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Ornaments For Christmas


By Mia Marcozzi, Riley Stiner, and Christian San Nicolas  


Once there was a tree. Her name is Holly and she's an...interesting tree.

She didn't know what Christmas is all about! No one ever told her.

The town would always put ornaments, candy canes, and lots of lights on her every year. But she didn’t know why. She was as clueless as a mouse

But this year, the people of Evergreen didn't decorate Holly. She overheard that her decorations were missing!

She was devastated that she couldn't be decorated this year. She just wanted to decorated, so she came up with an idea...


The night before Christmas Eve, Holly decided to go looking for decorations. She wanted to make sure she was completely decorated and ready for Christmas, but she had to do it before Christmas Morning. So Holly hobbled down the street.

She searched the town for hours, but she couldn't find anything except a street full of carollers. Their beautiful carols filled the streests with life.

Holly heard the carollers singing while walking down the road. She watched the carollers go from door to door. One of them jingled a bell. Jingle Jingle.

Holly watched as the carollers greeted people at their doors. She saw how happy the people were when they heard the carollers singing. It was like a rainbow shining through a dark cloud.

After the carollers left, she saw some Christmas lights hanging on a lamp post. A strong wind blew and the lights flew through the air and wrapped themselves around Holly.

Then Holly saw a sparkle on the side of the road right outside a toy store. Right as Holly spotted it, WHOOSH, she ran like a cheetah to get the, but right before she left, she watched the owner give a a toy to a child passing by.

The boy was very happy with his present and thanked the toy store owner for his gift. Holly enjoyed seeing the kindness shown by the strore owner. Because of his act, this made her more determined to find the last of what she needed.

It was very late on Christmas Eve and Holly still couldn't find those candy canes! She looked all over town and couldn't find even one!  

After searching the town for hours she gave up. It was almost Christmas Morning and the snowflakes were floating from the sky. She didn't have her candy canes. So she returned to the town square where she stood, incomplete, without any candy canes.

But when the sun leaped over the mountains surrounding Evergreen, one small girls walked over to Holly. She was holding something that looked like...

YES, A CANDY CANE! Suddenly everyone started putting candy canes one after the other.

Holly was so happy! She was now completely decorated and felt whole.

The happy Christmas tree now dog tired from her Christmas Eve adventure can rest. With all the people of Evergreen gathered around her, she can enojoy Christian with all her friends. The More The Merrier!

Christmas comes but once a year, and no matter what, don't forget what it's all about...

Giving is their gift to you. So make sure you spend time with the people close to you this Christmas.