPES CAP, Inc. Head Start in Plainfield, has been offering a monthly workshop for
parents and caregivers called Power Half an Hour. This Workshop is held by HOPES Mental
Health and Disabilities Specialist, Idania Mercado, M.A. Counseling. Power Half an Hour
workshops were created to offer parents and caregivers the opportunity to learn and discuss
different common topics pertaining to children and families. The following topics have been
discussed during these monthly workshops which began in October 2016:
“How to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool,” “Developmental Milestones,” and “Positive
These workshops provide parents and caregivers, with helpful and positive information/
strategies to utilize every day at home with their children and families. Parents and caregivers
are given packets of information in both English and Spanish relating to the specific topic
discussed that month.
In February, the topic that will be presented is Stress Management, in which parents will be
taught breathing techniques and will be provided with several examples of healthier ways to
combat stress. Parents and caregivers will also be given supportive ways to address challenging
behaviors in children. As a bonus,
each parent and caregiver will be
given a raffle ticket for a chance to
win two baskets filled with stress
relievers including, lavender soaps,
relaxing bath bubbles, lavender air
fresheners, revitalizing eye masks,
journals, pens and boxes of
chamomile tea along with a tea
January 2017 New Team Members:
Mykel W Brooks 01/03
Mzima Grossett 01/03
(Infant Teacher)
Dorisneida Gaviria 01/03
(Infant Teacher)
Chantee Hanberry 01/04
(Infant Teacher)
Jaquetta L Baker-Mars 01/09
(Human Resources Assistant)
Josefina Gil-Leyva 01/09
(Community Services Advocate)
Katherine Castrillon Guerrero 01/12
(Floating Infant Teacher)
Sarah D Armstrong 01/17
Renesha L Lee 01/17
(Community Education Advocate)
Greyci P Martinez-Mejia 01/17
(Family Worker)
Sagrario Diaz Del Carmen 01/18
(Floating Teacher Assistant)
Jasmine G Cruz 01/23
(Floating Infant Teacher)
20+ years at HOPES
Milagros Rivera 02/01/1988
(Family Worker) 29 YEARS!
Maria Muniz 02/05/1990
(Floating Teacher Assistant)
10+ years at HOPES
Ismael Acosta 02/11/2002
(Info. Systems Manager) 15 YEARS!
Barbara Reyes 02/06/2003
(Supervisor) 14 YEARS!
Rosita Champion 01/12/2004
(Teacher Assistant) 13 YEARS!
Wanda Dyer 01/16/2006
(Teacher Assistant) 11 YEARS!
5-10 years at HOPES
Gloria Aviles 01/29/2008
(Teacher Assistant)
Amiyah Thorne 01/06/2010
(Teacher Assistant)
Jessica A. Mitchell 02/12/2010
(Family Worker)
Juana Ramos 02/16/2010
(Teacher Assistant)
Yolanda Herrera 01/17/2012
(Infant Teacher)
Ivette Negron 01/30/2012
(Food Worker)
1-5 years at HOPES
Francisca Sanchez 01/07/2013
Radaysis Leguizamon 01/14/2013
(Infant Teacher)
Stephanie Corbosiero 02/05/2013
(Family Worker)
Lazara Rivero 02/13/2013
(Infant Teacher)
Jessica Stone 02/14/2013
(Community Services Advocate)
Stephanie Loor 01/27/2014
(Community Services Advocate)
Lisa M. Russo 01/27/2014
Jaclyn L. Levine 02/01/2014
Faith D. Enrico 01/05/2015
Daniel S. Fermin 01/06/2015
Karen G. Guzman 01/12/2015
Melissa Estremera 01/26/2015
(Teacher Assistant)
Miriam E. Sotomayor 01/04/2016
(Infant Teacher)
Marisela Melo 01/19/2016
(Teacher Assistant)
Nicole Rivera 02/01/2016
Lorena Acosta 1/1
Greyci P Martinez-Mejia 1/1
Kathleen Diehl 1/3
Olla A Ibrahim 1/5
Evelyn Loor Aviles 1/5
Eman M Gaafar 1/13
Omaida Lazo 1/13
Glenroy Moore 1/14
Elsa M Toro 1/14
Melissa Estremera 1/15
Angela Forde 1/15
Tanisha Foster 1/15
Eriennis Lores 1/16
Diana Medina 1/18
Barbara Panas 1/18
Yolanda Herrera 1/19
Maria Serrano 1/19
Laura Vidarte 1/20
Rosita Champion 1/22
Doris Winkey 1/22
Lynette Acero 1/23
Diana Lima 1/23
Taylor M Simeon 1/23
Nancy Gonzalez 1/27
Carla A Cobo 1/29
Callan M Loeffler 1/29
Ismael Acosta 1/30
Jane I Mercedes 1/30
Faith D Enrico 2/1
Francisca Sanchez 2/1
Norma C Romero 2/4
Yesenia Maria Andriuoli 2/7
Sophia I Cuevas 2/7
Marilyn I Gomez 2/8
Joseph D Koroma 2/9
Janeth P Landazuri 2/11
Pamela Lighten 2/13
Ivelisse Baez 2/14
Elena A Anderson 2/15
Mzima Grossett 2/15
Jaclyn L Levine 2/15
Devora Matos 2/15
Sonny Martinez 2/16
Marisela Melo 2/16
Marixa Concepcion 2/17
Stephanie Corbosiero 2/17
Gesselle Pichardo 2/21
Jessica A Mitchell 2/23
Jose G Benitez 2/24
Lara Desoto 2/24
Idania Mercado 2/24
Noe Mestre 2/25
By: Thomas Hughes
Where do you call home?
Hazlet, NJ
Tell me about your family?
I am married to Jesse and we have one
What is your personal motto, mantra or
Live life to the fullest because tomorrow is
never promised.
Before working at HOPES, what was
the most unusual or interesting job
you’ve had?
I used to work at Carlo’s Bakery, the Cake
Before working at HOPES, what was
the worst job you’ve ever had?
Same as my most unusual job.
It was officially recognized in 1976 by
President Gerald R. Ford, who called upon
the public to “seize the opportunity to
honor the too-often neglected
accomplishments of black Americans in
every area of endeavor throughout our
Where is your favorite place to live?
Right where I am living.
If you were stuck on an island, what
three things would you bring with you?
1) My family
2) Food
3) And anyone, who wants to join us, so
that we can have a party and not be
If you had to eat one meal for the rest of
your life, what would it be?
Pasta, all kinds, I don’t discriminate.
What do you fear the most?
What do you do for fun?
I spend time with my son, husband, and
family. My husband and I take weekend
trips with our son.
What is your biggest pet peeve?
Rude, obnoxious people.
What would people be surprised to
know about you?
They would be surprised how long I have
been at HOPES, since I was 17!
If you were to do life all over again,
what would you do differently?
If given the chance to be anyone in the
world, who would you like to be for a
The Queen. Not the Queen of England,
just a Queen.
How long have you been at HOPES?
I started volunteering in Early
Childhood in 2002, then I was hired on
as an Afterschool Teacher Assistant in
2003. Then, my position evolved into an
administrative role. So, 14 years this
coming December. I even was a HOPES’
Head Start child.
What do you like the best about
working at HOPES?
I believe in its mission and goals.
What is your proudest moment at
I am proud at how I have evolved and
grown into my current position, as the
agency has grown.
What are three artists you would
choose to listen to for the rest of your
1) Bon Jovi
2) Michael Jackson
3) Just those two.
What are two goals you are trying to
accomplish this year?
1) To stress less
2) To take care of myself and my family
How do you plan on accomplishing
these goals?
By learning to let things go, and let life
fall into place, whatever that might be;
as well as working as hard as I can to
take care of my family to live a happy
What is your favorite memory?
The day my son was born.
What is on your bucket list?
I want to see my child (and potential
children) get married and have
Google Search Tips and Tricks
By: Ismael Acosta
Google Tricks:
Find weather and movies: Type
"weather" or "movies" followed by a
zip code or city and state to display
current weather conditions or movie
theaters in your area. For example,
typing weather 84101 gives you the
current weather conditions for Salt
Lake City, UT. Typing movies
84101 gives you a link for show times
for movies in that area.
Definitions: Pull up the definition of
the word by typing define followed by
the word you want to define. For
example, typing: define bravura would
display the definition of that word.
Track airline flight and packages:
Enter the airline and flight number to
display the status of an airline flight
and it's arrival time. For example,
type: delta 123 to display this flight
information if available.
Google can also give a direct link to
package tracking information if you
enter a UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking
Find PDF results only: Add fileType:
to your search to display results that
only match a certain file type. For
example, if you wanted to display PDF
results only type: "dell xps"
fileType:pdf -- this is a great way to
find online manuals.
Basic Search Tips:
Group your search query for better
results. For example, if you are
searching for computer help, better
results are returned if you search for an
exact phrase by surrounding it in
quotes: "computer help."
If your results have keywords you are
not searching for use a minus sign. For
example, if you are looking for
computer help but do not want pages
containing "Windows"
type: "computer help" -windows
Google supports number ranges, for
example, if you are searching for
computer help between the year 2000
to 2005 you can type: "Computer help"
Ismael obtained these “Google Search Tips and
Tricks” from
“You may not control all the events that
happen to you, but you can decide not
to be reduced by them. Try to be a
rainbow in someone’s cloud. Do not
complain. Make every effort to change
things you do not like. If you cannot
make a change, change the way you
have been thinking. You might find a
new solution.”
Maya Angelou,
Letter to My Daughter
By: Carmela Roman
& Jessica Palencia
Q: Where can I go to
obtain personnel/
employee documents?
A: HOPES CAP, Inc. employees have
access to their own Paycom Employee
Self Service (ESS) portal which provides
employees access to various employee
forms such as:
Policies & Procedures Manual
FMLA Request and Certification
forms, Temporary Disability
Zoho Instructions, etc.
HOPES CAP, Inc. policies that have
been approved for revision will be sent
through Paycom ESS requiring each
employee to electronically sign off once
issued. When logged into Paycom ESS,
go to Main Menu, Documents & Tasks,
then My Documents. Documents
requiring a signature will appear first on
the tab labeled "Documents Requiring
Action." The tab labeled "Completed
Documents" will provide employees
access to all other forms. You can
download each form by clicking on the
link of the form you would like to select.
5 Saving-
Money Tips
for 2017: Make
it the Year
You Finally Get Serious About
By: Jesse Roman
1. Set a Goal
The goal should require self-discipline
and a little sacrifice when it comes to
spending, but you shouldn't overreach.
When deciding on a savings goal, think of
a specific purchase or benchmark you
could realistically reach in 12 months.
How about that family trip? Or that new
4K TV?
Then, find a friend or family member
who can hold you accountable, or write
the goal down in a place where you'll see
it every day, like your planner.
2. Monitor your monthly expenses…
Start tracking your monthly
expenses. For one month, track every
single purchase down to the cent. You'll
know exactly where your paycheck is
going and which areas you're
overspending on. You'll feel more in
control of your money, and it's a key step
toward forming a realistic budget that you
can actually abide by. WHAT?! You spent
$180 on coffee last month?! Maybe it’s
time to reduce the caffeine.
3. … then set a budget
Once you know what your spending
habits are, you can draw up a realistic
budget. It might be a bit of a trial-and-
error process at first; you have to figure
out what works best for your lifestyle.
(Continues on next page):
This special matching savings account
held at Liberty Savings Federal Credit
Union is designed to enable participants
to save a targeted amount of money that
can be used to build assets in the form of
college education and small business
How It Works
For every $1 a participant deposits into
their account (up to $2000 for an
individual or up to $4000 for a
household), an additional $2 in matched
funds will be deposited into that same
account. Once the participant’s goal is
met, they will be free to designate their
money and the matched funds to make
their education or small business plans a
reality. As part of this program,
participants receive free financial literacy
training that will assist with developing
and maintaining their savings plan.
HOPES $avers Club and matching funds
are made possible by a partnership with
Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union and
by the Assets for Independence (AFI)
grant made available by the US
Department of Health and Human
In order to qualify for the HOPES $avers’
Club program, individuals must be able to
prove that they have a source of earned
income and meet one of the following
1. They are eligible for TANF Benefits.
2. They have an annual adjusted gross
income of less than 200% of the
federal poverty guidelines AND no
more than $10,000 in total net worth
excluding the value of one
automobile and one home.
Plan Flexibility
Participants in the HOPES $avers’ Club
set a personal savings goal and timeline
according to their own needs. As long as
the participant can consistently save
money toward their goal, they can be
involved for any amount of time between
the minimum of six months and the
maximum of two years. With help from
HOPES staff, individuals will create the
best plan for their own savings goals
so that staying on track and saving money
is not just a dream but a reality.
(Continues in next column):
Start on the road to financial
By: Phoebe Gould
Through the HOPES $avers' Club,
qualifying individuals are able to start
saving money in an Individual
Development Account (IDA).
(Continues in next column):
"With exclusion and inequality on the
rise, we must step up efforts to ensure
that all people, without discrimination,
are able to access opportunities to im-
prove their lives and those of others."
Ban Ki-moon,
Former Secretary-General of the UN
Message for World Day of Social Justice,
World Day of Social Justice
February 20, 2017
In designating the World Day, the
Assembly “recognizes the need to
consolidate further the efforts of the
international community in poverty
eradication and in promoting full
employment and decent work, gender
equality and access to social well-being
and justice for all.”
From UN News Centre website,
26 Nov. 2007
(Continued from previous page)
Budgeting will force you live within your
means, which is essential to growing your
4. There’s an app for that
Call an Uber. Facebook a friend.
Grubhub a meal. There’s an app for
everything. So why not use that
technology to become a better saver?
There are apps out there to assist with
budgeting, apps that will help you find
the best local deals, and apps that let you
sell your old junk. This year, find one or
two apps that will help you save, and use
them on a regular basis.
Or, ask your HR department if you
can direct deposit a percentage of your
paycheck every pay period into a savings
5. Check your progress … and reward
yourself when you reach your goal!
In order to save effectively, you need
to know exactly where you stand with
your finances each week. Make a "money
date" with yourself every Sunday and go
through your transactions to ensure
you're on track with your budget. If you
fall off track (maybe you spent too much
one week or didn't put any away for
savings), don't give up! Get back on track.
When you hit savings goals, celebrate
and reward yourself a bit! Saving is all
about moderation, but not completely
cutting out shopping and spending.
Based on income and realistic expectations
of available money to save, each person
will develop the plan that’s right for them.
Financial education classes are mandatory
for participants in the HOPES $avers’
Club in order to help them understand the
benefits of saving and the best savings
practices. Learning to save money
consistently can have long-term benefits
toward participants’ life goals.
Contact Information
For more information or to find out how
to get involved in this program, contact:
Mary Caldwell/Phoebe Gould
Phone: 1-885-OK-HOPES (1-855-654-6737)
ext. 1108/1107
The above artwork
and this artwork are
from the 3D Mixed
Media Arts class.
By: Thomas Hughes
HOPES CAP, Inc., ten-week class
sessions have begun! Classes consist of:
computer classes (basic and
intermediate), senior physical activity,
English as a Second LanguageESL
(beginners and advanced), Imaginative
Writing, and Creative Wellness.
Phoebe, a HOPES intern, has
begun teaching two evening ESL classes
at the Family Success Center (FSC) in
Union City and one morning class at
the Rue Building in Hoboken. The
classes are open to everyone, and
currently have students from a variety
of backgrounds, including Latin
America, Russia, China, and Israel. (See
map below) She has remarked that the
advanced ESL class on Tuesday evenings
and the beginner ESL class on Thursday
mornings filled up quickly with a
mixture of new and returning students.
“They are all eager to learn,” she
explained. “Even though they don't all
know English well, they make jokes and
laugh together. ...
(Continues in next column)
Nothing makes me smile more than
students who come from different
backgrounds laughing together as they
mess up and try and try again until they
get it right."
Phoebe has also started teaching a
new class: Women’s Imaginative
Writing, which is being held at the
Family Resource Center located at 532
Jackson Street. This class gives women a
place to “step away
from their busy lives
for a few hours and
sharpen their writing
Karen, the
Community Program
Coordinator, is
teaching a new class
3D Mixed Media
Arts. This class is
similar to Creative
Wellness with the
focus on creating 3D
art out of everyday
materials. "My
creative wellness
classes have a great
turn out!
(Continues in
next column)
My students are engaged physically,
and mentally, while they let their
artistic capabilities show through their
artwork,” remarked Karen, “I couldn't
ask for anymore because it genuinely
makes me happy."
Mary, the Community Education
Supervisor, teaches computer classes. As
a Microsoft Certified teacher she
introduces the Microsoft Office Suite to
students, including Word, PowerPoint,
Excel, and Publisher.
Additionally, she teaches three
senior physical activity classes
at locations in Hoboken and
Jersey City. These classes help
seniors learn basic physical
fitness skills.
In addition to these
courses, HOPES offers
financial literacy workshops
throughout the community.
The next ten-week session
will start late April/early
May. The registration dates
will be in the next
2016 Winter Celebration
was a Hit Among Staff.
By Daisy Velazquez-Glasgow
HOPES had their annual 2016 Winter
Celebration on Friday, December
16th, at the DoubleTree by Hilton in
Newark, NJ. Festivities began
at 8:00pm with the sounds of
DJlanena, followed by a buffet dinner,
soft drinks, desserts and an open bar!!
In attendance we had over 120 people,
including our very own board chair
Frank Raia, managers, supervisors,
specialists, staff and board members.
The highlight of the night was the
photo booth which was an amazing
hit with everyone who attended!!
Looking forward to this year’s
Celebration set for December 2017.
Look out for more information
coming soon!!
Helping Seniors with
Nutritional Assistance
By: Barbara Reyes
Are you aware that HOPES CAP,
Inc. has assisted over 100 seniors with
obtaining Supplemental Nutrition
Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in
the last few months? If you are a senior
and you have limited income and
resources you may be entitled to the
committed to assisting seniors with
obtaining healthy food while on a
You may ask what are SNAP
benefits? SNAP benefits can be used to
buy healthy food items such as fruits,
vegetables, bread, meat and dairy
products in any supermarket, reputable
store, or fruit markets. At an average
the SNAP program can assist a senior
living alone with up to $113 to
purchase healthy foods.
If you would like to find out if you
are eligible for SNAP Benefits please
contact HOPES CAP, Inc. Community
Services at (1-855-OK-HOPES) for a
“It is not our differences that divide
us. It is our inability to recognize,
accept, and celebrate those
Audre Lorde,
Our Dead Behind Us: Poems
Let’s Celebrate
Valentine’s Day
February 14
by wearing
Disordered Eating
The first thing that usually comes to
mind when we think of eating disorders are
bulimia and anorexia, but I want to share
bits of an informative article I read about
disordered eating:
Disordered Eating Defined
According to the Diagnostic and
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
(DSM-IV-Text Revision), disordered eating
is defined as "a wide range of irregular
eating behaviors that do not warrant a
diagnosis of a specific eating disorder."
Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa
(AN) or bulimia nervosa (BN), are
diagnosed according to narrow criteria.
This excludes most people and the majority
of people suffering with disordered eating.
The most significant difference
between an eating disorder and disordered
eating is whether or not a person's
symptoms and experiences align with the
criteria defined by the American
Psychiatric Association (APA). Disordered
eating is a descriptive phrase, not a
Still, eating concerns falling short of a
diagnosis deserve attention and treatment as
they often turn into more problematic
eating disorders and put the patient at risk
of serious health problems.
Signs and symptoms of disordered eating
may include, but are not limited to:
Chronic yo-yo dieting
Frequent weight fluctuations
Extremely rigid and unhealthy food
and exercise regime
Feelings of guilt and shame when
unable to maintain food and exercise
(Continues in next column)
Pre-occupation with food, body and
exercise that causes distress and has a
negative impact on quality of life
Compulsive or emotionally-driven eat-
Use of compensatory measures, such as
exercise, food restriction, fasting and
even purging or laxative use to "make
up for" food consumed
Harm Caused by Disordered Eating
Many people who suffer with disor-
dered eating patterns either minimize or do
not fully realize the impact it has on their
mental and physical health. This lack of
understanding may unnecessarily exacerbate
the harm of disordered eating. Detrimental
consequences can include a greater risk of
obesity and eating disorders, bone loss, gas-
trointestinal disturbances, electrolyte and
fluid imbalances, low heart rate and blood
pressure, increased anxiety and depression,
and social isolation.
Disordered eating is a serious health
concern that may be difficult to detect since
a person with disordered eating patterns may
not display all of the classic symptoms typi-
cally identified with eating disorders. It's
important to remember that even a person
exhibiting disordered eating habits and be-
haviors may also be experiencing significant
physical, emotional and mental stress.
Registered dietitian nutritionists are
vital to the detection and treatment of disor-
dered eating. Often, patients referred to
dietitians for nutrition counseling are una-
ware that their eating patterns are problem-
atic or harmful. If possible, working with a
dietitian who has a background in counsel-
ing eating disorders is an important step in
treating disordered eating and preventing it
from progressing to an eating disorder.
By Marci Anderson, MS, RD, LDN
Published February 25, 2015
By: Lori Reisz
On January 21st, 2017, volunteers
helped clear out the office and meeting
spaces at 900 Hamilton St. in Somerset,
NJ. This space, formerly for HOPES
CAP, Inc.’s Head Start/Early Head
Start, will now be utilized for HOPES’
Community Programs.
We had such a tremendous group
of volunteers that we got the job done!!
Special thanks to Taylor Simeon, Deena
Davenport-Beasley, Margie Barbee,
Joselyn Esteves-Vargas, Edelyn Vargas,
and Delmis Estevez....HOPES staff and
family members who came out today.
They worked alongside Corliss Smith
and her son Christopher, from
Flemington, and members of Rutgers
Phi Sigma Pi fraternity (Jenny Chin,
Nicholas Cahill, Hilal Tekin, Jean
Gerlach, and Joyce Macaraeg) to fill a
30 yard dumpster with unusable
furniture and to organize the remaining
items to sell. It was a lot of hard
work but we had a blast!!
Our next volunteer opportunity is
scheduled for Feb 25, from 10:00-2:00,
at the same location, 900 Hamilton St.,
Somerset. We will be holding a sale of
the furniture and toys that were too
good to throw away, but we cannot use
in the centers. It will be open to the
parents and staff of HOPES as well as
invited daycares within the
community. Volunteers will be needed
to help facilitate the sale.
For more information,
contact Lori: 908-801-5115
Community Game Night
By: Evelyn Mercado
HOPES CAP, Inc. began an
innovative monthly event for children of
the community since July 2016. In an
effort to provide an interactive safe haven
for children in the Hudson County area;
HOPES has conducted a monthly themed
Community Game Night which allows
children from different socioeconomic
backgrounds to partake in a fun filled
night. Children are able to partake in
different stations such as Art & Crafts,
Face Painting, Balloon Art, and different
board games.
During the month of January due to
the unfortunate act of violence that
occurred in our community, HOPES
decided to move our Game Night venue
to the Hoboken Housing Authority
which allowed us to serve over 50 families
to a fun filled night of games and
mentoring. Thanks to the generous
donations of our CEO Ora Welch,
Freeholder Anthony Romano, and
Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro we
were also able to provide a light supper
and dessert to the families. Transportation
was also available to and from the venue.
Please follow us on social media for
additional Community Game Night
events and location!
CHIP Services in Your
By: Evelyn Mercado
HOPES CAP, Inc. received a grant
from CMS (Centers for Medicare &
Medicaid Services) this year to help
uninsured eligible children and parents
with applying for Medicaid or
Children Health Insurance Program
(CHIP), with a particular emphasis on
uninsured teens and Hispanic children.
HOPES CAP, Inc. will assist families
in Hudson, Union, and Somerset
County. In an effort to branch out and
better serve these potential applicants,
HOPES has hired 2 new staff members
to cover these counties (to the right).
Josefina Gil-
Leyva, is the
Services Advocate
in Union and
Stephanie Loor is
the Community
Services Advocate
in Hudson
Expectant Women
By: Deanna Franklin
The HOPES CAP, Inc.’s Expectant
Women Program gives pregnant women
access to comprehensive prenatal and
postnatal assistance. We seek to
accomplish the goal by offering the
support necessary to enable all women to
continue their pregnancies, deliver
healthy babies and care for themselves
and their children. The Expectant
Woman Program provides pregnant
women with:
Pre Natal Education
Early and Continuing risk assessment
Promote and educate on healthy and
nutritious life styles
Mental Health Interventions and
Resources and referrals
Planning for the entry of the baby,
into the EHS program (space and
income eligibility requirements
apply) and more…..
If you, are someone you know is in need
of additional pregnancy support, please
contact: Deanna Franklin-Expectant
Women Coordinator
“There is nothing new about poverty.
What is new, however is that we have the
resources to get rid of it.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.,
Nobel Lecture, 1964
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HOPES CAP, Inc. Offers Free Tax Preparation in Your
Services will be provided at the following locations:
Los servicios estarán disponible en los siguientes lugares:
To schedule your appointment
please call
Para progamar su cita por favor
llame al
or go online at / O en el internet
What to bring to my Free Tax
State Issued Photo ID or Passport.
Social Security Card or Social Security
Number Verification for you, your
spouse and dependents.
Wage and earning statement( s): Form
W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, from all
Interest and dividend statements from
banks (Form 1099).
Proof of bank account routing number
and account number for Direct Deposit
such as a blank check.
Proof of income: most recent 4 weeks
paid stubs, or income letter.
A copy of last year’s federal and state
return if available.
Total paid to daycare provider and the
daycare’s tax identifying number.
Individual Taxpayer Identification
Number (ITIN) assignment letter for
you, your spouse, and
Proof of foreign status, if applying for
¡HOPES CAP, Inc. Ofrece Preparacion de Impuestos GRATIS en su
Transportation provided to Eligible
Hudson County Senior Citizens
and Disabled Individuals
Habra transportación disponible
para Personas Mayores y Individuos
Discapacitados Elegibles viviendo
en el condado Hudson
¿Qué debo llevar a mi cita para poder
preparar mis impuestos?
Identificación Estatal con foto
Tarjeta de Seguro Social y/o verificación
de número de Seguro Social para usted,
su cónyuge y dependientes
Talonarios de ingreso (s): Forma W-2,
W-2G, 1099-R, de todos los empleadores
Declaraciones de intereses y dividendos
de los bancos (Forma 1099)
Prueba de los números de cuenta
bancaria, numero de ruta del banco y el
numero de cuenta para depósito
directo, como un cheque de banco
Prueba de ingreso; los mas cuatro
semanas corriente, o su carta de ingreso
Número de Identificación del
Contribuyente Individual (ITIN) las
cartas de asignación para usted, su
cónyuge y sus dependientes
Prueba de su condición de extranjero, si
se solicita un (ITIN)
Una copia de la declaración federal y
estatal del año pasado
Total pagado al proveedor de cuidado
infantil y el número de identificación de
impuestos de la guardería
“Funded in part by Title III Older Americans Act.”
“Financiado en parte por la Acta del Título III para Personas Mayores Americanos "
On Site ITIN Assistance and Self
Tax Preparation is also available.
Habrá disponible ayuda con la
aplicación para números de ITIN y
también habrá Auto Preparación
de Impuestos
Department Administrator (full-time) -
is responsible for complex, advanced
support duties essential to the operation of
HOPES CAP, Inc.'s Administration
departments (HR, Finance, IT, Facilities)
and the Senior Management Team, while
maintaining complete confidentiality.
Bachelors Degree and experience in a role
of responsibility supporting senior
Advanced computer skills to include
Microsoft Office (intermediate to advanced
Excel), database systems, email and
Ability to be extremely flexible and
adaptable in completing a diverse range of
assignments in a timely manner.
Experience working in a fast paced
environment and ability to apply good
work habits to effectively complete
assigned tasks and contribute to the smooth
operation of the agency.
Human Resources Generalist (full-time) -
is responsible for performing HR-related
duties on a professional level and works
closely with HR management in supporting
agency mission and business objectives. This
position carries out responsibilities in the
following functional areas: benefits
administration, employee relations,
training, performance management, on
boarding, policy implementation,
recruitment/employment, affirmative
action and employment law compliance.
Associate’s in Human Resources or
related field, with particular emphasis
on benefits administration.
A minimum of 1-3 years’ job-related
experience; or any equivalent
combination of education and
experience that provides the required
knowledge, skills and abilities.
Proficient computer skills to include
Microsoft Office (intermediate to
advanced Excel), database systems,
email and internet.
Ability to be extremely flexible and
adaptable in completing a diverse range
of assignments in a timely manner.
Experience working in a fast paced
environment and ability to apply good
work habits to effectively complete
assigned tasks and contribute to the
smooth operation of the agency.
Bus Driver (part-time)
is responsible for operating the Early
Childhood Program school
bus including pick-up and drop-off of
children enrolled in the program,
transporting children on field trips, driving
HOPES CAP, Inc. staff to special events,
such as meetings, training sessions and
High School Diploma or equivalent
combination of education and
1 year experience operating a school
bus; valid New Jersey CDL Drivers
License with proper endorsements for
a minimum 52-passenger school bus
and clean Motor Vehicle Record
Ability to speak, read, write,
comprehend, process, interpret follow
and carry out instructions spoken in
the English language and written in a
variety of documents and reference
relevant to the job
Experience in vehicle maintenance and
Demonstrate knowledge and
understanding of applicable regulations
and standards as it applies to New
Jersey Commission of Motor vehicles.
Able to handle emergency situations
calmly and effectively.
Bus Assistant (part-time)
is responsible for safely assisting children on
and off the school bus; ensuring children are
properly secured in the safety restraints
prior to the bus departing its location; and
ensuring a pleasant and safe environment
for the children while they are in the bus.
High School Diploma or equivalent
combination of education and
1 year experience assisting in the
operation of a school bus.
Ability to speak, read, write,
comprehend, process, interpret follow
and carry out instructions spoken in
the English language and written in a
variety of documents and reference
relevant to the job.
Teacher, PK Abbott & Head Start -
Plainfield & Somerset, NJ (full-time)
is a full time classroom Teacher in the Pre-K
Program. The Teacher position supervises,
assists, and supports the children, Teacher
Assistants, substitutes, floaters, parents,
interns and volunteers in carrying out
developmentally appropriate child activities
in accordance with the designated
curriculum, NAEYC Standards, the Head
Start Program Performance Standards and
Program Philosophy.
Bachelors in Early Childhood
Education or related field.
1 year experience in a Pre-K setting or
equivalent experience working with
children and working with a team.
State Funded Pre-K: must have license
to teach in the State of NJ with a
Preschool through Third Grade or
Nursery through Eighth Grade
Certification or Certificate of
Eligibility/Certificate of Eligibility
with Advanced Standing.
Ability to speak, read, write,
comprehend, process, interpret follow
and carry out instructions spoken in the
English language and written in a
variety of documents and reference
relevant to the job.
HOPES CAP, Inc. is an Affirmative
Action/EEO Employer
HOPES CAP, Inc. is an
At-will Employer.
Please submit resume to
Please share these job listings with
people you know, who would make
a great addition to our team
PLEASE DO NOT circulate the rest of this
newsletter, pages 1-9, for confidentiality
reasons with anyone not working at
Bus Assistant Requirements continued:
Demonstrate knowledge and
understanding of applicable regulations
and standards as it applies to New
Jersey Commission of Motor vehicles.
Able to handle emergency situations
calmly and effectively.
Do you know anyone who may
want to join our team?
FEBRUARY 20, 2017
HOPES CAP, Inc. is an Affirmative
Action/EEO Employer
HOPES CAP, Inc. is an At-will
Please submit resume to
If you know anyone
needing help preparing their taxes
refer them to the HOPES CAP,
Inc. free VITA (Volunteer Income
Tax Assistance) services. These
services have started and will run
through April 17th. See
for more information.
Appointments can be made by
calling 201-468-8805 or by going
online at
Custodian (full-time & part-time)
is responsible for helping to ensure a safe,
well maintained and clean environment for
all HOPES CAP, Inc. sites (as needed). This
position also adheres to the HOPES CAP,
Inc. Policies & Procedures and may be
reassigned to various sites as deemed
necessary for program operations.
High School Diploma or equivalent
combination of education and
Ability to speak, read, write,
comprehend, process, interpret follow
and carry out instructions spoken in
the English language and written in a
variety of documents and reference
relevant to the job.
Able to work with basic cleaning
equipment and tools.
Able to handle emergency situations
calmly and effectively.
Infant /Toddler Teacher (full-time & part
is a classroom teacher/caregiver in the
program that shares responsibilities with a
co-Infant/Toddler Teacher. This position
supervises, assists, and supports substitutes,
interns and volunteers in carrying out
developmentally appropriate child activities
in accordance with the designated Infant
and Toddler Curriculum and NAEYC
Standards and in compliance with the Head
Start Program Performance Standards.
Infant/Toddler CDA or CDA with an
Infant/Toddler endorsement.
Experience in an Infant/Toddler
setting or equivalent experience
working with children and working
with a team.
Ability to speak, read, write,
comprehend, process, interpret follow
and carry out instructions spoken in
the English language and written in a
variety of documents and reference
relevant to the job.
Teacher Assistant (full-time & part-time)
is either a full time or part time classroom
Teacher Assistant in the Pre-K program.
The Teacher Assistant position supports the
Teacher in carrying out developmentally
appropriate child activities in accordance
with the designated curriculum, NAEYC
Standards and the Head Start Program
Performance Standards and Program
Pre-School CDA or to be in the
process of obtaining a Pre-School
CDA within 10 months of
1 year experience in a preschool
classroom setting or equivalent
experience working with children and
working with a team.
Ability to speak, read, write,
comprehend, process, interpret follow
and carry out instructions spoken in
the English language and written in a
variety of documents and reference
relevant to the job.
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