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Nyore Hillside Menu

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Please Browse the following Pages to see what delightful and tasty food we can offer in our beautiful Hillside location.

 We have amazing views of the the beautiful Rwampara Hills , set in our beautiful peaceful gardens. 

You are welcome to just come and eat or why not spend a weekend or longer to really relax and unwind. 

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Welcome toNYORE!
Please select your choice of food let us know when you are ready to order!Feel  free  to  ask  if  you  would  like  anything  to  be  personalised  and  where  possible  we  willprepare your meal accordingly.
All the main dishes may  be served with chips, sauté potatoes, mashed or boiled, parsley, orrosemary potatoes, Rice, or chapatti. Children’s meals (under 5) are half price. 
Watch out for….. the (V) sign for Vegetarian options!  
Hot Beverages 
Hillside Coffee (our own home or local grown, home roasted beans!)  10000brewed coffee served with hot or cold milk on the side 
English TeaA pot of black tea with a choice of hot or cold milk served on the side 10,000 
African Coffee     10,000 Coffee made with our local milk, boiled and mixed with hot water served steaming hot!
African Tea (can be spiced to your request with ginger, lemon grass, tea masala) (process of preparation is similar as above for coffee)   10,000 Hot Chocolate     12,000 Served with steaming milkBlack tea/coffee      8,000Selection of Herbal Teas 1     10,000Lemon grass, Mint, Rosemary, Bay leaf, Green Tea

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2 Breakfast Eggs (2) Cooked to your liking/Scrambled/fried (onion 10,000 Omelettes (onion,tomato,mushroom,green pepper, cheese) Please chose. 15,000 Toast (2) 6,000 Cheese on toast 10,000 Choice of Cereal with milk 10,000 English Breakfast -------- 25,000 (2 Sausages, eggs, tomato, bacon, baked beans, fried potatoes toast with tea or coffee Petit Breakfast 20,000 1 Sausage, an egg (please choose) and fried potatoes, baked beans with toast. Egg (2) on toast with tea or coffee 18,000 Any extras chose (sausages, bacon, eggs, baked beans------- 7,000 Fruit platter, (seasonal fruits) pineapple, mango, passion fruit etc 10,000

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3 Freshly squeezed juice make your selection. Made to order (seasonal fruit juices) 10,000 /Glass Pawpaw and pineapple Watermelon juice Passion Fruit Mango Cocktail (mix or two or more) 12,000 Pineapple, lemon Mineral water 2,500 Coke, fanta sprite, stoney, mirinda 2,500 Diet coke 3,00 Iced Teas!! Lemon Iced tea Fresh Hibiscus flower (lowers blood pressure!) tea 10,000 Ginger Iced Tea Iced coffee 10,000 Iced Tea made with local tea leaves please chose,( with a dash of ginger root,rosemary,lemon or lemon grass flavour) topped with fresh mint.

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  Snacks , Soups and Salads

SandwichesServed with chips. Please specify toasted or fresh bread, brown or white sweet orsalt. BREAD.Bacon lettuce and tomato (BLT)          22,000 Egg sandwich  17,000Cheese              17,000Chicken mayonnaise              23,000Cheese and Mustard Toasties 20,000 Tomato, salad sandwich            15,000            We  can  make  any  sandwiches  to  your  liking  using  any  of  the  above  ingredients  anddeduct 5,000 excluding chips 
Starters/Light SnacksVeg Spring rolls/samosas (served with a salad garnish)  10,000 Meat Spring rolls/meat samosas 12,000Garlic bread  10,000   Cream of mushroom or clear soup                           10,000     Tomato soup( cream or clear)      10,000  Vegetable soup, Pumpkin soup       10,000Chicken soup   12,000 Chicken wings   15,000 

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Salads – Salads may be personalised please ask Greek Salad                                                                       18,000      
Cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, onion and olives  
Baked Avocado Fare                                             18,000 Local avocado, halved stuffed with fried bacon, finally chopped fish fillet or chicken, tomatoand mayonnaise topped with cheese finished under the grill.

(V) Garden Salad          18,000 A selection of our garden salads, including cucumber tomato, onion, Avocado,& carrots

Hillside Special Salad (mushroom, chicken, or fish)  20,000    
Sauté oyster mushrooms, layered with avocado, shredded cabbage, carrot, onion ,mayo , on abed of lettuce with slice of lemon

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Beef & Burgers 

Homemade beef or /chicken burger with chips  25,000Vegetable Burger (V) 20,000   

Beef steak  35,000Fillet steak cooked to your liking served with a sauces of your choice
Sauces (extra sauces are charged 4,000 unless they come with meals) (Brown sauce, mushroom sauce, tomato and onion sauce, pepper sauce) Fried liver cooked in onions and spices 20,000
Beef Curry/ (cubes fried with Indian curry spices) Beef stew  30,000  
Beef Stir-fry (Strips of beef stir fried, cooked with garlic ginger soy sauce Chinese style     30,000         


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7 Pork Pork steak 32,000 Pork marinated with white pepper, garlic, ginger, seasoning, and soy sauce, Grilled Pork Hillside special Fried pork steak (marinated with onion tomato and spices) topped with a pineapple ring and crispy bacon 37,000 (Served with rice or chips) Sweet and sour pork- served with rice/ chips (Chinese style) 30,000 Pork Muchomo 28,000 (Pork pan fried with local spices )

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8 Chicken Chicken curry/ or chicken sauté with mushrooms/sauce 32,000 Chicken cooked with Rosemary 30,000 Chicken stuffed with spinach and cheese wrapped with bacon 35,000 THAI – Green/Red /fish or Chicken curry 35,000 Chicken cooked in coconut milk with green curry paste, ginger, garlic, lemon grass, Thai basil, , Sweet and sour chicken Boneless chicken cooked with pineapple, soy sauce and Chinese 5 spices 30,000 MEAT PLATTER SPECIAL TO SHARE- Goat, chicken, beef, pork (3 meats per serving) served with salad and chips 90,000

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9 Fish Whole fried fish 38,000/50,000 Seasoned with mild spices,- lemon, garlic, soy, and pepper, deep fried, or grilled- topped with sauté vegetables Fish fillet (Tilapia/nile perch fish of the day) 28,000 Lightly seasoned with garlic lemon and served with a salad garnish Fish fingers/ fish fillet of fish coated with egg, flour and bread crumbs, deep fried 28,000 Fish Masala (fillet cooked in masala sauce (Indian spices) 28,000 Goat Goat Muchomo/ goat curry, served with rice/Matoke/ chips 38,000 Vegetarian (V) Hillside grilled Potato special 27,000 Sauté vegetables topped with Mashed potato finished with melted grated cheese (V)Vegetable pasta bake topped with cheese 25,000 (V) Mixed vegetable curry 25,000 Served with potatoes, chapatti, rice, pasta or sweet potatoes

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Pizza and PastaAll our pizzas are home-made and you can create your choice of toppings and spicing hot ormild!! Please chose.. (Mushrooms,tomato, onion, green pepper, chicken ,chillies, olives,)  Hillside special pizza      33,000Chicken, onion and mushroom topped with bacon and cheese
(V)  Pizza with olives      27,000 Mixed vegetables ( tomatoes, onion ,mushrooms, green peppers), with black olives topped withcheese(V)Vegetable Pizza      22,000 Mixed vegetables topped with cheese
Pineapple Pizza      20,000Margarita pizza (Tomato and cheese)      20,000   
PASTAChicken and bacon pasta bake       28,000 Macaroni Cheese      25,000  Spaghetti Bolognese      28,000(Spaghetti served with minced meat cooked in onion tomato with herbs) 
Spaghetti Carbonara   30,000(with bacon, fresh cream, white wine, peppercorn, and fresh herbs) (V )Spaghetti with mixed vegetables cooked with tomatoes and fresh herbs  20,000 

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11 African and Ugandan local dishes (Please allow sufficient time or let us know in advance for these dishes to be prepared as they take longer) Matoke (cooked green banana) in vegetables/meat curry (Katogo) 20,000/25,000 Matoke traditionally cooked in banana leaves steamed and served with various sauces below (V) Groundnut sauce (peanut) 20,000 With mushrooms, greens or plain (V) Beans cooked in onion tomato and mild spices 18,000 (V) Vegetable curry Matoke, posho, Rice, Cassava, Sweet potato, or Chapati (meat or fish dish accompanied with 2 of above served with seasonal veg) 30,000 Chapati (this can be served hot or cold with stew dishes or as a snack) 3,000 Seasonal veg served with above (sukuma wiki, cabbage, dodo, aubergines, or eggplant) 4,000/portion Mpogola (steamed whole green banana (3) 5,000 Rice portion 6,000

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Chocolate cake topped with whipped cream     10,000 per slice Ice cream      10,000 Banana or pineapple fritters (served plain or with choc sauce or custard) 10,000        Seasonal mixed fruit served with ice cream       10,000   Meringue Roulade with passion and lemon coulis rolled in lemon curd 15,000 

(Served with a choice of tropical fruit) 
Meringue (small individual) served with fruit (melon, passion fruit, mango) 10,000

Delicious home made Carrot Cake or  chocolate cakeserved with custard or cream:        10,000/slice                   Pancakes (2)served with a choice of (lemon, chocolate, maple, banana) or simply lemon and sugar 10,000 

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 Drinks menu 
Cold Beverages
Mineral water                 2,500 sm bottle Coke, fanta sprite, stoney, mirinda diet coke,diet coke (zero) 2,500 Coke zero 3,000 

Beer6,000 bottleBell,Tusker/lightGuinnessNile SpecialClubReddsCastle LiteSmirnoff   Wines and Spirits                Selection of red and white wines……………………………………………….13,000/glass Johnnie Walker Red Label             7,000 per shot Black Label                  10,000 per shotBond                    4,000 per shot V&A 1/4                  13,000 per 200ml Bond 1/4                  8,000 per 200ml Uganda Waragi                28,000 per bottle Uganda Waragi             5,000 shotUganda Waragi ¼              15,000Aristocrat  (shot)                5,000 per shot Amarula                  50,000 Baileys    10,000 RumsMeakins                  4,000/shot Top secret                  4,000/shot Tripple Coin                  4,000/shot Gilbeys ¼                 15,000/bottle 

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Health BOOSTER Drinks 13,000 (Create your own!)Choose from  Banana, pineapple, carrot, beetroot, ginger passion fruit, mango, watermelon, cucumber lemon,spinach and mint, with yogurt (optional)Mango MagicMango, banana milk vanilla yoghurt and icePassion mangoMango passion fruit tropical fruit milk and yoghurt iceBanana honey, milk, yoghurt, and ice (try with a dash of cinnamon)Lemon crush (Freshly squeezed lemon, orange, and ice dash of mint leaf) Watermelon crush (Watermelon tropical juice and ice)  Tropical storm (Mango banana tropical juice, coconut milk yoghurt and ice) Banana Buzz  

Bon Appetit!! 

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