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Oprah Winfrey
Sam Shah
Period 6
Oprah is one of the most influential and
successful people in the world. With her talk
show and company OWN, she has a net worth of
over $2 billion, being the wealthiest African-
American in the US.
Early Life
Oprah was born on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko,
Mississippi as ORPAH Winfrey. She comes from a very
poor background, being primarily raised by her
grandmother, moving around the country with her parents.
In high school, she won an oratory contest, which got her a
full scholarship to Tennessee State University, where she
studied communications.
Career Beginnings
During her senior year of high school and the first
two years of college, she did the news part time on
WVOL, a local black radio station in Nashville. She
went on to be a news anchor for several news
stations across America. In 1983, Winfrey moved to
Chicago and hosted a morning talk show called AM
Chicago. Shortly after, the show became the highest
rated show in Chicago, and was renamed to The
Oprah Winfrey Show.
Rise to Fame
As her show gained more popularity, she began to
expand. She created her own production company,
Harpo Productions, and is currently president. In
2011, she launched her channel, OWN: Oprah Winfrey
Network. She’s co-authored five books and had a
published magazine: O, The Oprah Magazine.
Major media outlets, like Time, Life, and Forbes have
labelled Oprah as one of the most powerful and
influential women in the world. In 1989, she was
accepted into the NAACP Image Award Hall of Fame.
Her opinions and endorsements have major influence
on public opinion, from book sales to voting. With her
influence, Oprah has changed the course of history and
proved herself phenomenal even coming from