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This is my famous animator project for animation on Ollie Johnston

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     \Oliver Johnston\

By: Sheereen Das

This is Oliver Johnston's life. I chose him for my project mostly because I remembered him from our 12 principles of animation videos. He is a well known animator, not only for creating many of our favorite Disney characters, but for being one of Disney's Nine Old Men. 

Ollie Johnston(31 October, 1912-14 April, 2008) was an animator and quite an accomplished one at that. He was not only one of Disney’s nine old men, but the creator of numerous Disney characters. He was born in Palo Alto, California. He attended Stanford and went on to land himself a job at Disney. There he married another employee, an ink and paint artist Marie Worthey, who, sadly, passed away on May 20, 2005. He had a train in dedication to her as a showcase of his love for her and his obsession with trains. He enjoyed trains so much, he started to build his own backyard railway system in 1949. This prompted Walt Disney to get his own backyard railway system. Inspiring people to make train tracks isn't the only thing Ollie Johnston did with his 43 years at Disney(1935-1978). He created fantastical Disney characters who warm our heart to this day, everything from baby Bambi to the stepsisters in Cinderella, with dear friend, Frank Thomas. Frank Thomas was another one of Disney's Nine Old Men, and his son, Theodore Thomas, even directed a movie about Ollie and Frank. Together they even wrote a book called "Disney Animation: Illusion of life".

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(1937)- Assistant animator/ In charge of the dwarves

  • Pinocchio(1940)- Animation Director/Pinocchio lying to the Blue Fairy

  • Fantasia(1940)- Segment of The Pastoral Symphony

  • Bambi(1942)- Supervising animators for Bambi/ Baby Bambi/ Older Bambi meets neighborhood/ Thumper recites poetry on the meadow/ Meets Stag

  • The Three Caballeros(1944)- The Flying Gaucho

  • Make Mine Music(1946)- Casey at the bat/Peter and the wolf 

  • Song of the South(1946)- Director Animator: Running Away, Tar Baby, the Laughing Place

  • Melody Time(1948)- Directing Animator- Little Toot and Johnny Appleseed

  • Ichabod and Mr.Toad(1949)- Directing Animator: Rat, Mole, Toad, Cyril and Ichabad, Katrina and Brom Bones. 

  • Cinderella(1950)- Directing Animator/ Stepsisters and Lackey

By Walt Disney (Original Trailer (1940)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Walt Disney (Original Trailer (1942)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Walt Disney (Original Trailer (1942)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons