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October 2023

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CHESAPEAKE BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY | SOLOMONS, MDOCTOBER 2023ISSUE 86Lab Lines1IN THIS ISSUE:DIRECTOR’S VIEW23SAFETY CORNER1IN CASE YOU MISSED IT With these 80 degree sunny days it’s hard to believe our Fall semester is over half-way through! Although this weather was certainly not what we had for our rst open house on October 7th. But the wind and rain did not stop the day from being very successful. I thank you all for your dedicaon to the lab, highlighng what we do and why it is important to over 200 visitors. Photos are in the open house google drive and include our UMCES President Bill Dennison enjoying the very popular ROV tank display, our dynamic chemistry duo, Andrew and Michael, wowing the crowds with chemistry and highlights from all of the staons, hands-on acvies and the visitor center being enjoyed by many. Thank you also to Jerry Frank and Maya Drzewicki who manned all day the CBL booth highlighng the Dolphin Watch program at PRAD, sending many visitors our way. We connue our disnguished seminar series and have a fully packed schedule unl the end of the semester. Please make every eort to aend these on Wednesdays at 11am, we will soon have some CBL and UMCES promoon seminars coming up and connuing through January next year. On October 27th we had our rst heritage potluck, there were some amazing dishes from all over the globe, thank you all for sharing these, I certainly have some new favorite foods! Feel free to share recipes on the sign-up sheet. Also save the date – our next CBL community event will be Friday December 15th at noon. As a reminder all of our upcoming acvies are listed on the CBL events google calendar including any zoom links for hybrid meengs. Our Friday informal lunch lecture series in BFL will also be returning, at a slightly earlier me of 11am, with Kaitlynn Wade presenng her work on rock crabs on November 3rd. This is a great opportunity for students and faculty to engage across scienc disciplines please make every eort to aend these events. Our students and faculty have been very acve this month presenng at numerous scienc conferences and meengs. Jackie Grebmeier had a paper published in Sci-ence on the decline of gray whales due to Climate driven prey changes - highlighng the importance of the decades long term Arcc data set she and Lee Cooper have. We welcome back Ryan Woodland, our new GEC Chair, from his sabbacal at the Universi-ty of Bergen. Please remember to all send in your acvies each month, this newslet-ter is a great way to highlight the acvies and successes of our community. 7FACILITIES/IN THE NEWS 456OUTREACHSecond half!

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In Case You Missed It2Ryan Woodland wrapped up his sabbacal at the University of Bergen this September by parcipang in a research cruise aboard the RV G.O. Sars. The 10-day cruise visited three ords (Fensorden, Masorden, Bunneorden) along Norway's western coast, deploying mid-water and boom trawls, mul-net plankton tows, longlines, and handlines for predatory shes. The research cruise was integrated with a graduate-level course in methods in marine biology taught by faculty at the University of Bergen. On October 3rd Carys Mitchelmore gave a presentaon in ExxonMobil's Oil Spill Response knowledge transfer webi-nar series on the "Eects of Oil In the Sea" from the recent Naonal Academy report "Oil in the Sea IV". The recording can be found here: hps:// Cooper aended the Program Commiee meeng for the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeng at American Geophysical Union headquarters in Washington DC.Jackie, Lee Cooper and Hongsheng Bi will aend the annual meeng of the North Pacic Marine Science Organizaon (PICES) in Seale to parcipate in working group deliberaons and other scienc exchange.

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In Case You Missed It3Jackie Grebmeier was a co-author of a paper published in Science on October 12, “Boom-bust cycles in gray whales associated with dynamic and changing Arcc condions,” that used Jackie’s several decade data set on amphipod populaon dynamics in the northern Bering Sea. "Benthic amphipods, the calorie-rich prey that gray whales prefer, are sensive to sea ice cover."On October 14th Carys Mitchelmore was the Speaker at the WAMAS Fall 2023 Meeng, FragFest in Bethesda, MD where she presented her recent ndings and current research in coral stressors and suncscreens. hps://ng-oct-14-fragfest-speaker-dr-carys-mitchelmoreDave Secor is aending the Internaonal Otolith Symposium in Valparaiso Chile during the week of 8 October, where he will introduce CBL Alum Edwin Niklitchek (Professor Universidad de Los Lagos) who is giving a keynote address on Chilean sheries. Dave will wrap up the conference with the presentaon “What can one otolith tell you? Moving oto-lith science’s storyline from research to applicaon.”Edwin Niklitschek and Dave Secor touring a salmon plant near Puerto Mon, Chile. CBL alumni joined Dave Secor at the Internaonal Otolith SYmposium in Viña del Mar Chile Here Kohma Arai presents PostDoc research (UC Davis) to Edwin Niklitshek (Univ de Los Lagos), who gave a keynote address.

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Over the course of several years, Mansue underwent a series of signicant enhancements to its infrastructure. These included the implementaon of revised control strategies and variable speed drives for heang and cooling pumps in 2012, followed by a substanal building renovaon in 2017. This renovaon encompassed the conversion of the build-ing's lab spaces to support services and featured various system improvements: a new solar reecve TPO membrane roof with addional insulaon, a variable speed air handler, replacement of all ductwork, integraon of variable air ow zone controls and room diusers, complete LED lighng upgrade, installaon of independent cooling equipment with variable speed capabilies for IT equipment, and a shi to state-of-the-art HVAC controls, incorporang occupan-cy schedules. Addional improvements took place in 2019 with the installaon of insulated Low E windows, further advancements were completed in 2023, including upgraded chiller controls aimed at enhancing both comfort and eciency.Facilities4In the NewsClick HERE!hps://st-impacts-arcc-research-gray-whales-die-os-driven-by-food-supply-swings-as-a-result-of-arcc-changing-condions/hps://s-driven-by-food-supply-swings-as-a-result-of-arcc-changing-condionshps://www.thebalps://erhps://cle_fade4d18-5bc0-11ee-bdb3-6fca102a402b.htmlSolange Filoso gave an interview to a reporter of the Balmore Sun about a controversial stream restoraon project in Maryland. Click here to learn more.hps://ed-in-bal-mores-inner-harbor-aer-ophelia/

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Outreach 5CBL OPEN HOUSE and PRAD October 17, 2023Thank you to all our volunteers! Our Open House was a great success thanks to all of you who braved the wind and rain to showcase what we do and why it is important. Thank you especially to Stacy and also the open house commiee for all of the planning and organizaonal work, to the facilies team for seng up, taking down and making our campus look so beauful, welcoming and inving. Thank you to all the students, sta and faculty who volunteered their me (and in some cases family members and friends), the resounding feedback from visitors was how pleasant and engaging everyone was, thank you again.

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Outreach 6Special thank you to Jerry and Maya for manning the CBL booth at PRAD showcasing the Dolphin watch program and sending visitors to our Open House.St Mary's College Maryland, Undergrad-uate program in Marine SciencesUMCES - IANFriends of St. Clements BayCBL at PRAD October 17, 2023CBL OPEN HOUSE PARTNERS OCTOBER 17, 2023

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Safety Corner: Medical EmergenciesKnow where eyewash staons, emergency showers, and rst aid kits are located for your work area. Emergency proce-dures may include:• Flushing eyes with water for 15 minutes in case of chemical contact.• Washing skin with soap and water, and removing contaminated clothing;• Moving to fresh air if a person has been inhaling hazardous dust, fumes, or vapors• Geng emergency medical assistance if a person has swallowed a hazardous chemical. There are no general rst aid measures for swallowing – voming may cause more harm, dilung with water may increase the risk. Call 911 or the Poison Hotline (1-800-222-1222) and have the appropriate SDS available.• Take the SDS of the chemical that caused the injury to the Emergency Room if possible.Chemicals on Skin or Clothing• Flush with water for no less than 15 minutes (except for Hydrouoric Acid, Flammable solids or >10% phenol). For larger contaminaon the safety shower should be used. Do not waste me because of modesty. Remove all contami-nated clothing or jewelry.• Solvents such as paints, varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, glues, and degreasing/cleaning agents, and in the producon of dyes, polymers, plascs, texles, prinng inks, agricultural products, and pharmaceucals are capable of dissolv-ing or dispersing one or more other substances dissolved in them. Do not use solvents to wash skin. Solvents remove the natural protecve oils from the skin and can cause irritaon, inammaon and the absorpon of toxics into your body.• For ammable solids on skin, rst brush o as much as possible, then ush with water for at least 15 minutes. Read the SDS and make sure the ammable solid is not reacve with water before you rinse.• For hydrouoric acid - rinse with water for at least 5 minutes followed by treatment with calcium gluconate gel.• For phenol concentraons >10%, ush with water for 15 minutes or unl the aected area turns from white to pink.• In all cases of severe contaminaon seek medical aenon.Inhalaon• Close containers, move to fresh air.• If symptoms such as headaches, nose or throat irritaon, dizziness, or drowsiness persist, seek medical aenon. Explain what chemicals you were using and if possible take the appropriate SDS with you.• FiresIngeson• Call 911 or the Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222).• Do not induce voming unless directed to do so by a health care provider.Injecon• Wash area with soap and water and seek medical aenon, if necessary.Excerpted from Hazard Communicaon Right to Know OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 COMAR 09.12.33 This document is available on the p drive in Safety>Plans and | 410-326-4281P.O. Box 38 | 146 Williams Street | Solomons, MD 20688-0038