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      By: Henry Lunger


Nylon Kid and James Bond's



a novel











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Dear Readers,

I am very glad to be sharing YOU this story about me, Nylon Kid and my friend James Bond.


james is very smart and pretty strong. And he saved me from the giant Humpfats. Sounds Weird but, it is true and true is always weird for me, and this story begins in the Sahara Desert. James Bond was going nuts and punching down cacti.


We were heading back to the camp where our friends were waiting for us. The Wind of the North Zombies would come out at dawn and shoot guns at the people who they would see.


"See the camp?" I asked James. " I don't see it. We will be there soon." said James.  It's about 5:00 in the afternoon and we can not see the camp. But then, we see the camp. "EEEE" Screams James sounding like a screeching dolphin. I was so happy when I saw the camp in the distance. 5 minutes later the wind sped up and then it was going nuts. the sand burned my eyes. I exactly knew what it was. I turned around and it was a SANDSTORM!!!!!!!  My sandstorm detector started to beep.


I knew we would die. I yelled to James, "Drop all your things and run from the sandstorm!!!!!"




                                     Chapter one


Then his sandstorm detector started to beep. Beep, Beep, Beep. He turned around and then he said to me, "That is no ordinary sandstorm, it is The Wind of the North." It was extra large. The sandstorm was starting to get closer. Then he went into his toolbox and found a note. The note read:

Dear James,

Remeber what the compass tells you. trust the compass.

it will guide you away from The Wind of the North.







 The wind of the north was a void swiping over the land, destroying parts of the earth by turning it into a void.

So i wrote that note to him when he was 5 and i was 10.


The void was coming closer to me but i stayed. then suddenly james grabbed me and loked at the pitch black sandstorm. then he took out my compass and closed his eyes. i yelled " WHAT ARE YOU DOING JAMES!!!!!??" but he didn't answer. then the compass started to glow.


He was not doing anything. then light started to form a bubble around then suddenly, He disppaered. Then light started to fill my vision. i got dizzy. soon the light went. i woke up in a tent.


I saw james and he was cooking a omelette. he was ok. so was i. he saved me from the wind of the north.


i was happy to be alive and to see james alive. so i went to the oven and i said to james "what was that flash of light yesterday?"  he told me the story. but first he got his coffee and pulled over a chair. he cleared his throat and spoke.     








"well it started out when i was going to save you and me. i used your compass. and then it somehow worked and teleported us to a different world and now we are in the selci mountains. see!!!!"


he opened the entrance of the tent and there was a bunch of buetiful mountains. and he continued: " the humpfats were controling you and i had to save you so i used the compass and it helped us both. we escaped the humpfats.


and i set the camp and got you who passed out. then put you into the bed and now you are here."


"wow!" i said. "yep" said james. "why thank you james." i said.

"oh shucks." said james. he saved my life. how could he not care? he was acting like poop all the time.


then i heard a trampling noise. i looked outside of the tent and there was a huge stampied of horses and three black horses with three cowboys on there back chasing the horses.  it was going mad out there.


"a horse stampede." said james poking his head out of the tent. 





the stampede went into the distance with dust spuing in every direction. "we should follow it" said James. i agreed and we ran after the stampede. all around the world. so long my feet started to burn. 


there was a town in the distance that was wooden and full of signs that were saying saloon, salt bar, barbers, etc. it was a cowboy town. sort of like in the movies.


james was super happy! (he loves cowboys, cowboy towns and cowboy movies etc.) so james ran even faster catching up with the horses. so i ran after him. i was happy james was happy. james wasn't in 22 years. 


then we entered the cowboy town. the name of the town was GROVERS CORNER.. i was wondering what "grover" meant. so i stopped following the stampede. i went to a house that said "salt bar" and  then i went up to this cowboy holding a gun and shooting a fly. he had a beard and a hat with an arrow through it. He looked pretty dangerous. But i cleared my throat and he looked at me. "what do ya want wet weeping weasel?" he asked me. "uhh...... uhhh..... uh... hhhhmmmmmm, oh yeah, i wanted to know what grover meant." i answered. "grover was a guy who built the city for the early settlers." he said.


"Then 30 years later he was killed by a guy named freakish fred." he said. i gulped. they named "grovers corner after grover our brave hero. he got freakish fred caught and saved the settlers."    



"wow!" i said to the cowboy. so i left the salt bar and went into the barber shop to find james. he wasn't in the barber shop at all! so i went to the next house that said the stable. i knew james was in the stable so i opened the door and there was james siiting with a horse. i grabbed james and took him out of the stable and took him to the saltbar. and he was drinking lots of water there because we didnt have many drinks.


so i kept walking while james was drinking and looking around. maybe james coundn't survive the place. so i just started heading to the train station. 


james followed me and was still giddy with excitment to see the next gangster fight.


james and i waited at the train station for a while until i heard a train whistling noise. i told james jump onto one of the cars and stay put. james looked at te train in the distance. he said " we will come back?" "yeah." i lied. the train was coming in fast and then stopped with a jerk.







james hopped on to the car entrance and slid in with the hay. i hopped in next to james and then off we went. there was a whistle and a blow and then the train started to move. i went and closed the doors. james sat near the hay.


"i am very hungry!" said james. "we will get to the nearest town and eat there." i said. then james settled down. we both fell asleep and forgot about eating.


then later 19 hours later we woke up. james was going nuts for some food. so we waited for a bit for the train to stop.  i was wondering why the train would not stop. i opened the sliding door.


i could see nothing but desert. so i closed it and sat down in the hay. we waited for 13 more minutes. then i opened the sliding door. still desert. i thought the world was a desert world. maybe it was like cities were spread all over the desert world. so i closed the door. and sighed. what was going on? was the world a desert? how was this possible? what was causing this? there were so many qeustions to ask. i couldn't think at all. so i sat some more. my stomach was puckering. i was going crazy. i couldn't think. soon i started chewing on the hay and licking the wood. this was not doing anything.


then all of a sudden, the train flipped upside down and the hay splattered in my face. i got dizzy and caught a panic attack.. my stress grew bigger. we would never get to the nearest town in time and i couldn't survive the hunger anymore.   

i went balastic and coughed. i grabbed james and ran off to the nearest city for the dining. james was stuffing sand into his mouth. i just dragged james along the way. the city was very faint in the distance. 












it was a big city. i was worried something may happen like the town may suddenly explode or the north wind would catch up. i ran quiker until i was in the city streets. i ran to the nearest Mcdonald store and took an order. i forgot. my money.


so i was going to talk the server out of it. she came back with 2 boxes of chicken nuggets, 2 boxes of biscuts and 2 cups of soda.


i started to eat it. it was so good to be finally be eating. the waiter asked for our money but we were to busy eating so he closed the window. it was getting rainy so i went back to the train with our food from Mcdonalds. 

the night was a dark night. it ws big and stormy like crazy. i couldn't sleep because it was a stormy night. i wasn't going outside but i was going to the town to find a hotel. i opened the door and hopped out. i ran to the city that was not super far away. i looked all over the place to find a hotel.


it was getting colder and colder. i wished i would have stayed in the train. it was a peaceful place. suddenly i saw the train move. oh, no! it was about to move. i ran as fast as i could to the train.


the wind blew harder and harder and slowed me down. i was about to lose the train until the wind blew and tossed me closer to the train. i ran and ran. but the train was getting faster. so i ran faster. i grabbed the handle of the door and stepped on the tiny platform at the door. i slowly opened the door and i found james sitting in the stack. he was still sound asleep.


that was shoking. i closed the door and sat in the hay. it was warm and comfortable. i slowly fell asleep until it was morning. 



i woke up. it was really warm inside the car. i opened up the door and looked out i saw a city in the distance. what use that city could be.


but this time we were not in the desert. we were in a plain. lots of cows. well purple cows. but they still looked like cows. and they ate crystals sticking out of the ground. the crystals looked like this:













and if the cows ate them, we would eat them. i woke up james and told him about the purple cows eating the crystals that stuck out of the ground.


he was suprised. we opened the train door. james jumped out first then i did.

chapter 3

we started to pick the crystals out of the ground running around carrying them with us. once we settled i took a huge bite out of my crystal.


then james took a bite out to. they tasted so, so, SO good!!!!!! i wanted more. so i took a bite out of he other one. the red one tasted like cherries. i remeber when i was a kid, my mom would make an ice cream sundae. it was loaded with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. and caramel poured on the top of it. and of course, the maraschino cherry.


that was the whole point of that story. the maraschino cherry. i took a bite out of the pink glowing one. it tasted like orange. 


i wanted more but i ran out. and all was left was one bitten crystals. those left over crystals were not enough. so i went around the field picking up more crystals. while i was eating the crystals i rembered something. THE TRAIN!!!!!!!!! we forgot about the train. we missed it. luckily we we were very close to a city. we just had to walk. all the way to the city. maybe the citezens would trade for crystals. so we gathered crystals. i told james to look for crystals and then walk to the city. 


he agreed and started picking up all the crystals he could find. then me and him started to walk to the city. it was only ten minutes away. four minutes into it we got tired because it was getting hot. ver VERY hot!!! 


but suddenly we saw a little veichle. we hoped in. i turned the key stuck inside and it rolled closer to the city. 

it took about 25 minutes to get to the city but we stopped at the edge of the city. suddenly a guy poked his heading out of a building window. "i see you guys are holding a bunch of crystals. maybe you can live with me. only if ou trade me those crystals." said the guy. "sure" i said. "stay right there" said the guy and dissapeared from the window. we chose to leave but right when we were about to leave the door slamed open. the guy was standing there. "why hello." said the guy. 


"hi!" said james. "hello." i said. 'well, welcome abored lads." he said in a pirate voice. he led us into the building. he stoppe- d in front of the manager. "hello" said the guy to the woman. "what do you want?" asked the woman. "guys come over here, please." he said pointing to the ground. we walked over to the place he was pointing to.


"they would like the empty room upstairs on the 19th floor. we handed the woman our crystals.


"hhhhmmmm... okay." said the woman and she handed us a key. "HOORAY!!!" we shouted. " if you do not want the installed furniture up there you can switch to another room." said the woman. 


"just grab the phone and dial one at the start of the number the type 127-395-2375 to call me. there will be a huge phone book next to the phone." said the woman. 



the guy led us to the elevator. we got onto the elevator. he pressed a button and we went up. "so you ready?" asked the guy. we nodded a yes. "i thought  so." he said. the elevator stopped and the doors opened. "well, bye!" said the guy as the elevator doors closed. me and james looked for the numbered door with exact same number on our key.


we found it right next to 1,908. we opened the door and found a little room where all the shoes go. there was a door in front of us. we opened the doorand there was our apartment. 


this is what it looks like:













it was beutiful. i was so excited to start working on our bedrooms. james chose the one on the left. and i chose the one on the right. it was beutiful!! i sat in my bed going through the book shelf.


i found a book called "Live and Breath here."

i went into the kitchen and looked for the food. there was all kinds of food. i took out a box of cheez-itz. i took out "Live and Breath here." and started to read.


unti james came in and went to call the office. "who are you calling?" i asked. "the office." said james. "why?" i asked. "because the TV has no channels so i am going to ask how to get some.". "oh" i said. 


so he picked up the phone dialed the number and started to talk. i ignored him and continued to read. 


When he stopped and put down he said to me. lets go. he went outside. i followed him. down the stairs we went. "why are we runnig down stairs?" i asked. "because we are going to go to the store." he said. "we do not have any crystals." i said. "we will get some." we rushed down the stairs. we zoomed out the door. i had the keys in my pocket. we ran to the field with the purple cows and crystals. 


we picked as many of them and stuffed them in our bag. then we took the ride to the city from the little viechel. when we got back we walked to the bus stop.


we saw a bus in the distance. it stopped in front of us and we hoped in. the bags were very heavy. we gave the bus driver a small crystal and sat down. the bus ride was about 5 minutes long.


we sat for that while. then we got of at the supermarket.

suddenly when we were paying....




a wind of the north zombie was standing right in front of us. i took out the compass whispered destroy and boom blood and guts flew all over the place. that qiuck. 


we finished paying and left. everyone was speechless. 




















we went back home to rest in the apartment. it was getting late. i cooked dinner. then we fell asleep. 



i woke up to the smell of pancakes. wow. a good day to make pancakes. i got out of bed, got dressed and walked into the kitchen. "why hello james!" i said. "hey, how was sleep?" james asked. "good" i said. he spooned a pancake onto my plate. "i chose to work in the crystal fields." said james


"harvesting crystals?" i said. "yep." "why?" i asked. "because thats the only way we can stay in this apartment." said james.


"true" i said. i started to eat my pancake. james makes great pancakes. james made himself coffee. "i will be on the balcony if you need me." said james walking over to the to the balcony door.


i got up and went to make myself some coffee. james was enjoying the view.


"wow" i said. as i walked to the balcony. i looked. it was amazing th view. james liked it too. he thought it as cool. then it was time for james to go. he got up from the chair and went to take a shower. i went to wait to take my shower. as soon as he got he grabbed his newspaper and left. the door slammed shut. i was left alone. so i as going to take a shower first. after that i got out of the apartment and went to find something. 


i wanted to go to the  fields but there was no use. i missed the sahara desert. it was a cool place with lots of cool things. our friends were there. i wonder what happened to them after the wind of the north came. 

the next day when james left i went to the bookstore. i looked for the book about space and time. when i found it i bought it. then when i got home i read about it. then james came back. then james made dinner and i read while eating dinner. 


then the next day when he left i read and read. so much that my brain hurt. then i took a break for the next 4 days. but after that i read until i finished the book. 


james left everyday. so one day i took over for james.













so later one when i was looking around for crystals, i saw a sign say "escape." i left work early so i could see the place. 


it was a room fiull of portals. it was strange. but i liked it. i asked the manager what do they do. he said they launch rockets through them. 


"to do what?" "to go to new universes." he said. "nice!" i said.


"how do you do that?" i  asked. "well, the goverment has to let you and see your reason. then you have to wait for the day the goverment says." he said. i was going to do that. take james along, and voilà! we were there. but which portal? i looked around.


then i saw a portal that caught my eye. it said "earth to the moon" portal. i left excited. i walked through the doors. i saw james walking troward the elevator. 


i yelled: ''JAMES!!!'' he looked around. he saw me.


"lets go!" said james. i followed him into the elevator.. he pressed the 19th button. the doors slammed shut.  we were in scilence. then we got out.  


"where were you?" asked james. he looked excited to here about it. "at the portal room. "where were you?" i asked james. "i wanted to go back to the fields.


 james opened the door and took of his shoes. then i grabbed the key and unlocked the door. i sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. it was old looney toons. james loved making dinner so he turned on the kitchen light and turned the stove on. then the cartoons stopped with a news flash. i watched hard. it said that yestarday at 9:00 pm they lost contact with a ship that went into the portal. 4 brave astronauts died. wow. i thought. this will be dangerous. i told james about the news flash and the portal thing at dinner. james thought that sounded good. at least if we got home.   

the next day after that i went to the portal warehouse. i told the shopkeeper about the ship. he said that he was very sad. his son was an astronaut. i felt bad for him. so i went back home. this time i was fine. when james came back he was holding a bunch of crystals. filling 2 large shopping bags. 


"we hit the gold spot!" said james putting the crystals in his room. he says that his room is more tidied up. just because he has a king sized bed, blue wallpaper, a balcony, a fan on the ceiling and and a carpeted floor. and i have red wallpaper, a queen sized bed, no fan on the ceiling, no balcony and a wooden floor. 


whatever. he turned on the stove and started to cook macaroni and cheese. 


i went into my room and turned on the ac and  started to watch tv. i also forgot to add that. his balcony is not even nice.


here is a picture:

james got the stove ready and grabbed out the chesse grater, pasta, and cheese and began cooking. it smelled so good i took over cooking. when dinner was ready he sat down and we began eating. james was already eating it when i was about to spoon myself some maccorni and cheese. 


it was pretty good. i noiced it was starting to rain so i went out onto the balcony and grabbed the books sitting on the coffe table. suddenly a huge bolt of thunder struck a huge building about 7 miles away. it caught on fire. oh-no, i thought. i ran to the phone to call 911. "hello" said the police on the other line? "this is me, nylon kid, i live in the seemore building. the main tower has been struck by lighting. it is 7 miles away from us. you need to hurry. now!" "alright" said the police on the other side of the line. then we heard sirens all around the building on fire.


I went to the table and placed the books on the counter. wow. i thought. i finished my mac and cheese. pretty fast. and then went to bed. 


it was a busy day today. and i completed it.

the next day when  james left i went to the portal store.  i wanted to buy a small portal. i bought one. it was one to our dimension.


amazing! i thought. we could do it ourselfs. not using a ship. 

i placed the portal in the living room. that was the best place to keep. so later when james came back we said we would build a little pod. james wanted to know where to work on it.


i said in the garage. alright. maybe not the garage. but, my room. and the living room. it was going to take a long time to build. 3 months later i completed half of it. then 5 months later around christmas. 


"hooray!" yelled james. I showed him the pod. i went in, james lined the pod up onto the rails. i was super happy. just then the women who we see yestarday rushed into the room. she said that there was a bingo night and anyone who wanted to needed to come to the lobby. me and james said that we would. so we waited for the women to tell us when the bus came. 


then she came back in and told us that the bus was waiting outside. we went into the darkness with only street lamps brighting the place.


i hopped onto the bus. same with james. the engine started. we slowly started and then we were speeding really fast. 




we stopped in front of a bulding that said nite club. i never wwent to a night club before. s othis was my chance to do it. i got of the bus. james was so intrested he forgot why we were here.


we wnt into the night club. it was a cool place i never saw a real night club.


here is a picture: 













it was pretty cold in there. i wondered where they held the bingo. so i asked a staff where and when the bingo was going on. she said that was in the bingo room a few hallways away from the bathrooms. it was going to be held in 5 minutes. i sat with james at the door of the bingo room.


then it was being held. a bunch of people came running in. i wondered why there were so many people running in.  


i went in to look inside. it was a bright room with chairs set up all over the place. there were tables with bingo boards. we sat down. i looked at my board and james looked at his board. the guy took a microphone and called out "m4f." i put a peice on m4f. suddenly before the guy picked up the microphone a huge explosion blew through the wall. it through tables and flamming chairs all over the place. everything was on fire. the fire illuminated the dark place. and out of the dust came the wind of the north. not the actual wnd but the creature. he was a blob.


a blob in red torn clothes. he had fangs the size of my hand. his eyes were glowing white! he claws the size of a clemintine. the north wind could fly. "so, little weaklings, i know how it feels to be harmless." said the wind of the north. "we are not weaklings!!!" a guy in the crowd said. "SCILENCE!!!" screamed the wind of the north. his eyes turned hatred red. lasers shot out of his eyes and blew the guy to smitheriens. it smelled like roasted meat. 


"who is next?" asked the wind of the north. the crowd was silent. the room was silent except the crackling of the fire. "i will show all of you how it feels like to be a weakling!!!" said the wind of the north.


he turned to the hole in the wall. his eyes turned hatred red and out came lasers. it sounded like a screaming monkey. suddenly the city through the hole burst ino flames as the explosion lit up the night sky. we were under attack. good thing our apartment was on the othere side. i heard the screaming of people echo the room.  

"STOP!' i yelled. the wind of the north looked at me. "HA ha ha!!!" laughed the wind of the north. his eyes glowed. pewm. i jumped out of the way just as the laser blew up the whole wall. it was so bright in the room. everything on fire, all the fire coming fom the city. it was madness. i pulled the compass out of my pocket. "do you know what this is?" i asked the wind of the north. 


"THE COMPASS!!!?!?!?! no!" i opened the compass lid. it glowed very bright then the compass blew up the whole building. out side buses and cars being thrown around. everything was on fire when the dust cleared the wind of the north was gone. "HHOOORRRAAYYY!!!!" everyone cheered. the whole city was in flames. the whole city. good thing not our place. 


the whole bus was full of chattering people. talking all about the incedent. people were going crazy. once we left the flaming area, my eyes were not use to the dark. 


i could see the glow from the torn part of the city. when the bus stopped me and james got out. what a night. i got into the apartment. wow. the wind of the north was vanished. good. i thought about the whole day and everything. we thought about this at dinner. "why would the wind of the north go?" asked james spooning some macaroni. "maybe he went back to his secret lair. that is the dimension 123098. we can get there.." "how?" said james. "through the portal..." 


the next day we sat on our balconys thinking about how we can get to that place. after all, it is a huge protected sphere in space. like i mean, huge. So i mean, how are we going to get here? what would we need? 















then i relized, the sphere is protecing the sun. 

maybe he likes the sun. or maybe the sun helps there sivalization survive. so i tell james. "we can get there." i said. "How?" asked james. "well maybe we could destroy one part of the sphere. or maybe there is an opening." 


"cool! we will try it." said james. so we go into the apartment. i grab the stuff fromthe kitchen. (for survival.) and james sets up the portal and stuff.. 


then me and james hop into the pod. we started the engine. then we get our safety goggles on. then we headed torwards the portal. "good luck." i said to james. "good luck to you too!! we shake hands and put our keys in. then suddenly, we zzzzooooommmmed through it going about the speed of light. then we stop in front of the huge sphere. "we can do this." i said. but what i didn't notice that james installed a peice of software.


that software would let you look like any spaceship. so james clicked that button and we sudenly looked like a worker ship.

so we drove to the decaying

planet where all of the work-

ers were working. we grabbed a

chunk pf the decaying planet. 

then we traveled to the sphere. 


we threw the rock at the sphere. that part burst into flames shooting fireballs into the empty vacuum of space. all the ships turned around at us then they started to shoot. lasers flying everywhere.


we shot back at the ships showing them our revenge. tiny ships blowing up here and there. they shot back at us. this went on half an hour.


after that the ships gave up on us. so we just went to the planet agian and took a chunk again and threw it at the sphere agian. it burst agian. BLAM!!!!!!!!!! it blew into smitheriens.   


after that activity, two red ships with two guns on each side surronded us. we were coming in. in our loud speaker we heard a voice. It was a grabbley voice but still cool. it said "you are under-arrest. come with us and do not fire or you will be terminated. 


so we did as told. thy led us in. in the center of the sphere, there was a bright blue sun the size of jupiter.










as we followed them in i got to get a picture of the sun. that is the picture above this text.


is a cool sight. it was bright sky blue. (sadly, i have a roliflex camera so i could not capture the amazment with a photo.) but there it is.    

chapter 4

when we landed in the docking bay, two black shadowy figures with yellow eyes came out of the ships. each of them holding a big gun. they walked over to our ship and ripped the door open. 


"come on out. with your hands up!' said one the shadowy figures. 


we did. "ha. intruders. are you embarrased?" asked the other. "no.' i said. "now you will." said the first. the second one went to a box with a lever on it. he turned it on. 


a siren went on. i felt embarresed a bit when aliens started to scream around the room. i blushed a bit. the shadowy figures led us through the hallways. there were windows on the walls showing the beutiful sun.


but we were still in trouble for doing a bad thing. but it was useful. really useful. we destroyed one part of the sphere. i wondered where the gaurds were taking us.


i hop not to a torture machine. that would be cruel. really cruel.


but people can be cruel sometimes. that is true. maybe i am a little wrong. maybe they would do it. 

they led us to a door. "this is the elevator. it has that red infinity symbol on it. "it is called an infinity lift." that is my sketch of the infinity symbol. the first guy opened the door by pressing a red button with an infinity sign 

on it. the doors opened immeidieltly. we 

stepped inside. the room was grey. it had

a black window. the alien said something. 

he said: "floor 1,000 please." there was a beep and then suddenly the window stopped from being black but you could see stairs and hallways and people. but then all of a sudden, we saw the sun again in the center of the globe. 


it was so awesome! then 2 minutes later, it went back to hallways, and people and stairs. 


boring. suddenly, the elevator stopped and the computer said: "we are going across the surface of the sphere. please sit in your anti gravity chairs. please sit in the until you here me agian. we sat on a chair. wow. it made us feel so heavy.


the window sudenly flopped upside down and then went zooming fast. we were upside down. these elevators were awesome!!!! we could see our spaceship in the docking bay.


we could see the sun below our feet. it was awesome. then suddenly, when we went across the top of the sphere, wde turned right side up and began falling down. 



i just felt heavier and heavier in my seat. james seemed to enjoy it. he sat there normaly. then suddenly we stopped with a jerk. the computer stared yacking agian.


"we are now at floor one thousand. you may get out of your seats now." "follow us."  said the second. "yeah, we got a surprise for you!" said the first.


we did as said and followed them down the hallway. i was getting tired of walking. james was following along. then there was a red door that was huge!!!! it had dead people and skulls carved into the side. 


there was a code on the side. the first guy went to the code thing. he said, "we ae here with a prisinor." said the first. a garbley voice said "come in. i want to see who it is."


an alarm went on. the red doors slowly opened as the alarm kept screaming. 


the alarm stopped when the door was wide open. there stood the king of the wind of the north. the shadowy figures too there hoods of. they were wind of the north zombies. 


"Why hello, prisinors, come on in. we walked over to the wind of the north. "you guys were at the bingo night thing. were you?" said the wind of the north. "y-yes. s-sir.' i said. "well. then. you are..." "n-nylon. i said.  

"and who is that? asked the wind of the north. " i-i a-am j-james." "well, james, why are you guys here?" said the wind of the north. "because we destroyed part of the sphere and the ships." "we also used a bunch of rock from the decaying planet."


"no. not elderon. elderon is our last rock planet we have. the others are gas giants. there use to be: Adwer, Silu, Adifore, Enserit and now there is elderon. we will never sucseed in the best plan in the univerese."


Said the wind of the north. "and what is that plan?" i asked. "to create a 'death star'. it is the most protective to us. it drains power from our young sun and uses it for the oxedgen machines, lights, heat for our self-fertilization group!!!!"


"don't be sad. we will fix all of that in no time. it will be perfect." i said. "yeah, we can help you build it. we know plenty of awesome planets that are good building material!" said james. 


"awesome! you are hired!" said the wind of the north. we first traveled to mecury. then venus. then we sucked up the iron and nickel cores from jupiter, saturn and uranus. all that is left is pluto.



i pressed a button in my control room and out of the blue the ships in the docking bay took off. a bunch small ships and two huge ships with millions of guns sticking out of it side.


then there were two other big ships with more little ships. they all were heading for pluto. there was a ring at the door. i opened it. 


there was the wind of the north. "you are doing awesome!!! this will so work!" "yeah, we already are filling in the gap." i said. "perfect. now go back to what you were doing." he said. the door closed.


2 hours later they came back with loads of planet rocks. the work ships took chunks and filled tiny gaps in the wall. about 5 years later it was complete. i was riding the elevator. i have been so busy i never celebrated my birthday. i was sitting on my cushion when the elevator stopped. the computer yacked agian. "the computer has developed a virus, sir." "then how do i do this then?" i asked. "you shall press the 'kill virus' button on the left."


i could not get of my set or my i would fall down. but i had to. so i got of my seat and tried to stand up but my face got sqaushed to the side of the window. the window was unlatching. 


i was going to fall to my death. the sun stared at me. 2 more bolts fell off. now i was in trouble. so i rubbed my face across the elevator wall. all the way to the keyboard of buttons. 

i pressed the button and waited. this was not going as planned. i was super scared. then the elevator turned back on. "whew." i said. the elevator was going but i could not go to my seat so the whole ride my face was pressed to the side of the window.


when i got off the elevator, there was a huge red burn on the side of my face. 


"hello!" i said to james as i entered his room. "what happened to your face?" asked james. "funny story." "well, sit down and relax for a bit.'' said james.


i did. he had the most comfy chairs. the ride back i was super alert in the elevator. you may ask why not use the stairs? well, this is silly but... stairs do no go upside down. so thats why. 


i asked the computer if there was any virus detected.


she said no. luckly. when i got back to my room. i packed my bags and ate lunch.

i went to visit james and tell himthat we are done doing the sphere and the quality in te room sucked really badly because there was no shaving cream and shaver so i started to grow a beard. 


he said yes to that. so we went to the docking bay and got ready to go home. when we went the speed of light we almost going to be able to cross the portals vortex. 


when we crossed the vortex, we went zooming into our apartment. blastin through the door ramming into the elevator door making a huge dent in the door. 


the woman from the desk came running up the stairs. she looked worried. "what happened here boys?" she said. "oh, we were in anoher dimension crossing a vortex. and we couldn't slow down automatically."


i said with a worried grin. "alright. i will go clean it up.''


the woman went down. i picked the two parts of the door and laughed. we went in to watch tv. later on, i went to the portal. i fied it up. i set on to the sahara. it took about a... WEEK!!!!!! by that time our door was fixed and same with the elevator. we set the ship up again. we started to speed in. 


out of the blue we were seeing clouds in a blue sky. we were on earth. again. "hooray!!!" we all shouted as we were falling. 



a huge blast of sand blew from the back.  we were back hme. we opended the door of our pod. i knew this place. it was shadowy figre ilse. 


we were home. we grabbed our bags and ran forward. "sand! the desert! awesome we are home!!! omigod omigod omigod!!!!" i blabbered.


"yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted james. we were home! finally. running to the campsite i saw something in the skyit was round and black. it blocked out the sun. it was not a moon at all. the solar eclipse was not happening today. it was in 2 weeks.


it was big. then ot of the blue lasers started to rain on us. it was the sphere. we ran and ran away fro the lasers. then suddenly a big bullet shaped thing flew from the sky. it was a nuke.


we ran faster. that was what the exersise machine was for in the sphere.


we saw the camp site in the distance. this is where the sand storm started. we ran faster. we were so close. we could make it. my friend dyson, spotted us and shouted: ''nylon? james? is that you?" he startd telling everyone about it. 


they looked at us and said: "SAY WHAAAATTTT???" we arrived at the camp site. everyone was excited. 

"we so worried about you!" yelled dyson. "yeah, dyson once was so worried he vommited!" said mential. "hey!" said dyson. 


"it is true." "how about we stop arguing." i said. "yeah. because there is a huge sphere chasing us." "oh, god." said dyson, pointing to the sphere. "wow. that is a big sphere." said loped. "yeah." said flynn. "no way!" said mential. laser started to rain on them. 


"now your talking." said dyson. "no. this is bad. they are going to destroy earth." said james. "yeah. but they have the coolest elevators in the universe!!! they go upside down with anti-gravity cushions.


"no way!" said dyson! "stay on focus guys. we need to destroy it." said james. "we also helped finish it." i said


"wwwhhhhhaaaaatttttt????" yelled everyone. "they tricked us and they said that there last planet was not enough to finish their sphere and they needed the sphere to protect there race." said james. "we also had to destroy other planets to get resources. 


"that explains why NASA lost contact with new horizons a week ago." suddenly the sphere in the ky looked like a supermassive black hole in the sky. 


more lsers aned on them again. "wait, what?" i said. 


"yeah it was on the news." said dyson turning on the tv. 

i felt horrible for doing this. i destroyed a bunch of planets and an amazing peice of tech.












I was so ashamed so i would help stop it. i got super mad and felt a flame grow on my haed. i grabbed the jeep and jammed the key in the slot. the engie started up.


i slammed on the gas pedal. the wheel screeched. james was sitting next to mee. i saw the camp site dissepear in the distance.


i looked in front of me and saw the sphere. i gave james my rolliflex. he snapped the picture of the sphere blocking out the sun. 


it is the picture above this text. it was amazing. i imagined this desert as a no speed limit, no police and no cars area. so i just pumped on the pedal to 110 miles per hour. the wind was geting stronger

this was getting intense. "watch out for lasers." said james. i swereved around lasers tha got in my way. a bunch of ships rained from the ship.


they were all the big ones with lots of guns. it landed and opened its doors. the shadowy figures came running out holding guns. 


each looked around pointing their guns in different directions. this got worse. the ship started to go of the ground and hovered about 6 feet of the ground shooting lasers in every direction. 


what was going on. i honked at them. james taped two bazookas to the sides of the jeep. he strated firing at th ship. but the ship fird back every time causing me to swerve the jeep. "james!  the more you shoot at them the more they want to shoot at you. stay still and do not have the idea of tapin pistols all over the car."


"fine." slumped james. he ripped the gun of the side with an angry expretion. 


i honked non-stop to get there attention and follow me. they started to follow me and james. i excelerated to 120 miles per hour. my jeeps fastest speed was about 180 miles per hour. 


the ship followed me. same with figures. it was almost night. james shot at the figures killing some. "this is no use." said james. "wait. there is the nuke. lets go there!" i said pointing at the nuke. 

we charged for the nuke. "this is is so going to work!" james yelled. "how are we going to make it blow up without us dying?" i asked. 


"pull over!" yelled james. i sceeched to the side. "we will put these radiation proof suits and wait a second." james wenthuffling through the back. "hurry james! there coming." i said biting my botom lip.


"here it is." said james. there was a dish wit ha scren on it. james touched the screen. an orange outline went on the screen. it said Microsoft: Sheild365  on the screen. "so it is a tacky microsoft dish. that will soooo help."


(that was sarcastic.) "watch and learn." said james. james touched the screen again. two words appeared.



Shut down.


james pressed acctivate. a blue shield formed around it. "step on the dish." said james givin me a hand. i went through. james pressed a button that said: full acctivation.


i touched the blue shield. my hand went through. "let me do the honnor." said james grabbing a bazooka out. he shot the nuke.


i watched my vision fill with bright red then fade to yellow. there was a loud boom. the jeep flew into the air. i saw the desert again. 

we had one more guy to take down. i ran to our pod and opened the door. i sat in my chair and buckled. james buckled and closed the doors with a button. 


"all systems up." i said. "engines. check. power. check." said james clickig buttons in all directions. the dashboard lit up. we hovered of the ground.


i grabbed the yolk. and we shot up into the sky like a flash. i aimed torward the sphere. little work ships taking parts of philedelphia of the face of earth and filling in little gaps. we zoomed over to them. 


we blew through the docking bay doors. things flew into the air. we needed to blow the place up.












we were thinking until we came up with it. i could go dwn the self-dirstruct tunnel (that i made)  and bring the microsoft



dinner plate with me. i would set it up the force feild and drop an egg into the hole. i had an egg carton in my back pack. i ran up the docking bay stairs and ran to the construction center andput a sleeping gas bomb on the ground. "hey. you! what d oyou think your doing.?" said a shadowy figure.  i put on a bresthing mask. "james, take one." i said handing james a breathing mask. i pressed a red button on the bomb.


the bomb hissed for 5 seconds. green gas streamed out of its top. everyone in the room fell asleep. 


i went to the tunnel. "james i need the microsoft dinner plate. "sure." said james handing me the dish. i starped it to my back. james did all the fancy stuff. 


he tied a rope to my back. i jumped down the hole. i was zooming with my egg carton. it got hotter the deeper i went. son i was at the suns power-drain station. it would take all the energy from the sun amd use it to blow up the sphere.


i steped on the destruct restrict button to: on. i dropped the eggs in one by one. i set the time limit to 10 minutes. i called for james. he started to pull me up. suddenly, i heard a snap. 


i looked at the rope. a quarter of it snapped off. "HURRY! JAMES!" i yelled to james as the bomb was beeping below me. 


he pulled harder. 5 minutes on the clock. i was almost at the top.  

3 more minutes on the clock. i was almost there. "HURRY! 3 MORE MINUTES!" i yelled to james. he sped up. another snap. i was sweating badly now. 


"1 more minute!!" i yelled to james my clothes were ripping. "30 more seconds. i got to the top, finally.


"10 seconds!!" i yelled. we ran as ast as we could. we got into the ship. 5...4...3...2... we flew out. small explosions appeared on the sphere. it started to spread all over the sphere. then suddenly... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!












and here is the picture that i took of the sphere blowing up through the cockpit. 


"that serves them right!" shouted james. i laughed. we did it. we destroyed the sphere. and we destroyed the humpfats and  



the king of the wind of the north. we headed back for earth. the night side of the earth was so hard to drive through. we slowly started to fall through the dark sky with solitarity clouds. 


we crashed into the sand right next to the camp site. blowing sand in every direction. "nylon? james?" yelled dyson. i oened the door. 


"yes?" i asked. "your alive! but where is james?" "in the pod." i said. james opened the door. "hey guys!" said james. dyson high fived james. everyone cheered. 


dyson went over to me. "i have a gift for you." he said. he handed me a book. i said my name on it. i flipped through it.


it was all blank. "oh! its a journal. "yes. write me the story of your whole adventure." said dyson.


that night i wrote my whole adventure. i shared with the camp. we ate bread and cheese while listening to the story. and this is where it ends. and that is where i finished it.





the end.

nylon kid and james bond are best buds. but what happens? a huge sand storm hits and the buds need to hide. so...


the best buds get teleported to another dimension. sadly. and need to find their way back home. in the sahara desert. 

but what they find is that there is an evil monster named the wind of the north. so they go to his dimension and try to destroy it but the king tricks them into helping them finish their "death star" so they can protect the last of there race.

what will the buds, nylon kid & james bond do?

An adventure? Say what????????