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Operation Save Santa 

By: Maddy Reedy and Kaylen Maier

Back at the L.S.O. (Llama Spy Organization). Martha the Llama Leader had to choose the most powerful spy, besides her of course, to save Santa from the evil gingerbread men.

Llama Spy Organization


              Larry the Llama rose to the occasion.  He knew he had the strength and willingness to save Santa from the evil gingerbread men.  Larry the Llama will save Santa!

        The organization thought It would be to obvious to fly in on jet packs, so he decided to scuba dive to the crime site.  But there was one more catch, he need backup.  Someone that the evil gingerbread men would never expect.

The Arctic Ocean

They need someone cunning, someone that knew the ocean, they needed Natalie. Natalie the Narwhal.  Larry was confused, how could a cute little narwhal be such a spy, but Larry had to do as he was told.

The swim was long and chilly.  Larry was colder than an ice cube.  His little llama fingers felt like they were going to freeze off.  Then like a strong whoosh of wind Natalie appeared. Together they swam the rest of the way to the crime site. 

The wind whispered as Larry crept out of the water.  There was one problem though, Natalie could not go on land!  Larry searched and searched for a solution.  Then he found a coffee pot and was able to fit Natalie in the coffee pot so they could fight.

Outside The North Pole

“Come on Larry let's go eat those cookies!”  Natalie said.  

As they walked toward the North Pole they found the criminals! Ginger ninjas!

North Pole

Bam! Whoosh! Bang! Pow! Crack!

"We stopped the Ginger Ninja's!" Natalie said looking around confused, " Wait, where..."

“No! Santa's workshop is at the bottom of the ocean!”  Larry exclaimed.

"I will save them!” said Natalie.

In a matter of minutes Natalie was back, not only with Santa, but with the whole workshop.

 Larry then grabbed his super, super, extra super, glue and glued the ice back together.

“I'm as hungry as a whale,” Natalie said. 

“I'm as hunger as a horse,”  Larry replied. 

“Man fighting works up and appetite,”  Natalie said. 

“Thank you so much,” Santa said, “and to repay you, I will give you a ride back on my slay, but do to Christmas coming soon my reindeer need to rest. So we have to go on our replacement slay!” 

“Thank you Santa,” they both replied.

On Santa's Slay

Llama Spy Organization

When they got back from there mission the L.S.O. had a special plan. 

To celebrate they had a Disco Party!!!!  

In the end Santa got his workshop back, the evil gingerbread men went to jail, and Larry and Natalie were no longer starving. Also Larry got his plaque. When you have a difficult mission, you get a picture of you dressed up as the person you saved on a plaque that is hung up for ever. Larry finally got his!

As Larry hung up his special plaque Martha got a call. Ring Ring “Yes” said Martha. “Oh no,  okay. Yes, right away,” as Martha hung up the phone she yelled, “Larry get Natalie, the eggs are getting revenge on the Easter Bunny!”