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Oct 2021 Parenting Programme

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Offaly & Laois Libraries Parent Support ProgrammeOnline Webinar SeriesAutumn 2021

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INTRODUCTION This series of Parenting Talks has been organised by Offaly County Library Service and Laois County LibraryService through support from the Dormant Accounts Fundand the Department of Rural and Community Development. The programme is open to everyone including parents,caregivers, healthcare professionals, teachers, special needs assistants and all those working with children and young people. It aims to give parents simple and practical strategies that will help them build strong, healthy relationships with their children and confidently manage their children’s behaviour. Attendance at all events is free of charge. All events will be hosted on Zoom. Please visit our Eventbrite page toregister for any of the events listed.

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Wednesday, 22nd SeptemberSeparation Anxiety: Helping your Child Return to SchoolHelen Vaughan is a Psychotherapist, broadcaster and owner of Maynooth Counselling &Psychotherapy. She’s a regular contributor in the media on mental health issues, having worked as aradio and TV journalist for 15 years before becoming a therapist. Testimonials & more information isavailable at www.maynoothcounselling.ieHelen will host a one-hour webinar for parents focusing on helping your child prepare and deal withbeing back in school, and supporting them with the transition. It will detail some of the skills that mighthelp your child’s independence and resilience at the start and throughout the school year. The talk willalso give tips on dealing with any anxiety (theirs & yours) around the separation of starting school andgetting used to their new environment. Helen Vaughan, IACP Accredited Psychotherapist Focus On:Parents Self Care for Carers: How to mind yourself when parenting your child with special needs Dorothy Armstrong, Achieve OTParents are often so busy minding their children that their own emotional and physical health isneglected leading to poor health, muscle strain, back problems, fatigue etc. This evening will focus onthe importance of self-care for parents of children with special needs and offer practical guidanceand strategies for parents. Dr Dorothy Armstrong (MSc PhD) is an Occupational Therapist working with people who are Neuro-diverse. She specialises in working with teenagers, young adults and adults with High FunctioningAutism (Asperger's), Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia), and/or ADHD who also havemental health issues and/or difficulties in the area of executive function. More details about Dorothyand Achieve Occupational Therapy practice can be found at Thursday, 23rd SeptemberFocus On:5 -12 Years Time:7.30pm Time:7.30pm

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The pressure on parents to get through this pandemic with a functioning family has been huge; now wehave to do it all over again as the autumn rolls in and restrictions are hopefully eased. Staying positiveand staying connected to our children can be a big challenge! In this talk David shares his knowledge of children's emotional wellbeing, with a view to giving you theskills, strategies and confidence to manage their behaviour positively, while keeping the lines ofcommunication open to support them to cope, emotionally, with all that life throws their way. Delivered with David's usual blend of expertise, humour and a common sense approach to making iteasier to get through the day, this webinar will be of interest to all parents.Dr. David Coleman is a practicing Clinical Psychologist and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Schoolof Psychology in UCD. He also presents television programmes and David writes a feature column in theIrish Independent, every Wednesday, providing expert commentary on children, teenagers and family life. He is also the regular, expert, contributor on ‘Today With Claire Byrne’, on RTÉ Radio 1, on parenting andchild and adolescent wellbeing and development. He has authored three books so far.Staying Positive in your Parenting Delivered by Dr David Coleman,Clinical Psychologist, TV and RadioBroadcaster, Author and ColumnistWednesday, 29th SeptemberFor Parents of5 -12 Years Time:7.30pmJoin Dr. David Coleman for skills and strategies on how to stay connected and manage your child’s behaviour positively.Dr David Coleman'sbooks are availableto borrow fromyour local library!

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Focus On:ParentsEmpowering and Protecting Children Online (in a Post-Lockdown World)Thursday, 30th September Time:7.30pmAimed at parents of children aged 8 to 13 years old, this webinar offers a general overview of online safetyand the main factors to consider around social media, gaming and the online world. The aim of the sessionis to make parents aware of what children are doing online and offer practical advice and resources tohelp participants. Areas of focus include popular apps & protecting privacy, elements of risk, digitalwellbeing & critical thinking and useful resources. Established in 2015, CyberSafeKids is an Irish registered charity which works to empower children, parentsand teachers to navigate the online world in a safe and responsible manner. Founders and staff havebackgrounds in cybercrime investigation, law enforcement, psychology, education, online child protection,academia and the not-for-profit sector. Further details on CyberSafeKids can be found here Wednesday, 6th OctoberToddler Toilet Training: Less Stress, More Success Deirdre Holland Hannon, Behaviour SpecialistFocus On:5 -12 Years Time:7.30pmToilet Training is one of those milestones that causes stress for most parents, especially as more pre-schoolservices request children to be independent regardless of age. This workshop will focus on what you cando in the weeks leading up to toilet training to help eliminate any unnecessary challenges. Topics willinclude readyness, basic training, reinforcement and rewarding, nap times, night time assessment, pitfalls,bowel movements and managing fears with empathy. Deirdre is a behaviour specialist providing parenting support for all those ups, downs and struggles in dailyfamily life. After obtaining her Degree in Nursery Intellectual Disability, she continued studying and gaineda Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Deirdre is a Mum of two with another on the way and has over 10years’ experience working with toddlers, children and teens. Further information on Deirdre and herservices can be found at

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Taking Care of Mum: What you need to know after giving birth Eimear Fox, PhysiotherapistFocus On:ParentsThursday, 7th October Time:7.30pmWednesday, 13th OctoberPromoting Language Development through Reading with your ChildFocus On:0-4 Years Time:7.30pmTalking Buddies programme is all about training and supporting people in the community, such asparents/preschool staff and other community groups, on how to promote language development forchildren age 0-5. Many children in this age range are referred to speech and language therapists asthey present with delayed language skills. Talking Buddies will demonstrate how reading aloud tochildren will help to promote their language development.Developed by Speech & Language Therapists, Katie Walsh & Maria Brennan, Talking Buddies is aproject that is government funded under Sláintecare. Both Katie & Maria have a passion for promotinglanguage development through reading and sharing books. In this webinar, Eimear will provide information on changes that can happen to your body postnatally andwhat steps can be taken to treat them. The discussion will include Tummy Gap & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:when is this a worry and how to self-check, how to move safely in the first few weeks after baby, how toknow when a return to exercise is suitable and how to know when you might need to refer to a Women’sHealth Physiotherapist for postnatal support. Eimear is the owner of Kilbeggan Physio & Pilates and for the last 12 years she has been helping clientsfall in love with Pilates, both on the Mat and more recently on reformers. Eimear graduated as aPhysiotherapist in 2009 and has also trained extensively in Women & Men’s health and is the Mummy MOTpractitioner in the Midlands for all postnatal concerns. Details of her service can be found at

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Focus On:ParentsBalancing Work and Family Life when Parenting Alone or Post-SeparationIn this interactive workshop, parents will have the opportunity to engage with One Family and identify how best to balance their needs with those of their children.Thursday, 14th October Time:7.30pmThis workshop will explore what the key ingredients are in a strong family unit. Parents willstart to identify the needs of each family member and connect behaviours with unmetneeds. This understanding around needs will support parents in looking at how they can balancethe resources they have to meet their own needs as parents along with the needs of theirchildren. From this, One Family will explore how work and family life can overspill into each othereffecting relationships and often increasing stress within the family and for the parent.The workshop will be interactive, with parents asked to engage, ask questions, and join inthe conversation in order to get the most from the session.One Family are a registered charity, working to ensure a positive and equal future for allone-parent families in Ireland. In addition to striving for structural changes, One Familysupport individual one-parent families as they parent through times of family, work and lifechange, and those experiencing a crisis pregnancy. Further information and support is available at

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Sarah’s presentation aims to begin equip parents and other caring adults to raise youngadults to have healthy, supportive and consensual relationships. Attendees will learn why conversations about sex and sexuality are difficult, but why theyare still important for families to discuss. Participants will come away with simple first stepsto get moving comfortably with this part of parenting.Sarah Sproule is a sexuality educator and the creator of The Evolve School. She supportsparents and other caring adults to build deeper connection with their kid(s) by havingconversations about sensitive stuff like sex. As a mother of three teens, Sarah has combined her decades of experience as anoccupational therapist with her masters in sexuality to create a unique approach thatsupports families of all types. No child should feel alone and too afraid to ask for help with their body, their boundaries ortheir knowledge about babies and sex. Helping adults learn the skills to give kids a place to speak freely about their fears andworries is what Sarah’s work is all about. More details about Sarah and her workshops isavailable at Embrace the Awkward: How to talk to your kid(s) about sensitive stuff like sexLearn to comfortably teach your children about healthy sexuality.Wednesday, 20th OctoberFocus On:0-4 Years Time:7.30pm

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Focus On:TeensThursday, 21st October Time:7.30pmSupporting your LGBTQ+ Teenager Bella Fitzpatrick, Shout OutIn this session, ShoutOut will offer information and solutions to assist parents and guardians in supportingtheir LGBTQ+ Teenager. Specifically for those who have young people in their lives, this session drawsdirectly on their work with young people in schools. Participants will learn how small steps can make theirhome more inclusive, and will leave feeling fluent in the language young people use to capture theiridentity in 2021. They will discuss why it can still be difficult for young people to come out in a moreaccepting Ireland, and together find practical solutions to support anyone who may be struggling.ShoutOut is a registered charity committed to improving life for LGBTQ+ people by sharing personalstories and educating school students, parents & guardians, teachers, youth workers and workplaces onLGBTQ+ issues. Since 2012 they have been delivering workshops in secondary schools across Irelandwhich tackle LGBTQ+ bullying and this experience informs all their training modules and educationalworkshops. If you would like to learn more, further information can be found at, 27th OctoberNavigating Sleep from Birth to 4 Years includingHandling the Autumn Clock Change Erica Hargaden of Babogue Focus On:0-4 Years Time:7.30pmTrying to get a baby into a sleeping routine is challenging for all new parents, whether it’s the first timeor the fourth time. In this workshop, Erica will offer advice and guidance giving you the foundations andtools to create healthy sleep habits for your child. She will look at Why Sleep is So Important, WhatHappens when we Sleep, Child Sleep Challenges - What they are & Why they Happen, How to LaySleep Foundations, What to Expect from Birth to 4 Years, 7 Steps to Better Sleep and How to Handlethe Autumn Clock Change.Erica Hargaden is a certified Child Sleep Consultant and member of the International Association ofChild Sleep Consultants. When Erica found a sleep routine that worked for her own three children, shefound friends coming to her for advice. This led her to train as a Paediatric Sleep Consultant and set upher own practice, Babogue. Testimonials and more information is available at

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Focus On:TeensThursday, 28th October Time:7.30pmSupporting Someone with an Eating DisorderEating Disorders are a growing problem encountered by people of all ages and all genders today. Thissession will try to address some of these issues and will inform those watching and what they can do tosupport someone with an eating disorder. Questions which will be addressed include: What is an eatingdisorder? Is it all about food? How do I know if someone has an eating disorder? What are some dos anddon'ts when trying to have a conversation and support? Where do I go for help and treatment? Harriet Parsons holds an MSc. in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from St. Vincent’s Hospital School ofPsychotherapy / UCD, an MA in Addiction Studies from DBS, and a BA (psychology) from DBS. Harrietjoined BODYWHYS in 2005 and as Training and Development Manager, she works to provide the supportcomponent by Bodywhys to the HSE National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders. Furtherinformation and supports on Eating Disorders can be found at Wednesday, 3rd NovemberThe Benefits of Music TherapyCiana McGarrigle, Music TherapistFocus On:0-4 Years Time7.30pmPeople often think of music as a creative hobby or pass time, but what if we thought of music as auseful therapeutic intervention. In this webinar Ciana will explain what Music Therapy is, its uses andbenefits, answer any questions anyone may have in relation to her work and give a practicaldemonstration of music therapy in action.Ciana McGarrigle is a Music Therapist living and working in the midlands. She works across the lifespan from young children to adults using a variety of therapeutic music based methods andtechniques that work towards the achievement of specific goals and objectives for her clients.Working across a variety of fields has afforded Ciana the opportunity to develop her craft and createand explore new and exciting ways of working with her clients. Harriet Parsons, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

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Raising ResilientChildrenFor Parents of5-12 YearsDelivered by Dr. Mary O'KaneParenting and Early Childhood Education Expert Thursday, 4th November Time:7.30PMResilience is key in supporting our young children to cope with the ups and downsthat life throws at them – it is what helps them to bounce back from adversity. It helps our children to work towards developing solutions when faced withchallenges and gives them the internal self-belief to overcome difficulties. In this seminar, Dr Mary O’Kane offers practical advice on how we can best supportour children in becoming more resilient and having greater confidence in their ownabilities.Dr Mary O’Kane is a Lecturer in Psychology and Early Childhood Education teachingwith the Open University. Popular for sharing her expertise in a warm and relatableway, Mary is a regular contributor to Ireland AM on both parenting and earlychildhood education issues. She gives public talks on a range of topics related tochild wellbeing, parenting, and education, and is well known for her humorous downto earth approach.Dr Mary O'Kane's book is availableto borrow from your local library!

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Wednesday, 11th NovemberPhysical Activities in Teenagers and Keeping them Involved Keith Begely, Sports PsychologistFocus On:Teens Time:7.30pmAt present, there is a huge drop-out rate from sport among adolescents with recent studiesstating that this begins as early as 10 years of age and peaks by aged 14-15. How can weprevent our teenagers from opting out considering physical activity, sport and exercise isincreasingly important for both physical and mental health? If you are a parent, guardian oradult working with teenagers, this webinar will provide tips and strategies for keeping themengaged in sport.Keith Begley is an accredited sport psychologist with Sport Ireland Institute. He has workedwith numerous inter-county GAA teams and was recently involved with Offaly GAA successes.He has a professional background in Physical Education and is a strong advocate for thehealth benefits of physical activity in young people.'Wednesday, 10th NovemberSocial Anxiety: Helping Teenagers navigatethe post-pandemic worldHelen Vaughan is a Psychotherapist, broadcaster and owner of Maynooth Counselling &Psychotherapy. She’s a regular contributor in the media on mental health issues, having worked as aradio and TV journalist for 15 years before becoming a therapist. She specialises in CBT which focuseson how our self-talk or thoughts affect our stress levels and how we can learn to think more usefullyduring a crisis. Testimonials & more information is available at www.maynoothcounselling.ieHelen's workshop will provide support for parents who are dealing with teenagers that are feelinganxious after living through a pandemic. It will offer parents tips where teenagers are anxious aftergoing back to school, dealing with social anxiety, grief/loss and any stress around reengaging with theworld as society reopens. Helen Vaughan, IACP Accredited Psychotherapist Focus On:5 -12 Years Time:7.30pm

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Managing Fussy Eating for your school-aged child Caroline O'Connor, Solid StartDo you dread mealtimes? Wish your child would try new foods? Or just want to stop cookingseparate meals? If so you’re certainly not alone. Up to 75% of parents say that they strugglewith what and how to feed their children. But don’t give up, there is so much you can do tomake life easier, mealtimes less stressful and encourage more adventurous eating. Join us forthis webinar, where Caroline will give advice and guidance in how to improve your feedingsituation.Caroline is a registered dietician since 1999 and a mum since 2007. This personal andprofessional experience has allowed her to help parents be more confident and reassuredabout “how” and “what” to feed their children. In 2016, Caroline decided to run baby weaningworkshops and following on from the success of these, she continued to grow her business SolidStart, a one-stop-shop for professional feeding advice. Information on all services offered byCaroline can be found at, 17th NovemberFocus On:Teens Time:7.30pmThursday, 18th November First Aid for ParentsParent First Aid Focus On:0-4 Years Time:7.30pmIn this interactive first aid session, Parents First Aid will cover and demonstrate the two main lifesavingtopics: Infant & Child CPR and How to deal with a Choking Infant & Child. Other medical emergenciessuch as Burns/Scalds, Bleeding, Seizures, Breaks & Fractures will also be discussed, with participantsalso being given the opportunity to ask questions of the instructors.Parent First Aid was set up by Peter Finnegan following his own medical emergency in October 2014,when his 2-year-old son started choking on a piece of fruit in the family home. This experience spurredPeter into enrolling in a First Aid class but unable to find anything suitable, he made the decision to setup Parent First Aid. Further information is available at

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PARE N T S UPPORT P R O G R AMME : A U T U M N 2021TO REGISTER FOR AN EVENT, FOCUS THE CAMERA ON YOUR PHONE ONTHE DESIRED CODE & FOLLOW THE LINK Register: Register:Register:Register:Register:Register:Register:Register:Wednesday, 22nd SeptemberThursday, 23rd SeptemberWednesday, 29th SeptemberThursday, 30th SeptemberWednesday, 6th OctoberWednesday, 13th OctoberThursday, 7th OctoberThursday, 14th OctoberSelf Care forCarerswith DorothyArmstrongStaying Positive in your Parenting Empowering &Protecting Children Online Toddler ToiletTraining withDeirdre HollandHannonTaking Care of Mumwith Eimear Fox PromotingLanguageDevelopment withTalking BuddiesBalancing Work & Family Life when Parenting Alone orPost-SeparationDr David ColemanSeparation Anxiety: Helping your ChildReturn to Schoolwith Helen Vaughan ALL PROGRAMMES START AT 7.30PM

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Social Anxiety:Helping Teenagersnavigate the post-pandemic worldManaging FussyEating for your school-aged childwith Soid StartFirst Aid for Parents Raising Resilient ChildrenNavigating Sleepfrom Birth to 4 YearsDr Mary O'KanePARE N T S UPPORT P R O G R AMME : A U T U M N 2021Register:Thursday, 21st OctoberRegister:Wednesday,27th OctoberRegister: Register:Register:Thursday, 28th OctoberWednesday, 3rd NovemberSupporting Someonewith an EatingDisorder BODYWHYSThursday, 20th NovemberRegister:Wednesday, 19th NovemberRegister:The Benefits ofMusic Therapy withCiana McGarriglePhysical Activities in Teenagers and Keeping themInvolved Thursday, 12th NovemberRegister:Supporting yourLGBTQ+ Teenagerwith ShoutOutThursday, 4thNovemberWednesday, 11th NovemberRegister:Register:Wednesday, 20th OctoberEmbrace the Awkward: How to talk to your kid(s)about sensitive stuff like sex Sarah Sproule

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Supporting ParentsWAYS TO ACCESS YOUR LIBRARY SERVICE ONLINEDownload eBooks & eAudiobooks to your device forfree with Borrowbox at Offaly & Laois Libraries. For adults, teens and children.Download eMagazines, Comics, coloring books andmore to your device for free with Overdrive/Libby atOffaly & Laois Libraries. For adults, teens and children.Stream movies for free with Beamafilm at OffalyLibraries. For adults, teens and children.Stream & download music for free with Freegal atOffaly Libraries. For adults, teens and children.Learn a Language for free with TransparentLanguage at Offaly & Laois Libraries..New to Offaly & Laois Libraries! TTRS is anaccessible, multi-sensory online literacy coursethat teaches reading and spelling through touch-typing. Suitable from ages seven to 107.Learn a something new from over 400 courses forfree with Universal Class at Offaly & Laois Libraries..