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Starting Memorial Day Weekend, the pool season of 2017 begins. Well
before you come to enjoy a swim, you must update your pool pass. Please
be sure your pool pass is updated to include the new 2017 sticker. 
Please visit the clubhouse nights and weekends to update your pool
pass. The recreation manager office will be open 7 pm to 10 pm during
the week and 11 am to 7 pm weekends. The line can get pretty long, so to
help speed things up, please download the and bring it
with you completed or you can fill in the online form here.
The recreation managers will be check-
ing to see if you are current, without
violations and that tenants (if applica-
ble) have a signed lease addendum on
file. If you just moved in, please bring
your lease or deed with you and we will
be glad to issue you a free id card. All
residents living at Newtown Grant are
eligible for one free ID card per
year. Duplicate ID cards will be issued for a $5 fee.
The Board of Directors heard your requests and have updated the pool
rules this year. Please note the changes to the guest rule and nanny rule!!
The Association is re-coating both pools this spring and will be updating
the pool and parking lot lighting. The new LED lights will hopefully add
to the swimming experience as well as save the Association money!!
As we prepare and update the pool and recreation parking lot, please help
us by updating your pool pass early!!
Tel: 215-968-3789
Volume 1 Issue 2
Mar-Apr 2017
Mon. - Thurs.: 11:00am - 10:00 pm;
Fridays: 11:00am - 11:00 pm
Sat., Sun.: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Want to have some competitive fun with your
friends and neighbors this Spring and Sum-
mer? Then join The Jack Repcheck Softball
The league fee is $50.
Registration forms will be posted on the com-
munity website by March 1st and will also be
made available in the Clubhouse.
The Newtown Grant Master Board of Directors asked the Association
attorney to draw up a lease addendum to be included with all leases
signed by tenants/renters living in Newtown Grant. The Covenants of
Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions requires a lease addendum to be
included in all leases for Newtown Grant. The lease addendum clarifies
the rules for all parties involved in the lease/rental transaction.
If you currently live in your home, this does not affect you. If you are
renting out your Newtown Grant home and currently have a lease, please
review and sign the lease addendum - . Also, have your
tenant sign the lease addendum and supply a copy to the management
office at the clubhouse. This addendum will be required for 2017 pool
The Lease Addendum is new, but the rules described in the addendum
are not new and drawn from the Governing Documents of Newtown
Grant. It is important to our community that all parties are aware of the
rules and regulations regarding leasing your home.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this Lease Adden-
dum, please contact management 215-968-3789.
Spring is right around the corner and it is a great time to get back outdoors to begin or resume a walking pro-
So how much walking should we strive for. We need answers. But where
to begin? Recently there has been a lot of press about striving for 10,000
steps a day to be both healthy and keep our weight under control. So I de-
cided that would be my starting pointresearching 10,000 steps a day. I
did this by googling 10,000 steps a day. ANDthe number of websites to
check out was incredible. So I started reviewing the sites that appeared to
have scientific merit….that eliminated many of them. And after this entire
process I was left with this; that as Americans we do need to move more,
we average about 5000 steps per day without actually exercising. So while
parking the car far away from the entrance to the store is better than park-
ing right up front, it wont get us to 10,000 steps.
We start by finding out how many steps each one of us is taking daily and tr y to
individually improve from that point.
I started wearing my LifeTrak pedometer while nursing a pretty good cold. This
meant that while I was working, performing daily activities, and so on, I was forgoing any formal exercise.
Guess how many steps I averaged on the 4 days I monitored? About 6,000. Keep in mind my occupation
Personal Training. So essentially this means I am on my feet, walking around, coaching, etc., for 10 hours
each day. And still, only 6,000 steps per day. Imagine if I had a desk job, my total steps would certainly be
 
Wake up and get star ted about 715 am. Put the LifeTrak on right away. By
the time I arrived at to meet my first client I had achieved about 700 steps. Part of the session was to jog a 5K
(3.1 miles on my cars odometer). Off we go. At the conclusion of the run I check the pedometer and I am
now up to just over 6000 steps for the day.
The rest of my day includes regular house work, food shopping, chasing my 6
year old around the house, .but no other significant exercise….and my total by 9
pm is about 10,900 steps. I got over the goal of 10,000 steps. But from my story
above it is clear that if we dont actually engage in some form of aerobic exercise
then we will most likely not be meeting the goal of 10,000 steps per day.
Keep in mind, that no matter how many steps you are currently averaging per
day, to improve your health all you need to do is gradually increase that number.
So if you are at 3000 steps, then getting to 3600 would be a great first step. If
you dont ever get to 10,000 a day that is also OK. Be realistic in your goals. If
you presently dont walk or exercise, then simply by starting a walking or exer-
cise program you will be improve your health.
For further information on an easy plan to follow check out the following website:
americaswalking/health/health20percentboost.html. This article shows you how to begin a walking pro-
gram no matter how far you are currently able to walk.
This article was prepared by Jim Springer, Post Rehab Specialist, of In Motion Personal Training. He can
be reached at 267-968-7318 or by visiting
Newtown Grant Classifieds
Classified Advertise-
ments in the newslet-
ter may be purchased
at $50 per business
card. For larger ad-
vertisements please
(events@newtowngra or call for
All ads must be sub-
mitted, on paper, with
check enclosed. No
ads via phone/fax/
Send to: 
Make checks payable
to: 
Call and ask about
sponsoring an event
Click on Business Card for Website
It's that time of year again everyone! Bring your kids down to the Clubhouse on Saturday, April 8th for
the Annual Newtown Grant Easter Egg Hunt! Activities start at 12 pm.
There is nothing more fun and EGGciting than a wild goose chase for eggs filled with candy and goodies
that Peter Cottontail left behind!!!
To register, visit the Events page of our website, or email us at
Join us here at the Newtown Grant Clubhouse for our FREE monthly family movie nights on:
We will be screening family friendly movies for everyone to enjoy. Snacks and drinks will be made available
to all in attendance. There is a maximum capacity for our Banquet Room, so only the first 42 to sign up will
be admitted.
To register, visit the Events page of our website, email us at
 
  2 BR, 2 bath, 1
floor, refreshed kitchen, original baths
  2 BR, 2.5 bath, plus LOFT, cul-de-sac, freshly painted, clean,
original kitchen and baths.
  3 BR, 2.5 bath, fresh and clean, original kitch/baths,
hardwood in LR/DR.
  2 BR, 2.5 bath, END unit, vaulted skylit LR, rear cathedral
FamRm with fireplace, all new laminate floors (except 2
BR), original kitch/
  3 BR, 2.5 bath, laminate floors in LR/DR, small FamRm with fireplace, original
  3 BR, 2.5 bath, END unit, cul-de-sac, rear woods, rear cathedral FamRm with f
loor-ceiling stone fireplace, new BR carpeting, new master bath, extra rear patio
area, nearly all systems & windows have been replaced within 5 years.
  3 BR, 2.5 bath, cul-de-sac, breakfast room bump-out, cathedral master BR,
fenced paver patio, roof & windows in 2015.
  3 BR, 2.5 bath, cul-de-sac, rear woods, breakfast room with deck, finished base
ment with fireplace and walk-out sliding doors, lots of improvements in last 3
years: HVAC, roof, sliding doors, kitchen refreshed, carpeting.
  3 BR, 2.5 bath, rear woods, hardwood through first floor, rear cathedral FamRm
with fireplace, totally refigured granite kitchen, extensive patio.
  3 BR, 2.5 bath, END unit, extensive interior stone veneer in FamRm and eating
area, new windows, newer roof, fresh paint.
  3 BR, 2.5 bath, cul-de-sac, bump-out kitchen with raised deck, newer roof/
windows/appliances, open rear area, fresh paint, unfinished basement.
  3 BR, 2.5 bath, END unit, French doors in LR, small FamRm with fireplace,
cathedral master BR, finished basement, raised deck.
  5 BR, 2.5 bath, contemporary, new windows, some updates, partially finished
  4 BR, 2.5 baths, contemporary, new kitchen cherry/granite, new master bath
with dual vanities, finished basement, deck.
Sales Stats taken from TReND MLS.
Real Estate –Recent Home Sales
*22 yr Resident in Newtown Grant *
*Full Time Agent since 1994* 
Cell: 215-869-7871 or 215-860-9300
Calling all music lovers and musicians! If you play an unplugged instrument, sing-a-long, or just enjoy listen-
ing and getting to know your neighbors, then com on out!
This is primarily for Newtown Grant residents, but if you want to bring along a friend or know someone who
might be interested to jam along, then that would be fine too!!
The collaborative jamm will be enjoyable for musicians of all music levels or anyone who enjoys acoustic
type of music. Play percussion? There will be a Cajon (hand percussion box) along with bongos.
What a fun way to meet your neighbors, with sing-a-longs, coffee, snacks, desserts, and of course, the
This will occur on the first Monday of every month! To register, go to the events page on our website, or email
The AARP Smart Driver
Course teaches valuable de-
fensive strategies and pro-
vides a refresher of the rules
of the road.
Since 1979, this course has
helped more than 15 million
drivers learn research-based
tips to adapt their driving to
compensate for physical and
cognitive changes that may
occur with aging. After taking this course, you may be eligible for a
multi-year discount on your car insurance!
Be one of the first to experience the new AARP Smart Driver Course
right here at the Newtown Grant Clubhouse on Tuesday, March 7th and
Wednesday, March 8th for a 2-day course! $15 for AARP members
and $20 for non-members.
To register, go to the events page on our website,
, or email us at
View All Events on our Events
Page at:
Also make sure to sign up for our
newsletter either via
Our Website at
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 to . You will
nor receive text messages from
Newtown Grant but it will enable
you to join our email Newsletter.
(text rates may apply)
The Newtown Grant Board of Directors is work-
ing on the contract currently to recoat/replaster
both the main pool and the baby pool.
A brighter, cleaner, smoother pool surface is com-
ing to Newtown Grant for the 2017 Pool Season!!
The Newtown Grant Master
Homeowner Association is
currently installing new LED
lighting for the parking lot and
pool area. You will notice
brighter, whiter lights that will
reduce electrical costs,
maintenance costs and energy
use for the community.
Please be careful of the crew,
the light replacement will be
taking place over the first two
weeks of March. The drive
into the recreation center may be reduced to one lane at
times. Thank you for your cooperation!!
There is an inherent frugalitythat comes with being a do-it-yourselfer. You paint
walls, tile bathrooms, and install deck boards in part because hiring a pro isn't in the
budget. But when you're faced with certain niggling things—specifically, broken
things—that DIY drive seems to fade. Ice-maker busted? Get by with ice cube trays.
Vent hood stopped drawing up? Open the kitchen window. Slow drill/driver? Buy a
new one.
Yet most of these repairs are within reach of the average homeowner—and rolling
up your sleeves pays off. Fixing a washing machine could cost you less than $30 in
parts, plus an hour's time, while an appliance service call could run $75—just for the
repairman to show up. Here are more than 20 common household repairs you could
be making yourself.
1. Uneven shower stream
2. Leaky faucet
3. Puddling toilet
4. Toilet bowl scratches
14. Broken ceiling-fan
15. Broken baluster
16. Sticking door
17. Cracked plaster ceil-
5. Sluggish vent-hood suction
6. Cracked glass cooktop
7. Drippy dishwasher
8. Unreliable gas oven
9. Broken ice-maker
10. Leaky sink plug
11. Leaking top-loader
12. Slow dryer
13. Stalled vacuum brush
18. Bad grill burners
19. Caved-in asphalt
20. Trickling spigot
21. Crushed hose fitting
22. Sluggish power
23. Broken wood han-
Send your photos to
Just in time for St. Patricks Day , NTG contributor's friend and Chef from Ireland, Cath-
erine Fulvio, was gracious enough to give us her very special Brown Soda Bread recipe,
so that we can have an authentic Irish St. Patricks Day. Catherine is a TV Chef/
proprietor, food writer and cookery tutor, she also runs Ballyknocken Cookery School and
Ballyknocken House. Ballyknocken is in County Wicklow, Ireland (about 30 minutes out-
side of Dublin).
This recipe is one of Catherines oldest recipes that was handed down to her by her moth-
er, Mary, who in turn got it from her mother, Kitty.
 This r ecipe makes one loaf
½ pound (225g / 2 cups) plain white flour ; ½ pound (225g / 2 cups) stone ground
wholemeal flour
Pinch salt ; 1 level teaspoon of Bread Soda (Baking Soda)
1 dessertspoon oil (a non scented oil i.e. no olive oil) ; Almost ½ pint (10 fl oz / 275-
300ml) sour milk (or buttermilk)
Preheat oven to Gas mark 7 (425F / 210-220C) ; Oil loaf tin
Mix dry ingredients well making sure to get air into the flour. Be sure to sieve the
bread soda and any lumps will result in green bread, rather than brown bread! Add oil
and most of the milk and mix. The texture should that of medium thick oatmeal”. When lifted up on a wooden
spoon, it should plop off – if it doesnt fall of the spoon, add more milk. If it runs off the spoon, add more flour!
Place in the center of a preheated oven and bake for 45 minutes approximately. It should be easily removable from
the loaf tin and should sound hollow when tapped underneath. This means that it is cooked to perfection – allow to
cool and then eat with some wonderful Smoked Irish Salmon, or some local cheese or simply with homemade jam.
'From Catherines Home to Your Home'. Enjoy