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Nutrition Booklet

made by Logan L


Proteins are an essential part of all living organisms, it is the structure of the muscles, hair, and collagen.

Proteins help strengthen your muscles, hair, and collagen.

The proteins can cause osteoporosis, they also create more acids in your body.

for a male the average amount of proteins is 56 grams, for a women it is 46 grams.

proteins in Greeks called ¨Proteios.¨


Fat is an oily, greasy nutrient that comes from animals bodies. forming a layer of skin around organs.

it helps keep your body warm, protects organs, and increases cell growth. 

it can effect your breathing, it can cause heart disease, and arthritis if eaten to much.

you should have 44-78 grams of fat a day to stay healthy. 

saturated fats can be found in coconut oil, unsaturated fats can be found as a liquid at room temperature.


Vitamins are an essential part of the body growth. They must be used in small quantities for the body to produce it.

Vitamins help heal bones, and wounds, they convert food into energy, they also bolster your immune system. 

Different vitamins can cause effects when overdosed. vitamin C can cause nausea, and stomach cramps for example.

For vitamin C men should have 90 mg, women should have 75 mg per day.

vitamins can help you lose weight.


They are like vitamins, but in larger amounts, they are like calcium, phosphorus, and sodium

minerals help build your body and keep it healthy, they transmit nerve pulses

an overdose of minerals could effect the body

their is no estimate amount of minerals one should take

scientist who study minerals are called mineralogist  


a group of organic compounds found in foods and tissue, including sugar, starch.

Carbohydrates help the body by making energy for you.

to much of bad carbs can effect your energy and heart rate.

the average person should have a total of 225-325

Carbohydrates can be divided into monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides.


water is the body fluid of most living organisms, and an essential part to living

water helps maintain your body fluids, it helps with your body temp, and makes up 60% of you

drinking to much water can effect your system because it absorbs the salt and sodium, it dilutes your body which can be life threatening.

in order to stay healthy you should drink a total of 8 ounces per day.

depression and fatigue can often be symptoms of dehydration.

10 healthy snacks

Almonds-contains fiber, vitamin E, and protein.

almonds lower blood sugar levels, an cholesterol levels

about $3 per pound

Grapefruit-fiber, potassium, vitamin C, 

protects cells in your body, and reduces chelstorol

about 80 cents

Chickpeas-vitamin K, protein, fiber, zinc

helps with the liver, helps cancer cells from mutating the DNA

$0.72-in store

Grapes-contains fiber, potassium, and many vitamins

Grapes benefit your eyes, heart, and blood

The average cost is $2.61 in the U.S.

Chocolate-sugar, coca seeds, milk

Dark chocolate helps with the skin, as long as you don´t over dose on chocolate.

 about a $1.50 per lb. 

popcorn (Air-popped)-popcorn is full of fiber and low on calories

the kernels in popcorn are actually healthy for your body and can help lose weight

the average store price for popcorn is $4.98

Yogurt- fiber and calcium

helps with digestion and giving ¨Good¨ bacteria, 

the cost of yogurt at stores seems to be around $2.98

Hummus-contains carbohydrates and proteins.

all though high in fat sometimes, hummus is helpful with protein and vitamins

hummus is a home made food and can be made with, chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, and garlic

oatmeal- contains phosphorus, manganese, copper, etc.

helps lower glucose levels, is a breakfast meal, and lowers cholesterol

oatmeal prices range from about $2.68-$4.88

dried fruit- has fiber, and vitamins and minerals

boosts fiber and nutrients, but contains sugar

the price for dried fruit is about $2 

10 unhealthy snacks

Twinkies- Fat, sugar, vanilla

Twinkies effect your fat and sugar system and levels, it raises sugar levels and can make you over weight if not careful

roughly $5 for a pack of ten

pretzels-salt, dough

pretzels contain a lot of salt and can effect your system if eaten to much

pretzels are about $2.48 for a store bag

Potato chips- contains, sodium, fat, and calories

salt, calories and fat are put into potato chips and can effect your stomach and weight if you eat to many.

about $4 per bag

pop tarts- pop tarts are full of sugar and and contain 410 calories

pop tarts have a lot of sugar and are made with fruit jelly, but it still isn't healthy for your stomach

$1.98 for a small box of pop tarts

gushers- contains 90 calories, sugar