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WHAT S INSIDE ON THE COVER Tori Tolbert Editor in Chief Balancing family and business 05 08 10 FASHION TRENDS Clothing rental could be the key to a stylishly sustainable fashion HEALTH FITNESS It s eating fat that makes you fat PAGE 10 FEATURE Jared Haas keeping Austin Texas authentic with his Texas sized co working space 13 WORK PERFORMANCE Why remote working makes business sense 22 BUSINESS 70 of people experience a sense of being a phony at work WWW BLAQUELINEENTERTAINMENT COM

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BLAQUELINE MAGAZINE ISSUE 12 Editor s Note 04 From healthy living to spending time with people who make you better this issue celebrates the innovators of being happy and their relentless pursuit for a better work life balance 12 17 We all have goals and visions that may seem too far to reach or at times it all may appear to be a dream that will never reveal itself in our reality That is not true Whatever success you see yourself in make it your purpose to see it come to fruition When I first started BLAQUELINE Magazine I encountered more doubt than I could have ever imagined However what they didn t realize was this magazine was my dream my vision and my reality When you love something so much you will not allow anyone to interfere with your dedication to see it through Never stop dreaming and keep your eyes on the prize You can listen to and or watch our videos by clicking here For more information about our advertising and full page ad specials email us 03 To read archive editions of our magazine click this link IT S INTERACTIVE LIFESTYLE NEWS INTERVIEWS TORI TOLBERT Editor in Chief BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 Happy New Year and what a joy to celebrate our first magazine of 2019 This month I was pleased to sit down briefly with one of our staff writers to discuss my work life balance and a few of my upcoming projects Once the interview ended the phrase Never Stop Dreaming came to mind

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Clothing rental could be the key to a stylishly sustainable fashion WWW BLAQUELINEENTERTAINMENT COM

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Clothing rental could be the key to a stylishly sustainable fashion Is now the time to embrace renting your wardrobe rather than owning it Naomi Braithwaite Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing and Branding Nottingham Trent University Filling landfill with clothing and textiles costs the UK alone an estimated 82m every year But on the flip side the consumption of clothing is hugely important to the economies of many countries too Research from The British Fashion Council for example found that fashion contributes 28 billion directly to the UK economy and globally it is a US 2 4 trillion industry Despite this materialistic values and a widespread desire for having new things twinned with fashion s premise to create and sell different styles has reduced the functional value of clothing making it easily disposable A staggering 100 billion items of clothing are being produced annually and 50 of fast fashion pieces are disposed of within a year In fact recent figures show that one rubbish truck of textiles is thrown away every second globally Little wonder then that fashion has been dubbed incredibly wasteful even by insiders WWW BLAQUELINEENTERTAINMENT COM The problem with fashion Fashion and sustainability have historically had an uncomfortable relationship The 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh along with growing concerns over sweatshop labor have seen fashion companies overhaul their social and environmental impacts Consumers meanwhile have grown increasingly concerned about where and how garments are made But while fashion takes strides to become ethical there are still serious concerns over its environmental impact and contribution to climate change cont on page 7 06 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 A staggering 235m items of unwanted clothing were forecast to be dumped in UK landfill in 2017 while the average American is estimated to bin 81lb 37kg of used clothing annually Over consumption and the inevitable disposal of unwanted clothing has become a worrying global problem and in many cases this clothing is unnecessarily thrown away Instead it could be repaired or recycled

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cont Clothing rental could be the key to a stylishly sustainable fashion Style Fashion is deemed to be one of the world s most polluting industries from toxic chemical use to water pollution and waste Some 35 of the global total of microfibers in the oceans comes from clothes and textiles meaning fashion is a major contributor to this pollution By 2050 it is anticipated the fashion industry will use up 25 of the world s carbon budget So what s the solution A circular economy seeks to move beyond fashion s linear model of take make and waste to close the loop designing out waste and minimizing environmental impacts While fashion brands work to limit their polluting practices through the creation of organic environmentally conscious collections there is still a need to limit the sheer volume of waste that fashion creates Recycling has become an important initiative to address this H M for example has a successful garment collection scheme repurposing their consumers unwanted clothing Other brands meanwhile are using recycled materials to create clothing Outdoor clothing brand Patagonia has made polyester fleece out of recycled plastic bottles While recycling could achieve circulatory by designing out waste it is problematic environmentally Recycling is energy intensive and may require use of further virgin materials Additionally while it resolves some of fashion s sustainability issues it does not adequately address the problem that consumers buy too much and that the average number of times a garment is worn has declined by 36 since 2000 We must reconsider how fashion is sold encouraging consumers to waste less and ensure that garments have a longer life span Are rentals the future WRAP the UK s resource efficiency agency has identified leasing as an innovative business model that gives clothes a longer service life while reducing material use and carbon dioxide emissions A recent survey conducted by Westfield Shopping Centre in London also proposed that clothing rental would become a key future trend The possible value of the clothing rental market in the UK is predicted to be 923m and the model is already well established for certain items such as dinner jackets and wedding suits for men Despite this there are currently just a handful of fashion companies that have adopted a leasing model At Mud Jeans for example consumers can lease a pair of organic jeans and after a year can keep swap or return them Girls Meets Dress meanwhile was founded in the UK in 2009 under the ethos that in a sharing economy ownership will become obsolete Our research has explored the potential for clothing rental among consumers While we found there were opportunities certainly at the luxury end of the market there was a definite resistance to rental of lower priced items which were just too easy to buy If consumers are to engage rentals need to be convenient cheap accessible and fulfill the desire for having something new Consumers are open to change and leasing could help achieve a more circular fashion industry However there are issues to consider from transportation through to dry cleaning impacts Clothing rental has the potential to reduce waste and increase the lifespan of garments but to achieve a more sustainable industry a systemic change in business practice and consumer behavior is needed 07 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 In America Rent the Runway has become a significant player in the fashion industry These companies are built on change but undoubtedly they face the challenges of the traditional sales driven fashion system along with consumer hesitation

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Health Fitness IT S EATING FAT THAT MAKES YOU FAT SPEAKMAN CHAIR IN ZOOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN Worldwide obesity has tripled since 1975 with 1 9 billion adults considered overweight The condition now kills more people across the globe than underweight and malnutrition One of the NHS s biggest cost burdens a staggering 70 of UK adults are expected to have overweight or obesity by 2034 Obesity is a problem of energy balance If a person has more calories coming in than are going out then the difference is generally stored as body fat But what needs to be identified are the factors causing the imbalance of intake and spending in the first place Why don t humans have a control system that allows them to eat exactly what they need and no more Understanding the answer to this question may help tackle the obesity epidemic There have been several explanations of why people sometimes over consume calories These generally revolve around the macronutrient composition of our diets Macronutrients consist of fats protein and carbohydrates One explanation for overconsumption of calories is called the protein leverage hypothesis The idea is that we primarily eat food for its protein content If the amount of protein falls in relation to the amount of fat and carbohydrate then to meet our protein needs we over consume calories An alternative is the carbohydrate insulin model This maintains that it is carbohydrates that make us fat because when we eat them they stimulate the production of insulin which promotes storage of the carbohydrates as fat and stimulates hunger to procure additional intake This idea has become very popular in the wake of several books that have spawned the whole high fat low carb HFLC diet movement cont on page 11 THE SIZE OF YOUR PLATES AND BOWLS COULD HAVE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON YOUR WAISTLINE 08 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 JOHN NEW MOUSE STUDY SUGGESTS

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1 Find your natural rhythm Figure out the best time to walk based on your schedule 2 Achieve your fitness goals in 2019 3 Keep track of your progress Start small but think BIG WWW BLAQUELINEENTERTAINMENT COM

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10 PAGE JARED HAAS East Side Collective Co founder JARE CON D HAAS T AUTH INUES T HE ENTI CITY AUS TIN O F T WAT E CH V XAS IDEO East Side Collective is a coworking studio space in Austin TX shared by designers builders developers engineers and artists Located in a former Pepsi bottling warehouse cofounders Jared Haas Tim Derrington and Javier Martin converted 1500 sf of space into curated offices for their small businesses and other like minded creative professionals Together these entities help lead Austin into thoughtful innovative design while offering an authentic piece of Austin s creative culture

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Health Fitness It s Eating Fat That Makes You Fat cont The classic idea however is that what makes The results of this massive experiment were us fat is eating fat because fat stimulates very clear First changing protein levels had reward centres in our brains that encourage us minimal impact on total calorie intake and to overeat This has been called the hedonic body fatness So the protein leverage idea was over ride hypothesis not supported Second when we fixed the protein and fat levels varying sugar also had Of mice and men no significant impact on body fatness You might think that testing between these possibly because the other carbohydrates in ideas would be rather straightforward the diet were already highly refined simply expose people to the different diets and Nevertheless higher levels of these see who gets fat But a randomised controlled carbohydrates were on average protective trial in humans would never get permission against weight gain which does not support because ethically it would not be acceptable to the carbohydrate insulin model expose anyone to a trial where the expected outcome is gross obesity and a threat to their In fact the only thing that made the mice fat health was eating more fat in their diets But the relationship was not linear With up to around So the best we can do is trial the diets in 50 60 fat in the diet the mice ate more animals such as mice and see what happens to food and put on more weight However at give us some clues as to what may happen in higher levels of fat they gained less weight A humans We have recently completed such a mouse eating 80 fat in its diet increased in study using a total of 1 000 mice exposed to weight by about the same amount as one 30 different diets for three months equivalent eating 30 fat We don t know exactly why to nine years exposure in a human only that on these super high fat diets the mice consumed fewer calories and didn t gain The study included 12 diets where the protein as much weight content varied between 5 and 30 and 12 diets varying the fat content from 8 3 to Looking at the results 80 The fat composition was designed to There are several limitations to this work mimic the composition of the average Crucially these experiments were done on American diet In all these diets the sugar mice While convenient and we know lots content was held constant at 5 about their genetics and physiology it is possible that mice might respond differently Finally in the last six diets we held the fat and to humans However a definitive experiment protein constant and let the sugar vary from in humans cannot take place because of 5 to 30 The balance in all cases was made ethical concerns so the hope is that mice can up of highly processed carbohydrates such as help us understand what is going on There corn starch We repeated the study on five are a number of other limitations that are different strains of mice including ones worth highlighting Cost restrictions meant we considered to be prone or resistant to obesity were only able to study one sex of mice at a Food intake and body weights were measured single age So it s possible these results would every day and each week we used a small not replicate at older ages and in the opposite mouse MRI machine to quantify how fat they sex cont on page 15 were

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Purple RESOURCE CENTER Crumbs Great things are done by a team of people 01 1 in 3 American families reports experiencing diaper need Disposable diapers cost 70 to 80 per month per baby and Diapers cannot be obtained with food stamps Located in Austin Texas The Purple Crumbs Resource Center PCRC works to provide individuals and families with access to services such as nutritional food emergency shelter referrals clothing and personal care items To better serve our community and beyond PCRC provides the following programs and services Emergency resource hotline in house counseling center food and nutrition distribution service free fruit program diapers and feminine hygiene products Follow your breadcrumbs to Success Purple Crumbs Resource Center WWW BLAQUELINEENTERTAINMENT COM Why are diaper donations important 02 Clothing for a good cause We know cleaning out your closet is a great feeling but what feeling is better than donating your gently used clothing to the Purple Crumbs Resource Center Your community will thank you 03 From your pantry to ours Approximately 40 of food in the U S is wasted This food can be put to good use including feeding the community

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WORK PERFORMANCE FLEXIBLE WORKING CONDITIONS ALLOW FOR WORK LIFEBALANCE Perk or Mistake Flexible work should not be a perk or a privilege Implemented correctly it benefits both company and employee Thanks to advances in technology office work no longer needs to be done only in the office As employers strive for a more productive workforce and employees demand flexible working conditions to better balance work and life remote work or telecommuting which is performed by about one quarter of Australian workers offers a win win solution for both groups Indeed all senior executive jobs in the NSW public service will be open to employees choosing flexible working arrangements by 2019 Plus major infrastructure works in Sydney and Melbourne will increase traffic congestion and commuting times making remote work a more practical option for many employees But contrary to what many employers and employees may believe the key to successful implementation of remote work is offering it as standard practice rather than a perk or privilege The Benefits For employers the most significant benefit of remote work is that it improves productivity because there are fewer distractions and employees are better able to concentrate Plus employees have enhanced autonomy and control over their work environment including how they dress lighting temperature and background noise which enhances job satisfaction Companies with remote work policies also report reduced absenteeism increased employee retention an ability to attract high quality talent and cost savings on things like real estate and utilities Continue reading at next section WHY REMOTE WORK MAKES BUSINESS SENSE BY THE PSYCHLOPAEDIA TEAM THE AUSTRALIAN PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY For employees remote work provides more time to balance work and family responsibilities such as doing the school drop off and pick up or waiting for the plumber to turn up sometime between 9am and 4pm What s more because remote workers are not subject to direct faceto face supervision they experience increased feelings of freedom Remote workers report feeling less pressure finding work more enjoyable and experiencing fewer physical complaints and improved wellbeing The risks Of course not all employees and employment situations are conducive to remote work Some employees who regularly work remotely report feeling lonely and isolated because they miss out on face to face guidance from managers and support and advice from co workers Plus they re often not privy to office gossip and forego the chance to develop friendships with colleagues When it comes to career development remote workers often worry they ll be passed over for promotions because their contribution is less visible And even though remote work provides great potential for better work life balance many workers continue to struggle to manage those competing demands which can impact on success in both domains cont on page 14 13 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 Remote work seems practical

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WHY REMOTE WORK MAKES BUSINESS SENSE CONT BY THE PSYCHLOPAEDIA TEAM THE AUSTRALIAN PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY From the employer s perspective remote work has been touted as a major organisational shift for many years but hasn t obtained expected traction because many companies are concerned about decreased productivity despite evidence to the contrary Employers worry they will lose control over remote workers They fear they won t know when employees are struggling and need assistance and are concerned about how best to monitor output and performance Indeed some managers struggle to do just that Successful implementation If employers assess the pros and cons and decide to offer remote work to employees it s best to implement it as standard practice not as a reward to high performing employees or employees deemed more competent to maximize the benefits for both parties Shifting organizational focus from face time to results and developing a proremote work culture is crucial to successful implementation of the practice Employers should concentrate on managing objectives and set specific performance targets timeframes and communication guidelines so remote workers know what s expected Assisting managers to change their perception of remote work by outlining the benefits and providing information on how it is a strategic business tool standard operating procedure and legitimate way to conduct work rather than an employee perk or exception is key Ultimately there shouldn t be any difference between managing remote workers and non remote workers BY Aquinnah Bree Here are just a few ways to identify a quality friend and how to be one yourself In an age when texting seems more popular than talking it can be difficult to form lasting connections and fulfilling friendships with like minded people We often find ourselves in less than ideal social situations recognizing faces from our social media feeds without knowing how to interact with them IRL There s no Snapchat filter to hide that awkward moment when we know everything about a person but never actually speak to them Outside of social media our relationships can often feel forced and laced with toxicity leading us to believe that our painless online relationships are more worthwhile It s becoming easier and easier to enjoy the safety of virtual friendships more than our face to face interactions But there is good news it doesn t have to be this way Life is all about choice Though it may be uncomfortable an examination of current real life friendships could prove beneficial for all of us How do you choose your friends Would you describe your relationships as healthy Productive Do they bring you joy As Jordan B Peterson asks in his runaway bestseller 12 Rules for Life If you have a friend whose friendship you wouldn t recommend to your sister or your father or your son why would you have such a friend for yourself Toxic relationships can be identified by their constant state of imbalance while quality friends will strive to inspire challenge and uplift Where a toxic relationship may feel crushing a quality friend will feel like freedom cont on page 23 14 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 Spend Time with People Who Make You Better

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Health Fitness It s Eating Fat That Makes You Fat cont A lack of protein in your diet might be making you gain fat e also only gave the mice sugar as part of their diet but some studies suggest that delivering it in drinking water has a bigger effect on fatness in rodents Higher sugar levels than 30 by calories may also be an issue but we didn t study them in this instance Overall our data suggests that if the responses of mice data do translate to humans then if you are lean and want to avoid becoming fat then the best strategy is to limit fat in your diet to less than 20 of overall calories Sugar up to 30 of total calories in food may not be a major problem but in liquid form it may be more of an issue Protein levels appeared to make little difference But this advice applies only to people who are already lean and hoping to avoid putting on weight Whether this is also the best strategy for someone who is already obese is not informed by our study Fortunately that is something that can be studied in human clinical trials What else could be making you fat Eating Quickly Not Drinking Enough Water Being Too Social Sitting Too Long Not Getting Enough Sleep Not Relaxing Eating In Front of the TV Drinking Your Calories Not Eating Enough Protein Fiber Taking the Elevator instead of the Stairs Not Having Health Snacks Handy Eating Too Many Healthy Fats 15 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 W

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Why Do You Say NO MORE I Deserve To Be Loved

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I Want To Help People That Want To Help Others Succeed TORI TOLBERT The BLAQUELINE Magazine Team caught up with our Editor in Chief Tori Tolbert to chat about how she does it all Between balancing multiple projects a couple of businesses staying fit and of course a busy family How Does She Do It BLAQUELINE Looking at your schedule and seeing you zip from one meeting to the next and recording your shows in the studio is enough to exhaust 20 people When do you sleep TORI Honestly I get a lot of sleep well enough sleep so that I can function productively I love working hard and seeing the fruits of my labor I don t have a set time to go to bed When I feel that I m not being productive then I call it a night But everyday I accomplish something business related before I feel good mentally about going to bed BLAQUELINE How do you prioritize your day TORI Well I am a stickler for organization so prioritizing has never been an issue especially since I m my own boss laughing But seriously I keep multiple calendars and make sure they are all in sync Besides the obvious priorities BLAQUELINE Magazine comes first cont on page 19 People will stare Make it worth their while

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Toxic workplaces are feeding the impostor phenomenon here s why TOXIC WORK PLACE Research suggests that around 70 of people will experience an illogical sense of being a phoney at work at some point in their careers It s called the impostor phenomenon also known erroneously as a syndrome These impostor feelings typically manifest as a fear of failure fear of success a sometimes obsessive need for perfection and an inability to accept praise and achievement The phenomenon is also characterized by a genuine Theresa Simpkin Visiting Fellow Anglia Ruskin University Anglia Ruskin University belief that at some point you as the impostor are going to be found out for being a fake in your role The phenomenon has been researched for more than 40 years and recent research into women working in sciences technology engineering and mathematics STEM suggests that there is a much higher incidence of it in women in these nontraditional roles Despite being something that at an individual level the relationship between toxic workplaces and well being is well established It seems that the impostor phenomenon breeds from a mix of genuine personal doubt over work abilities and the collective experience of a toxic work culture Simply put our modern workplaces are feeding a sense of inadequacy in the face of a track record of achievement and success of individuals cont on page 27 18 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 Amina Aitsi Selmi Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer Epidemiology and Public Health Department University College London UCL

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TORI TOLBERT The magazine connects me to the world and I provide others a platform to broadcast the power of hope and possibilities to the world I also like to help people that like to help others succeed Which is why I started my nonprofit Purple Crumbs It s another project as well as my current show Texas Death Row The Last 48 which is currently in production BLAQUELINE A nonprofit that helps others and then a documentary about death row Isn t that two projects on opposite ends of the spectrum TORI Yes they are but I only work on projects that I am interested in and those happen to be interesting to me People always have a tendency to question things when they feel like it doesn t make sense to them So they stare and turn up their nose But like I always say People are going to stare so I make it worth their while BLAQUELINE How do you balance your projects and family do you have a work life balance TORI Yes I have a very balanced life But what really makes it work is that I have a very loving and supportive family They understand when I have deadlines and meetings What most do not know is that I have a day when I don t get on the computer or take phone calls I spend quality time with my husband and my three boys Not only is there balance but structure Exercising and eliminating distractions helps me with productivity 19 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 BLAQUELINE With your busy life how do you stay so fit TORI I exercise at least three to four times a week eat a balanced meal and avoid drama distractions and unhealthy friendships Read more at blaquelinentertainment com

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ENTREPRENEUR How to Stop Foreclosure through Homesharing By Janelle Orsi to build an addition onto his home They plan to all share ownership of the home and to share use of certain areas including the kitchen patio garage and laundry room All are nearing retirement and hope to age together in a supportive environment IS HOMESHARING FOR YOU Claudia a recently divorced mom shares ownership of her three bedroom home with Ana also a single mother After he is laid off from his job Fred sells half of his duplex to his long time renters These sharing arrangements are triggered by financial necessity but they benefit everyone in other ways Companionship support and the ability to share resources day to day costs energy and responsibilities such as childcare errands chores and cooking are all benefits of shared housing Let s look more closely at how this can work financially and legally At first glance buying part of a home that has no equity or even negative equity might sound like a risky proposal A Sharing is one solution to an unforgiving housing crisis and it may even be a trend In the past refinancing or drawing from home equity helped families ride out the financial uncertainty that accompanies a job loss a divorce disability a death in the family or some other change Today it s very common for homeowners to have little or no equity to use when these predicaments arise Even worse many people are upside down on their mortgage paying off a 500 000 loan on a house that s now worth 300 000 Lately my law office has heard from a handful of people considering sharing a home as a solution to this problem Here are some examples based roughly on real stories Henry whose wife passed away and who can no longer afford to pay his mortgage alone invites his friends Justine and Paula a couple WWW BLAQUELINEENTERTAINMENT COM DID YOU KNOW Foreclosure is a process that commonly takes up to six months or more from the time the homeowner misses the first payment cont on page 21 20 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 HOMESHARING CREATIVITY Q What Are Ways that Sharing Home Ownership Can Help Avert Foreclosures

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ENTREPRENEUR How to Stop Foreclosure through Homesharing The answer is they probably don t for many of those folks it probably makes more financial sense to start fresh and buy one of those cheap homes on the market right now But for people with poor credit or no savings this could be a good opportunity to buy a home or at least part of one For the existing homeowners the arrangement means they can avoid foreclosure stay in their home and preserve their credit It can also give the homeowner a significant break temporarily or permanently from monthly mortgage payments Depending on how the arrangement is structured it s possible that everyone can benefit Let s consider a detailed example of this type of arrangement Keri owns and lives in a four bedroom home and rents two bedrooms to her friends Sebastian and Dulce Tejeda When Keri is forced to quit her job due to health problems there is no way that she can keep up with the 4000 monthly mortgage payments even with the Tejedas paying 2000 per month in rent For their part the Tejedas make good money but they have very little savings and poor credit it s unlikely they d qualify for a home loan The value of Keri s house has dropped to a market value of about 400 000 and there s a balance of 500 000 on her mortgage Keri sees sharing as a solution and she proposes to have the Tejedas take over the entire 4000 monthly payments and begin gaining partial ownership of the home This would give Keri relief from her largest monthly expense and provide the Tejedas with the opportunity to become homeowners and down the road start building equity For all of them it means staying in the home they love and living with people they enjoy The Tejedas are taking the risk of buying a home with a negative value To account for this Keri could agree to give the Tejedas a larger share of equity in proportion to their payments Let s imagine that Keri has already made 60 payments on the home and there are approximately 300 payments left to be made before the home is paid off Keri and the Tejedas create a point system and decide that each payment that Keri has made or makes in the future entitles her to 1 point and each payment the Tejedas make entitle them to 1 5 points Note that the parties could decide on any number of ways to allocate points based on what they feel is fair on how they plan to allocate other expenses such as insurance and property tax on how they share the mortgage interest deduction on the value of the house at purchase on the current value and so on If and when the home sells they ll divide the equity by calculating the number of points each has relative to the total number of points To illustrate imagine that the Tejedas make all the mortgage payments for 5 years a total of 60 payments Keri made 60 payments before the Tejedas bought in so at this point the Tejedas and Keri have each made 60 payments Keri is entitled to 60 points 60 x 1 40 of the total points and the Tejedas to 90 points 60 x 1 5 60 of the total points If the home then sells with 100 000 in equity Keri gets 40 000 and the Tejedas get 60 000 The extra 20 000 for the Tejedas is their reward for taking the risk and riding out the hard times with Keri Keri in the meantime has kept her home and preserved her credit while living rent and mortgage free for five years Now for the legal part There s a lot to think about more than I can cover in the space of this article But here are a few of the key issues First if Keri deeds part of her house to the Tejedas it could trigger the due on transfer requirement that s included in the fine print of most loans and that says if a homeowner transfers the house to anyone else the entire balance of the loan is due immediately It has always been questionable whether lenders would know that a partial transfer was made so long as the loan is paid currently Now in the current economic and banking climate it is additionally questionable whether a lender would care to enforce a due on transfer clause on a fully paying loan Nevertheless it s still risky to do this hoping the lender either doesn t notice or doesn t care to act One alternative is to seek the lender s permission It might work but it won t be easy getting the right people on the phone If the lender does agree chances are they will want all owners to sign on to and take responsibility for the mortgage or get a new mortgage at a higher interest Having all owners on the loan may have benefits especially if the new owners hope to deduct mortgage interest payments from their income taxes But sharing responsibility for a mortgage has its risks so owners should have clear agreements about who is responsible for what how they will handle a default and so on Another way to get around the due on transfer issue would be to use a lease to own arrangement involving a regular lease combined with a purchase option Typically the owner tacks a premium onto the monthly lease payment and gives the renters an option to purchase the property at an agreed upon price within a certain period of time usually 1 to 5 years In the example above the Tejedas pay 2000 per month in rent Under a lease to own cont on page 22 21 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 A homebuyer with good credit stable income and some savings can find great deals right now so why might they want to buy half of a home that s in a financial hole cont

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How To Stop Foreclosure Through Homesharing cont agreement with Keri they might start paying 3000 per month The extra 1000 as well as all or part of their regular 2 000 lease payment will be credited to their eventual purchase of half the home The Tejeda s extra payment might also be credited with a multiplier like 1 33 or 1 5 times in order to compensate them for taking the risk The Tejedas are taking a risk that they could lose this investment if they decide to back out of the arrangement or if Keri loses the house The purchase will take place at a later date when it makes sense to refinance the home and transfer title to all three names No matter how the parties want to structure their sharing arrangement they should each consult with lawyers and be sure to get the details of the agreement in writing Co owners should talk through contingencies in advance What if one party goes bankrupt What if there is a default What happens if one party wants or needs to refinance What happens when one party wants to sell out What if the house is still upside down when one owner wants out If you do the work to get through the legal gobbledygook you may very well have a great shared housing arrangement in the end If you d like to read about a real life example see How to Share a House A Case Study THE BIGGEST MISTAKE A SMALL BUSINESS CAN MAKE IS TO THINK LIKE A SMALL BUSINESS

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Spend Time with People Who Make You Better cont Now that we ve defined what a quality friendship is you may be thinking that it all sounds too good to be true But the reality is that if you know where to look and what to look for you can set yourself up for success Here are just a few ways to identify a quality friend and how to be one yourself The Importance of Self Assessment Who am I The importance of self assessment cannot be overstated If you don t know yourself your desires and your values how will you recognize like minded people Hint you won t The ability to respect differing opinions is great for expanding your worldview but choosing friends with similar values helps you stay on track when it comes to your personal life Think about it This is why friends often exercise in pairs make use of co working spaces go to conferences and seminars together etc Once you know and are comfortable with who you are another more difficult question arises What do I want When you are clear about your goals you can seek friends with a similar mindset You can encourage each other in the direction of your dreams When you connect with the right people you can share your areas of expertise and tap into theirs as well With this in mind we can consciously choose to associate with driven individuals who are making a positive difference in the world In Peterson s words It s appropriate and praiseworthy to associate with people whose lives would be improved if they saw your life improve Looking Beneath the Surface Now that you know who you are and what you aspire to accomplish you can begin actively seeking healthy and fulfilling relationships Get excited It may be intimidating at first but getting to know people outside of social media is a huge step in the direction of creating lasting connections Your future tribe may be chugging coffee at a coworking space hanging out in downward dog at your local yoga studio or soaking up knowledge at a conference Whatever your interests there is most certainly a place for you It s a good idea to approach any new relationship with a give and take mindset Give what you are expecting to get That being said there are some surefire ways to identify potentially healthy friendships Notice how your new acquaintance responds to feedback Are they eager to understand your worldview Do they show genuine interest in your thoughts and ideas This is an unmistakable sign of emotional intelligence and the mark of a quality friend It may take some getting used to but don t fear a healthy challenge from a friend who wants to see you happy Such a person will encourage you to take the necessary steps to reach your goals no matter how big or scary those steps may seem But they won t expect you to walk alone And they may provide chocolate too Quality friends know that chocolate is important Lastly ignore any voice that says you are undeserving of quality friends This false sense of humility downplays your strengths as an individual strengths this world needs cont on page 25 WWW BLAQUELINEENTERTAINMENT COM 23 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 Up for a Challenge There is nothing quite like having a quality support system as you pursue your goals and dreams Good friends will not stand idly by while you engage in any form of self destruction especially mental They will be there to lift you up when you hit rock bottom and they will be there to cheer you on and celebrate when you rise to the top Your success is their success and vice versa

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Spend Time with People Who Make You Better cont Ready to Find Your Tribe With a little self discovery a little confidence and a whole lot of understanding that we re all imperfect you won t need to rely on your online friendships for fulfillment anymore By letting go of toxic relationships you ll make room for supportive friends to enter your life As Peterson puts it It requires strength and daring to stand up near such a good healthy person Have some humility Have some courage Use your judgment and protect yourself from too uncritical compassion and pity If you happen to be looking to meet entrepreneurial minded generous and super cool people we have the perfect event for you FEEcon 2019 is the ideal conference for networking with industry leaders scholars coders philanthropists students and professionals like this one It s a three day journey of discovery connection empowerment and fun We provide the expert insight inspiration and even the drinks so all you have to do is join us You can start by signing up to stay in the loop on updates including registration speakers exclusive discounts and more The party starts on June 13 in Atlanta Georgia We hope to see you there ENTER TO WIN A 25 AMAZON GIFT CARD Win an Amazon gift card Sign up at blaquelineentertainmen com BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 25

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QUOTES TO HELP YOUR HEALTH One rarely falls in love without being as much attracted to what is interestingly wrong with someone as what is objectively healthy says philosopher Alain de Botton DO NOT BECOME UNDONE 1 A further sign of health is that we don t become undone by fear and trembling but we take it as a message that it s time to stop struggling and look directly at what s threatening us said Pema Ch dr n CREATE THE BODY YOU WANT 3 4 5 If we are creating ourselves all the time then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with said Deepak Chopra SELF HEAL The greatest miracle on Earth is the human body It is stronger and wiser than you may realize and improving its ability to self heal is within your control said Dr Fabrizio Mancini 6 MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION It s a pretty amazing to wake up every morning knowing that every decision I make is to cause as little harm as possible It s a pretty fantastic way to live said Colleen Patrick Goudreau 7 DEFINE YOUR HEALTH Take time to define what health means to you and what you are willing to do or willing to give up doing to bring better health into your life said Lao Tsu 8 THE SECRET TO GOOD HEALTH The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body said Harry J Johnson DO WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY Learn to follow the inner self Healing is simply attempting to do more of those things that bring joy and fewer of those things that bring pain said O Carl Simonton INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH Investing in your health now can pay dividends for the rest of your life What is one easy thing you can do today to live healthier Lao Tsu asks 26 BLAQUELINE 2019 ISSUE 12 2

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TOXIC WORKPLACE CONT DYSFUNCTIONAL COMPETITION GETS PRIORITIZED OVER COLLABORATION The impostor s internal drive for perfection and Toxic workplaces force people to jump through endless hoops on the their constant expectation of external criticism way to an elusive future state of success and happiness Intellectual pushes them to underestimate their abilities while striving to exhaustion for advancement to avoid perceived failure and exposure to criticism Where this meets an ever increasing demand to do more with fewer resources and a barrage of evaluation in risk averse workplaces impostor tendencies will thrive An unhealthy marriage Toxic workplaces are often characterized by an environment that diminishes or manages out the humanity of the place and its people as well as promoting competition A focus on profit process and minimizing resources is pronounced Bullying is normalized and embedded in managerial and colleague behavior while leadership is inert and ineffectual against it In toxic workplaces work is often seen as drudgery the motivating elements sucked out of the environment Unmoderated criticism and punitive measures stifle original thinking thus reducing the intrinsic rewards of work such as having an outlet for expressing one s unique talents and creative thinking The unhealthy marriage between the impostor phenomenon and toxic work cultures is sustained at an individual level by the basic human need for safety and belonging This interferes with rational decision making and supersedes the entrepreneurialism and risk taking that would challenge the status quo This is detrimental to both a person and their employer who might otherwise benefit from new ideas While technology continues to transform the nature of work organizations are lagging behind in how they manage people Corporate performance management practices are often little more than thinly disguised carrot and stick approaches Employees are goaded along by financial and status incentives that glorify overwork and toeing the line honesty unorthodox thinking and self care meanwhile are penalized Dysfunctional competition A rampant competitiveness in certain workplaces often provides a breeding ground for anxiety depression and self degradation The finance sector is especially prone to this Here constant winning is the cultural norm even though it s just not possible to win all the time This breeds perfectionism which also fuels people s need to micromanage Dysfunctional competition gets prioritized over collaboration People who feel like they are impostors will often fail to delegate for fear that others won t meet their own exacting standards and that this will reflect badly on them As a result they take on more than they can realistically manage The imbalance this produces between effort and rewards exacerbates the feeling of inadequacy and creates a negative feedback loop which leads to mental exhaustion And if both the person and the organization implicitly fail to recognize the toxic combination of impostor tendencies and an unhealthy work culture they both passively endorse this social contract Sadly as the digital revolution progresses it is becoming clearer that our contemporary workplaces are demanding productivity outcomes to match But they are using antiquated managerial structures Workplace processes such as poorly constructed performance management a lack of diversity in succession planning and limited understanding of inclusion initiatives beyond box ticking exercises fuel the very behavior and thought patterns that these workplace structures aim to manage out Addressing these toxic work cultures and organizational structures could create a less fertile ground for the impostor phenomenon Healthier workplaces and more satisfied people are likely to deliver more positive and productive outcomes

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Spring Football returns to Austin Texas Are you ready for the sequel 2019 applications NOW OPEN

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