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ODCT May Newsletter

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SERVICE HOURSSERVICE HOURSThursday Worship Service Thursday: 7:30pm - 9:30pm Prayer Service Saturday: 6:30pm - 8:30pmSunday School Sunday: 10am - 11amSunday Worship Service Sunday: 11am - 2pm O P E N D O O R C O M M U N I T Y T A B E R N A C L EO F T H E L O R D J E S U S C H R I S TWELCOME TOWELCOME TO THE ODCT NEWSLETTER!THE ODCT NEWSLETTER!M A Y N E W S L E T T E R“As one whom his mothercomforteth, so will I comfort you;and ye shall be comforted inJerusalem.”Isaiah 66:13 KJV

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PRAYER REQUESTPRAYER REQUESTRemember all the brothers on the missionaryfield: Br. Ginais, Br. Phanes, and Br. Bastien in HaitiBr. Miller and Br. Louis in JamaicaBr. Jefferey Johnson in GhanaBr. Samson Shetty in IndiaBr. Isu in NepalBr. Gerard in Washington DCOur Elder Rev. Earl Martin in ArkansasKeep the ministry in prayer as we continue topush forward with the work in Worcester, MA.Remember Sis. Bernadez in prayer.Continue to keep Sis. Vivianne in prayer as she ishelping Br. EarlMAY BIRTHDAYSMAY BIRTHDAYS7Nathaniel Jean-FrancoisSERVICES & PODCASTSERVICES & PODCASTWatch our live church services and song specials on YouTube.Listen to our weekly podcast every Tuesday at 7 pm EST onYouTube, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Podcast, TuneIn, andanywhere you can find a podcast. 55-0123A - The Approach To God Rev. William Marrion Branham33 But we are commissioned to pray for one another(That’s right.), and to offer up our loved ones to God,that He will save them.Now it is promised, in the last days, that the original Faith in the same…to be restored to thechildren of God at the time of the Bride Tree. 63-0728 - Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed5Ashley Saint Louis Noel911Jackie White12Richshelle Gabriel14222331Alana RichardSainphonie BerlusPaola RichardGiovanni MentorNine Birthdays! “Watch the Nines”

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PRAISES & TESTIMONIALS OF ODCTPRAISES & TESTIMONIALS OF ODCTIf you would like your testimony to be featured in the next newsletter sendus a message through our email at Tigayot Petit Br. Dane White“Working as an EMT presented numerous challenges that Iinitially believed I could handle independently. However, as achild of God, I learned that relying solely on my own strength isnever sufficient. I remember the Holy Spirit urging me to quitmy job, but due to my stubbornness, I chose not to listen. Ipersisted in my work, unaware of the consequences of mydisobedience. Unfortunately, it led me to neglect attendingchurch, and caused a significant shift in my character, distancingme from my true self. As time went on, I began experiencingsleep troubles, feeling a heavy pressure weighing me down atnight. But I always remembered the advice of my PastorEdmond Raphino. He had mentioned that if one struggles tosleep, playing the messages of our Prophet William MarrionBranham could bring comfort and aid in falling asleep.”To hear the rest of the testimony, please click the link below:“ Like I always say God is good all the time, All the time God isgood. As a postman working in a suburban area, accessing foodcan be challenging compared to working in the city. I vividlyremember the day after attending our Annual August Meetingat church. The following day, while out in the field, hungerstruck me intensely, and I realized I had no food. Reflecting onthe powerful messages shared during the meeting, one phraseresonated in my mind: "Speak what's in your heart, and Godwill bless it." With that encouragement, though unsure of howmy need would be met, I just believed and spoke my desire inmy heart, trusting that God would provide.”To hear the rest of this testimony, please click the link below:

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It's truly heartening to share updates on our missionary outreach efforts. Our commitment tospreading the End-Time Message is making a significant impact across the globe. Here's aglimpse of the inspiring work being done by our dedicated missionaries:MISSIONARY OUTREACHMISSIONARY OUTREACHPartnering with us, Br. Jeffery isactively involved in constructingnumerous churches. Going to thehighways and hedges, baptizingindividuals and ensuring the Word isbeing spread far and wide.“What we need today is a missionary minded, God sent, Holy Ghost born revival that’ll have the zeal ofGod to push on down through the jungles yonder and do something for God instead of building big finechurches and try to outshine the neighbor”55-0724 - Enticing SpiritsBrother Jeffery Johnson in Ghana: After being a part of the DR EasterRevival in 2023, Br. Louis has beensharing the Word of the hour with hischurch. Now, relocating to Jamaicawith Br. Miller to spread the Gospelfurther. Brother Louis from Dominican RepublicThrough continuouscommunication, we've learned thatbelievers in Nepal are steadfastlyfighting the good fight to spreadthis message. Their resilience is trulycommendable.Brother Isu in Nepal:

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Brother Samson Shetty Mantada in India: With our assistance, Br. Miller hasacquired a van, enhancing his abilityto carry out essential missions andfurthering the reach of this End-TimeMessage.Brother Jonathan Miller in Jamaica:Brother Julio Corporan in theDominican Republic: In the Dominican Republic, Br. Juliocontinues to lead and guide thelocal congregation, nurturing athriving community of faith.In India, Br. Samson is instrumental inconstructing churches and spreadingthe Gospel, making a lasting impact onthe local communities.To help support our missionary outreach program scan the QR code! Phanes has been making asubstantial impact in Haiti bybuilding churches and providinginstrumental support to youngadults. Brother Phanes Joseph in Haiti:

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FUTURE BIBLE STUDY TOPICSFUTURE BIBLE STUDY TOPICS U P C O M I N G E V E N T SUnto what were you baptized?“Then said Paul, John verily baptized withthe baptism of repentance, saying unto thepeople, that they should believe on HimWhich should come after him, that is, onChrist Jesus. When they heard this, theywere baptized in the Name of the LordJesus”Acts 19:3-5O D C T C H R O N I C L E S : Y O U R G A T E W A YT O T H E L A T E S T U P D A T E S03ODCT Graduates Celebration PartyUpcoming in June! 11th Annual ODCT Youth Camp July 8-13 Registration is now open!1.2.040506Link to watch: ODCT MediaSongs from our services are now available on YouTube thanksto ODCT Media! If you've been eager to relive the melodies fromour gatherings, now's your chance to tune in.Link to watch: ODCT Mission Brothers TripThe Mission Brothers came back from Bread of Life Tabernacle,with many testimonies!Congratulations, Sarah and Lucas on graduating college. May God bless them on their journey into adulthood! Missionary Outreach Activities in Maine & Canada - Stay tuned! More to Follow! 3.To find the answerclick the pamphlet hereBr. Jefferey baptizingpeople in Ghana underthe name of our LordJesus Christ

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CONTACTADDRESSONLINE Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the messagewho are the backbone of their families! There are many motherstoday who stand by their family's side and helped their childrengrow. Thank you, Mom!As message believers, we know there are certain characteristics amother should have. In Bro. Branham’s message titled My LifeStory preached on April 19, 1959, says “So, but now, a goodwoman is a jewel in a man’s crown. She should be honored.She…My mother’s a woman, my wife is, and they’re lovely. AndI’ve got thousands of Christian sisters who I highly respect.But if—if they can respect what God made them, amotherhood and a real queen, that’s all right. She’s one of thebest things that God could give a man, was a wife. Besidessalvation, a wife is the best thing if she is a good wife.”Saints, be thankful for your mother’s today and every day afterthat! Here’s the link: 59-0419A My Life Story- Br. BranhamPhone Number: (855) 237-6736Email: Mission RdNorth Chelmsford,MA 01863Website:www.odct.orgGREETINGS TO ALL BELIEVERSGREETINGS TO ALL BELIEVERSNEXT STEPS FOR MESSAGE BELIEVERS: A MOTHER’S DAY MESSAGEWe are a group of believers with a common vision that has called us together and asincere desire to establish a house of worship. Dedicated to preaching the OriginalWord as was delivered to us by the Prophet messenger William Marrion Branham. We are the first message church in New England with many ministers working in themission field from our post. We stand as a beacon shining in the New England area! Published: May 2024