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Olivia Marie Plath Pricing Guide

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P R I C I N G G U I D E F O R 2 0 2 4 + 2 0 2 5

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If you are perusing this guide, there is a good chance you have alreadyreached out to me via email. I am always one email away, happy toanswer any questions or concerns that you might have! If you don't seea service in this guide that you need just let me know. Depending onthe service, I can build custom collections for my couples. I cannot wait to work with you! Hey there!

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DIFFERENT? Y o u ' r e n o t j u s t a c l i e n t , o r a j o b .Y o u h a v e a u n i q u e s t o r y a n d y o u ' r e h i r i n g m e t o t e l l i t w i t hp h o t o g r a p h s .I t a k e t h a t v e r y s e r i o u s l y . W H A T M A K E S M EN O M A D I C | 2 4Each interaction with my couples is intentional, fromanswering the initial email to offering unlimitedhourly coverage on your wedding day so that youdon't have to stress about missed moments. Iremember planning my wedding and realizing that Icouldn't afford to have my photographer stay longerthan 8 hours. It was super hard deciding what partof my day wasn't as important, and then crammingthe rest into a tight timeline. From the get go, Iwant to reassure you that not only do I structure myservices in a way that reduces stress on your end,but that I am committed to serving you throughoutthe rest of the process as well. All of my coupleshave my number and email so that they can reachout anytime with questions, concerns, or happynews. You're not just a new client - I truly care about youand your story.

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WEDDINGSThis is my standard wedding collectionwhich includes:- Unlimited hourly wedding daycoverage.- Unlimited help during the planningprocess ranging from engagementsession outfit input to helping you buildand prioritize your day-of timeline.- A beautiful online digital gallery withall of your photographs delivered within6-8 weeks of your wedding.- Copyrights to print, download, andshare all of your photos whenever andwherever! $6000, travel included. ELOPEMENTS This is my standard elopementcollection which includes:- Up to 6 hours of coverage.- Unlimited help during the planningprocess including location scouting,outfit advice, building your itinerary, etc.- A beautiful online digital gallery withall of your photographs deliveredwithin 4-6 weeks of your elopement.- Copyrights to print, download, andshare all of your photos whenever andwherever! $3100, travel included.

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ADD ON'S Engagement Sessions, Assistant Photographers, Additional PortraitSessions, Rehearsal Coverage, etc are all available to add on to any standard collection. Details on the next page.

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ADD ON'ST H E U L T I M A T E L I S T O FEngagement Session $600 One Hour Portrait Session $600 Two Hour Portrait Session $850 Assistant Photographer $75 per hour Rehearsal Coverage $350 This price is for an engagement session that is addedon to a wedding collection and booked together.Sessions typically last around 1.5 hours, and include up to 2 locations and 2 outfits. Photographs aredelivered in a beautiful online gallery with copyrights within 4-6 weeks. Any additional travel toa specific session location is not included in price. Perfect for some updated couple portraits. Sessions include up to 2 locations and 2 outfits.Photographs are delivered in a beautiful onlinegallery with copyrights within 4-6 weeks. Designed as an adventure session, this is perfect forthose who want to explore and level up theirexperience. Unlimited locations and outfits as timepermits. Photographs are delivered in a beautifulonline gallery with copyrights within 4-6 weeks. All editing is done by me, and I only hire assistantswho mesh well with my style and work. Assistanttravel costs are included in price. Now offering Rehearsal and/or Rehearsal Dinnercoverage. All photographs are delivered within theWedding Gallery in a special section making themeasy to find and download!

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You can check my travel schedule on my website, or shootme an email to compare dates. If the engagement sessionor portrait session you're booking will take place in alocation already on my travel schedule, I won't charge any additional travel fees. However, if you'd like to book your engagement session or portrait session for a location of your choice, travel fees willbe added to the total collection cost previously shown.Travel Fees