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Our Little Journey 4

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Little Stars Program4

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I am loving, kind, happy, and gratefulI am polite and friendlyI respect my friends and teachers, tooI am responsibleI am honest and smartI love to speak EnglishI follow the rulesI have gritI can do it by myselfEvery day when I come to school,I choose my attitudeGood behavior, bad behavior,I choose my attitudeChoose My AttitudeSong 7

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PeopleDiversitySalam!Ciao!Hola!Bonjour!Sawasdee!Hello!Ni Hao!Guten tag!1

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I may be from another countryI may look dierent than youBut it’s our dierences That make us all so coolDiversity, DiversityYou may be from another countryYou may look dierent than meBut it’s our dierences That make us all so coolDiversity is beautifulBeautiful Diversity1

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Ni Hao! We are Jackie and Ann. We are from Taiwan.We are Taiwanese.We celebrate Lunar New Year.1

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This is the time to make a fresh start. We clean thehouse. We buy new clothes. We get red envelopes.1815222929162330SUNWEDTHUFRISATMONTUE31017243141118255121926613202771421281 January 1

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Hello! My name is Tom. I am from America.I am American. We celebrate Thanksgiving.1

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This is the time we think about what we aregrateful for. We cook turkey.We make pumpkin pie. We eat until we are very full!1

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Hola! My name is Miguel. I am from Mexico.I am Mexican. We celebrate the Day of the Dead.1

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This is the time to remember family and friendswho have passed away.We dress up. We light candles.1[4]

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Ciao! My name is Mia. I am from Italy. I am Italian.We celebrate the Venice Carnival.1

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This is the time to remember our history.We watch the parade. We wear beautiful masks.1

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Namaste! My name is Ali. I am from India.I am Indian. We celebrate Holi.1

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This is the time to welcome in spring. We dancein the street. We throw colored dye on each other.1

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Every country celebrates its own holiday,but we all celebrate for the same reason.We celebrate for love, family,and gratitude for all we have.1

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Match & Color1

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What can I do when I miss someoneWhat can I do when I miss my friendsWhat can I do when I can’t see themThis is what I can do I can call themI can send them a letter Or a postcard and a birthday presentWhat can you do when you miss someoneWhat can you do when you miss your friendsWhat can you do when you can’t see themI’ll tell you what you can do You can call themYou can send them a letter Communication keeps us togetherStay Connected2

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I wonder how people used totalk to each other long ago.2

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This is a cave drawing. It shows us how people lived.It is a way for others to learn about the past.2

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Now, we have books to help us learn.The pictures and the words help us to understand.2

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This is a message in a bottle.It used water to carry messages back to land.But waves could wash it away.2

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This is the Pony Express. They carriedletters by land. But this took a long time.2

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This is a carrier pigeon. It carried letters in the air.But sometimes the pigeon would get lost.2

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Now, when we need to send a letter or a package,we use faster transportation.What transportation do we use?2

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This is a telegraph. It uses electricity and sound.It has its own language withdots and dashes called Morse code.2

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Now, we have cellphones and the internet.We can send text messages to people. It is very fast.2

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Communication has become easier and faster.We get to talk to people we love wheneverand wherever we want.Communication is what brings us all together.2

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My name is_____________________.This is my name in Morse code _____________Fill in the blanks.2

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Earth DayOcean Helpers3

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Once blue and bright and full of lifeOur oceans were so cleanNow look at them so gray and darkHow could we let this beOcean helpers to the rescueRecycle every day At our work and in our playOcean helpers we know what to doReduce and reuse It’s the smart thing to doOcean Helpers3

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This was our ocean – clean and clear.It was blue, bright, and full of life.3

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This is our ocean – dirty and muddy.It is gray, dark, and covered in garbage.3

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These were the sh that swam in our ocean –colorful and lively. They loved to swim in our ocean.3

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These are the sh that swim in our ocean – dulland shy.They are scared to come out and play.3

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These were the reefs that grew in our ocean –vibrant and healthy.Fish were happy to make it their home.3

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These are the reefs that grow in our ocean –pale and sick. Fish do not have a safe home.3

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This was the sea turtle – young and happy.It swam in our ocean all clean and clear.3

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This is the sea turtle – old and sad.It swims in our ocean all dirty and muddy.3

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We should do something to help our ocean.We can use less plastic and reduce our garbage.3

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We should bring reusable shopping bags, straws,and utensils everywhere we go.3

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We can clean up our beaches.Let’s restore our ocean together.3

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Class Beach Cleaning Picture3

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Life ScienceMarine Life4

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Let’s go below the surfaceTo see what we can seeFish swimming and coral swayingIn the big blue seaLet’s go below the surfaceTo see what we can seeDolphins dancing and whales whistling In the deep blue seaBelow the Surface4

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Let’s look under the oceanand explore the wonders of the sea.Did you know that the oceancovers 75% of the Earth’s surface?4

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Marine life is all the plants andanimals that live in the ocean.The ocean is lled with marine life.4

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Some marine animals live in the sunlight.There are many kinds of marine life here.4

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Others live in the darkness. There are fewerkinds of marine life here and life is very hard.4

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Others like to live alone.They are happy to be by themselves.Some marine animals live in groups. They doeverything together.They are a big, happy family.4

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Others are tiny.They are even tinier than our eyes can see.Some marine animals are huge.They are even bigger than a boat.4

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Others have legs.They can walk in the ocean.Some marine animals have ns.If there is danger, they can swim away quickly.4

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Some marine animals have teeth.Some have lots of teeth.Others don’t have teeth.They use their mouths like lters.4

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Others don’t have shells.They are soft like jelly.Some marine animals have shells.They are hard like rocks.4

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Others eat seaweed and other plants.They even help clean the ocean.Some marine animals eat meat.They eat other marine animals.4

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Some marine animals breathe with lungs like we do.They must swim to the surface to take a breath of air.Others breathe with gills.They never have to swim to the surface.4

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Some marine animals lay eggs.They have many babies.Others don’t lay eggs.They only have one or two babies.4

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The ocean is so wide and deep.It is full of mystery.There are many things we still donot know about our ocean.4

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Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go travelLet’s go, let’s go to see the landformsUp icy mountains Down to the dark cavesLook all around usWe are all amazedAmazing LandformsLet’s go, let’s go, let’s go travelLet’s go, let’s go to see the landformsOver rolling hillsAnd through grassy plainsLook all around usWe are all amazed5

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Our Earth is lled with many kinds of shapes.These shapes are called landforms.5

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Let’s travel around the world to nd theseamazing landforms. We can start from thetop and go down to the bottom.5

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These are mountains. They are tall and pointy.At the top, it is very cold. It is harder to breathe.5

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This is a volcano.It looks like a mountain, but it is very hotat the top. It can explode at any time.5

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That is called a plateau.It is high and at at the top.Do you think it looks like a table?5

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We are on a hill. It is not very high.It is round at the top. We can slide down it.5

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Now we are in a valley. It looks like the letter V.It was made by water or wind.It took a very long time to make.5

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We are on the plains of Africa.It is very at and has a lot of grass.Many animals live here.5

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Here are the wetlands.Look how the water covers the ground!Wetlands help keep our ocean clean.5

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Here is the desert. It is very dry.It doesn’t rain very much. It can be very hotduring the day, and very cold at night.5

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There is a big basin down there.It’s shaped like a bowl.Sometimes basins are made from earthquakes.5

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It’s time to go underground. Now we are in acave. It is very dark, and we can see many bats.5

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A landform can be created in just a fewyears or over millions of years.We are amazed by the power of nature.5

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Help Jackie and Annget back to their tent.5

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