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Omagh High School Prospectus 2024/2025

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Since its opening in 1961 the school is committed to providing high quality education to all our pupils through our unique caring environment which nurtures the talents of all. Our 39 highly qualied teachers are helping our 430 pupils to work through a challenging curriculum so they can achieve their full potential, whilst enjoying a diverse range of extra-curricular activities, whether they are educational, cultural, or sports related.There is a vibrant sixth form, which is a very important part of our school and the students play a key role in everyday school life and activities. Omagh High School is proud to be key contributors to the Omagh Learning Community. We have developed a unique partnership with South West College and our pupils can access courses oered in the SWC Omagh Campus. This is something which we would like to develop further in the future as it provides excellent opportunities to our pupils and sta. Our sixth form students have access to a variety of courses designed to meet their particular needs and provide them with appropriate future career prospects. OUR SCHOOL CARES ABOUT...OMAGH HIGH SCHOOL14 Crevenagh Road, Omagh, BT79 0EQT: 028 8224 2656 | Fax: 028 8225 1568 our Twitter/Facebook/Instagram account....EDUCATION2Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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Omagh High School is a welcoming school for the WHOLE COMMUNITY. We are an outstanding school. We are the rst controlled school in Northern Ireland to be awarded this prestigious accolade back in 2013 and have retained this status since. In our most recent Sustaining Improvement Inspection (May 2019) Omagh High School once more has proven the high levels of education and care oered to all our young people. According to ETI “Omagh High School continues to demonstrate a high level of capacity for sustained improvement in the interests of the pupils, that is, we have maintained our “Outstanding” status.” Outstanding care and education is at the heart of what we do!Omagh High School is one of a kind. It is a pioneer in various methods of teaching and learning, ready to accommodate the variety of learners coming through our doors daily. Therefore, our pupils always make progress and they become independent learners, equipped with skills that are essential to succeed in a very challenging post-academic environment.Omagh High School has a very strong academic track record. Examination results are consistently amongst the best for similar schools across Northern Ireland. As a school and within subjects we consistently achieve results considerably in excess of the average for Northern Ireland. All our pupils are encouraged to strive for better, to aim higher and we believe that with high quality teaching, hard work and the support of parents, great things are achieved daily. Everything we do aims to promote the working and social ethos of our pupils. All our sta have the expertise and drive to assist your child along this journey of achievement.Omagh High School encourages pupils to aspire to the highest moral standards and promote the ideals of a caring and compassionate community. Our school accepts and is welcoming of children from all backgrounds. Omagh High School is not like any other school in Tyrone. Your child will experience the warmth and care you expect so that they can thrive. Our pupils are challenged, motivated and enriched. This is a school which can achieve the best value added for our pupils. Our Pastoral Structure aims to keep the focus rmly on the individual child. Our curriculum is exible enough to provide for a full range of abilities. The sta provide access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities, trips and events. Our discipline is of the highest standard. Omagh High school has a comprehensive website and we will encourage you to explore what we have to oer using the online resources and our social media platforms.We look forward to welcoming you to this TRULY OUTSTANDING SCHOOL FOR THE WHOLE COMMUNITY.Kind regards, Mr C GaitatzisPrincipalOUR PRINCIPAL’S PROLOGUE❙ Type of School: Controlled Co-Educational Secondary❙ Chairperson of the Board of Governors: Mrs Iris Clarke3OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR TEACHERSOMAGH HIGH SCHOOL TEACHING STAFF 2024/2025C GAITATZISPrincipalG QUIGLEYVP - PastoralSLTS GIBSONVP - CurriculumExperienced sta with prestigious qualications oer excellent teaching and pastoral care to all our pupils.5OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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6Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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AUCHINLECK HOUSE - “Service with Courage”CREVENAGH HOUSE - “Honest Endeavour”STRULE HOUSE - “Strength in Unity”Everything we do in school is based around the House system. Each pupil is allocated a House when they start school. Each House is like a large family with the House as the common bond. There are pupils of all ages in each House. When a pupil achieves success in school they are rewarded with Achievement Points. These points are also awarded to their House. There are also Behavioural Points which can be deducted from the House total. Therefore, successes will be shared with each House and also the disappointments. As well as rewards for individual success there are also Senior and Junior House Cups. There will be competitions throughout the year which everyone can take part in, to try to win points for themselves and their House e.g. Inter House Sports Competitions, Drama etc.The House with the most points for the year (September to June) will win the respective House Cups and be rewarded with an activity. The House Teacher’s role is of paramount importance in a pupil’s school life. The daily contact, during Registration, between the House Groups and House Teachers encourages the development of sound relationships between teachers and pupils.All the sta in school work closely together for the welfare of all the pupils - House Teachers, Pastoral Leaders, Vice Principals and Principal. We provide a comprehensive and caring framework which helps us to get to know pupils, to guide them, to support and encourage them but above all else, care for them. Parents can be condent that our Pastoral Care System is outstanding. Your child will be cared for in Omagh High School and their individual talents and strengths recognised.OUR HOUSE SYSTEM7OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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HOUSE CAPTAINS FOR AUCHINLECKRachel Galbraith ❙ Why Omagh High School? Six years ago I chose Omagh High School because of their caring teaching approach and their dedication to their pupils. Over the course of my six years at Omagh High School this is what I have experienced. The warm welcome every morning from the teachers and classroom assistants to the behind-the-scenes hard work such as preparing and organising events for the pupils. ❙ What is the house motto? The Auchinleck house motto is ‘Service with Courage.’ ❙ Something special your house group has done this year?Something special that Auchinleck has done this year is commemorate the past pupils who died in the Omagh bomb in 1998. This was a deeply heartfelt assembly with speeches from their relatives and teachers expressing the sadness they still feel years later. When you join Omagh High School you join a community that cares.HOUSE CAPTAINS FOR CREVENAGHKatie Jamieson ❙ Why Omagh High School?Omagh High School is an inclusive, welcoming environment with incredible support from all teaching and non-teaching sta. A high standard of education is achieved at Omagh High School as well as a wide range of opportunities for pupils to grow and reach their full potential. There is also a wide range of extra-curricular activities for all pupils to get involved in. The friendly school community makes you feel accepted and supported. Make Omagh High School your number one choice!❙ What is the house motto?The Crevenagh house motto is ‘Honest Endeavour’ which represents the importance of hard work and honesty within our school community. Omagh High School encourages pupils to always try their hardest in everything they do, reaching their upmost potential. Crevenagh House was inspired by the farming background which establishes integrity and honesty and is represented by a sheaf of wheat in the school logo. I am very proud to be a member of Crevenagh House.❙ Something special your house group has done this year? Crevenagh House’s responsibility every year is to organise and participate in the annual Harvest Assembly. I took part in the Harvest Assembly this year, which was a great honour to do. It’s centred on the theme of generosity and the dierence saying thank you can make. Pupils collected various items of food to donate to charities within our local community and showed an appreciation of those who are less fortunate. Philip Kerr ❙ Why Omagh High School? I choose Omagh High School as I was really interested in the activities and events they have done over the years.❙ What is the house motto? ‘Service with Courage’ - this relates to the name of a local person who lived near the school and his military background.❙ Something special your house group has done this year?Auchinleck House raises money for charities and helps others. Our house also organised the remembrance service that happens every November.. 8Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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Lucy-Jo McFarland ❙ Why Omagh High School?Omagh High School for me is a friendly, warm, welcoming and inclusive school. Everyone is so passionate and supportive to the entire school community both past and present. I chose OHS as I wanted to follow in my family’s footsteps from my grandparents right through to my siblings. It wasn’t only a school in my eyes it was a piece of history that I wanted to be a part of. Close members of my family once walked through the halls of OHS and I wanted to walk through them too. This left OHS the only school for me.❙ What is the house motto?I am a member of the Strule House and our motto is, ‘Strength in Unity.’ This means to me that with support from family, friends and sta of OHS we can overcome anything as it makes us stronger when we work together as one.❙ Something special your house group has done this year?Over the school year, Strule House takes part in various events such as the annual Christmas service and the Strule Easter Assembly. This is a big undertaking and all members of Strule House do their best to get involved.William McCausland❙ Why Omagh High School?Omagh High School is a school that promises to provide the best education for their students, and they always deliver on this promise. The school provides high levels of support for all pupils. Omagh High School has dedicated teachers who help us with anything and care about our future. All pupils are made feel welcome and included in Omagh High School.❙ What is the house motto?Crevenagh house motto is ‘Honest Endeavour’ which encourages hard work and dedication to all our subjects we study. The OHS logo includes a symbol of a sheaf of wheat and this is reective of the importance of agriculture to our local economy and many pupils in Omagh High School come from farming backgrounds. ❙ Something special your house group has done this year? In October Crevenagh House, organised a thought-provoking Harvest Assembly centred on the theme of generosity and the dierence saying thank you can make. We were fortunate to have members of the local community with us to receive the food bags with food items donated from all pupils in Omagh High School. HOUSE CAPTAINS FOR STRULEAdam Loughlin ❙ Why Omagh High School?I chose Omagh High school because Omagh High has a reputation for providing an outstanding, caring education. The teachers are helpful and supportive and have each pupil’s best interests at heart. Omagh High School oers a variety of subjects, including ICT, Digital Technology, Travel and Tourism, Drama RE, Maths, English, Science and History. My experiences in Omagh High have always been positive and I have a great group of friends here.❙ What is the house motto?In Omagh High School, there are three houses called Crevenagh, Strule and Auchinleck. I am proudly a member of Strule House. Our motto is ‘Strength in Unity’. If you join Strule House, you will realise the strength and sense of community within Strule and be encouraged to see the support and progression everyone can have when you work as a team.❙ Something special your house group has done this year?Strule House is responsible for our annual Easter Assembly. This can be a big undertaking, but it is a brilliant opportunity to show how great Strule House really is. We are working towards getting the blue ribbons back on the House Cups this year. This is where we compete against the other two houses to get the highest number of achievement points. As well as the honour of being house champions, winning the cup also means that you get to go on a fun day at the end of the year. 9OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR PASTORAL CAREM DUFFYYear 13 & 14Omagh High School’s key strength is the outstanding pastoral care provided to our pupils. Our sta are passionate about getting to know our pupils so we can support them throughout their school experience. This is slightly easier due to our smaller than average class sizes. This is often commented upon by parents who value the eorts of sta when helping our new pupils to familiarise themselves with the new school environment. We will strive to get to know pupils personally, monitor their progress, resolve any problems quickly and generally make them feel very much at home. Omagh High School provides a safe, caring and orderly atmosphere in which pupils can develop as individuals and ourish in a positive learning environment where success is celebrated.E GRAHAMYear 8G JOHNSTONYear 9P NAYLORYear 10L BRADLEYYear 11D RENNIEYear 12Our pupils receive outstanding care by experienced professionals. Our experienced and dedicated team of Pastoral Leaders report directly to the Pastoral Vice Principal, with each Pastoral Leader having responsibility for their particular year group. The Pastoral Leaders also meet with the Principal on a regular basis to ensure that there is eective communication and any issues are resolved in a swift manner.10Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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OUR CHILD PROTECTION AND SAFEGUARDING ARRANGEMENTSThe school has a comprehensive programme which deals with the relationships requirements within the school. Our denition of RSE is lifelong learning about physical, sexual, moral and emotional development. The school puts signicant emphasis on educating pupils on e-safety and the impact of social media.Omagh High School has a rm but fair behaviour policy. Behaviour management is a complex process which permeates all aspects of school life. The rules and expectations for all our pupils are clearly stated in the homework diary. All our pupils are expected to follow the rules and work together in a calm and productive working atmosphere daily. At Omagh High School we will not tolerate any form of bullying, use of illegal substances or disruption in or out of the classroom.SCHOOL STANDARDS AND BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENTAny concerns regarding pupils will be referred to the Designated Teachers for Child Protection (Mrs Quigley, Mr Gaitatzis). This duty of care and protection is a requirement of the Department of Education. The Child Protection Policy is available on request and a summary of the policy is in the pupil’s homework diary.There is a School Counsellor available to all pupils to oer an extra layer of support when needed. The Education and Welfare Ocer (EWO) and a Multi-Agency Support Team (MAST) also provide extra layers of support when needed. The school’s mission is to enhance the pupils wellbeing and protect them from any factors that will impact their lives in a negative way. RELATIONSHIPS AND SEX EDUCATION (RSE)11OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR LEARNING SUPPORT AND SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDSThere are many reasons why a pupil may require learning support at some stage of their school journey, whether short term or for the duration of their education at Omagh High School. The nature and duration of the support required will be determined by the specic needs of the individual pupil and any subsequent provision will be reviewed on a regular basis. We are an all-inclusive school and the support will be provided in numerous ways. We work closely with parents and external agencies so we can formulate a plan to meet the needs of the individual. In order to highlight the extent of our support network for your child please talk to our SENCO and her specialist team of classroom assistants during your visit to the school.❙ Omagh High School is inclusive, diverse and all talents, skills and personalities are valued and respected.❙ Omagh High School caters for a broad spectrum of special needs in the physical, emotional, behavioural and learning spheres.❙ We oer highly skilled teaching strategies practised across all subject areas. ❙ A programme of intensive literacy and numeracy enhancement is oered targeting those with specic needs.❙ Pupils with learning diculties are taught in small classes, usually not more than 12-14 pupils.❙ All pupils are entered for external examinations across the curriculum, at an approapraite level.❙ Omagh High School works collaboratively with outside agencies to support pupils so they can cope with condence in mainstream learning.❙ A support programme is in place for pupils for whom English is an additional language.❙ A Homework Club, Breakfast Club and Lunchtime Club are oered daily to give encouragement and support to pupils.❙ A number of pupils attend weekly lessons at the local Riding for the Disabled Group.❙ A range of support programmes operate to support literacy, numeracy, social and emotional needs. These may include Social Skills and Anger Management workshops on a modular basis for pupils on the ASD spectrum and others who may experience social diculties.❙ The Better Reading Partnership Programme, Paired Reading, Phonographix and Cued Spelling are oered to pupils who are underachieving in literacy.❙ A Social Skills Programme has been carefully devised for children of all ages. Close links with local businesses help facilitate this work. 12Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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The curriculum for Years 8, 9 and 10 provide opportunities for pupils to study a broad range of subjects to prepare them for future career choices. An extensive careers programme complements the KS3 curriculum in year 10.❙ Art & Design❙ Citizenship❙ Drama❙ Employability❙ English❙ French❙ Geography❙ History❙ Home Economics❙ Information and Communications Technology❙ Mathematics❙ Music❙ Personal Development❙ Physical Education/Games❙ Religious Education❙ Science❙ Technology & DesignOUR CURRICULUM AT KS313OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR CURRICULUM AT KS4Pupils in Years 11 and 12 will follow a Core Curriculum. They will also be able to choose from a number of optional subjects, which will enhance their career opportunities.Core Curriculum❙ English/English Language/ English Literature❙ Mathematics❙ Religious Studies❙ Games❙ Learning For Life & Work (LLW ) or Preparation For Adult Life (PAL) Including (Personal Development, Citizenship, Learning For Work)❙ Double Award Science or Single Award Science along with CCEA Levels 1 or 2 Occupational Studies QualicationOptional Subjects❙ Agriculture And Land Use❙ Art & Design❙ Business & Communications Systems❙ Digital Technology❙ Drama❙ French❙ Further Mathematics❙ Geography❙ Health & Social Care❙ History❙ Home Economics - Child Development❙ Home Economics - Food & Nutrition❙ Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies❙ Music❙ Physical Education❙ Prince’s Trust Qualication❙ Technology & Design14Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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OUR CURRICULUM AT SIXTH FORM (YEAR 13 & 14)Pupils who choose to continue their post 16 studies at Omagh High School can choose a combination of AS/A2 courses and/or BTEC qualications from the following range of subjects in collaboration with other secondary schools in the Omagh Learning Community and South West College.❙ Additional Studies❙ Art and Design❙ Agriculture/Land Based Business❙ Biology❙ Chemistry❙ Children’s Care, Learning and Development❙ Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction❙ Design & Technology❙ Digital Technology❙ Drama & Theatre Studies❙ Engineering❙ English Literature❙ French❙ Geography❙ Health and Social Care ❙ History❙ Hospitality❙ Information Technology❙ Life and Health Sciences❙ Mathematics❙ Media (Film & TV)/Media (Games Development)❙ Music❙ Nutrition and Food Science❙ Philosophy❙ Physics❙ Professional Business Services❙ Psychology❙ Religious Studies❙ Science (Applied)❙ Spanish❙ Sports Studies❙ Travel & Tourism15OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR CAREERS EDUCATION, INFORMATION AND GUIDANCE (CEIAG) OFFER AND VOCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Omagh High School has an established CEIAG programme across all key stages which is designed to equip students with the skills and experience needed to make sound career choices and to progress to third level education or the world of work. There is a range of transition stages in the programme starting at KS3, becoming more elaborate in Year 14. There is a signicant involvement of local businesses and academic institutions (QUB, SWC) which enhance the CEIAG programme throughout the key stages.Additionally, our pupils will have opportunities to enhance their academic and practical skills through training programmes oered by Queen’s University Academy Programme and through our more recent partnership with the SWC, Omagh Campus. 16Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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OUR SPORTS OFFERINGSport is an integral part of school life at Omagh High School. We encourage pupils to participate in sporting activities and promote the benets of physical exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.We promote a positive, competitive spirit in our pupils and encourage them to work hard, to do their very best, be magnanimous in both victory and defeat and always be good sportsmen and sportswomen.Competition is promoted through house competitions and entry to many external sporting competitions.Sport is important in the curriculum and as an extra-curricular activity. A broad range of sports are available to pupils during the school day and after school. These include rugby, football, hockey, netball, basketball, badminton, tness programmes, cross country running, show jumping, table tennis, cricket, athletics and swimming.We compete in many competitions in dierent sports, including local, county, regional and national level. Many of our pupils both past and present are encouraged to maximise their potential in sport, with many achieving provincial and international honours.17OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR ICT FACILITIESOmagh High School has invested heavily over the past year in new ICT infrastructure. The school currently has four fully equipped ICT suites with state of the art computers. The pupils have access to the facilities during lessons or during their free time when they need to complete homework.There are ICT facilities in various areas of the school where the use of specic software is necessary. Those areas include Art, Music and Technology.There is a signicant number of ICT resources and printing facilities in the Sixth Form centre which pupils in Year 13 and 14 can access at any time.18Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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OUR COMMUNITY AND CHARITY LINKSOUR ICT FACILITIESOmagh High School is very much a part of the local community. We enjoy close links with many local organisations and use these to enhance our pupils’ learning experience.We encourage our pupils to be caring and compassionate members of their local community through charitable acts and respect for others.Our community work has a strong charitable focus and we often fundraise for good causes. Each house has a number of charity prefects responsible for charity fundraising.In recent months we have collected donations for the local food bank in Omagh for Christmas time. We also participate annually in a ‘Read On’ event to raise money for the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children.Over the years, many thousands of pounds have been raised for charities through numerous activities. Our annual show jumping competition raises signicant sums for the Riding for the Disabled Association. We have community links with many businesses which support the school’s Careers department with intensive skills training. All our pupils have the opportunity to participate in charitable activities, youth organisations, work experience activities, Young Enterprise, public speaking and to complete voluntary work in local primary schools.19OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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At Omagh High School we recognise that pupils need to develop socially, spiritually, morally, physically and creatively.To help pupils develop their unique talents we provide a broad and interesting extra-curricular programme. In addition to sport, a wide variety of extra-curricular activities are available to pupils. In music and creativity, we oer school choir, instrumental groups, musical tuition for orchestral instruments, guitar classes, piping and drumming tuition groups.There are clubs and activities to attend as well including Artix Model Kit, Drama, Public Speaking, Debating, Riding for the Disabled Association, Star Wars, Equestrian, Homework and Breakfast Club.There is also an extensive range of learning support classes providing extra tuition for pupils in a broad range of subject areas. These classes are vital to sustain our outstanding academic results.We hold regular themed events throughout the year including Enterprise and Employability Week, Maths Week, STEM Week, European Day of Languages, Christmas Jumper Day and charity fundraising. OUR EXTRA CURRICULAR OFFER20Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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OUR RESULTSAssessment and ReportingOmagh High SchoolNI AverageOur School vs NI AverageKEY STAGE 4Percentage of students achieving 5+ Grade A*-C GCSEs 85% tbc tbcPercentage of students achieving 5+ Grade A*-C GCSEs in English 76% tbc tbcPercentage of students achieving 5+ Grade A*-C GCSEs in Maths 73% tbc tbcPercentage of students achieving 5+ Grade A*-C GCSEs including English and Maths 69% tbc tbcKEY STAGE 52 + A Level A*-E or equivalent 95% tbc tbc2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023OHS % A*-C 86.9% 83% 81% 85% NI Average 80.2% 83% 80% tbc OHS % A*-E 98.6% 96.6% 96.5% 95% NI Average 96.2% 96.2% 97% tbc The excellent results at Omagh High school are a reection of our eective assessment strategies:1. As an essential teaching tool, used to motivate and develop a pupil’s progress. (Formative Assessment/Assessment for Learning)2. Tracking pupils’ progress by recording 4 signicant pieces of assessment in each subject throughout the year.3. As an essential evaluation tool, used to measure the appropriateness and/or eectiveness of the curriculum and of teaching strategies. (Evaluative Assessment)Our assessment tools include: Test/exams, homeworks, coursework/projects, controlled assessments, tracking tasks, Key stage Teacher assessments.Essential tools in the success of our pupils are the ways in which we communicate and report their performance. Regular feedback allows parents and carers to realise the eectiveness of our assessment strategies.The full benets of assessment cannot be realised in the absence of an eective reporting system. Our communication and reporting tools include our weekly check of homework books and diaries, our school reports, our tracking booklets and of course the annual parent/teacher consultations, when parents are given the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress. Parents are welcome to meet teachers by appointment whenever the need arises.Omagh High School pupils have a great record of achievement in all national tests.21OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR UNIFORMThe wearing of school uniform helps to foster a pride in the school. Pupils must be conscious of the fact that whilst in uniform they are representatives of their school and should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.1. Outdoor coat should either be a long or short black rain coat. Parents are encouraged to purchase the jacket with the school crest. Hoodies and other coats must not be worn to and from school.2. A black blazer with the school crest must be worn.3. Only the recognised school scarf may be worn, as outdoor clothing only. It should not be worn in the summer term.4. White shirt (top button must be fastened) with school tie approximately 30cm. Clip-on ties compulsory for Years 8 – 12.5. Garments worn under shirt must be white.6. Mid-grey, ‘V’ necked long-sleeved jumper.7. Hair should be clean, tidy, of a conventional style and one natural colou and be tied back at all times if it is shoulder length or longer. Any hair accessories must be discreet.8. Make-up and nail varnish are not permitted.9. Badges must be conned to school badges e.g. House, Prefect, Librarian and one charity badge.10. Only one small pair of small plain gold or silver studs may be worn,one in each lower ear lobe. No facial jewellery including tongue piercing is permitted. A basic watch may be worn. For safety reasons no other jewellery is permitted.BOYS’ UNIFORM❙ Black school shoes. (Trainers, canvas or white soled shoes are not permitted) ❙ Grey or black socks. (Not white).❙ Mid-grey trousers. Belts must be black and simple in design.GIRLS’ UNIFORM❙ Black school shoes. (Trainers, canvas or white soled shoes are not permitted) ❙ Black tights to be worn with skirts from 1 November –Easter. White socks may be worn during the months of September and October as well as the summer term. This may be extended, at the discretion of the principal, during very warm weather. Grey socks to be worn with school trousers..❙ Mid-grey school regulation pleated skirt of modest length.❙ Mid-grey trousers. (Only one approved school style)22Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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PE/GAMES KIT FOR BOYS & GIRLSCOMPULSORY ITEMS❙ Polo shirt with school crest (Kukri)❙. Socks (Black & White) (Kukri)❙ Trainers (suitable for Astroturf)❙ Shinpads❙ MouthguardOPTIONAL ITEMS❙ Tracksuit top with school crest (Kukri)❙ Smock top with school crest (Kukri)❙ Tracksuit bottoms (Black) (Kukri)❙ Thermal top (Black) (Kukri)The main uniform suppliers:WATTERSON’S37 High Street, Omagh, BT78 1BATel: 028 8224 2298S D KELLS LTD (boys uniform only)3 -5 Scare’s Entry, Omagh, BT78 1JHTel: 028 8224 2058RUSSELL’S23 High Street, Omagh, BT78 1BATel: 028 8224 4910SELECT KIDZMarket House, Market Road, Omagh, BT78 1EXTel: 028 8224 0289GIRLS’ PE/GAMES KIT (specic item)Compulsory Items❙ P.E. skort with school crest (Kukri)BOYS’ PE/GAMES KIT (specic item)Compulsory Items❙ Rugby shirt with school crest (Kukri)❙ Rugby shorts with school crest (Kukri)❙ Football boots23OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR ADMISSION CRITERIA Important Information - Admissions CriteriaIf the number of children seeking places in the school is greater than the admissions number, then children will be selected for admission using the following criteria, applied in the order of priority set down below:-(a) Pupils who are transferring from the school’s traditional contributory primary/preparatory schools, ie Ardstraw Jubilee, Aughnacloy Regional, Christ the King, Carntall, Cooley, Denamona, Dromore, Dunmullan, Fivemiletown, Gibson, Gillygooley, Gortin, Holy Family, Kesh, Lack, Langeld, McClintock, Newtownstewart, Omagh County, Omagh Integrated, Queen Elizabeth II Kilskeery, St Mary’s Killyclogher and St Patrick’s Gortin and Richmond Ballygawley.(b) Pupils with special medical, social or other circumstances. Such claims must be supported by written evidence. If the parents/ guardians of a pupil wish to make a claim for a place in the school based on special medical, social or other reasons, then these reasons will be considered by the Board of Governors together with supporting information submitted by the parents or guardians. In the light of the admissions criteria, and the other circumstances the Board of Governors will decide whether the child should be admitted.(c) Pupils who have an older brother/sister presently enrolled at the school.(d) Other pupils.If there are more applicants than places remaining for the last criterion that can be applied, then the selection of pupils who satisfy that criterion will be on the basis of the closeness of the home from the school, as measured by the shortest walking distance. The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify information on any Application Form/Transfer Form. The provision of false or incorrect information or the failure to provide information within the deadlines set by post-primary schools can result in the withdrawal of a place or the inability to oer a place on the part of any school nominated on the applicant’s Transfer Form.24Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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Pupils must be in school by 8.55 am, classes commence at 9.00am, and end at 3.25pm. The school day is divided into 9 teaching periods of 35 minutes each. There are two breaks during the day. Morning break 10:25am - 10:40am.Lunch break for Years 8 to 10: 12.25pm - 1:00pmLunch break for Years 11 to 14: 1.05pm - 1:40pm Proposed School Calendar for 2024/2025(subject to change in August 2024)❙ Autumn Term 1 29 August - 24 October 2024 ❙ Mid-term break 28 October – 1 November 2024❙ Autumn Term 2 4 November - 20 December 2024❙ Christmas Holidays 23 December 2024 – 6 January 2025❙ Spring Term 1 7 January - 12 February 2025❙ Mid-term break 13 - 17 February 2025 ❙ Spring Term 2 18 February - 11 April 2025❙ Easter Break 14 - 25 April 2025❙ Summer Term 28 April - 25 June 2025❙ Bank Holidays 5 & 26 May 2025SCHOOL DAY25OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR PUPILSName: Jade LogueHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: OutstandingHello, my name is Jade Logue. You should denitely come to Omagh High School because it has an amazing atmosphere and it has the most amazing teachers. My favourite teachers are History and Art because you can always have fun and they can teach you dierent techniques. My favourite subjects are denitely Art and PE and I am hoping to go to hockey after school.I love going to Breakfast Club because you get to hang out with your friends before registration. I am so glad I moved to Omagh High School. Hopefully I get to see you next year in Omagh High School.Name: Hollie GibsonHouse: StrulePrimary School attended: Denamona PSOne word to describe OHS: OutstandingHello, my name is Hollie Gibson. The reason I picked Omagh High School because of the outstanding education oered. I asked my sister who goes here what it’s like and she said it’s brilliant and the teachers here are kind and helpful. The Breakfast Club is on every morning for Year 8 pupils. When I started Omagh High School I didn’t know where I was going so I asked the older ones and they were kind and helpful. My favourite subjects are HE, TD and History.Make OHS your No. 1 choice!Name: Grace BondHouse: AuchinleckPrimary School attended: Dromore PSOne word to describe OHS: TerricHello, my name is Grace Bond and I think Omagh High School is an outstanding school because all of the teachers are AMAZING! The subject range is fantastic so you will never get bored. The school has great clubs that you can go to if you want some of which are (Chatter Club, Homework Club and Basketball.) The food in the canteen is SO good and tasty. There is no need to feel nervous as everyone is so welcoming and understanding.I think you should make OHS your ‘Number 1’ choice, you denitely won’t regret it. Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to seeing you in September 2024.Name: Jack ByersHouse: AuchinleckPrimary School attended: Cooley PSOne word to describe OHS: GreatMy name is Jack Byers and I am in Year 8. My house class is Auchinleck. I think you should come to Omagh High School because it supports and helps you if you need it. My rst thoughts of Omagh High School were that I was going to get lost and that the work would be too much, but really, the work isn’t that hard, it’s just like when you move up a year in primary school and it’s really easy to nd your way around after you’ve been to your classes at least once.I decided to go to Omagh High School because my brother and my sisters said it was a good school to go to. All of my family apart from my dad went to Omagh High School. I felt like Omagh High School was the right school for me and I don’t regret going to Omagh High School. My favourite subjects are Art and T.D. but there is a lot more really cool subjects on oer at Omagh School that you might enjoy.26Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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Name: Evie PattonHouse: AuchinleckPrimary School attended: Omagh County PSOne word to describe OHS: BestHello, my name is Evie. I picked Omagh High School because I heard so many great things about it, the best thing is they were all true! I’m a member of the School Council, we meet up four times in a school year. My favourite subjects are Art and English, they always have been, but they have just become better! My favourite teachers are in English and History, they’re both extremely nice and good at teaching. Omagh High School is one of the best places I’ve ever been to!Name: Logan VirtueHouse: StrulePrimary School attended: Dromore PSOne word to describe OHS: CaringHello, my name is Logan. When I rst joined Omagh High School I thought I would have no friends but in the rst few weeks I have made many friends. I love all of my lessons; each one makes me learn something new and they are fun. All the teachers are so kind, and they help me if I am stuck on something.The food in Omagh High School is delicious and there is always something new on the counter. The cooks are nice and helpful.My favourite subjects are History and P.E. Breakfast Club is also good because you can eat and chat to friends.I am so happy I went to Omagh High School, and you would be as well.Name: Richard BeattieHouse: StrulePrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: ExtraordinaryHello, my name is Richard Beattie. I think Omagh High School is an extraordinary school because all the teachers are really fun and kind. All the subjects are really fun, so you denitely will nd one you like.My favourite subject is PE, we play lots of sports, we are also going swimming. There are so many clubs you can join and I’m looking forward to joining rugby.All the teachers are super nice but my maths teacher is my favourite.Name: Hannah CuthbertsonHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Cooley PSOne word to describe OHS: SuperbHello, my name is Hannah Cuthbertson and I think you should denitely come to Omagh High School. It is an outstanding, fantastic school. All the teachers are so kind and caring. My English teacher is my favourite. She is always looking out for me and she is an amazing house teacher.My favourite things at Omagh High School would be Breakfast Club, SU and of course the food in the canteen, it’s very tasty. I like Breakfast Club because it gives me a chance to talk to my friends and get some breakfast if I haven’t already at home! SU is really good too, you get to play games, eat sweets and hear a talk. The subjects I enjoy most are HE, TD Art and Drama. HE and TD are really fun because you get to do lots of practicals. Plus, the teachers who teach drama and art are brilliant! 100% come to OHS it’s like one big family!27OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR PUPILSName: Lucas KeeHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: Awesome!Hello, my name is Lucan RN Kee and I love OHS, it’s like family. I’ve met so many new people and it’s only been a few weeks. The Principal is so kind, he is the best ever! The waes at Breakfast Club, they can make me happy on a Monday morning. They are only 20p and everything at breakfast club is so cheap.After you’re done with waes you can go to ICT room 2 to play games or do some homework. History is my favourite subject.My advice: don’t be scared, it’s a leap of faith, just jump in!Name: Niya Rose LargeHouse: AuchinleckPrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: FantasticHello, my name is Niya Rose Large. You should totally put Omagh High School as your number one choice because it has some amazing and kind teachers. So far I have learned so many new things. My top three classes are Drama, ICT and Art because they are fun and I have learnt so much from them. In the morning the Year 8 students go to the library for Breakfast Club. I go there to see my friends, to eat the tasty food. The canteen food is so nice and you pay with your ngerprint too. You will be so glad that you picked Omagh High School. Hoping to see you all next year.Name: Emilia QuinnHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Cooley PSOne word to describe OHS: BestHello, my name is Emilia and I chose Omagh High School because it was welcoming and it felt like the right school. My favourite subjects are P.E, History and Art and Design. History is really fun because there is always a surprise quiz. All the teachers are really nice and friendly and they always have a smile on their face.Name: Aaron RobinsonHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Augher Central PSOne word to describe OHS: NiceWhen I rst came to Omagh High School, I didn’t know what to expect. I had come from a small primary school and I was transitioning to such a big school. Thankfully, most of my teachers were very nice and helped me. My favourite subjects are Art and History and the teachers in those classes are extremely kind and helpful. Overall, I would recommend OHS to any P7 as their Number 1 choice!28Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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Name: Craig SmithHouse: AuchinleckPrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: NiceHello! My name is Craig Smith and I chose Omagh High School because there is a Breakfast Club in the morning for Year 8 pupils if you didn’t get breakfast at home. The canteen food is delicious. For break you can have pizza, sausage rolls and croissants and for lunch there is chicken curry, burgers and meatballs.The teachers are so nice and they always have a smile on their faces. The subjects are really cool, my favourites are TD, HE, Art and music. The education is really good. That’s what I like about Omagh High School and you should too!Name: Lily WildsHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Omagh Integrated PSOne word to describe OHS: SuperHello! My name is Lily and Omagh High School should be your number one choice! To start the food in the canteen is amazing and there are so many dierent types of food to choose from! And of course, the Principal is so funny and kind and he always says hello which is super nice. Breakfast Club, where do I start? The food again is amazing, and the sta are super nice! And almost everything is 20p. In Homework Club you can use the computers and print out all your work. Now, back to the food! There is only one word to describe it, AMAZING!! The pizza, burgers, everything is so good. Science is my favourite subject, it’s just so much fun! But you must be careful! English is also one of my favourites, we do a lot of writing, but it’s fun.My House Teacher is so kind. P.E. is also fun at the moment, the girls do hockey. We also go swimming, that’s also really fun! I really think you should come to Omagh High School and make it your number one choice.Name: Norina SzitaHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: OutstandingHello everyone. My name is Norina and I chose to go to Omagh High School because there is extra support from the teachers! My favourite subjects are science and maths because I like to learn about the human body in science and I love counting in maths. I think that you should come to Omagh High School because it is a very outstanding school!Name: Esther DavidsonHouse: AuchinleckPrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: FabulousHello! My name is Esther Davidson. The reason I decided to go to Omagh High School was because when I went to the Open Night I saw all the opportunities I would get. From delicious meals in HE, to amazing art I just knew this was the right place for me. The teachers are happy to help you if you are struggling on anything. There are so many clubs to join and so many people to meet. This school is hard working and friendly and helpful and this is why you should make Omagh High School your number one choice!29OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR PUPILSName: Connie GrimesHouse: StrulePrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: FriendsHello year 7s. My name is Connie and I chose to go to Omagh High School because I really liked the open night.My favourite subjects are English (because I really like my teacher) and Home Economics (because I love cooking and baking).I think that you should come to Omagh High School because it is outstanding! I also think you should come here to try out our amazing Breakfast Club, it has really tasty items for a cheap price. It is great to have fun with my friends every morning in Breakfast Club before school starts!Name: Lewis RadfordHouse: StrulePrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: CareHello year 7s. My name is Lewis and I chose to go to Omagh High School because I heard that it was a brilliant school and that the school provides outstanding care and education. My favourite subjects are English and French. I like English because I love to read and write and I love French because it is very fun to learn other languages.Name: Charlie DeazleyHouse: StrulePrimary School attended: Dromore PSOne word to describe OHS: BusyHi everyone. My name is Charlie and I chose to go to Omagh High School because there are so many after school and extra-curricular activities to go to.My favourite subjects are Maths and PE because I love working things out and I love playing sports (especially football).I think that you should come to Omagh High School because there are many opportunities to try new things and join new clubs.Name: Yasmine StewartHouse: AuchinleckPrimary School attended: McClintock PSOne word to describe OHS: SafeHello everyone. My name is Yasmine. I chose to go to Omagh High School because my family went here and I couldn’t have made a better choice! My favourite subject is English because my teacher is so sweet and nice. I love it altogether. I think that you should come to Omagh High School because you don’t have to hide who you really are and you are encouraged to express yourself!30Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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Name: Sam GibsonHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Cooley PSOne word to describe OHS: ActiveHello everyone. My name is Sam and I chose to go to Omagh High School because I heard that they have a variety of sport teams such as rugby, football, basketball and athletics.My favourite subject is PE because I love being active and love to play all kinds of sports. I think that you should come to OHS because there will always be something to suit you. For example, we are learning to swim at the minute in PE. How cool? Name: Rihanna HughesHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Omagh County PSOne word to describe OHS: SupportingHello everyone. My name is Rihanna and I chose to go to Omagh High School because the uniform is really neat and tidy. You also get great support from all the sta as they are very kind and helpful. My favourite subjects are Music and Science. I love to sing which is why I am a member of the School Choir. Music makes me feel fantastic. My Science teacher is really fun and kind, which makes Science really interesting.I think that you should come to Omagh High School because you get fantastic support from everyone that works here.Name: Lily CunninghamHouse: StrulePrimary School attended: Omagh County PSOne word to describe OHS: BrilliantHello, my name is Lily Cunningham, today I am going to give you some reasons why to come to OHS. I found that it’s really easy to make friends here because everyone is so kind. But the teachers are superb at their job and the Classroom Assistants make sure I understand and make sure that I am safe. The activities are fun but the one I like most is Homework Club. The food here is lovely, my favourite is chips and curry sauce.The subjects are nice but I prefer Maths and History. What I like about OHS , I love that there is a bigger variety of subjects and so many dierent classes all the time.Name: Aliya CampbellHouse: AuchinleckPrimary School attended: Omagh County PSOne word to describe OHS: FabulousHello, my name is Aliya Campbell and I think Omagh High School is your best choice. Omagh High School is an amazing school and is lled with positive, helpful people and teachers. The food is delicious in the canteen, my favourite is the burger and chips.There is a big variety of classes and exciting activities like hockey and swimming. Coming to a bigger school is no big deal , I found my way around in a week.The sta are very helpful and energetic.My favourite subjects are History, Art and English.31OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR PUPILSName: Scarlett WalshHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Omagh County PSOne word to describe OHS: ThoughfulHello, my name is Scarlett and I’m going to tell you a little bit about my thoughts on Omagh High School. The rst thing I’m going to say is the sta are really kind and if you need help you will always get it. When you think about secondary school you think of how big the building is going to be. For me the thing about secondary I was most nervous about was getting lost but only after being in the school a few weeks you will denitely know your way around.One of the best things about school is break and lunch times and you know what makes it ten times better….the food. In my opinion the food in the canteen is so tasty. At break you can get a dierent variety of things such as sausage rolls, vegetable soup, pizza and much more. OHS has Breakfast Club in the morning. It has things such as pop tarts, biscuits and much more.Name: Megan MageeHouse: CrevenaghPrimary School attended: Augher Central PSOne word to describe OHS: ExcellentHello, my name is Megan. I am enjoying Omagh High School a lot. The teachers cheer you on and give you lots of support. They also care for everyone in this school. When I started Omagh High School I found my way around easily - it is really no big deal. Making friends wasn’t too hard either. It was actually fun getting to know everyone and now I have a lot of friends. The food in the canteen is scrumdillyumptuious, and I also make food in HE. My favourite subject is Science because my science teacher makes the lessons enjoyable and fun.Name: Leah PrestonHouse: StrulePrimary School attended: Omagh County PSOne word to describe OHS: AmazingHello, my name is Leah and I think Omagh High School is the best choice! In Omagh High School the sta are very nice and helpful and the food in the canteen is delicious.One of my favourite subjects is Art because you get to have fun and draw. We can also go to Homework Club at lunchtime if you need to nish any homework. There is also an equestrian team if you are interested in horses. There is a school Horse Show that is held at the start of October.Name: Lewis HawkesHouse: StrulePrimary School attended: Gibson PSOne word to describe OHS: AmazingHello, my name is Lewis Hawkes and I like Omagh High School for multiple reasons. I like the food, the teachers are brilliant and the variety of subjects like TD, French, Mathematics. I also like it because there are a lot of activities like football, swimming and rugby.The thing I like the most is football because it keeps you competitive, makes you try hard and it can be good fun. I also like the swimming.32Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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OUR SCHOOL COUNCILThe School Council is an elected group of pupil representatives. They participate in many Shared Education projects and also bring forward proposals to improve our school. This group allows pupils to voice their opinions and observe democracy in action; to gain leadership skills and represent the ethos of Omagh High School whenever they work with other schools or represent us at various conferences and meetings.33OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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OUR SENIOR PREFECTSOur Senior Prefects have numerous responsibilities as well as being role models for fellow pupils. They are truly the ambassadors of the school and they reect the high standards, ethos and values of Omagh High School. The Senior Prefects are chosen every year from the Year 14 cohort through a very rigorous interview process.34Omagh High School ❙ Prospectus 2024/2025

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YOUR SCHOOL CHOICEThis prospectus only gives a brief glimpse into life at Omagh High School. To experience the magnitude of our educational oering, pupils need to become part of our close knit community and participate in the plethora of activities on oer throughout the year. We are very proud of our school and would encourage you to visit us, so you can see for yourself and get a real ‘avour’ of the positive, friendly and family culture. There are opportunities to arrange personal tours of the school with the Principal during a normal working day so you can gain a realistic picture of school life in and out of the classroom. Omagh High School oers an outstanding educational experience both pastoral and academic. We are committed to developing the ‘whole’ person as these young learners have been entrusted to our care. We have a duty to make them the very best that they can be, for they are our future.Omagh High School is a SCHOOL for the whole COMMUNITY where outstanding education is at the heart of what we do. It should be your number 1 choice.Kind regards,Board of Governors, Principal, Teaching and Non-Teaching Sta & Pupils35OUTSTANDING CARE AND EDUCATION

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