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All the Learning that I have done stating from term 3 to term 4 to term 5:



Best work



Our topic this term has been Romans

My Learning Journal

Maths Week One

On the start of week one in maths, we started with Roman numerals. We were learning how to do so many different numbers here is a example of what we learnt.

I= 1







That was the nuemonic, we were also adding when you were adding the bigger number (in Roman numerals) and when subtracting, which we did, also if your having the same numeral in four in a row- do the shorter method   .

In week one of English we did some proof reading .We had to rewrite a piece of text that are teacher put together. Except,  it had no punctuation but that’s what made it hard but fun. 

Smashing English week 15.1.15

In week 2 of maths, we did some division- our title was division method. I got no green. Here are some examples;

  • 138/6=23
  • 183/7= 26r1

They were some examples of division. Division can be fun and hard but if you know what you’re doing you can be amazing at division. 

math1 14.1.15

Excellent English

In English we were describing a roman soldier my title was The day the Romans came!

Walwayne Court School

brook Road



BA14 9DU

Dear Sir/Madam,

                          I would like to inform you about a project.  A marvellous project for the children that are about to arrive at Walwayne Court School.

I would be absolutely delighted, if you could spare some gift card and vouchers becuse you are the best shop in Trowbridge. So please spare some gift cards and vouchers for the schools project.

This project is so important because the children and the parents get to socialise with other children and parents.


I really want this project to go well because it says to the children that they can be excited to come to come to school.

Please contact the school at 01225 776  886

Yours faithfully,

John O (year five student) 


best work


Best work

letters of complaint 

                           19 Queens Gardens

South hapton

Du48 9QU

Dear Sir/Madam,                                                                                          I am writing to complain about an unfortunate incident that occured last week that left me feeling uterly disgraceful and thoroughly displeased with your company.

 The morning of the 6th of May, I entered your premesis and I looked around your shop.  I found the milk that I desired, I cheked the best before date, purchased the milk and left your premesis then I walked back to school.

 As soon as I got back, I imedately opened the milk. As you may be aware, the liquid was not up to standard. The milk was unsatisfactory.  I was downhearted and disapointed.  The liquid looked foul and absolutely disgusting.

 I am a regular customer and I know that this is not a normal experience.  I accept that mistakes can happen but I would appreciate a full refund of £1.49.  I look forward to a quick responce  regarding this matter.

Yours faithfully,

John O