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What is nutrition? A nutrient is a substance that provides nourishment's very important for growth and the maintenance of life. Macro-nutrients, (Protein, fat, carbs) provide energy for our body. Too many nutrients can be dangerous. Taking more than we need can be harmful.

popcorn is one type of whole grain enjoyed by many people. it comes from a special kind of corn, zea mayseverta. it's the only type of corn that can be popped.

types of grains

the tomato is technically a fruit, but under U.S. customs regulations, it is a vegetable.  

Types of vegetables

the kiwi fruit was named after the bird with the name of kiwi because of its resemblance to the kiwi bird.

Types of fruit

brazilians add avocados to their ice cream.

Types of oils

Wisconsin is America's largest cheese producer.

Types of dairy

Insects provide a lot of protein in them. sometimes more than actual protein foods.

Types of proteins

Starbucks 10 unhealthiest drinks

1. smores frappe

2. White chocolate mocha

3. tuxedo/zebra frappe/ hot cocoa

4. iced salted caramel mocha

5. cotton candy creme frappe

6. Green tea creme frappe

7. double chocolate chip frappe

8. vanilla bean frappe

9. Oprah cinnamon chai frappe

10. midnight mint mocha frappe

10 healthiest starbucks drinks

1. unsweetened iced green tea

2. caffe misto

3. Cool lime refresher

4. Shaken sweet tea

5. light caramel frappe

6. caffe americano

7. strawberry smoothie

8. nonfat iced vanilla latte

9. shaken tazo black tea lemonade

10. skinny vanilla latte