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The Dominican Republic

Adamarie Noyola Marin

Miss Armstrong, Due 11/30/17

English II , 3rd Period


   The Dominican Republic had an interesting history. The Dominican Republic is one of the European colonies “ and the settlement of the capital was in 1496”. The first four years Balaguer was president; the second four years was Antonio Guzman; the next four years was Salvador Blanco; then Balaguer was elected again. Jean Pierre Boyer became powerful by 1820, he used that power to conquer the eastern part of the island. By 1843 the east part of the island declared their freedom as the Dominican Republic, and by 1844 the Dominican Republic was the first area that was free. The election from 1994 was a fraud which guided a new election in 1996. The Dominican Republic political party was finally free and would be able to manage a normal political life.The history of the Dominican Republic is important to them to honor their people (Gascoigne).


     In the Dominican Republic, there’s different types of food. Dominican refreshments are based on natural fruits. A Dominican plate basically incorporates meat, seafood, or dairy products.Their food is based on their Bandera, which means flag in Spanish, and Examples, are rice and red meat which are two of the colors on the flag. In the Dominican Republic their food has a combination of Spanish, Indigenous Taino, and African foods over hundreds of years. Many customs dishes are still in the Dominican Republic like the African and Taino dishes. The Dominican food is what Dominicans enjoy the most  (McElroy).


     There’s many holidays that are celebrated in the Dominican Republic. Fuerte San Felipe is the main area where parties, parades, are at, and African spirits are also celebrated. On August 16 Dominicans make a celebration of their second independence day, and it’s celebrated where the fight started which is in Santiago. On January 26 it’s Juan Pablo Duarte’s birthday; People  leave flowers and other nice stuff on his tomb since he was an independent dominican fighter. On January 21 dominicans celebrate the main event in their religion which is The Virgin Altagracia which means lady of high grace; After praying that’s when the party begins. Dominicans honor their own parties for special occasions like honoring the ones who fought for their country; February is independence day. Dominicans celebrate their special events to represent their country and people (“Dominicans Republic Holidays and Festivals”).

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