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Our Little Journey 2

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1 2 Little Stars Program

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Good Morning Good morning Good morning Good morning to you How are you How are you I m fine thank you

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Good Af ternoon Opening Circle Song Good afternoon Good afternoon Good afternoon to you Good afternoon Good afternoon Good afternoon to you We re all in our places With bright happy faces And this is the way that we start our new class

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Line Up Line up line up everybody line up When it s time to line up We walk like this Find a partner Just like this Two by two We hold hands Are you ready We were born ready Follow me Follow you

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Blessing Breakfast lunch and dinner Thanks to the Earth Thanks to the Sun Thanks to the rain For all they have done To bring me my food So strong I will grow Loving in life From my heart I will show

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Cleaning Time Cleaning time Cleaning time Clean clean clean clean Everywhere

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Happy Day I love to share this happy day With all of you my friends And now it s time to say goodbye I ll see you again Goodbye to you Goodbye to you and you and you and you Goodbye to you I ll see you again

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Mom Grandpa Grandma Teacher Dad Fluff y Jackie Ann Ted Jen Ben

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1 People Feelings

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How I Feel So m etim e s I m happy So m etim e s I m sa d So m etim es I m ang r y an d feeling ba d So m etim es I m hung r y an d thirsty So m etim es I m n ot sure w hat I m feeling My emotio ns my feeling s Are wo n derfu l becau se they are m e 1

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1 scared excited happy sad

Page 15

1 hungry hot cold sick

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1 Jackie plays with Ann He feels happy

Page 17

1 Ann hurt her leg She feels angry

Page 18

1 Jackie sees Ann He feels scared

Page 19

1 Jackie helps Ann Ann feels happy

Page 20

1 When I feel happy I can laugh

Page 21

1 When I feel sad I can talk to a friend

Page 22

1 When I feel sick I can sit and rest

Page 23

1 When I feel angry I can stop and breathe

Page 24

1 When I feel scared I can go to my safe place

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Sticky faces 1 Listen and match happy hungry excited hot sad cold scared sick

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2 Technology Transportation

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The Way We Travel We g o here an d we g o there Transportatio n ever yw here Up in the sky fly fly fly Down on the ground drive drive drive We g o here an d we g o there Transportatio n ever yw here Here is a car ho nk ho nk ho nk There is a train cho o cho o Transportatio n ever yw here 2

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2 We ride bicycles to school

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2 Teacher takes the bus to school

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2 Mom rides the scooter to work

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Taxi Grandma takes the taxi to the market 2

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2 Grandpa drives the car to the bank

Page 33

2 We take the train to visit our friends

Page 34

2 Teacher drives the van to go camping

Page 35

2 Grandma and Grandpa take the boat to see dolphins

Page 36

2 We fly in the airplane when we go far away

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2 Will we go to the moon in the rocket 3 2 1 Blast off

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What is your favorite way to travel 2

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Count and Number 2

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3 Earth Day Eco Helpers

Page 41

Eco Helpers Help the Earth We are eco helpers Use less water Turn off the lights Save electricity Help the Earth We are eco helpers Separate garbage Recycle Ride a bike Help the Earth We are eco helpers Together yo u an d m e 3

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3 APRIL 2 2 There s a big day this month We all need to know about it

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3 EARTH DAY It s called Earth Day It s a day where we all come together to help the Earth

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3 What can we do How can we help

Page 45

3 We can use less water

Page 46

3 We can turn off the lights

Page 47

3 We can pick up the garbage

Page 48

3 We can ride the bike

Page 49

3 We can plant more trees

Page 50

3 We can eat less meat and eat more greens

Page 51

Paper Glass Plastic Garbage We can do recycling Metal 3

Page 52

3 Earth Day is not just a day We can have Earth Day every day

Page 53

Recycle Fun Sort the stickers into the correct bin 3

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Life Science 4 Land Animals

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Animal Guessing Game It s the animal gue ssing gam e Where we can do w hat animals do Co m e o n an d guess w ith m e What do yo u want to be Be a big animal Be a small animal Be a fast animal Be a slo w animal It s the animal gue ssing gam e Where we can do w hat animals do Co m e o n an d guess w ith m e What do yo u want to be 4

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4 The Earth is big Many people live here Many animals live here too

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4 Animals come in all shapes and sizes

Page 58

4 Some animals are big Some are small

Page 59

4 Some animals are tall Some are short

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4 Some animals are hard Some are soft

Page 61

4 Some animals are black and white Some are colorful

Page 62

4 Some animals are fast Some are slow

Page 63

4 Some animals can fly Some can not fly

Page 64

4 Some animals eat vegetables Some eat meat

Page 65

4 Some animals like it cold Some like it hot

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4 Animals are all different We like them all

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Color by Number 2 1 1 brown 1 4 yellow 2 2 gray 3 1 1 blue 4 4 3 green 5 1 1 2 4 3 1 5 4 5 4 3 4

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Travel Vacations 5

Page 69

Summer Vacation Su m m er vacatio n is co ming so o n Pack yo ur bag s We are leaving Go o utsi de an d explore the world New World English unlocks yo ur world Go ing g o ing g o ing g o ne We w ill have a lot of fun 5

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5 School is almost finished Summer vacation is coming soon

Page 71

Are you ready to have fun Let s plan what we are going to do 5

Page 72

5 Ben is going to the farm

Page 73

5 He is going to help his grandma and grandpa

Page 74

5 Jen is going on a road trip

Page 75

Taichung Park Taipei 101 Anping Old Fort Nantou Sun Moon Lake Eluanbi Lighthouse Taitung Balloon Festival Yilan Luodong Night Market Taiwan She is going to see many cool places 5

Page 76

5 Ted is going to the beach

Page 77

He is going to swim like a fish 5

Page 78

5 Jackie and Ann are going to Sports Camp

Page 79

Vacation Maze Help your friends find their way 5

Page 80

Vacation Plan Draw and color your own summer vacation 5

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