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WhoOptima-life brings together knowledge and experience from the worlds of health, business and elite sport and, since 2008, we have been delivering programmes and providing support to organisations who recognise that their people are important. We pride ourselves on the impact we have had, and are driven by the values of progress, fairness and community.WhatOur programmes focus on the Key Human Performance Indicators (KHPIs) that allow people and teams to be energised, focused and purposeful in all aspects of life.To ensure the work is relevant to both your people and your organisation we use a methodology called MAINframe. Measurement and Analysis provides the insight; talks and workshops Inspire; and our digital support kits will Nurture. We look to deliver programmes that are relevant, meaningful and lasting.WhyOrganisations and their people are dealing with a rate of change that is unprecedented. As Covid 19disrupted the lives, businesses and communities of the world it has been challenging for all, for some devastating. It is hardly surprising that absence, especially related to mental health, attrition, and indeed the future are of concern. It is a time to reflect, realign and reboot.

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Great teams have so much more than talent. They have a sense of purpose, an understanding and the adaptability to successfully ride the waves of 21st Century working life.

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THE BALANCE PROGRAMMEThe BALANCE programme enables people to:• Reflect on the challenge of ‘work life integration’• Take control of the factors that increase energy and improve their wellbeing• Explore the art and science of resilience• Create their recipe for their lifeAnd results in• Increased awareness of self• A framework for developing personal wellbeing and resilience• Increases knowledge of the KHPIs (Key Human Performance Indicators)• Wellbeing, resilience, balanceOverview• Complete The Balance profiler• Attend the Balance workshop• Report and 1 to 1 feedback• Access to The Festival of Us‘My driver to access this course was to identify which was likely to kill me first, being a CEO in today’s NHS or simply lifestyle. It was lifestyle that won! So, I have prioritized my work life balance, raised my awareness of stress and how to counterbalance it and I am determined to take care of myself better than before.’CEO NHS Trust

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‘Work will always be there tomorrow, but your life, your friends and what is important to you may have disappeared unless you create some balance.’

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MULTIPLIERMultiplier is a programme designed for leaders and managers who are the catalysts for the energy, focus and performance across groups of people. It enables people to:• Reflect on the relationship between expectation, support and performance• Examine the challenges of change and habit formation• Appreciate the motivators of differing generations• Explore the CRAFT of leadershipAnd results in• Increased awareness and effectiveness of teams • A framework where positive habits become part of organisational ‘fabric’ • Engagement, efficiency and energyOverview•Complete The Balance Profiler•Attend The Balance Workshop•Digital lifestyle assessment, report, 1 to 1 feedback•Attend Perform @ Our Peak workshop•Access to The Festival of Us‘Optima-life’s focus on the key human performance indicators was a perfect fit with our people agenda – the content is thought-provoking, structured and accessible, and has had a lasting impact on people’s thinking.’Head of Service OptimisationBanking Sector

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THE FESTIVAL OF USThe Festival of Us is a digital resource that provides people with information and insights into all things relating to health, wellbeing and performance.Featuring films, infographics, blogs and tips, the content can be shared across multiple communication channels, and with fresh content being highlighted every month the factors that are the foundation stones for health, wellbeing and performance become part of your culture.The Festival of Us is provided to anyone who attends anOptima-life course or can be purchased independently for use across an entire organisation.

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If you would like to find out more, please do make contact and we can talk through an approach that will be designed to work for you, your people and your organisation. info@optima-life.com0207 135