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Welcome, I'm Randy Haddad of Yorba Linda, CA

     I've specialized in cosmetic wood repair 

     since the 1980's in a vast variety of touch-up

     and/or wood repair situations. 

                Professionally touching-up your full kitchen 

                rather than refacing or replacing its 

                cabinetry (by a skilled craftsman, that is)

                is a unique and cost effect option. 


                It would be rare that I would not

                be able to make this happen for you. 

                              Just give me a call:

                                 (714) 809-4048

         - (work is scheduled on a 1st come basis) -

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RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, YACHTS, PLANES  Cabinets, Doors, Furniture, Floors, Panels, Tables, Special Requests Entertainment Centers, Home Theatres Large Conference Tables, Office Desks & Furniture Stairs, Stair Banasters Cosmetic Repairs to Breaks, Burns, Gouges, or Holes Sun Damage, Water Damage Color Matches  Color Changes (depending)


 Concrete, Plaster, Metals, or Stone (on ocassion) Fine China, Figurines, or Tile (rarely)

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My work is very diverse

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I've been doing business as TOUCH-UP SPECIALTIESfor 3.5 decades ( 

        "Orange County Kitchen Touch-Up" is my subsidiary.

         I have, and still can, service areas outside of O.C., CA

            however, my price minimums are a bit different 

I Come Prepared to work on Estimate Day

 All work I scheduled is on a 1st come basis, made by phone contact Pre text or email a few photos for a pretty close ph. $ quote when we talk

                     Cell Ph.: (714) 809-4048    -or- 


 I will still need to see the work. Therefore, upon arrival we'll confirm an accurate price 

(usually the same or close to my quote). On this day I will come prepared to do the work.

"Orange County Kitchen Touch-Up" is...

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