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Skill Link 

By: Alan Reynaga

“Hello name is Excel, and you’re probably wondering why I’m lying on the floor dead”, “well let me tell you how”. “About 1 week ago I was living a normal life, I was living next to a nuclear power plant, I know right, seems pretty bad, but hey I’m not complaining”. “So you may also be wondering oh how did this idiot who lives next to a nuclear power plant get his powers”, well one day I was casually at home putting my groceries away”, “you know the usual get home and put everything in the fridge kind of thing, yeah so I was doing that and I suddenly heard a loud, “BOOM”. I look outside and see nothing”, then I hear the neighbor lady yelling, I saw her with her old white hair and purple dress, with her wrinkly face, and her old body of hers. Yeah her, I hate her so just ignored the fact she was screaming. 

I had nothing else to do so I just watched Anime on TV, yeah I know shut in teenager right. So I’m casually watching Anime which is a really good one if I say so myself, I suddenly saw the TV glowing I looked at grabbed my phone and took a selfie I mean who wouldn’t right, so I don’t know what made me look at my arm, “IT WAS GLOWING” “OH CRAP” I screamed my arm stared acting on its self it lead me outside it  was carrying me I couldn’t stop, I ended up In this prison which was also next to the power plant, I know right feels bad man, the prison gate was shattered out came 7 prisoners, each just had the numbers 1-7 on their arms, “did I mention they were also glowing”. “Yeah I know but I’m not special I’m not the only one who has an arm glowing” They looked at me, “me being the person I am looked away”, so one of them grabbed me “rude am I right”, he grabbed my color and said “hello there young man, we are going to take over the world” well at this point I don’t know what to think, 7 evil people in front of me, I missed my daily anime, “Boy was this a bad day” Each of them had a unique power an element, they asked me what element I was, “my self being me” was like “I don’t know”. “CHECK YOUR ARM FOOL”. I saw Pm “I responded with “oh its promethium” “RUN FOOL” I saw this old man with this long mustache, I saw him, I ran so fast I saw the world moving past me as if it was drifting away, 

I felt a presence behind me griping my shoulder, stopping me from running, the old man standing right inform of me showed me his arm it also has the letters Pm, the man spoke I tried to look away but my eyes wouldn’t move away  the old man said, “An incident similar to this happened a million years ago, you and I share the same power, back then evil villains also roamed the city causing havoc, now it’s your job to fix it”, “No I refuse I will  not stop them, if you did it years ago why can’t you do it now”, “well had my fights, now it’s your turn, I will train you so you can master you element” “No I will not fight”, I ran from him, I ran so fast I thought the world my life it was all over, nothing left the world destroyed. 

I felt the hand again, I felt fear from this man “fine I will do it, I shouted I will fight for the sake of others and for myself”’. I trained with the old man from sun up to sun down I was tired my legs where aching, my warms felt like they were being torn apart, I felt like I couldn’t keep on going, “But I must I repeated to myself, I must” after some time the old man let me go, he thought I was ready to face them, he pointed me out in a direction to where the first one was, I was going to run there but somehow this old man that has been training me for the past months teleported me there, “its time go and fight” “that’s easy for you to say spectator” I saw number 1 I felt tension in my body rise the world suddenly stopped moving it was just me and him, well that’s what I thought after I saw him 5 other villains showed up I know right cowards.

  but whatever I charged at them my body felt heavy I thought I was going to die, I fought with all of them at the same time, hit for hit, kick for kick it was intense but before I knew it I was on the floor bleeding I saw the sun “this is where it ends huh” “do you want to know what art is “ART IS AN EXPLOISON”. I saw the old “No stop don’t do it” well now where here I’m dead the 5 villains are dead the old is dead, now what well I felt my arm move right but how I’m dead well I don’t know either so just keep on listening to the story, I felt my eyes open, my element my energy is limitless it never runs out wow that must affect my life span as well. “I know right boring move onto the fights already” 

so I ran I ran so fast I was flying I know flying, I saw them the last two I confronted them we fought out battle lasted about 7 days and 7 nights, with my arm and left leg shattered I couldn’t move, but hey my powers are endless so why not keep going right, well there I laid on the floor again, but this I remembered that the old man told me to always check my arm when I’m on the floor, my body changed it was dark now all you could see was the white in my eyes, I grabbed them by the collars grasped their heads and shattered them against the wall it was over, all over, it’s time to head home or so I thought I was heading home limping and stuff but this guy comes claiming he is the key and there where actually 8 villains, so again I fought again on the floor close to death I looked at my arm, “what it’s not working now what” he grabbed me by the collar you think just because you power is infinite you are superior”, I then opened my mouth out came darkness, the darkness devoured him “no I said only sometimes “after this I found myself on a couch watching Anime again, I know someone that just saved the world living the some old house watching the exact same show, well hey remember just because you think you are strong because you have infinite power, don’t never underestimate your opponent you may die someday because of it” “is that right old man “yes indeed”