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OTA 2020 Annual Report

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www.ota.orgThe Orthopaedic Trauma Association is the worldwide authoritative source for the optimum treatment and prevention of traumatic musculoskeletal injury.Annual Report2020

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MissionThe mission of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) is to promote excellence in care for the injured patient, through provision of scientific forums and support of musculoskeletal research and education of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the public. VisionThe OTA will be the authoritative source for the optimum treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injury, will effectively communicate this information to the Orthopaedic and medical community and will seek to influence health care policy that impacts care and prevention of injury.ValueThe OTA is adaptable, forward thinking and fiscally responsible and is composed of a diverse worldwide membership who provide care and improve the knowledge base for the treatment of injured patients. OTA members provide worldwide leadership through education, research and patient advocacy.ACCME® AccreditedThe Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) has been reviewed by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®)and awarded continuing accreditation for 4 years as a provider of continuing medical education (CME) for physicians. Accreditation in the ACCME System seeks to assure the medical community and the public that OTA delivers education that is relevant to clinicians’ needs, evidence-based, evaluated for its effectiveness, and independent of commercial influence.– 2 –ContentsVirtual Education Courses 14OTA Online & Journals 15Balance Sheet 16Statement of Operations 17Membership 18International OTA 19 Research 20Global Outreach 21Advocacy 22Board of Directors & Committee Chairs 23President’s Message 3Icon & Legend Awards 4Legacy Society 5Sponsors, Members & Friends Awards 6Associate Awards 7Corporate & Foundation Partners 8OTA Strategic Goals 9Organizational Excellence 10Educational Offerings 11Award Papers 12-13

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Message from the President: A Year in ReviewHeather Vallier, MDOTA PresidentAs I reflect on 2020 and its many challenges, I am amazed by the perseverance and accomplishments of the membership of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association. I’m proud to be part of an organization with so many members who are willing to contribute their expertise, time, and resources. Following is a summary of 2020 accomplishments achieved as a result of their collective talent and dedication.– 3 –First and most importantly, I again want to acknowledge the many members who donated their time in 2020, whether you presented at the OTA’s first virtual Annual Meeting, served as faculty for one of our virtual courses, shared your expertise on a COVID webinar, led case discussions for Fracture Night in America, volunteered as an OTA committee or task force member, submitted a video for the OTA Video Library, authored a Core Curriculum presentation, helped launch the OTA Podcast, shared a case on the new OTA Discussion Forum, contributed to the Rockwood and Green quarterly updates, reviewed or authored JOT or OTAI articles, or helped out in a myriad of other ways. Please know that ALL your contributions were especially impactful in 2020. I also want to extend sincere appreciation to the 2020 OTA donors. Your contributions were appreciated more than ever in such a challenging year.· Icon and Legend Awards (lifetime giving of $25,000 and greater) · Legacy Society (lifetime giving of $10,000 and greater) · 2020 Donors We are also especially grateful for industry support received in 2020. Sincerely,Heather Vallier, MD2020-21 OTA President

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AcknowledgmentsThe OTA is pleased to honor the following individuals who have reached a lifetime giving level of $50,000 or greater.Icon Awards (lifetime giving of $50,000+) Kathy Cramer, MD†Roy Sanders, MDDr. Todd W. and Mrs. Jennifer MaillyDr. Thomas (Toney) A. and Mrs. Gina Russell†=deceased– 4 –Icon &Legend AwardsLegend Awards (lifetime giving of $25,000 and greater) Kyle J. Jeray, MDRoss K. Leighton, MDWilliam M. Ricci, MDMarc F. Swiontkowski, MDDouglas W. Lundy, MD, MBA David C. Teague, MDBruce H. Ziran, MD, FACS

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Marc A Aiken, MDJeffrey O. Anglen, MDPaul T. Appleton, MDMichael T. Archdeacon, M.D., M.S.EAtlantic Provinces Orthopedic SocietyJames C. Binski, MDChristopher T. Born, MDMichael J. Bosse, MDTimothy J. Bray, MDBruce R. Buhr, MDDr. and Mrs. Joseph CassMichael W. Chapman, MDPeter A. Cole, MDCurt P. Comstock, MDWilliam R. Creevy, MDBrett D. Crist, MD, FAAOS, FACS, FAOAGregory J. Della Rocca, MD, PhD, FACSKenneth A. Egol, MD Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Tampa, Florida Stuart M. Gold, MDJohn T Gorczyca, MDJames A. Goulet, MDRamon B. Gustilo, MDDavid J. Hak, MD, MBA, FACSDavid L. Helfet, MDAlan L. Jones, MDClifford B. Jones, MD, FACSGerald J. Lang, MDFrank W Maletz, MD, FACSJ. Lawrence Marsh, MDAcknowledgmentsThe OTA is pleased to honor the following individuals and organizations who have reached a lifetime giving level of $10,000 or greater.Legacy Society (lifetime giving of $10,000 and greater) – 5 –Legacy SocietySincre GatitudeSimon C. Mears, MD, PhDTheodore Miclau, III, MDSteven J. Morgan, MDJames V Nepola, MDSteven A. Olson, MDWilliam Obremskey, MD, MPH, MMHCGlenn E. Oren, MDOrthoArizona, Phoenix, ArizonaJames M. Pape, MDBrendan Patterson, MDAndrew N. Pollak, MDMichael J. Prayson, MDRobert A. Probe, MDMark Cameron Reilly, MDAndrew H. Schmidt, MDJohn Schwappach, MDBrian R. Sears, MDMichael S. Sirkin, MDJeffrey M. Smith, MDDavid C. Templeman, MDPaul Tornetta, III, MDDr. Peter & Mrs. Frances TraftonUSCF/SFGH Orthopaedic Trauma InstituteHeather Vallier, MDJ Tracy Watson, MDJohn Charles Weinlein, MDEdward C. Yang, MD

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AcknowledgmentsThe Orthopaedic Trauma Association gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their generous financial support received through OTA and through OREF to fund OTA reviewed research grants and educational programs.2020 Sponsors Award ($5,000 – $25,000) Jason Lowe, Max TalbotSincere appreciation is extended to all OTA donors. 2020 Members Award ($1,000 – $4,999) Marc A. Aiken, Mark J. Anders, Paul T. Appleton, Michael Archdeacon, Mikhail Bekarev, Emily Benson, Yelena Bogdan, Lisa Kaye Cannada, Chad P. Coles, Curt P. Comstock, R. Richard Coughlin, Niloofar Dehghan, Gregory J. Della Rocca, Francis J. Doyle, William J. Ertl, Darien Friess, Michael J. Gardner, Joshua Layne Gary, Stuart M. Gold, Kevin P. Haddix, David J. Hak, David Leonard Helfet, Thomas F. Higgins, Daniel S. Horwitz, Joseph R. Hsu, Kyle J. Jeray, Madhav A. Karunakar, Justin R. Kauk, Stephen A. Kottmeier, Philip J. Kregor, Kevin M. Kuhn, Douglas W. Lundy, Thuan V. Ly, John P. Lyden, Christiaan N. Mamczak, Meir Marmor, Michael McKee, Simon C. Mears, Theodore Miclau III, Anna N. Miller, Hassan Riaz Mir, Steven J. Morgan, Saam Morshed, Brian H. Mullis, James V. Nepola, William T. Obremskey, Robert Ostrum, Brendan M. Patterson, William Ricci, Thomas A. (Toney) Russell, Milan K. Sen, Jeffrey J. Sundblad, David C. Teague, J. Andrew Trenholm, Heather Vallier, John Charles Weinlein, Paul Spencer Whiting, A. Paige Whittle, Richard S. Yoon2020 Friends Award ($250 – $999) Atif Ahmed, A. Herbert Alexander, Peter Althausen, Daniel T. Altman, Jonathan Barnwell*, Scott R. Bassuener, Brent J. Bauer, Dan Bazylewicz, Christopher T. Born, Bruce R. Buhr, Sean Thomas Campbell, Eben A. Carroll, Kathleen Caswell, Michael W. Chapman, Peter A. Cole, Matthew R. Craig, Brett Duane Crist, Thomas A. DeCoster, Eliana Delgado, Anthony Ding, Nicholas Joseph DiNicola, Christopher Doro, Andrew D. Duckworth*, W. Andrew Eglseder, Wendy Feinberg*, Harold Michael Frisch, Eric W. Fulkerson, Matthew P. Gardner*, David C. Goodspeed, John T. Gorczyca, Gerald Q. Greenfield, Mark Hake*, William M. Hakeos, David Hampton, Mitchel B. Harris, E Justin P. Hawes, Roman A. Hayda, Joseph Hoegler, Catherine A. Humphrey, Todd Jaeblon, Aaron J. Johnson, Clifford B. Jones, Utku Kandemir, Alan T. Kawaguchi, Peter Kazmier, John P. Ketz, Mauricio Kfuri, Conor P. Kleweno, Peter Carl Krause, Jacqueline J. Krumrey, Joseph Michael Lane, Gerald J. Lang, Theodore Toan Le, Adam K. Lee, Steven S. Louis, J. Lawrence Marsh, Paul E. Matuszewski, Mark McAndrew, R. Trigg McClellan, Patricia R. Melvin*, Matthew R. Gopinath Menon, Jason W. Nascone, Chinedu C. Nwosa*, Robert V. O’Toole, James M. Pape, Andrew N. Pollak, Rachel Reilly*, Craig S. Roberts, Edward K. Rodriguez, Andrew T. Saterbak, Richard S. Schenk, Susan A. Scherl, Gregory J. Schmeling, Prism Schneider, John R. Schwappach, Cary C. Schwartzbach, Marcus Sciadini, John Scolaro, David Shearer, Steven Douglas Sides*, Gerard Slobogean, Sandeep Paul Soin, Gillian Soles, James P. Stannard, Gregory C. Strohmeyer*, Christopher B. Sugalski, David Tainter*, Lisa A. Taitsman, Jennifer Tangtiphaiboontana, Paul Alexander Toogood, Jose B. Toro, Peter G. Trafton, Gregory A. Vrabec, Emily Wagstrom, David S. Weisman, David B. Weiss, Ryan E. Will, John J. Wixted, Zachary Working** Sincere gratitude is extended to OTA 1st time donorsContributions as of 12/2020– 6 –

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2020 Associates Award (Up to $249) Samuel G. Agnew, Jaimo Ahn, Stuart A. Aitken, Eliza Anderson*, Jeffrey O. Anglen, Elhadi Babikir*, Chelsea Bahney*, Benjamin Best*, James A. Blair, Robert H. Blotter, J. Stephen Brecht, CPT Benjamin Childs, Alec Cikes, Carol E. Copeland, Kory Cornum, Alexander M. Crespo*, Nicholas Danford, Graham J. DeKeyser*, Glenn R. Diekmann, Andrew R. Fras*, Bethany Gallagher*, Steven Gammon*, Matthew Robert Garner, Jacqueline Geissler, Adam Gitlin, Christopher Grimsrud, Andrew W. Grose, Jonathan M. Gross, Robert Gunderson*, Susan Palmer Harding, Edward J. Harvey, Giselle Marie Hernandez, Mike Hogervorst, Chad Ishmael*, Victor T. Jando, James F. Kellam, Mark A. Kelley, Paul K. Kosmatka, Hans J. Kreder, Michael Krosin, Thomas Large, Patrick B. Leach, Carol A. Lin*, Michael Linn*, Frank Liporace, Frank Lyons, Geoffrey Marecek Jessie C. Mcbeth*, Richard P. Meinig, Michael E. Miller, Charles N. Moon*, Vidushan Nadarajah*, Mark C. Olson, James Ostrander, Michele A. Prevost, Thomas Revak*, John Riehl*, Jason W. Roberts, David Matthew Romano, Augustine M. Saiz, Jr.*, Joseph Peter Scheschuk, Kyle Schweser*, Babar Shafiq, Jon R. Shereck, Carla S. Smith, Jeffrey M. Smith, David Swanson, Eric Swart, Todd A. Swenning, Alex Telis, Herbert J. Thomas III, Laura Lowe Tosi, Rahul Vaidya*, Pieter Jan van Huijstee*, Corey Vande Zandschulp*, Cai Wadden, David T. Watson, Lawrence X. Webb, John Weston*, John Charles Wheeler, Patrick Yoon, Terri A. Zachos, Lu Zhang, David Zuelzer* – 7 –Thank You!

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AcknowledgmentsWe are especially grateful for industry support received in 2020. The continued success and increased impact of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association’s mission is dependent upon foundation and industry support.“Even in an unprecedented year such as this, OTA gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our 2020 corporate partners to OTA Research & Education.”Corporate and Foundation PartnersPlatinum Award ($150,000 – $249,999)Gold Award ($100,000 – $149,999) Silver Award ($75,000 – $99,999) Bronze Award ($50,000 – $74,999) Copper Award ($25,000 – $49,999) Sponsor Award ($5,000 – $24,999) – 8 –

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– 9 –QualityUtilize the highest quality evidence to lead in the development of practice guidelines, standards, and metrics that ensure quality and value in the delivery of care for the orthopaedic trauma patient.EducationServe as the worldwide authority and provider of education in musculoskeletal trauma utilizing innovative methods to deliver the highest quality educational content to an increasingly diverse population of healthcare providers and patients.ResearchDefine orthopaedic trauma research needs and priorities, and establish independent funding mechanisms that foster a high quality, innovative portfolio of research projects to address those needs and advance orthopaedic trauma care.Global OutreachPromote the OTA as the primary global resource for orthopaedic trauma care through international collaboration while advocating for global trauma care and humanitarian assistance.AdvocacyAdvocate for orthopaedic trauma surgeons and providers by supporting careers through mentoring, working to improve wellness in physical and mental health, and shaping and influencing public policy regarding musculoskeletal injury care and the promotion of public safety.OTA Strategic Goals

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– 10 –2020 AccomplishmentsOrganizational ExcellenceThe OTA approved a 3-year strategic plan, with input from the Board of Directors, Committees, and many OTA members.3-YearStrategicPlanThe work of advancing the plan has begun, including the appointment of the following OTA Task Forces: Education Audit Task Force (Kenneth A. Egol, MD, chair)Humanitarian Outreach (Emily S. Benson, MD, chair)Wellness Task Force (Matthew R. Garner, MD, chair)Diversity Task Force (Gil Ortega, MD, chair)Registry Task Force (William T. Obremskey, MD, chair)Patient Education (Philip R. Wolinsky, MD, chair)

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– 11 –For Every Stage of Education 2020 Educational OfferingsOTA Virtual Annual MeetingThe OTA held the first ever OTA Virtual Annual Meeting, with more than 1,600 registered. For those who missed the meeting, there’s still time to register for on-demand content, and to view and earn CME.Award PapersCongratulations to the 2020 Bovill and Highlight Paper, Resident Memorial, International Paper and Poster, and Basic Science Award Recipients! 2020 Bovill Award Winner Vitamin D3 Supplementation Does Not Improve Fracture Healing: A Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled TrialGerard Slobogean, MD; Nathan N O’Hara; Zachary Hanna, BS; Sofia Bzovsky, MSc; Daniel Connelly, BS; Jonathan Derrick Adachi, MD; Sheila Sprague, PhD; Vita-Shock Investigators 2020 Resident Memorial Award Winner Fascia Iliaca Block Decreases Hip Fracture Postoperative Opioid Consumption: A Prospective Randomized Controlled TrialJeffrey Thompson, DO; David Galos, MD; Mitchell Long, DO; Charles J. Ruotolo, MD; Rhyne Champ Dengenis, DO 2020 Basic Science - Best Paper Award Winner Articular Fracture in the Knee of T-Cell-Deficient Mice Results in More Severe Posttraumatic ArthritisMichael W. Buchanan, BS; Bridgette D. Furman, BS; Jacob Zeitlin, BS; Janet L. Huebner, MS; John Yi, PhD;Virginia Byers Kraus, PhD; Steven A. Olson, MD 2020 Best International Paper Award Winner Can a Standardized “Squat-and-Smile” Assessment Avoid Radiographic Check and Increase Follow-up Rate of Trauma Patients in Hardship Areas?Michael W. Buchanan, BS; Bridgette D. Furman, BS; Jacob Zeitlin, BS;

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– 12 –Award Papers, continued2020 Best International Poster Award Winner Patient-Reported Outcome Measures of Surgically Treated Acetabular Fractures Without C-Arm in EthiopiaSamuel Hailu, MD; Amanuel Leulseged Wolde, MD; Shikuria Lemma Nida, MD; Samuel Tesfaye Shiferaw, MD; Jonathan Yates, MBChB 2020 Highlight Papers Intramedullary Kirschner Wires Versus Titanium Elastic Nails for Pediatric Femur Fractures: Preliminary Results From A Randomized Clinical Trial in Dar Es Salaam, TanzaniaEdmund Ndalama Eliezer, MD; Msami Evarist Ngowi, MD; Revocatus Benard Luziba, MD; Bryson McHaro Ikoshi, FRCS (Ortho); John Mina Ibrahim, MD; Emmanuel Roagthe Lema, MMED (Ortho); David Shearer, MD; Saam Morshed, MD; Patrick Curran, MD∆ Simple Decompression Versus Anterior Transposition of the Ulnar Nerve for Distal Humerus Fractures Treated with Plate Fixation: Secondary Outcomes of A Randomized TrialEmil H. Schemitsch, MD; Gurrattan Chandhoke, BS; Christine Schemitsch, BS; Niloofar Dehghan, MD; Milena Vicente, RN; Aaron Nauth, MD; Jeremy Hall, MD; Michael D. McKee, MDRisk Factors for AVN After Talar FracturesMaxwell C. Alley, MD; Paul Tornetta, MDOutcomes of 51E Femoral Neck Fractures in Young Adults Treated with A “Medial” Buttress Plate to Augment Traditional FixationCory Alan Collinge MD; Hassan Riaz Mir, MD; Michael T. Archdeacon, MD; Michael John Beltran, MD; Michael J. Gardner, MD; Paul Tornetta, MD; John Alan Scolaro, MD; John P. Ketz, MD; Jaimo Ahn, MD; Stephen A. Sems, MD; Chad Coles, MD; Brett D. Crist, MD; Andres Felipe Rodriguez-Buitrago, MD; Kyle James Jeray, MD; Patrick F. Bergin, MD; Joseph R. Hsu, MD; Andrew H. Schmidt, MD; Jesse Patton Robinette, MD; Walter W. Virkus, MD; Brian Mullis, MD; Timothy G. Weber, MD; Daniel Scott Horwitz, MD; Robert A. Hymes, MD∆ OTA GrantAwardWinners

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– 13 –Award Papers, continued2020 Highlight Papers, continued Is It Time To Stop Routine Cultures In Low-Risk Nonunion Surgeries?Ainsley Katherine Bloomer, BA; Olivia Rice, MD; Louis Lewandowski, MD; Gisele Bailey, MS; Amber Nicole Stanley, BS; Katheryn Marianne Peterson, BS; Matt Morris, BA; Susan Marie Odum, PhD; Ziqing Yu, MS; Meghan Wally, MSPH; Christine Churchill, BA; William T. Obremskey, MD; Elsa Beatriz Rodriguez, MD; Michael J. Bosse, MD; Laurence Kempton, MD; Kevin Daniel Phelps, MD; Rachel Seymour, PhD; Stephen H. Sims, MD; Madhav A. Karunakar, MD; Joseph R. Hsu, MDQuantifying Urinary and Sexual Dysfunction Following Pelvic FractureKelly Ann Lefaivre, MD; Pierre Guy, MD; Peter Joseph O’Brien, MD; Henry M. Broekhuyse, MDWhat Factors Increase Revision Surgery Risk when Treating Displaced Femoral Neck Fractures with Arthroplasty: A Secondary Analysis of the Health TrialMichael Blankstein, MD; Emil H. Schemitsch, MD; Sofia Bzovsky, MSc; Rudolf W. Poolman, MD; Frede Frihagen, MD; Daniel Axelrod, MD; Diane Heels-Ansdell, MSc; Mohit Bhandari, MD; Sheila Sprague, PhD; Patrick Christopher Schottel, MD; HEALTH Investigators FRCS (Ortho)One-Year Results of a Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial of Operative Versus Nonoperative Fixation of Minimally Displaced Lateral Compression Pelvis Fractures: Secondary Analysis of Previously Reported Short-Term ResultsGerard Slobogean, MD; Greg E. Gaski, MD; Jason Warren Nascone, MD; Marcus F. Sciadini, MD; Roman Natoli, MD; Theodore Thomas Manson, MD; Christopher T. LeBrun, MD; Todd Owen McKinley, MD; Walter W. Virkus, MD; Anthony T. Sorkin, MD; Krista M. Brown, MS; Andrea Lynn Howe, BS; Joshua Rudnicki, BS; Blessing Enobun, MBBS; Nathan N. O’Hara; Robert V. O’Toole, MDGeneral Health Outcomes for Operative Versus Nonoperative Treatment of Acute, Unstable Chest Wall Injuries: Results from a Previous Randomized Controlled TrialChristine Schemitsch, BS; Aaron Nauth, MD; Michael D. McKee, MD; Emil H. Schemitsch, MD; Milena Vicente, RN; Richard Jenkinson, MD; Hans J. Kreder, MD; Niloofar Dehghan, MD Utility of Fibular Fixation in Same-Level Tibia and Fibula Fractures: A Randomized Controlled TrialRichard E. Buckley, MD; Paul James Duffy, MD; Robert Korley, MD; Ryan Martin, MD; Stephanie Yee, BS; Aftab Akbari, RN; Leah Schultz, RN; Prism Schneider, MDVenous Thromboembolism in Hip Fracture Patients: A Subanalysis of the Faith Aand Health TrialsDavid Robert Walker Macdonald, FRCS (Ortho); David William Neilly, FRCS (Ortho); Prism Schneider, MD; Sofia Bzovsky, MSc; Sheila Sprague, PhD; Daniel Axelrod, MD; Rudolf W. Poolman, MD; Frede Frihagen, MD; Mohit Bhandari, MD; Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD; Emil H. Schemitsch, MD; Iain Stevenson, FRCS (Ortho); FAITH Investigators FRCS (Ortho); HEALTH Investigators FRCS (Ortho)

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– 14 –Virtual Education Courses Fracture Night in AmericaOTA Launched the very popular Fracture Night in America, organized by Derek Donegan, MD, (Fracture Night Organizer) Samir Mehta, MD (Education Committee Chair), with a highly talented and dedicated faculty. Fracture Night in America“Fracture Night” is a series of complimentary, informal, case conference sessions targeted primarily at residents and fellows. Sessions run about 45 minutes and take place at 8:30 p.m. CT / 9:30 p.m. ET each Wednesday. Participation is open. Visit for the conference schedule.CONTENT SPOTLIGHTRockwood and Green Timely Textbook Chapter Updates!OTA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALVirtual Education CoursesWe successfully transitioned 2020 educational courses to virtual. Sincere gratitude is extended to all faculty for their contributions. • Webinar Series• 3 COVID Webinars • Advanced Resident Course• Fellows Course• Fall Residents CoursePodcast2020 also saw the launch of the OTA Podcast series, with 48 podcasts recorded and released in 2020. It has proven to be very popular, with more than 35K downloads to date. Sincere thanks to the outstanding work of the Podcast Subcommittee (chaired by Sanjit Konda, MD) and the contributions of the many podcast guests! Haven’t tuned in yet? Listen to hear what is trending now.

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– 15 –OTA OnlineOTA OnlineEnhancements to OTA Online included:• The addition of quarterly Rockwood and Green Updates• New surgical techniques and OTA Annual Meeting videos• Several platform improvements OTA International continues to grow in popularity, is currently indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and has received acceptance for indexing in PubMed Central. Use of the OTA Online Discussion Forum continues to increase. CONTENT SPOTLIGHTRockwood and Green Timely Textbook Chapter Updates!VIDEO LIBRARYOrthopaedic Trauma Procedures & Techniques VideosAnnual Meeting and ConferencesINDUSTRY PARTNER PRESENTATIONSJOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC TRAUMA OTA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALOTA InternationalTotal manuscripts received: 317Total manuscripts accepted: 124Total manuscripts rejected: 53Active peer reviewers: 268Indexed by: DOAJ, PubMed Central (pending)Timeline: Submission to rejection: 100 days Submission to acceptance: 140 days Journal of Orthopaedic TraumaTotal manuscripts received: 1360Total manuscripts published: 183Total manuscripts rejected: 1003

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– 16 –FiscallyStrongBalance Sheet* 2020 2019Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents $ 3,515,802 $ 3,094,281 Investments, net 14,155,734 11,260,417 Accounts Receivables 606,601 646,431 Prepaid Expenses 124,125 157,027 Property and Equipment, net 232,016 327,728 Other Assets 5,974 5,974 Total Assets $ 18,640,252 $ 15,491,858 Liabilities Accounts Payable $ 1,117,404 $ 906,141 Deferred Income 838,942 678,161 Other Liabilities 192,299 - Total Liabilities $ 2,148,645 $ 1,584,302 Net Assets Without Donor Restrictions $ 15,667,027 $ 13,012,802 With Donor Restrictions 824,580 894,754 Total Net Assets $ 16,491,607 $ 13,907,556 Total Liabilities and Net Assets $ 18,640,252 $ 15,491,858 * Unaudited 2020 Use of Funds Publications/OTA Online 13%Management and Administrative 29%Board and Committees 5%Annual Meeting 20%Courses 8%Grants and Awards 25%* Unaudited

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– 17 –Statement of Operations 2020 2019Operating Revenues Membership Dues $ 1,163,125 $ 1,010,385 Annual Meeting 699,683 2,420,039 Courses 93,150 806,254 Contributions, Grants, and Donations 579,490 1,097,145 Publications/OTA Online 572,095 560,783 Other Income 128,016 128,547 Investment Income, net 2,397,853 1,915,408 Total Revenues $ 5,633,412 $ 7,938,561 Operating Expenses Management and Administrative $ 876,341 $ 889,312 Board and Committees 143,847 300,899 Annual Meeting 625,697 1,501,373 Courses 241,744 874,460 Grants and Awards 752,871 753,321 Publications/OTA Online 408,861 425,124 Total Expenses $ 3,049,361 $ 4,744,489 Total Net Increase $ 2,584,051 $ 3,194,072 * Unaudited 2020 Sources of Income Investment Income, net 43%Membership Dues 21%Annual Meeting 12%Courses 2%Contributions, Grants and Donations 10%Publications/OTA Online 10%Other Income 2%

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Dedicated to the highest standards of patient care.– 18 –MembershipThe OTA welcomed 186 new members in 2020.23 members transitioned to OTA Active member status. Congratulations on this achievement:Mohammad AlzahraniJohn-David BlackYelena BogdanSteven CherneyDavid CinatsJason Davis John DawsonJarrod DumpeWarren GardnerMatthew GarnerJohn HagedornJoseph HoeglerMani Kahn Lorrin LeeJohn MansourMatthew PatrickMotasem RefaatAaron SopJason StrelzowSudeep TaksaliKostas TriantafillouIndresh VenkatarayappaRichard Yoon OTA Membership by TypeMember Type Count Active (27%) 725 Candidate (16%) 441 Clinical (30%) 819 Emeritus (6%) 152 International (15%) 410 Research (1%) 21 Practice Professional (5%) 142Total OTA Members 2,710 10% Growth since 2019OTA Members2,710Total OTA Members63 Countries

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International OTA (IOTA) has continued to grow as well. • IOTA now includes 20 society members, representing 21 countries. • The group jointly published an article in OTA International, launched a newsletter, participated in the 2020 Virtual Meeting and is planning the first IOTA Triennial Meeting for December 2022. – 19 –Country Flag Society Name (Website) Country AATO (Asociación Argentina del Trauma Ortopédico) ArgentinaAOA (Australian Orthopaedic Association) AustraliaBrazilian Society of Orthopedic Trauma BrazilBOTA (Belgian Orthopaedic Trauma Association) BelgiumCAOS (Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons) ChinaSCCOT (Colombian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeryand Traumatology)ColombiaDGU (German Trauma Society) GermanyHAOST (Hellenic Association of Orthopaedic and Traumatology) GreeceTrauma Society of India IndiaIsraeli Orthopaedic Trauma Society IsraelOTODI (Ortho. and Trauma Specialists Hospital of Italy) ItalyJSFR (Japanese Society for Fracture Repair) JapanFEMECOT (Federación Mexicana de Colegios de Ortopedia y Traumatología)MexicoNVT (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Traumachirurgie) The NetherlandsSAOTS (South African Orthopaedic Trauma Society) South AfricaKorean Fracture Society South KoreaSOTA-SECOT(Spanish Orthopaedic Trauma Association) SpainSGC/SSC (Die Schweizer Chirurginnen und Chirurgen) SwitzerlandOTS (Orthopaedic Trauma Society) United KingdomOTA (Orthopaedic Trauma Association) United States and Canada

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– 20 –Among thehighest of priorities - orthopaedic trauma research funding ResearchThe OTA is pleased to have funded 18 grants, totaling $715,371 in 2020. • OTA Grants awarded in October 2020: (grant cycle beginning January 1, 2021; 13 grants total $625,931).• OTA Grants awarded in March 2020: (grant cycle beginning June 2020; 5 grants total $89,440).• The Strategic Research Initiative Committee launched a research mentor program.OTA Cumulative Grant Funding 1990-2020Over 437 Research Grants Awarded, totaling over 12 Million DollarsOver 578 PresentationsOver 248 Publications Over 57.5 Million Dollars of additional grant awards to studies that began as OTA funded research studies!

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Becoming the primary global resource for orthpaedic trauma care.– 21 – Global OutreachHumanitarianThe Humanitarian Committee awarded three Humanitarian Awards, with two participating in the 2020 Virtual Meeting. Humanitarian AwardsDaniele Sciuto, MDAbstract Submission: Can a Standardized “Squat-and-Smile” Assessment Avoid X-ray Check and Increase Follow-up Rate of Trauma Patients in Hardship Areas?Best Paper – International Trauma Care ForumSamual Hailu, MDAbstract Submission: Patient-Reported Outcome Measures of Surgically Treated Acetabular Fractures without C-arm in EthiopiaBest Poster – International Trauma Care ForumFaseeh Shahab, MBBS, MD(USA), FCPSAbstract Submission: Outcomes of Early Intramedullary Nailing in Open Tibia Fractures in Low and Middle Income Countries

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– 22 – AdvocacyOTA aligned with the efforts of the AAOS Board of Specialty Society Office of Government Relations to support orthopaedic issues. Issues supported by the AAOS BOS included: • Worked with Congress to protect patients from surprise medical bills for emergent procedures without instituting a federal benchmark rate. A solution containing an independent dispute resolution (IDR) process and other priorities was included in year-end legislation. • Secured the support of 77 members of Congress for our requested $35 million for the peer-reviewed orthopaedic research program in the FY 2021 Defense Appropriations legislation. The program received $30 million, consistent with past levels of funding. • Requested $11.5 million for the Mission Zero program, funding grants for military physicians and trauma teams to practice in civilian trauma centers. While the program has been successfully authorized by Congress, we haven’t yet secured funding as Congress focuses on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll continue to fight for funding for Mission Zero in 2021. • Advocated with federal regulators (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) through meetings and written requests to distribute adequate personal protective equipment for frontline COVID-19 care teams and change the eligibility definitions for receipt of Provider Relief Funds during the pandemic which led to 1,760 orthopaedic practices across the country receiving $296,967,483 in grants by July 2020. • Advocated with federal regulators (i.e., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]) to publish guidance on safety of surgical teams in the early stages of the pandemic. • Advocated with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and CDC to develop clear guidance on suspension of non-emergent surgeries and subsequent resumption of medically necessary time sensitive surgeries. • Advocated persistently with federal regulators through meetings and written comments on access to care and patient safety issues for acute trauma cases as a result of eliminating the Medicare Inpatient Only List for all 266 musculoskeletal procedures.Advocating for Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons.

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OTA 2020 Board of Directors (2020 - 2021)– 23 –OTA Committee and Task Force ChairsAnnual Program Committee Stephen Kottmeier, MDBasic Science, Sub-committee Aaron Nauth, MDBylaws & Hearings Committee Thomas DeCoster, MDClassification & Outcomes Committtee Meir Marmor, MDDisaster Management Preparedness Committee Roman Hayda, MDEvidence Based Value and Quality Committee Jaimo Ahn, MDEducation Committee Samir Mehta, MDFellowship & Career Choices Committee Madhav Karunakar, MDFellowship Compliance Sub-committee Jason Roberts, MDFund Development Committee Dan Horwitz, MDFinance & Audit Committee Hassan Mir, MDHealth Policy & Planning Committee Todd Swenning, MDHumanitarian Committee Richard Coughlin, MDInternational Relations Committee Hans-Christoph Pape, MDMilitary Committee Lt. Col. Christopher LeBrun, MD (USAF)Online Discussion Forum Committee Richard Yoon, MDPractice Management Committee Frank Liporace, MDPublications Committee Michael Gardner, MDPodcast Sub-committee Sanjit Konda, MDPublic Relations Committee Jason Lowe, MDResearch Committee Andrew Trenholm, MDStrategic Research Initiative Committee Saam Morshed, MDTraveling Fellowship Committee Anna Miller, MDVideo Library Committee Mark Hake, MDNominating Committee Michael McKee, MDMembership Committee Conor Kleweno, MDHeather Vallier, MDOTA President Michael Archdeacon, MDPresident Elect Brendan Patterson, MD2nd President Elect Michael McKee, MDImmediate Past President David Teague, MD2nd Past President Hassan Mir, MDCFOThomas Higgins, MDSecretaryPatient Education Project Team Philip Wolinsky, MDDiversity Task Force Gil Ortega, MDRegistry Task Force William Obremskey, MDWellness Task Force Matthew Garner, MDEducational Audit Task Force Kenneth Egol, MDEducational Outreach Task Force Emily Benson, MDThe OTA acknowledges the following BOD / Committee Chairs who completed their terms in 2020. Since gratitude is extended to each for their contributions. BOD members rolling off:William M. Ricci, MD Presidential line 2015 – 2020Chad P. Coles, MD Member-at-Large 2017 – 2020Douglas W. Lundy, MD, MBA CFO 2018 – 2021Committee Chairs rolling off: Matthew D. Karam, MDClassification & Outcomes Committee Chair 2017 - 2020Mark Lee, MDPublic Relations Committee Chair 2017 – 2020Kenneth A. Egol, MDVideo Library Committee Chair 2018 - 2020Milan K. Sen, MDMembership Committee Chair 2018 – 2020Anna Miller, MDMember-at-Large Philip Wolinsky, MDMember-at-Large Joseph Hsu, MDMember-at-Large Stephen KottmeierAnnual Program Chair Theodore Miclau, III, MDEx-officio, IOTA Steering Committee Chair Michael Gardner, MDEx-officio, Publications Committee Chair

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