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One Note in the Classroom

This booklet will provide tips on using OneNote (an Office 365 app and program) as a teacher.


Getting a bit overwhelmed with conference notes,meeting notes, notes from students, project notes, notes for article, etc.?  Need to get organized?  Well, never fear Microsoft has developed a product that will help you stay organized.  

What is OneNote?  OneNote is a cloud-based way to create notebooks and keep information of all kinds organized. It is great for faculty or student use.

How do I get OneNote? Most academic institutions have access to OneNote as part of the Office365 suite.  If so, you can log into your account via the portal for your campus and check to see if you have it installed.  For more specifics contact your IT department.  Once you have OneNote installed you can access it as part of All Programs on the desktop or as an Office 365 app via your campus portal and the Internet.  

What can I use OneNote for?  
Here are a few things you can use it for:

Keep notes from meetings, conferences, etc. 
•Keep notes from office meetings with students
•Collaborate on projects with colleagues
•Write lesson plans
•Keep web/library research and use the Send to One Note tool to send content immediately to your notebooks
•Create a Class Notebook with content and even individual notebooks for each student to use
•Organize images, recorded lectures, etc.