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A Publication of Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library
Volume 1, Number 3
November 2016
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2-3 Upcoming Events 7 Hearth and Home
4-5 Making Your Vote Count 8 Deer Season
6 Honoring Our Veterans 8 Programs, continued.
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From the desk of
Jill Rafter
Erik Larson’s recent appearance at the
West Virginia Book Festival in Charleston
reminded of how much I enjoy his books
and how much I like to read non-fiction
in general. My favorite book by Larson
so far is The Devil in the White City. It’s
a chilling and almost unbelievable story
of a serial killer active in Chicago in the
1890s. It’s set against the backdrop of
the huge construction project taking
place for the 1893 World’s Fair. Both
stories are compelling and combined
they make a book that’s hard to put
Larson’s latest book is Dead Wake. It’s
the story of the sinking of the Lusitania
in 1915 that resulted in the death of
more than 1100 passengers and crew
members. I haven’t read this one yet
but it’s definitely on my list. It’s
available at the library and both the e-
book and audiobook version can be
downloaded from WVDELI.
Try some non-fiction.
Sometimes truth really is
stranger than fiction and
just as much fun to read.
hildren’s Programs are offered each week in November.
Mondays: 3:30 PM: Sensory Storytime
5:00 PM: Kids Arts and Craft Club
6:00 PM: Mountaineer Therapy Dogs
Tuesdays: 2:00 PM: Phonics
3:00 PM: Homework Help
Wednesdays: 10:00 AM: Reading Buddies
1:30 PM Yoga Storytime
3:00 PM: Homework Help
Thursdays: 11:00 AM Little Science Explorers
Who is Funding Whom:
Saturday, Nov. 5
11:00 AM Resources for voting
2:00 PM Writer’s Group will work on holiday memories
Friday, Nov. 11: Meet WV Crime authors Elliott Parker, Dwight Harshbarger and Joe Wyatt. The three will discuss their
writing and research. Bringing a wealth of information and mystique to our library.
Monday, Nov. 14: Do you want to keep West Virginia Wild and Wonderful? If so, Thomas Minney’s presentation on
reforesting. Mr. Minney is the state director of the Nature Conservancy in West Virginia. The Nature Conservancy
is partnering with other groups to make reforestation happen more quickly and to increase civic engagement to
protect our natural and cultural resources. This presentation is sponsored by the Clarksburg Garden Club. The
speaker will begin at 11:00 AM, and light refreshments will be served.
Saturday, Nov. 19: Is the holiday season a financial nightmare for you? Come to our session on budgeting your way to
Christmas and preparing for Christmases and holidays beyond that. The program will begin at 11:00 AM.
Monday, Nov. 22: The Library is excited to host local, new author Brian Keith Dixon from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Dixon
will be sharing his new book of poetry, Inside All of Us. His poems and heartfelt stories portray life’s ups, downs,
and inspirations. Copies of his book will be available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the
Clarksburg Mission.
Resources for the Undecided Voter
It is no secret that a myriad of special interest groups tries to influence our thoughts and manipulate our
emotions through any given election cycle. Their goal, of course, is to entice the listeners, viewers or readers
to the support their candidates of choice. Often times some special interest groups will use shock and
purposely misleading information as a means of gaining voters. What should the average voter know about
these groups and their endorsed candidates before heading to the polls?
For starters, one should know that PACs and SuperPACs are (political action committees and super political
action committees) usually represent an industry or a particular cause. Examples may be a nurses’
association or a wildlife preservation group. These groups raise funds to help candidates who have indicated
support for their causes win elections. There are limits to how much they can donate directly to a candidate.
For example, a PAC may only donate $5000.00 each election directly to a candidate’s campaign fund.
SuperPACs cannot donate directly to campaign funds. However, SuperPACs can and do take on the task of
directly of creating advertisements and running campaign messages supporting one candidate or demeaning
his opponent. There are no limits to Super PAC spending.
Bottom line: Before you cast your vote based on the claims of one of these groups, you should understand
what the group stands for. To help you, the following are a list of the largest PACs and SuperPACs.
Name: Fahr LLC
Type: “Shell” wealth holding company
Concern: environment
Budget: $66,860,491
Endorsement: Contributed only to democrat or liberal
candidate. Contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Name: Renaissance Technologies
Type: Individual Super PAC
Concern: Contributes more to conservative than
liberal causes.
Budget: $50, 368,646
Endorsement: Supported both Ted Cruz and Carly
Fiorina in the primaries.
Name: Majority Cmte Pack
Type: Super PAC
Concern: Strictly contributes to Republican House and
Senate candidates, including David McKinley
Budget: $3, 663,850
Endorsement: Supports Republican candidates and
Name: Service Employees International Union
Type: Individual Super PAC
Concern: A division of AFL-CIO, this organization
represents its members interests.
Budget: $238,434,058
Name: American Federation of Teachers
Type: PAC
Concern: Represents teachers, school employees and
allied workers.
Budget: $80,844,543
Endorsement: Top recipient is Hillary Clinton
Name: Priorities USA/Priorities USA Action
Type: Super PAC
Concern: Formed to support President Obama’s
reelection bid, this Super PAC now supports Hillary
Budget: $131,802,856
Endorsement: Clinton
Top 20 PAC Contributors to Candidates, 2015-2016
Click on each link to find the group’s agenda.
National Assn of Realtors Blue Cross/Blue Shield
National Beer Wholesalers Assn Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union
AT&T Inc Northrop Grumman
Honeywell International Operating Engineers Union
National Auto Dealers Assn Majority Committee PAC
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers United Parcel Service
American Bankers Assn Comcast Corp
Lockheed Martin Home Depot
Credit Union National Assn Union Pacific Corp
National Assn of Insurance & Financial Advisors Air Line Pilots Assn
West Virginia
With all the drama concerning the national election, it is easy to forget we have
important races for state and local government. The following links will take you
to WV specific political action groups.
West Virginia Business & Industry Council West Virginians for Life, Incorporated
West Virginians Against Government Waste West Virginia Coal Association
West Virginians for Life, Incorporated West Virginia Farm Bureau
West Virginians Against Government Waste West Virginia Education Association
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 175 West Virginia Sierra Club
West Virginia Citizen's Defense League West Virginia AFL-CIO
West Virginia State Building and Construction Trades Council
The Washington Post
Fold3 is the latest database to
join our genealogy resources.
Fold3 is a repository of military history records that can be combined
with existing genealogical records to provide a more thorough
examination of one’s family history. War records and pensions from
the Revolutionary War through recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq
are searchable.
Fold3 is searchable from both within the library and home. To enter the
database from home, go to our library page and click home login. There
is no fee for this service.
In order to participate in the interactive features of the site, one must create a free personal login. Once
created, one can create tributes to family members who were or are in the military.
Genealogy and Special Collections Closing: November 13, 2016 -
January 1, 2017
The Barker and West Virginia Collections will be closed to visitors, November
13, 2016 - January 1, 2017, so the materials can be moved into their home
on the second floor of Waldomore. If you have any research questions or
inquiries, please contact us and we will do our best to answer.
Home for the Holidays
any of us have fond memories of Thanksgiving great food and desserts, family, conversations and
football games that will last all day. As children we look forward to a day of play with our cousins, but as
adults we fear our first attempt at hosting the family dinner. If you find yourself in this situation, relax.
The library has many resources to help you out.
Holiday Entertaining Essentials: Thanksgiving Sides: Delicious Ideas for
Easy Holiday Celebrations. Cincinnati, OH: F W Media, 2011. Electronic
While most of us have the main dishes figured out, coming up with creative side dishes is
often a problem. This book offers 25 recipes to take the ho-hum out of sides. Recipes
include Honey-Glazed Beets, pasta with butternut squash, and seasoned wild rice with
apple. Your friends and family will marvel at your culinary genius!
Holiday Entertaining Essentials: Thanksgiving Desserts: Delicious Ideas for Easy
Holiday Celebrations. Cincinnati, OH: F W Media, 2011. Electronic book.
Of course Thanksgiving calls to mind the traditional pumpkin pie with generous portions of
whipped cream on top. For those who don’t necessarily care for the traditional pumpkin pie,
this book offers tasty alternatives, including clove-scented baked apples and butterscotch pie.
Taylor, Kelley. Holiday Decorating for Dummies. Hoboken: Wiley,
2003. Electronic book.
As important as the food, the decorating sets the mood for the day. While
decorating can be expensive,
This book provides crafty alternatives to designer looks. According to the author
Thanksgiving provides you with a color palette. Take your imagination and run
with it!
Among West Virginia’s most cherished and misunderstood traditions is “Deer Season.” For those who take
part in this hunt, the traditions that are passed from parent to child are often more important than the hunt
itself. Some of those traditions include family togetherness and providing food for the family. Some include
nights of storytelling and revelry.
Hunting has declined throughout the United States, as it has in West Virginia. Part of this is no doubt due to
the urbanization of our culture and the ready availability of food. Still, for many, deer meat is a main course
at many family tables. Deer hunters in West Virginia do their part to stock food banks with excess deer meat,
allowing meat for many families that could not afford it.
If you would like to find out more about this seasonal traditional, a good start would be Field & Stream
magazine, which is available in our Zinio magazine collection.
Writer’s Group to Meet
on November 19
We all have a story bottled inside us. The
hardest part of writing your story is getting
In November and December the Writers
Group will focus on holiday stories. If you
have an itch to tell yours, join us in the
Conference Room at 2:00PM
Black Friday Should Be Called
Red Friday for Many of Us.
“I’ll be in the Mall at sun up!” could be the mantra of many
holiday shoppers. Special deals are certainly appealing. How
do you plan to stay solvent during the holiday shopping
On November 19 at 11:00 AM the library will host a program
on how to stay in control during the holiday shopping frenzy.