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From theFOUNDERDWAYNE MOORETO DECLAREHIS GLORYMissions *Administration Resources50 40 30 20 10 0 *2022 SPENDING IN PERCENTAGES*Salaries are not included in ministry budget"Nations are opening"We've trained more than 25,000 pastors andworship leaders on 4 continents.Over 6 million have watched our televisionbroadcasts and training videos.Several hundred have come to faith in Christthrough our ministry.Hundreds of churches and schools have utilizedour discipleship resources.Since our incorporation as a nonprofit, 501(c)3ministry 6 years ago...As I trust you'll see from this ministry report, nations are opening for us, as key leaders invite us to comeand help them understand and experience worshipof God inwardly, upwardly, and outwardly. Thank youfor partnering with us as we seek to "Declare hisglory among the nations, his marvelous worksamong all the peoples" (Psalm 96:3).

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MODERN HOUSE PROJECTTable ofIN THE U.S."No one comes here"NEEDED FOR U.S.: $20KPASTORS AND LEADERS AT OURCOLORADO CONFERENCEEncouragementIn the Fall of 2022, NLW had theprivilege of traveling to Vermont andColorado to train pastors and worshipleaders. We were surprised andsaddened by how little supportministers in these remote areas havereceived. Their congregations are sosmall that pastors often have to leadthe music in addition to preaching, andmany have become discouraged. "Noone comes to our area to train us aboutworship," they said. In fact, in Vermont,ours was the first worship conferencemany of them had ever attended oreven heard of. Leaders in both stateshave invited NLW to return in 2023 tolead more conferences with them. Wealso hope to do one-on-one coachingwith some of them and pour into themlong-term. We've recently received an invitation byan alliance of evangelical churches inAngel Fire, New Mexico. They've askedus to come do evangelism andleadership training in 2023.OUR NLW CONFERENCE TEAM IN VERMONTPASTOR BEN FROM OUR HOSTCHURCH IN VERMONTLEADERS FROM CHURCHES INCENTRAL COLORADO

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MODERN HOUSE PROJECTIN THE USIN AFRICAAwakening"This is historic"In 2022, NLW got to do something that'snever been done in Zambia. We broughtpastors and their worship leaders togetherfor 5 full days of training, growing, andworshiping. What's more, church leadersfrom several denominations came togetherand got to know (and respect) each other.Top denominational leaders who attendedmade comments like, "This is historic," "Thisis going to bring spiritual awakening to ourcountry," and "I'm forever changed." Ourhope is to return and lead a much largerschool next year, training not only pastorsand their worship leaders, but children'sworkers, too.PASTORS WITH THEIR WORSHIPLEADERS AT OUR SCHOOL IN ZAMBIA SHAUN PILLAY TEACHING ZAMBIAN PASTORSDWAYNE WITH LEADERS OF THE EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE OF KENYAThe Evangelical Alliance of Kenyarepresents 40,000 churches acrossKenya. They have enthusiastically invitedNext Level Worship International topartner with them to train their pastorson worship and prayer. Our goal is to giveeach pastor who attends ourconferences a copy of Dwayne's latestbook, HE. WE. THEY. The Life-AlteringFormula of the Model Prayer. This is acostly undertaking, but we are trustingthe LORD to raise up people to help us.InvitationNEEDED FOR AFRICA: $40K

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BIBLE SEMINARY IN BONN, GERMANYPartnership"We are brain-storming with Dwayne andplanning for several opportunities together inthe future. I'm so excited for what God hasorchestrated here—the resources and passionNext Level Worship brings to the table fittingwith what is needed and what we are trying toaccomplish at Bible Seminary Bonn. There isgreat potential to impact not only Germany butalso surrounding nations who depend on andlook to what is happening here."Dr. Johannes Schröder, Department Head at Bible Seminary BonnIN EUROPEDWAYNE SPEAKING AT BIBLE SEMINARY IN BONN, GERMANYMEETING CHURCH LEADERSIN GERMANY IN MAY OF '22"There is great potential"NEEDED FOR EUROPE: $10K

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PICTURE TAKEN IN ASIA OFDWAYNE'S WEEKLY SHOWDiscipleshipNLWI has taught close to 3000 pastors and church leaders in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Theseleaders come and watch teaching videos by Dwayne and others on our team. They can also interact livevia Zoom with our team when possible. These servants of God are on the front lines of ministry in verydangerous places. We have tremendous opportunities to train them in worship and help resource andencourage them. We've already translated one of Dwayne's books into Urdu for Pakistan, and we hope tohave more books translated and distributed in various languages and regions of Asia. IN ASIAPAKISTANI PASTORS GRADUATING FROM OUR COURSE"Train them in worship"5726.7M35TV ViewershipCountriesSalvationsNEEDED FOR ASIA: $25KDWAYNE TEACHING PASTORS IN PAKISTAN

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