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ST. JOSEPH’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH MOOSE JAW, SK CANADA A ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Christ The King November 20, 2022 Weekly Liturgy Schedule Mass Intentions Priest Parish Activities Monday, November 21 7:00 pm K of C Meeting at Parish Hall Tuesday, November 22 @7:00pm Mass And Novena of Our Lady Paul Guillaume- Repose Fr. George 9:30 am Pioneer Lodge Service- Evelyn 10:30 am West Park Mass-Fr. George 1:00pm St. Mary Reconciliation @ Church of Our Lady-Fr.G Wednesday, November 23 @ 9:00 am Mass @ 11:50 am- 1:30 pm Clara Larrivee-Special Intentions Silent Adoration Fr. George Deacon Lamont 10:30 am Providence Mass – Fr. George 9:30 am Chez Nous Service- Evelyn Flahr Thursday, November 24 @ 9:00 am Mass Jean Landry- Special Intentions Fr. George 10:30 Am Bentley Service– Evelyn Flahr 10:30 Am Mulberry Mass- Father George 7:00pm Social Justice meeting @ Parish Hall Friday, November 25 @ 9:00am Mass Divine Mercy Adoration Artemio Fernandez- Repose Fr. George 1:00pm St. Agnes Advent Service-Father George Saturday, November 26 @ 5:00pm Mass For the People Fr. George 10:00 am Baptism- Father George 9:30am CWL Girl’s League @ Parish Hall Sunday, November 27 @ 9:00 am Mass @11:00 am Mass Tony & Annie Kayter- Repose Anna Pasion & Family -Special Intentions Fr. George Fr. George 10:00 am Bible Study at Parish Hall Our Pastor: Rev. Father George Thattuparampil MST Church Website: Phone Number: 306 694 1944 A Deacon/Pastoral Rev. Deacon Lamont Dyck Admin Assistant: Elizabeth Granil Caretaker: Martin Rossler Confessions 30 mins before the mass start on weekend masses Admin Assistant: Elizabeth Granil Caretaker: Martin Rossler Mass Hours: Tuesday @ 7pm Wednesday - Friday @ 9 am Saturday mass @ 5pm Sunday mass @ 9am & 11am MasReadings for December 11th – Third Sunday of Advent 1stRdg: Isaiah 35:1-6a, 10 Responsorial Psalm: Ps. 146:6c-7, 8-9a, 9b-10 (R. see Isa 35:4) 2ndRdg: James 5:7-10 Gospel: Matthew 11:2-11

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Prayer Blankets will be available after all Masses this weekend, November 19/20. At other times, if you or someone you know are sick or in a difficult situation, please call Marlene Jerred at (306) 693- 3393 to get a Prayer Blanket. Christmas Gift Items created by the Catholic Girl’s League will be for sale at the pancake breakfasts on Sunday, December 4 and after weekend Masses on December 10/11th. The proceeds will help fund the Girl’s League activities and also support a charity. Please support our Girl’s League in this project. 2023 CWL Membership forms will be handed out at Masses this weekend, November 19th/20th. Membership forms and the $50 membership fee can be dropped in the collection baskets, dropped in the parish office mailbox, or mailed to Organization Chairperson, Laura Corry, 1529 Vaughan St. Moose Jaw SK, S6H 6S7. Please be sure to include your name, any change in contact information and your email address if you have one. If you would like someone to stop by your home to pick up your membership, please call Laura at (306) 684-1198. Cheques are requested instead of cash if possible. Fees are waived for any women who have been in Canada for less than a year, and for members over 90, but please submit your form anyway so we know you want to be a member. There will be a draw for a free 2023 Sunday Missal, and a free foot care treatment by Joan Murphy for all who submit their membership form by December 12. 2022/2023 Sunday Missals, will be on sale for $6.00 before and after all Masses this weekend. Missals may also be purchased at the parish office. Calendars are not being sold this year. If you would like a Missal delivered, please call Rosalie at (306) 690-1061 or email Social Justice Just a reminder that there will be a second collection for the Christmas Hampers Social Justice Programme for the weekend of December 3 & 4. This is a way to help our neighbours in the community that are less fortunate to show the love of God through Us for this coming Christmas Season. MJRTL Christmas Fruitcakes are still available. Please call JoAnn at (306) 693-8613 to reserve a cake ($25 for larger, $15 for small). If you have already ordered a cake, please pick them up on Saturday, November 19th after the 5:00 mass in the elevator lobby or Sunday, November 20th after the 9:00 and 11:00 masses. If you would like to have your cake sooner, please call JoAnn (306) 693-8613. ARCHBISHOP’S ANNUAL APPEAL In this year’s Appeal, Archbishop Don reminded us that “when we place our hope in God, who transforms darkness into light and death into life, we learn that all things are possible”. As we move through the coming week, let us reflect on a time in our life when God carried us through a seemingly impossible time. Let us consider how our donation to the Appeal can inspire hope in the lives of those around us. Knights of Columbus The Annual Advent Breakfast will be held on the 2nd Sunday of Advent, Dec.4 following 9 & 11 A.M. masses. Thank you for your support. Also, a reminder that the Knights are making their delicious Turkey Pot Pies again this year. They will go on sale the weekend of Nov. 26 & 27 after each Mass.

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Deacon Lamont Dyck Deacon Lamont Dyck was awarded the SCSBA Appreciation Award: Awarded to an individual in appreciation of commitment and contribution to Catholic Education in the Province of Saskatchewan. Deacon Lamont’s ordination date was June 15, 2018. He currently is the Deacon and Pastoral Assistant at St. Joseph Parish in Moose Jaw. Outside his role, at St. Joseph Parish and in the Archdiocese of Regina he has provided countless hours supporting Holy Trinity Catholic School Division, during the past 16 years. Deacon Lamont shares his gifts abundantly. His love of his faith and passion for Catholic Education is contagious for anyone who has been fortunate enough to meet him. Deacon Lamont regularly participates in our Vice Principal Faith Meetings held four times a year in the division. This group plays a lead role back in their schools and helps develop a direction for the faith formation of their schools. In this role he has lead presentations on the Parts of the Mass and Lent/Advent, he has also taken the group on church tours. Deacon Lamont also mentors our new teachers in their Faith Formation, attending quarterly meetings, presenting on the Parts of the Mass, and facilitating church tours. Deacon Lamont is a prominent Parish representative in our schools, supporting Faith Formation for both students and staff. Activities include: • Grade 4 Bible Blessings • Leading Prayer at Vanier Collegiate before school • Providing support in our Grade 9-12 Catholic Studies – 5 Questions with Decan Lamont • Presenting on Gender Diversity in the Catholic Church • Leading School Liturgies • Epiphany Chalking at all Moose Jaw schools and the division office • Wreath Blessings • Candle Blessings • Vespers and Liturgy of the Hours with Phoenix Academy • Leading Professional Learning at St. Agnes School on Truth and Reconciliation • Mentoring Seminarian Danielle while developing relationships at Phoenix Academy, our alternative by school, playing cards, eating, and praying. • Creating a three-part video series on different parts of the Church shared in our schools • Celebrating the Phoenix Graduation Liturgy and Homily each year Our students in the Parish are fortunate that Deacon Lamont provides all Sacramental Preparation. He is gifted in the way he interacts and connects with both staff and students. Even with his busy schedule Deacon Lamont still manages to share his passion for basketball with students by coaching at St. Agnes School for the past three years. Staff, students, and our community are very lucky to have his support and expertise.

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Bio of Delmer Wagner (September 2021) Delmer Wagner was the recipient of the Julian Paslawski Meritorious Service Award: Awarded each year to those individuals who have made a highly significant contribution to Catholic Education in the Province of Saskatchewan. In June of 2009, Del retired after thirty years in education first as a teacher, then as a principal, and senior administrator and his final role as director of education at Holy Trinity School Division. Del had some post-retirement employment as acting director of education and administrative consultant with Holy Family School Division. Del’s pre and post-retirement experience in Catholic education amount to almost forty years. While Del enjoyed his years as a senior administrator, he will tell you that his best years in education were the ones he spent in Catholic schools as a teacher and principal interacting with the students. Del has authored numerous articles spanning a variety of topics in educational literature in both national and international journals. His other involvements include working with several Boards of Education and professional associations. Del was also one of the pioneering members of Catholic Curriculum Online when it started in 2000. In 2002, Del was seconded by the Catholic Section of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association to write professional development modules on faith permeation, which also became an online resource for Catholic teachers. That same year, the project and its founders received the Catholic Schools for Tomorrow Award in Atlantic City, which was presented at the Annual Conference of the National Catholic Educational Association. Doreen, Del’s wife of 45 years, has been an integral part of his spiritual life and career through her constant love and support. Both Del and Doreen enjoy the love and support of their children Genna, Trent, and Braden. The pride of Del and Doreen’s life is their grandchildren: Mayte, Kai, Cade, and Ava. Since retiring, Del has remained active with the Knights of Columbus and has been part of many community Boards including serving as a board member with Holy Trinity Catholic School Division. Del feels we are at an important crossroads in terms of reasserting our identity as a community devoted to faith-based education. Del’s most recent experiences in Catholic education included a four-year term on the Executive of the SCSBA. Del introduced a concept to connect with past trustees and Directors of Education who once served on Catholic Boards. Del and Doreen felt the pull of kids and grandkids, which drew them eastward resulting in a move from Moose Jaw to Regina. It’s where Doreen and Del started their married life. They were both fresh off the farm when they moved to Regina for the first time; and now 47 years later, they find themselves returning to where they started their life together. The rest is history. They look forward to this new chapter in their lives, although Del’s interest in Catholic education will likely result in him re-emerging in some capacity, whether that happens to be working with boards or parishes. Del believes both entities are essential in the work of building God’s kingdom.

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Christ The King Being modern, independent individuals, we might bristle at the very thought of any “king” ruling over our lives. But from today’s first reading we learn that God’s concern was not solely to appoint the strongest male warrior to rule over his subjects. Rather God sought first a “shepherd of my people.” It is no wonder Christians worship Our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe – who is, at the same time, The Good Shepherd. Jesus rejects domination. His ministry serves as the very example of a life of service to the disenfranchised. So, ask yourself – to what do you bow? Before whom do you kneel? A priest friend mentioned that in all his years as a confessor, he has never heard any Catholic divulge a sin against the First Commandment. Are unjust economic and social structures the “false gods” we worship today (even if unconsciously)? And from the point of view of Blacks, Indigenous and People of Colour, have we Canadians allowed systematic racism to rule over our societies? We may not construct golden calf, but, then again, wall Street features a statue of bull, the very image of our economic system. Today, let us resolve to allow nothing other than Jesus’ love and example to rule over us. A Big Thank You to Theresa Lyons!!! My Dear friends this is to show my gratitude, love and compassion to Therese Lyons who served our Parish Pastoral Council for 5 years. Her contribution towards the Synod on Synodality and also Evangelization and Outreach Program was highly accepted and appreciated by all our parishioners. Therese Lyons is a very good, faithful and genuine catholic who is very generous, compassionate and dedicated. We all enjoyed her company and friendship. It is due to her health reason she wanted to step down from the Parish Pastoral Council for time being. Theresa, A big “Thank You” for you from the very core of my heart for your great service. May God bless you and keep you safe in His mighty hands. For the Parish and Parish Council Chairperson Fr. George Thattuparampil St Joseph Parish is working on a Church Directory, online and on paper. If you have a smartphone or iPad/Tablet, please E-mail Gilles at to get your account activated. If you do not have a computer or electronics or are not comfortable using them, WE NEED YOU in the Directory so, please call Gilles at (306) 631-7458 and he will do it for you. There will be printed directories, but not until after we have a lot more people in the directory. BIBLE STUDY: Nov. 27th – (3) DVD…Consuming the Word (Scott Hahn) 60min. We will entertain the children with videos about 3 of the apparitions of Mary to her children. Introducing your children to Mary their Mother. It will be held at Parish Hall after the 9:00 am mass.

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Knights of Columbus Dear Parishioners, Several years back the Knights of Columbus implemented a snow removal team at St Joseph’s to assist our parish. Our parish does not hire a weekend caretaker for this particular task. Many of our parishioners depend on having clean entrances, free of snow and ice as much as possible in order to safely attend mass. Having volunteers clear snow on weekends saves our parish a good sum of money, by defraying the costs of hiring a contractor to do this task. Due to a current lack of manpower, and in the interest of keeping this initiative running, we are opening up the volunteer base to all interested parishioners. If you wish to volunteer your time and energy on scheduled weekends over the winter to help in this endeavour, please contact Robert Bradish. We will be quite happy to see more people on the team. Each scheduled weekend will have multiple people assigned. If it does not snow on your scheduled weekend and there is no snow or ice to take care of, then you have made your contribution. If it does snow, then you will be required to have the handicap ramp, and south and east entrances cleared of snow 30 minutes prior to mass. We have acquired tools to help in this task such as a backpack blower and many snow shovels. The blower can be used most times there is fresh snow. It usually takes no longer than ½ hour to 1 hour to carry out this task, depending on the amount of snow. We have a tractor operated by members of the Knights of Columbus which helps in clearing the parking lots and the majority of the sidewalks. Thank you for considering giving up a couple of hours, for a few weekends throughout the winter. Together we can make our parish a greater and safer place to belong to. Robert Bradish (306)694-5110 Protec Video Remember your special moments Al Lindquist Wedding dance recitals Special Occasions Transfer 8mm Slides stills to VHS and DVD Projector Rentals Digital Broadcast Cameras Used 645 Brown St. Moose Jaw, SK Phone: 306-692-8824 Cell: 306-631- 9289 Rose’s Sewing I will replace Broken zippers, Hem pants or slacks, etc. Reasonable Rates 306-693-9521 Jones Parkview Funeral Services Phone: 306-693-4644 Funeral Home Crematorium Family Resource Centre In The Heart Of The Community With A Heart For The Community 474 Hochelaga St. W Moose Jaw, SK Happy Days Childcare Family Childcare Home Helping families for over 30 years 261 Hall Street W. Moose Jaw, SK. 306-639-7212 Contact: Simone Deyotte 1711 Main St. N Moose Jaw, SK S6J 1L6 (306)331-0010;(306)694-1333 622559 Sask Ltd. o/a Espresso Joe’s Coffee and Bubble Tea House Urban Garden Salads and Pizza Dairy Queen Grill and Chill Joey’s Urban